CompTIA CASP Certification Benefits

By Rohini Madhavi

Last updated on Oct 12 2020

CompTIA CASP Certification Benefits

Importance of CompTIA CASP Certification 

Nowadays, the reliance on the internet is growing every day. Almost every people use the internet to fulfill their daily needs or for enjoyment. People use it for connecting with their friends and family that are at a long distance through social networking sites. Sometimes, they even give away personal data on these platforms. So, the rate of cyber threats has increased over the years.

Therefore, every company needs cybersecurity. It helps the company to secure and protect the data from any potential harm. For this, cybersecurity professionals are in demand in many companies. These are also responsible for keeping the company safe from any third-party access or data loss. Many companies lose their important data on a daily basis due to these cyber-crimes.

So, it is the best time for any people wishing to expand their careers further in cybersecurity. There are many certifications present that can boost up your career level even more. CompTIA CASP® Certification is one of them. It is well-known for the cybersecurity field.


Introduction of CompTIA CASP Certification 


The CompTIA CASP certification is best for skilled people wanting to get more practical experience in this field. It is a higher level of certification that one can take after getting the certifications like Security+, PenTest+, or CySA+. It proves your skills in security operations, architecture, executions, etc. It showcases your set of in-depth knowledge related to security.


CompTIA CASP Certification Exam Details

You can take up the exam without any certain requirements. However, you should take the Security+ certification beforehand. Also, you have to complete ten years of experience in administration and five in security.


In the CompTIA CASP certification exam, there are around ninety questions present in the exam. It comes with PDQ questions as well. One must complete the exam in 165 minutes. To clear the exam, you can choose to take up the CompTIA CASP certification courses.

You are tested on your skills such as risk management, security architecture, security operations, etc. in the CompTIA CASP certification exam. It is the best choice for persons with advanced levels of skills and high experience in the field of cybersecurity.


CompTIA CASP Certification Benefits


Some of the top benefits of the CompTIA CASP Certification are as follows:


  1. Fewer requirements

Many experienced people and learners turn away from some certification because of the list of conditions to meet. The CompTIA CASP certification holders do not need a list of requirements to complete for giving the exam. However, it does suggest the applicants have around two years of experience in the networking and security field. It helps you to clear the exam and get better job options.


  1. Globally Accepted

CompTIA CASP certification is highly recognized all over the world. It is one of the most famous certifications present in the field of cybersecurity. CompTIA offers this certification with certain requirements. It proves that you have the skills and knowledge needed to keep the company safe and protected at any time.


  1. High Salary

The CompTIA CASP certification helps you to get a better salary. In addition, you can get a higher salary than that of the uncertified persons. The salary normally falls between $42,130 to $95,830. It also depends on your experience and talent. If you have over five years of experience in this field, you can get a much higher salary than the other IT expert without this certificate.


  1. Vendor-Neutral

It is a vendor-neutral type of certification. Therefore, it does not need you to aim at any vendor’s particular security conditions. Instead, you can aim at understanding the basics of cybersecurity in detail. For instance: risk management, communications, business disciples, and so on. Thus, it helps you to gain knowledge in this field.


  1. Better career opportunities

The amount of data is increasing at a faster rate, so it results in a high risk of data loss and threat. Therefore, the need for cybersecurity is high and constant for every company. As per the study, cyber-crimes are likely to increase in the future at a terrifying speed. So, it is a great chance for any person wishing to boost their careers up in this field.

Also, if you want to get a bright future in the field of cybersecurity, you can take up the CompTIA CASP certification. You will get better chances at landing your dream job with higher income.


  1. Job Options

CompTIA CASP certification is very popular everywhere in the world. Various countries understand the need for this certification for cybersecurity professionals. So, you get the chance to apply for any high-level job roles in this field. Most of the popular companies demand persons with CompTIA CASP certification. For instance, the U.S Army, Network Solutions, U.S Navy, and so on.


  1. ANSI approved

This certification is approved for completely following the standard of ISO17024. It has also been acknowledged by the Department of Defense. It is an instruction that offers ways to protect and secure government data and operations against cyber-crimes or threats.


  1. CompTIA support

The CompTIA CASP certification is created and maintained with the help of top experts in the IT sector.  


  1. Department of Defense job roles

This certification is needed for some of the job roles of the Department of Defense. There are many high job positions.


  1. Improves your Knowledge

If you study for the CASP exam, you will get to know more about every concept of cybersecurity and its tools. In addition, you can know more about the processes and techniques that can help you to defend from any type of attack. You can also learn additional skills that are helpful for building your future. You can learn the steps needed to perform the practices and processes needed to improve the security of your company. 


  1. Achievement


If you are successful at getting the CompTIA CASP certification, you will get respected and recognized within your company since this exam is tough to clear and needs hard work and time. 


  1. Boosts Confidence


This is a global level exam, so clearing it is very tough in itself. Therefore, you will feel a sense of relief and satisfaction after clearing the exam. So, it increases your level of confidence. 


  1. Higher Responsibilities


If you get this certification, then it proves your skills and knowledge is higher than the uncertified ones. So, you will get higher responsibilities in your company as compared to the ones without any certification. 


Job Options for CompTIA CASP certified:


There are many types of job roles present that one can choose from after getting certified. For instance:

  1. Cyber Security Analyst


They are in charge of building and performing security plans to guarantee the safety of IT systems, data, and networks of a company. They also keep their knowledge of criminal activities up-to-date to protect against any type of attack, including the new attacks as well. It helps in creating a plan to counter the risks. So, it helps in keeping the important data of a company safe from any attacks. 


Some more roles of a Security Analyst are:


  • They also come up with plans for recovering the data lost because of any disaster. 
  • They are responsible for identifying the risks and suggesting the solutions for it. 
  • The person in this position also maintains and manages many security systems like firewalls.
  • They are in charge of IT policy design and execution. 


  1. Security Engineer


Security engineers are normally in charge of protecting the company’s data from any threat. They focus mostly on the execution of the policies or plans to keep the data safe. Pentesting and other types of attacks are performed by the system engineers to improve the quality of defenses and reduce the risk of theft. 


Some other roles of a System Engineer are:


  • They are responsible for developing and using protective measures to keep the data safe. 
  • They perform a vulnerability test to find any weakness present within a system. 
  • The network is also monitored by them to check for any suspicious activities or alteration of data.


  1. Network Engineer


The network engineers have a number of responsibilities in a company. They have a deeper knowledge related to the working of the communications systems on hardware and software level. They have the skills to design, install, and manage the networks. Also, they know about the best practices and are able to perform it within a company. So, they mainly focus on the operations of the network.


Some other roles of Network Engineer are:


  • They are in charge of troubleshooting and fixing any bugs present in the network. 
  • They also manage the network systems and monitor the performance of the networks. 


  1. Information Security Manager


They are in charge of keeping the computers of their company safe and protected against any type of danger, such as viruses or cyber threats. It can result in the loss of valuable data of a company if the security system is not managed properly. They monitor and control or handle the growth of IT security standards. 


Some other roles of Information Security Manager are:


  • They create and build a security strategy for the company. 
  • They also manage or handle security projects. 


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Final Words

So, the CompTIA CASP certification can offer a list of benefits to anyone that can clear the exam. You can take up any course for your preparation. You can learn all the skills needed in this field through the courses. Explore Online cybersecurity certification courses from Sprintzeal


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