Deep Learning Applications and Neural Networks

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Deep Learning Applications and Neural Networks

What is Deep Learning Application?


Deep learning applications work as a branch of machine learning by using neural networks with many layers. It improves the amount of data being used to train them in deep learning. The way the human brain works, the same way AI (Artificial Intelligence) tries to imitate. Deep learning applications divide into supervised, semi-supervised, and unsupervised. In this way application of deep learning works in artificial intelligence.


Why Artificial Neural Networks?

Artificial neural networks are created to work automatically and intimate the human brain. ANN is a collection of connected units or artificial neurons. Each connection can transmit the connection to other neurons. It receives the signal and processes it by connecting to signal neutrons. Signals are “real numbers” and the output of each neuron is computed by linear functions. Some applications of deep learning are different in artificial neural networks.


Common Deep Learning Applications in AI


  •         Fraud detection
  •         Customer relationship management system
  •         Computer vision
  •         Vocal AI
  •         Natural language processing
  •         Data refining
  •         Autonomous vehicles
  •         Supercomputers
  •         Investment modeling
  •         E-commerce
  •         Emotional intelligence
  •         Entertainment
  •         Advertising
  •         Manufacturing
  •         Healthcare

AI and Machine Learning Program


Fraud detection

AI takes a very big responsibility in fraud detection. This became one of the major problems in industry at the present period of time. Mostly it happens in the banking sector. For example, by using the customer details and secret codes, the customer's complete information is stolen without the customer’s knowledge. To avoid such problems fraud detection deep applications are used in AI by giving the alert to the customer.


Customer relationship management system

Customer relationship management system refers to the system Single Source of Truth. They contain sensitive information about the company like records, emails, phone call recordings, and purchase history more. Deep learning helps companies identify their target customers. And CRM intimates the latest trends to the customer.


Computer vision

The main aim of deep learning is to work with the human brain information and detect patterns. It is the best way to train and visualize based on AI. Using deep learning models,

objects like airplanes, faces and guns are detected.


Vocal AI

When it comes to vocal AI, it is authorized to translate human speech or voice to text. Deep learning models are enabled with Google to capture the voice and give the text results on the searched query.


Natural Language Processing

Natural language process is used to identify the complicated patterns in sentences to provide a more accurate clarification. This technology made it possible for robots to read messages and have delightful meaning for them.


Data refining

It is very hard for a scientist to identify patterns or draw sight when the data is large and raw in reality. With the help of deep learning models, it is made accessible. It can be useful to identify disease control, food security, disaster mitigation, and satellite imagery.


Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous sensors are added in vehicles to intimate the user or driver by giving an alert if a problem occurs while driving. Applications of deep learning in artificial intelligence play a very important role in technology. In autonomous vehicles, the user gets the notification for the safety drive and route and other instructions.    



If a user wants to build their own deep learning model, the supercomputer deep application vision system works here. Big companies use their own workstation to work better.


Investment Modeling

Investment modeling is another application of deep learning. This application works completely in the investment industry like share market, margins, company conference calls, quarterly results, and company event updates.



In the fast moving market, e-commerce plays an important role all over the world. It helps the user to buy or sell the product over the internet. E-commerce works better for customers by giving the exact information to make it easier and satisfied.


Emotional Intelligence

Computers cannot recreate humans’ emotions. Even so, they can give ideas to humans according to their mindset, with the help of deep learning applications.



We can find a lot of users on streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, twitch, and extra. With the help of deep learning applications, the streaming platform patterns are analyzed for the user.



By using common applications of deep learning, companies can gather a lot of information about the user to interact with marketing professionals. Lots of companies are using deep learning methods to advertise in a variety of workplaces like marketing, technology, and more.



To be the best manufacturing factory, manpower and machine works are important. An example of a deep learning application in manufacturing is, to make leather from shoes.



Everyone has their mobile phones with them 24/7. For any emergency, the medical facilities are available with the help of deep learning applications in healthcare. Also, the national center for biology has proven that deep learning can detect skin cancer through images.


Importance and Benefits of Deep Learning

The biggest benefit of deep learning is, it can execute its own features. And it promotes fast learning by a scanned algorithm to identify the future. The hidden data are discovered by solving complex problems. Deep learning applications have a wide range of applications. Programming language, data structure, and cloud computing platforms are the main skills in deep learning. Example of deep learning applications are Siri, Cortana, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Home, and extra.


Types of Deep Learning Networks
  • Feedforward neural networks
  • Radial basis function neural network
  • Multi-layer perceptron
  • Convolution neural network
  • Recurrent neural network
  • Modular neural network
  • Sequence to sequence


Feedforward neural network

Feedforward neural networks are the very basic level network. This control starts working from the input layer to the output layer. It works only with a single layer of data. It moves one to another and does not go to any other network.  Hence facial recognition occurs by using an algorithm in the computer version with the help of a feedforward neural network.


Radial basis function neural network

Radial basis function neural network works with more than two layers.  The input and the output layers are calculated by the center of the point. And it stores the system power.


Multi-layer perceptron

Multi-layer perceptron works with more than 3 layers. Every node of the website is fully connected with the network. These layers are very expensively used in machine learning technology.


Convolution neural network

Convolution neural networks work with multilayers and contain very deep networks. It hardly uses one or two parameters in deep learning networks.


Recurrent neural network

Recurrent neural networks is a type of neural network. Recurrent neural networks get feedback from output neurons. A small state memory is to be maintained to develop the Chabot in recurrent neural networks.


Modular neural network

A modular neural network is not a single network; it is a combination of a multi-network. It makes a big neutral network and its goal is to reach a common network. To break these problems, a modular neural network is very helpful in network deep learning.


Sequence to sequence

Sequence to sequence networks is similar to recurrent neural networks. This network works on encoding and decoding methods. Encoding works the process of input. Decoding works the process of output.


AI and Machine Learning Program



Deep learning applications are types of machine learning that imitate human knowledge. And it is an important element of data science that works for statistics and predictive modeling. In this article, we have discussed deep learning applications and their methods. We have also discussed types of deep learning and their benefits. For a better understanding of deep learning, enroll in Sprintzeal’s AI and Machine learning program offered globally.


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