Best cybersecurity certifications in 2024

Best cybersecurity certifications in 2024

Top IT Security and Networking Certifications in 2024

We have compiled a list of IT security and networking certifications in 2024. With the rise in competition, certifications have become of vital importance. So let us dive deeper into the ocean of IT certifications of 2024.

What is a Cybersecurity Certification?

Best certifications in 2023-1

In this age of advanced information technology and with newer and more improved solutions, cybersecurity has become a significant concern for organizations and their technologies.

As per analysis and reports, the first half of 2019 has seen about a 54% increase in security breaches and a 52% increase in comprised records compared to the same time frame in 2018.

Upon investigation and research, they found that 60% of the total security breaches were due to human error, indicating a need for high-quality cybersecurity certificate programs and education for making skillful and trained information security professionals and certified cybersecurity experts.

Such analysis has led to a significant increase in the demand for certified cybersecurity professionals and the rise of the best cybersecurity certifications.

Suitable data security analyst certifications can provide you with many opportunities throughout your career.

Organizations and recruiters focus more on your resume's certification section before anything else.

Which IT security certification should I get? How to get certified in cybersecurity?

The answers to all your questions will be found in this article.

This article will provide factual and helpful information on the top cybersecurity certifications, the cybersecurity certification path, and how they have evolved from the leading cybersecurity certifications list of 2019.

For a better understanding of individual certifications in cybersecurity, such as CompTIA, CISSP, and others, they have been divided into two groups, one of them is IT security certification, and the other is IT networking certification.

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Best Cybersecurity Certifications for IT security

1) CISSP Certification

2) CISA Certification

3) COBIT 5 Foundation


Best IT Networking Certifications in 2024

1) CompTIA A+ Certification

2) CompTIA Security+ Certification

3) CompTIA CASP+ Certification

4) CCNA Certification

5) CCNP Certification

6) CCENT Certification

7) CCIE Security Certification

Each of the above certifications to get into the cybersecurity path has different specializations in information technology depending on your interest and level of experience.

Here is a guide showing which of these best information security certifications may be suitable for expanding your skills, attracting prospective employers, and setting high standards.

Top IT Security Certifications List in 2024

IT security relates to all aspects of cyberspace and computer security certifications.

It mainly deals with protecting the confidentiality of devices, networks, programs, etc., from unauthorized access, damage, or attack by establishing different security controls and measures.

The IT professional who is a cybersecurity certificate holder will keep track of two-way traffic to minimize the percentage of cyber-attacks and protect the company from unauthorized system exploitation.

Some of the best cybersecurity certifications online from the lengthy information security certification list have been given and explained below.

- CISSP: Certified information system Security Professional

CISSP Overview:

CISSP stands for Certified Information System Security Professional and is one of the best security certifications offered by the (ISC)2, which stands for the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium.

The CISSP certification signifies a candidate's competency and ability in various information security sectors. Professionals certified by CISSP are hired to develop the design, controls, architecture, and management of highly secure business firms.

CISSP also develops policies that control the organization and perform risk management and security of software development. It is one of the highest-paying cybersecurity certifications.

It is the most demanded cyber security certification due to a significant shortage of skillful information security professionals.

Thousands of jobs are available globally that require a Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP). The need for skilled information system security certification holders, particularly CISSP, is excellent news for aspiring candidates and makes CISSP one of the best certifications.

CISSP Requirements:

Since it is one of the most valuable IT certifications, there are some professional prerequisites that you must have to be eligible to take the test.

You must have five years of full-time work experience in at least a few domains of the (ISC)2 Common Book of Knowledge.

You can also have four years of experience if you have a four-year college degree or another approved certification from the many other cyber security certification courses. 

Second, you must follow the (ISC)2 code of ethics and mention felony convictions and identification with hackers, if any, in your application. After that, you will have to pass the exam.

After completing the CISSP exam, you must indulge with the (ISC)2 Code of Ethics and complete a CISSP endorsement process to become a CISSP.

The (ISC)2 endorsement form must be verified and signed by another (ISC)2 certified information systems security professional after checking your professional work experience.

