Business analyst career path in 2024

Business analyst career path in 2024

Business Analyst Career Path – Job Scope, Career Options, and Demand

With thousands of options around you, if you’ve decided to become a Business Analyst, then it is very important to have answers to questions like what does a business analyst do, why business analyst, is a business analyst a good career, and what is the career path for business analyst.

Once you have the answers to those questions, the next set of questions like what is business analyst career progression, does business analyst have a future, do business analysts have job growth, in short, are business analysts in demand, etc. are said to arise.

Likewise, the chain of questions keeps adding up, and finding answers to these questions will make give you in-depth insights into the business analytics career path.

This blog is a step-by-step guide to the business analyst career path and it will help get insights about business analysis.

Let’s start with some basic questions:


About Business Analyst Career Path

Now that the basic questions are answered, the next thing to discuss is the business analytics career path.

Numerous business experts start their professions working in basic level business positions related to their educational degrees. With the help of work experience, business analysis experts will have a superior comprehension of how organizations work from within, which is necessary for analyzing, examining, and improving business forms.

It is possible for a business analysis expert with adequate experience and great execution, to move into a junior business analyst position as the next step in the business analyst career path. Some rather choose to get back to get post-graduate degrees before starting work as business experts in huge associations or consultancies.


What do Business Analysts do?

In the present complex business condition, an association's flexibility, spryness, and capacity to oversee steady change through new inventions and advancement can be keys to progress. Customary strategies may no longer prompt arriving at destinations when economic conditions are not favorable. That is the place where the business analyst comes in.

Business analysts (BAs) are liable for overcoming any issues among IT and the business by utilizing data analytics to survey forms, decide prerequisites, and convey information-driven suggestions and reports to officials and partners.


How many hours do business analysts work?

The working hours of a business analyst depend wholly and solely on the kind of clients they are dealing with and the kind of project they are working on.

On average, a business analyst works for about 40-50 hours a week which would come up to 8-10 hours a day.

If the Clients are from the US, UK, or any other international bases company then the Business Analyst should be able to adapt the time zones of those regions to conduct meetings.


Is becoming a business analyst a good career path?

The answer to that is YES. With more noteworthy experience and skills, business experts can climb the business analyst career ladder by moving to progressively senior situations with more prominent responsibility and impact.

A qualified and well-performing business analyst has a chance to move into elevated-level administration positions in the organization and different associations.

High-performing business analysis specialists can also rise into authority positions in their organizations or strike out all by themselves to begin new consultancies.

Resource - CBAP - Certified Business Analyst Professional Certification Training


What is the career path for a business analyst?

There are various business analysis career paths. Which, the five main business analytics career paths are:

1) IT business analyst

2) Data analyst/scientist

3) Data Business Analyst

4) Business Analyst Manager

5) Quantitative Analyst

Take up business analysis training from Sprintzeal, pass the exam, and get a certification offered by IIBA to start your career as a business analyst.


IT Business Analyst Career Path:

This activity is viewed as a stage up in the business systems analyst career path since it requires further information on innovation and business management. A tremendous understanding of working frameworks, information prerequisites, and business process analysis are the key skills for an IT business analyst to settle on vital choices. They additionally need solid relational abilities to get venture endorsement from different partner groups.


Key skills of an IT Business Analyst

1) IT business analysts are responsible to build a strong relationship with technology.

2) IT BA’s create a bridge that binds the business needs with a technical resolution.

3) Strong understanding of database and data manipulations

4) Substantial knowledge of project lifecycle from initiation to implementation.


IT Business Analyst Career and Job Demand:

There is a huge demand for Technical business analyst jobs in the market at current times. A Technical business analyst job mainly deals with the study and redesigning of pc applications, programs, and computer software in order to be flexible in providing expert analysis on business applications and systems.


Data Analyst/Scientist Career

Data Analysts known as Data Scientists utilize the combination of machine learning and statistics in order to extract meaningful data from interpreted information. A Data Analyst/Scientist analyst earns a salary of more than $120,000 USD in a year.


Data Business Analyst

A data analyst is a person who is good at numbers. A Data analyst is one who is expected to be an expert in the field of statistics, programming, and research skills.

A Data business analyst makes $77,000 to $100,000 USD in a year 


Quantitative Analyst

Quantitative analysts are also called financial engineers whose major role is to create, implement mathematical tasks, and make sure that risks are worth giving a shot. Quantitative analysts act as a backup for financial decisions.

A Quantitative analyst makes $63,000 to $126,000 USD in a year. 

Enterprise Business Analysis applies a way to deal with the business investigation to manage change and identify initiatives that will allow a business to meet those strategic goals on an enterprise-wide basis. A range of abilities that assists people with tending to wide hierarchical issues, the enterprise-wide business analysis could be utilized when:

1) Converging with or securing another association (or divisions/capacities)

2) Growing or contracting tasks

3) Managing different change activities, one after another

4) Getting or resigning venture IT frameworks

5) Merging the tasks of various business unit


Other Business Analyst Career Options

 A business analyst can also make his career in the below-given fields

1) Management Analyst: pay scale ranges up to $83,000

2) Information security analyst: pay scale ranges up to $98,000

3) Solution Architect: : pay scale ranges up-to $122,000


How much does a senior business analyst make? 

Salaries in the business analyst career path increase with an increase in years of exigence. The average salary of a senior business analyst comes up to 10,00,500 rupees in India


What does a business analyst get paid?

According to the latest survey, the salary package for beginners in the field of business analysis varies between RS 3,55,000 – 5,00,000. To be more precise, the salary of a fresher in the field of business analyst will be around 3,55,000 per annum including all the bonuses, whereas a business analyst with around 1 to 4 years of experience can expect a salary up to 5,50,5000.


Business Analyst Certifications:

Certifications that could help in choosing and enhancing the Business analytics career path

 - IIBA ECBA: Entry Certificate in business Analysis

- IIBA CBAP: Certified Business Analyst Professional

 - IIBA CCBA: Certification of Competency in Business Analysis

 - IIBA AAC: Agile Analysis Certification

 - IQBBA CFLBA: Certified Foundation Level Business Analyst 



By choosing a business analyst career path, one can have a strong role in the business process analysis along with the opportunities to work on more than one operating system.

IT business analysts' job descriptions also have the opportunity to work on more than one project at a time which can further act as an added advantage.

CBAP Certification Training

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