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CCBA certification is the platinum standard for business analyst professionals. The CCBA® Course is the most sanctioned recognition provided to a Business analysis practitioner’s proficiency. From the quality house of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)

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3/6 days live online CCBA® Certification training in Classroom from IIBA so we prompt you the golden standards

Classes will be interactive and fun, meanwhile, you can clear your queries with real with the trainer in real-time

Get one year access to our CBAP® e-learning platform of high-quality lectures and tutorials to prepare CCBA Training and certification

1000+ Mock Exam Prep Questions and Get Live Class Recordings Post Certification Training Life Time Access

Courseware perfectly aligned to IIBAs 2016 Business Analysis release

22 PDUs offered along with the course completion certificate from Sprintzeal

Best Price Guarantee, we assure you that you will pass the CCBA Course after attending our CCBA® certification training

Best Price Guaranteed across the training industry. Speak to our training consultant to know more

3 Day instructor-led CCBA® Certification Classroom Training in Sharjah. Courseware is Aligned with IIBA. 

Get IIBA 3rd Edition BABOK Hard Copy Guide to prepare for CCBA® course and Exam. 

Get 1 Year E-learning Access for CBAP® Training with High-Quality Audio-Video Lectures

1000+ Mock Exam Prep Questions. Courseware is aligned with BABOK® Guide version 3.

Get 23 Contact Hours training certificate to Apply for IIBA Exam  

Application Assistance and 1-year Live Support Post- CCBA training 

100% Moneyback Guaranteed - We Assure you'll Pass the Exam After Taking Our Training Classes

Best Price Guaranteed in the Training Industry. Trained Over 26000+ Delegates Globally

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Why should I go for a CCBA® certification training? What is the scope it currently has in the Industry?

Hiring Companies like AMAZON, JP Morgan, IBM, Accenture, Oracle, KBRWyle, Honeywell.

CCBA® is a globally recognized certification that has become the de-facto benchmark for effective Business Analysis and Management. 

Many employers consider CCBA® certification as an essential qualification yardstick for their job requirements. Getting certified in Business Analysis can lead to a bright future in Project Management. 


Live Online Training AED 2457
Traditional Classroom AED 8221

Course Description

CCBA Certification Training Course Overview in Sharjah

CCBA Training in Sharjah and Certification Course is a globally recognized and internationally accredited training program concentrating on Business Analysis professionals. Regulated with the Courseware perfectly aligned to IIBAs 2016 Business Analysis release. Sprintzeal’s CCBA certification training is packed with a multitude of learning benefits. Which includes multiple simulation tests and mock tests with access to in-depth audio and video lectures of live classes.

CCBA certification training in Sharjah lets you frame and polish your Business Analysis skills for the sake of applying it in real-life scenarios and reinforce you the betterment of career. 

About the CCBA Certification Training Course Module in Sharjah

The CCBA Certification training in Sharjah is an Exemplary depiction of Business Analysis skills for professionals who are striving to be a Business Analyst and individuals who carry some knowledge alongside a passion for the subject matter.

How many hours do business analysts work in Sharjah ?

The working hours of a business analyst depend wholly and solely on the kind of clients they are dealing with and the kind of project they are working on.

On average, a business analyst works for about 40-50 hours a week which would come up to 8-10 hours a day.



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Exam & Certification

Concepts Covered in CCBA Certification training offered by Sprintzeal:
  • The key concepts of Business Analysis 
  • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
  • The core concept model of Business Analysis
  • Understanding about all 50 Business Analysis tools
  • Key concepts of Elicitation and Collaboration
  • Key requirements of lifecycle management
  • Solution evaluation techniques


The certification can be taken online through the protector format or at a nearby PSI test center convenient for you. The exam is build up under convenience factors like it’s totally a computerized certification. 

To earn the CCBA Certification you must have at least 3750 hours of Business analysis work experience dating within the past 7 years with the guidance of BABOK. All applicants at least 900 hours must be accomplished in each of 2 of the all 6 BABOK aid’s knowledge areas Considering the least requirement of 3750 hours, Or you should be able to finish the 

Rock bottom of 500 hours in each of 4 of the 6 BABOK guides knowledge areas.

Right along with the BABOK knowledge, you should be in a completion period of professional development training of 21 hours within the last 4 years’ time span and the procession of two references from a career manager, client, or CBAP recipient will make you fit for the run.

Here in Sprintzeal, we are doing our life best to provide each one of the knowledge-seeking professionals what are they seeking for with our dedicated bunch of trainers and staff across the horizon. With our expertise and mastery, we are helping you to Save Yourself from Humiliations and lost opportunities

  • Offer flexibility and customize the training according to your preferences
  • We let you choose from different modes of training – Classroom, online and virtual training
  • Guidance and assistance regarding any course offered by us
  • 100 % free trial and guidance for the courses you are interested in
  • 24X7 support to enhance your learning journey 
  • Provide discounts and special offers just for you when it comes to the remaining courses.
  • Full-length CBBA training guide by industry experts
How do you become a certified Business Analysis professional?

That’s simple all you need to do to become a certified professional you, must undergo Business Analysis traditional training from a globally validated knowledge provider like Sprintzeal and be Victor.


  • Non-Business Analysis consultants Product managers
  • Hybrid business analysis professionals
  • And trainers

Now that the basic questions are answered, the next thing to discuss is the business analytics career path.

Numerous business experts start their professions working in basic level business positions related to their educational degrees. With the help of work experience, business analysis experts will have a superior comprehension of how organizations work from within, which is necessary for analyzing, examining, and improving business forms.

It is possible for a business analysis expert with adequate experience and great execution, to move into a junior business analyst position as the next step in the business analyst career path. Some rather choose to get back to get post-graduate degrees before starting work as business experts in huge associations or consultancies.