To be fully certified, the Complete (ISC)2 endorsement form must be submitted within nine months after passing your exam since only passing the CISSP exam will not, by default, grant you a CISSP certification status.

CISSPs must also submit 120 CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits in a three-year period, which accounts for 40 CPEs each year.

CISSP Certification Cost:

The CISSP exam fee would cost $699. CISSP Exam outline from the ISC2 CISSP webpage can be acquired. In case you need more studying materials, CISSP classes and Online CISSP Certification training, which is also the best security training for working professionals, are offered by many institutes along with (ISC)2.

The CISSP training costs differ broadly, but the online self-paced course costs $2795 through (ISC)2. Therefore, the classroom-based CISSP training course will cost more adequately.

After getting certified, you must complete the CISSP recertification once every three years to maintain your credentials. You will also be required t pay a maintenance fee of $85 every year for three years ($255 total).

The CISSP Exam:

CISSP is amongst the best information security certification; therefore, it takes work to pass the exam and requires a lot of effort and dedication to get through it. The rate of passing the CISSP exam is about 20%.

The CISSP exam is of 6 hours in duration and consists of 250 questions from 8 domain goliath, and the minimum requirement is 70%, meaning the exam has a CISSP passing score of 700 out of 1000. In addition, the exam contains a diverse set of advanced innovative multiple-choice questions.

CISSP worth and Salary:

A certified cyber security professional who earns a CISSP-certified salary pays $78,000 to $120,000 and can go up to a maximum of more than $140,000.

In addition, it is placed among the 15 highest-paying IT certifications according to training company Global Knowledge. Also, as per a survey by the Tech Republic, it stands at number four in the IT security certification list of the top 15 paying security certification jobs.

It is one of the six system security certifications in which the maximum average Salary is more than $140,000. A survey from shows that the CISSP average salary ranges from $55,000 to $152,000 and varies as per the candidate's experience, job title, and job location.

A finding from a study shows that CISSP-certified professionals who are women get significantly lesser pay than male professionals. For example, a female CISSP job's Salary is in the range of $73,000 to $111,000, while a male CISSP pay scale is in the field of $78,000 to $119,000.


CISSP certification

- CISA: Certified Information System Auditor

CISA overview:

According to ISACA, the CISA or Certified Information system Auditor is one of the best among the many information security courses and a precious standard for candidates looking for a profession in information security, assurance, and audit controls.

CISA-certified professionals have acquired the best cyber security training and skills along with knowledge and skill of the CISA job requirement areas such as auditing, development and implementation, asset protection, governance and management, maintenance & service management, and acquisition.

CISA-certified candidates can judge and find out threats and vulnerabilities of the organization and provide controls and organizational security guidance after assessing compliance. Due to the above reasons, CISA is considered one of the top IT security certifications in the present world.

CISA Requirements:

To get the CISA certification for cyber security professionals in your name, you will have to pass the CISA exam.

After that, apply and agree to the code of professional ethics to continue professional education requirements and the organization's systems auditing standards. Furthermore, a candidate must have a minimum of one year of experience working with information systems. A few substitutions on the above are allowed.

After gaining the CISA certification, a candidate must maintain the certification by earning 120 CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits in 3 years, including a minimum of 20 CPEs to be gained by the candidate annually.

CISA Certification cost:

How much the security exam cost will depend upon whether you are a member of ISACA. The CISA exam cost currently is $575. If you are an ISACA member, the price is $135. Without the membership, the CISA exam fee is $760.

Registering early for the exam will get a $50 discount on the exam fee. If you are an ISACA member, you will be charged with local ISACA chapter dues, which cost about $20.

Considering you are an ISACA member and get the early registration for the exam done, your CISA application fees would be around (525+135+20), which is $690.

In addition, an application processing fee of $50 will be charged.

After obtaining the CISA certification, candidates must pay an annual maintenance fee of $85 for non-ISACA members and $45 for ISACA members.

CISA exam:

The CISA exam has a set of 150 questions that are extracted from all five domains of CISA.

The exam is generally graded between the scales of 200-800; to pass the exam, you will need a score of more than 450. The exam is of 4-hour duration, sufficient for those who attempt the complete exam.

CISA worth and Salary:

CISA's Salary ranges from $50,000 at entry-level to $150,000 at top positions.

With additional security certifications such as ethical hacking certification or CISSP, you can increase your professional skillset and earn larger salaries.

The CISA data security certification is highly in demand as organizations seek the skills and knowledge that CISA provides.

It is the ideal certification for cyber security analysts. Completing the CISA certification requires a lot of experience and substantial education. However, the long-term career benefits are worth the overall cost.

CISA certification training to clear the CISA exam – Get CISA certified

- COBIT 5 Foundation: Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies

COBIT 5 Foundation Overview:

COBIT course is developed for people looking for advanced enterprise IT management and governance knowledge. COBIT 5 provides the best security certification path.

The business framework of COBIT 5 includes six lessons covering seven enablers and five principles. Plus, the COBIT training course is complemented by quizzes and real-life scenarios.

COBIT 5 foundation requirements:

The only prerequisite for taking the COBIT training online course or completing the exam is experience and knowledge of service-providing firms in the IT sector or the IT service-providing department of any firm.

COBIT is the pathway to gaining knowledge in information technology for those working in audit and insurance, regulatory or compliance, information security, risk management, or governance of enterprise IT.

COBIT 5 Foundation Certification Cost:

The fees for COBIT 5 foundation exam are different for different countries. Also, the exam fees for both classroom-based and online virtual modes are extra.

For example, in India, the exam fee is INR 12,471 – 19,700, whereas, in the UK, it is between GBP 142-223. On average, the cost ranges from $175 - $275. Candidates taking the online security certification exam must confirm access before registering. The fee is non-refundable or transferable.

COBIT 5 Foundation exam:

The COBIT 5 Foundation exam is either online or paper-based.

The examination consists of 50 multiple-choice questions, and the score required for passing is 50%, meaning you must answer at least 25 questions correctly.

The exam is of 40 minutes in duration. Therefore, it is advisable to take the examination online since it will save you the time and the cost required for your travel to the exam center.

Also, you will be more comfortable with the location and time where you will take the COBIT 5 Foundation exam. After completing the online exam, your score with pass or fail is generated. You will have to contact the coordinator for your results in the paper-based examination.

COBIT 5 Foundation Worth and Salary:

The average Salary of a COBIT 5 certified professional is about $ 114,949. It is a premiere governance certification that offers a high salary and qualifies to be on the top-paying cyber security certification list.

COBIT 5 certification provides globally accepted practices, principles, tools, and models that build trust in IT services. COBIT 5 assists enterprises in achieving their objectives by providing a comprehensive framework for the management and governance of enterprise IT.

Get COBIT 5 Foundation Certification Training - Sprintzeal

- CISMCertified Information Security Manager

The Certified information security manager (CISM) certification is another computer security certification training from the best IT security certifications list. It is one of the top cyber security certifications in 2024.

Detailed information on CISM, including CISM certification cost and CISM certification requirementswill be on ISACA.

Now, let us get into the next set of popular certifications – IT networking certifications that are both popular and high-paying.

Top IT Networking Certifications List 2024

Best certifications in 2023-2

IT network certification comprises information security and entry-level information security certifications.

It covers measures of implementing and planning network security to protect programs and networks from unauthorized access and hacking and is considered cyber security certification for beginners.

Other cyber threats from which IT infrastructure and resources are protected include viruses, spamware, Trojans, malware, spyware, etc. Network security professional expertise also includes encryption of IDs and passwords, firewalls, backup, and internet access.

The job of a networking security specialist is to provide technical support to make a network more secure, including helping with digital certificates, firewalls, and encryption and intrusion detection systems.

Some of the best cyber security courses and network security certifications path from the list of security certifications that can be considered ideal information security certificates for beginners have been given and explained below.