With over 126000+ professionals trained spreading the globe the success rate of Sprintzeal’s training programs is impressive with 99.6 %

When you complete the course, you will receive a course completion certificate from Sprintzeal. However, Sprintzeal does not administer the IIBA Certification, but once you have passed that exam, you will receive the prestigious certification from IIBA. 


Live Online Training AED 2457
Traditional Classroom AED 8221

CCBA Certification Training Course in Sharjah Certification

Sprintzeal CCBA Certification Training Course in Sharjah Certificate Holders work at 1000s of companies like


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Certification of Capability in Business Analysis is a Business management certification- CCBA®. The certification can be taken online in your comfort zone or at a PSI test center located near to your home, it’s all up to you.

Accredited by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) given to professionals who clear the examination aligned with the BABOK version of 3

Here in Sprintzeal, we have a well-advanced system of training professionals for the CCBA Training process which will eventually result in the eradication of challenges faced in the global IT industry. You must meet the guidelines provided:

  • You need to secure 85% training with the Sprintzeal CCBA® course in Sharjah  or make sure you attend one complete batch without fail
  • If you are attending any simulation test make sure you are saving pass mark
  • We will encourage to create a project of your own and get it approved from our expert panel

If you share a membership with IIBA you will get the BABOK Version 3 as a complimentary subscription, if you are not you can purchase it online for an average cost of $ 27.6 from most of the online stores. Try your luck

With Sprintzeal, you don’t have to worry about the simulation tests. We will take care of it. You just make sure you are attending it on time with the necessary preparations

The BABOK study guide is the globally recognized and most related one for CCBA® Course. And considering the expertise behind the Sprintzeals CCBA certification training guide, it is also a fine choice for successful preparations. For better results try learning to blend both the guides.

IIAB members have a complementary feature that will give them access to download a PDF version of BABOK 3. If you are a member of IIBA go and Download it from the IIBA website

For non-members, you can buy it online for $29.

As a globally acclaimed Business Analysis training and certification provider, Sprintzeal offers a line of Simulation tests which will make our candidate up to the mark. We provide more than 500 mock questions and answers in our Business Analysis online mock tests. And at the point, IIBA is not up for providing any mock tests.

Business Analyses examination is conducted for 3 hours and contains a scenario-based 130 multiple-choice questions. This level 2 certification in the IIBA Certification framework access the candidate's practical application of the multi defined competencies.

Sprintzeal CCBA training and certification Consists of a Self- Paced training process and well-defined teaching Methodology, which will help you to rectify the challenges faced in IT World. To unlatch the CCBA Course you need to meet certain criteria’s they are:

  • You need to be a part of a complete Business Analysis coaching or a minimum 85% of total course
  • You need to submit and get approved of a project of your own choice from our expert's panel
  • In a case, your project is not approved you will get assistance from our expert panels to finish the project
  • If your courses include Simulation tests you need to clear with a minimum passing score.

Taking overall it’s a simple two-step procedure:
  • You need to pass the screening process in order to attend the Business Analysis examination, following that you need to pre-register the examination preceding a non- refundable application fee.

Once the IIBA access your application if you’re qualified you will get approval to go for CCBA certification, following that you are allowed to schedule your examination with the official testing agency. You will get a confirmation mail with instructions to be obliged.

  Examination Fee structure:

  • Regardless of the confirmation of your CCBA® application, you are supposed to pay the non-refundable application fee of  $125 USD
  • The examination fee structure is $325 USD for IIBA members and $450 USD for non-members.

CCBA exam consists of a total of 130 questions with multiple choices.

Post 2 weeks of the reception of your application IIBA notifies you that your application is being processed, following that they will access the qualification of your application up to the CCBA prerequisites. The IIBA will confirm the approval of your CCBA Examination application within the next 21 days after your submission.


The weightage of questions in CCBA Certification with respect to the knowledge areas will be:

Ø Requirements Life Cycle Management - 18%

Ø Requirements Analysis and Design Definition - 32%

Ø Solution Evaluation - 6%

Ø Elicitation and Collaboration - 20%

Ø Strategy Analysis - 12%

Ø Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring - 12%

Yes, you must have a minimum of 900 hours of experience in the 2 of the 6 key areas or 500 hours or more experience in 4 of the 6 knowledge areas in – order to apply for CCBA certification in Sharjah.


Yes, 21 hours of training is mandatory before you submit the application for the certification but it is not required you to upload the CCBA course certification.

Sprintzeal’s 24X7 course assistance team is online for you, Chat, call or request a callback and get all your queries covered.

All our trainers are industry level experts with 10 to 12 years of experience in the relevant tutoring fields. Each of them is the product of a very keen and meticulous selection procedure which includes the screening of profiles, technical evolution, and hour’s long demo training classes. Without zero fails of gazillion tests and training, we make sure they are the very perfect fit for Sprintzeal and to our professional knowledge seekers.

The answer to that is YES. With more noteworthy experience and skills, business experts can climb the business analyst career ladder by moving to progressively senior situations with more prominent responsibility and impact.

A qualified and well-performing business analyst has a chance to move into elevated level administration positions of the organization and different associations.

High-performing business analysis specialists can also rise into authority positions in their organizations or strike out all by themselves to begin new consultancies.

According to the latest survey, the salary package for beginners in the field of business analyst varies between RS 3,55,000 – 5,00,000. To be more precise, the salary of a fresher in the field of business analyst will be around 3,55,000 per annum including all the bonuses, whereas a business analyst with around 1 to 4 years of experience can expect a salary up-to 5,50,5000.

Salaries in the business analyst career path increase with an increase in years of exigency. The average salary of a senior business analyst comes up to $109999 in the USA.


Live Online Training AED 2457
Traditional Classroom AED 8221