CompTIA Security Certifications

CompTIA is one of the best cyber security certifications from the IT industry's network security certification list. It is a vendor-neutral certification program and has issued more than 2 million certifications from the time it developed its A+ credential in the year 1993.

About two years ago, at the beginning of 2018, CompTIA introduced its Infrastructure career pathway, which better relates CompTIA security training to more practical skills that security experts need to teach to ensure success while supporting and managing the IT sector.

From the best network, security certifications list the most widespread cyber security certifications offered by CompTIA are divided into groups based on skill set into four areas. CompTIA Core, CompTIA Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, and CompTIA Additional Professional certifications.

- CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA A+ Overview:

What is the most accessible security certification to get? The answer for you can be CompTIA if you try to earn it with complete dedication.

It is an entry-level security certification. However, it is considered the best security certification for beginners and is, therefore, one of the most accessible security certifications.

This certification specializes for those looking for a career as a support, help desk, networking technician, or service center, which further covers software installation, computer and mobile operating system configuration, and desktop and laptop hardware.

CompTIA Security Requirements of A+:

There are no educational qualification prerequisites for taking the CompTIA A+ exam. There is no age requirement as well, but it is recommended that the candidate must be at least 13 years of age.

CompTIA Certification costs of A+:

The CompTIA security cost for the A+ exam differs in different countries.

The average CompTIA exam price will be around $340 for both exams.

The self-study certification path would cost about $800 - $1000, while classroom training for CompTIA certifications costs A+ and requires a heavy investment of between $5000 - $11000.

The candidate has to bear additional costs for study materials, security certification training online, practice and vendor examination fees, and living costs.

CompTIA A+ Exam:

CompTIA A+ certification consists of two core examinations, Core 1 exam 220-901 and core two exams 220-902. The core exam consists of questions about Cloud computing, virtualization, hardware networking technology, mobile devices, and troubleshooting.

In comparison, the core two exam consists of questions from the operational procedure, troubleshooting software, installation, and configuring operating systems and security.

The passing score for the core 1 200-901 exam is 675, and for core 2 200-902 is 700. The certification is valid for three years and is renewed automatically if the candidate earns a minimum of 20 Continuing Education units (CUE) over three years.

CompTIA A+ worth and Salary:

CompTIA A+ certification is considered the best place to start your career. It will help you to get an entry-level job such as help desk tech or desktop support which will provide you with better and more significant roles in the future.

The earning potential of CompTIA A+ certification holders increases with additional certifications, responsibilities, and experience. At entry-level the Average Salary of an A+ certification holder is around $40,000, so it is worth it for an entry-level security certifications job.

Top Certification – CompTIA A+ Certification Training from Industry Experts

- CompTIA Security+ Certification 

CompTIA Security+ Overview:

What is CompTIA Security+ certification?

CompTIA Security+ is an entry-level security certification. The CompTIA Security+ certification is an application security certification that was developed in the year 2002 and mainly deals with computer security topics such as access control and cryptography.

Due to increased security issues and increasing demand for certified security professionals to deal with these issues, the CompTIA Security+ course has grown popular. It is an internationally available vendor-neutral certification.

It proves a candidate's competency regarding network infrastructure security, system security, security on the scale of an organization, and access controls.

This certification provides the necessary foundation for professionals to make a successful career in IT security. So how to get a security+ certificate, and is security+ worth it? Read below to find out.

CompTIA Security+ Requirements:

How to get security plus certification?

In the security plus certification requirements, there are no prerequisites on educational qualification for taking the CompTIA security plus training and exam.

However, it is recommended by the organization that certified candidates obtain the network+ credential after bearing the network+ exam cost and have a minimum of two years of experience in security focus in an IT administration.

There is no age requirement as well, but it is recommended that the candidate must not be less than 13 years of age.

CompTIA Security+ cost/CompTIA Security+ Certification cost:

The CompTIA security+ cost includes the CompTIA Security+ test cost voucher, which is $339, which will be needed to take the test.

You can get the offered discount by becoming a CompTIA security certified member, which will decrease the CompTIA Security+ exam cost, and you can further combine your voucher with some additional learning and training in the CompTIA Security+ course which will significantly reduce your security plus exam cost and security plus certification cost.

CompTIA Security Plus Certification Exam:

The CompTIA Security+ cert Exam consists of 100 questions, and the passing score on a scale of 100-900 is 750.

The CompTIA Security+ test examination is available in English and Spanish language. The CompTIA Security+ exam fee is included in the security+ certification cost. In addition, the updated exam version 2008 after security+ allows candidates to attempt a bridge exam for the Security+ certification.

The CompTIA Security+ certification exam covers objectives from BR0-001 and consists of 50 questions with a passing score of 560 on a 100-900. The duration of the bridge exam is 60 minutes.

CompTIA Security+ worth and Salary:

Is CompTIA security+ worth it?

If you intend to pursue a cybersecurity-related career or if you want to learn network security within your job, add a security credential to your resume.

The CompTIA Security+ certification is worth the effort. It ranks 10th in the Global Knowledge list of highest-paying certificates.

The mean wages of professionals in security+ certification jobs is $99,690, the highest being above $153,000. As per Global Knowledge reports, CompTIA Security+ jobs provide 22% more wages than other jobs.

Get CompTIA Security+ Training and Earn the Certification

- CompTIA CASP+ Certification

CompTIA CASP+ Overview:

The CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) certification is ANSI accredited and complies with ISO 17024 Standards. It is a vendor-neutral credential that validates advanced-level security knowledge and skills.

CASP supports a resilient enterprise by providing the technical skills and knowledge needed to integrate, engineer, conceptualize, and implement security solutions. Whether the CASP certification undergoes timely updates and reviews to meet the objectives of the exam is ensured by ANSI.

CompTIA CASP+ Requirements:

CASP aspiring candidates must have ten years of IT administration experience, which includes five years of technical security experience.

These requirements are essential because it indicates that the candidate is well familiar with maintaining and designing systems of corporate IT which include servers, networks, WANs, LANs, etc., and if these IT systems do not function even for a brief period, can be very dangerous for the continuity of business.

CompTIA CASP+ certification cost:

The average CompTIA exam cost for CASP is $439, which is comparatively less than the CEH certification cost, a well-known course in the Ethical hacking certification path, but about $90 more than CySA+ and PenTest+ exams.

In addition, CompTIA offers combined packages for members, including training options and a retake of the exam. Also, if you are enrolled in a college, you will get discounts if your college or university is a CompTIA-certified partner.

CompTIA CASP+ Exam:

CASP+ exam questions are based on technical knowledge such as enterprise security domain, expanding control, Inclusion of implementing cryptographic techniques, and broader coverage of integrating cloud and virtualization technologies.

The exam consists of 90 performance-based multiple-choice questions with an exam duration of 165 minutes. This exam has no scaled score for passing; it either passes or fails.

CompTIA CASP+ worth and Salary:

Leadership, soft skills, and team management are a few critical points that organizations are looking for when recruiting a professional & offering jobs that require a security certification and CASP has it all to offer. It will help you to showcase your security knowledge and skills and increase your level of competency in front of the employer.

The pay scale and chances of getting hired are also a lot more than professionals who still need this certification. Therefore, it is worth your time and effort.

CASP holders' Salary varies widely depending on location, gender, experience, and job title. CASP holders who are female earn better than their male counterparts.

For example, 12% of CASP holders are female and get an annual salary of about $58,000 to $115,000, while male professionals earn $51,000 to $97,000 yearly.

CompTIA CASP+ Certification Training – online, live online, and classroom 


We compiled this list of the best professional certifications in cyber security and networking to help individuals pick the proper accreditation for their careers.

We also offer the best online cybersecurity and networking courses that will help you pass the certification exam and get certified.

It helps represent you as a very valuable professional, and employers from top organizations will want to hire you.

What you can do with certificates in cyber security and networking within your area of interest, coupled with enhanced technical skills and hard work, is beyond imagination.

If you need more information on the certifications in this article or other cyber security or networking certifications online, live online, or in classroom mode, visit Sprintzeal


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