7 Amazing Facts About Artificial Intelligence

7 Amazing Facts About Artificial Intelligence

Interesting Facts about Artificial Intelligence

The career opportunities in Artificial Intelligence have been globally recognized for their amazing facts. With the changes in digital advancement, the future of Artificial Intelligence is quite unpredictable with many career opportunities and human daily dependency on them.

The term “artificial intelligence” may sound daunting to some, but it has been in use for decades and its applications are more common than you might ever think.

The fun fact about AI is that AI assists are taking over every doable aspect of human life; whether you are trying to read your mail, getting driving directions, or trying to make some corned beef for breakfast, the situation is the same.


Facts About The Origin Of Artificial Intelligence – How It All Started?

Artificial Intelligence amazing facts untold: 1956 Conference at Dartmouth College.

In the summer of 1956, Dartmouth hosted a scientific conference where a young brain and ambitious mind defined the term “Artificial Intelligence “later known as the Father of Artificial Intelligence “Sir John McCarthy.

There are proven facts in AI that prior to these historical conferences, scientists had already framed natural language and neural network concepts lacking a more natural and universally accepted term for the stunning concept of machine “Mind”.


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Submissively, with the facts about AI, we can say that ever since that day AI has become a field of research. Isn’t it fascinating, right?

The facts about AI with amazing Game Changer in Artificial Intelligence: “The Game of Imitation” By Alan Turing

Back in 1950, a British influence researcher Alan Turing asked himself “can machine think “? Since then Turing started developing a new system of belief for assessing artificial neural network's intelligence and this belief system made him answer one of the most important questions he had back then - can machines be considered logical if they are able to imitate human behaviors?

Based on these facts the amazing “Imitation Game” was created. And that’s how the world-famous “Turing Test or CAPTCHA“, came into existence. In fact with this test, it became easy for the researcher to determine who he had corresponded with – a person or a robotics neural network. Or just like this have you ever wondered why most of the time you have to do CAPTCHA to prove your identity. 

So, while a minute of solving CAPTCHAs might feel annoying, it’s actually helping the website verify your human trace. Thanks to Sir Alan Turing for this awesome invention.


List of 10 Facts about Artificial Intelligence

Facts about AI and its robotic process are a bit tricky, but one definition for it is “A machine that behaves in ways that would be called intelligence and replicate human behavior”.

So, now that we know what is AI so let me take you to some fun facts about AI. These interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence are an eye-opener of what AI is and is capable of functioning.


1) Artificial Intelligence can predict earthquakes and volcanoes and many other natural disasters

Isn’t it amazing? While the general conception and facts about AI are that Artificial Intelligence will take over the world. On the other hand, machine learning can be more helpful and beneficial to prevent the level of destruction caused by natural disasters.

Considering the fun facts about AI, we know the Artificial intelligence feature has been assisting humans in enormous ways since its origin varies from customer care, stock market trading, health care, etc.

Gathering enough interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence, the current artificial intelligence researchers have found that by using artificial intelligence we can easily access natural disaster predictions.

With a generous amount of good quality data sets and applying interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence, it will be able to predict the possible occurrences and chances of natural disasters. AI can be a backup to numerous people’s life by protecting them with an accurate and timely prediction.

AL systems can undergo training with the help of seismic data and by doing that the magnitude and the location of the Earthquake that takes place can be traced.


2) Artificial Intelligence is restoring vintage and damaged photos

As we know printed photographs are very delicate pieces of amazing memories. Oftentimes, finding old photographs damaged can be heartbreaking. In every human life, we have to face such bitter incidents.

In order to rectify that there is a process in Artificial Intelligence called “Image Inpainting” developed by NVIDIA in order to successfully restore the photograph which needs to be rejuvenating.

The image could’ve been full of holes, they might be ripped off from both sides and generally lacking the pixels.

In this scenario robotics can do wonders, it can be trained by feeding 1000 images which will make it capable of ensuring the missing elements and pixels automatically into the destroyed areas of your good old photographs.

Apart from pouring automatical pixels into photographs robotics applications are able to do many distinguished functions like adding color effects to old vintage photos. What I am saying is through deep learning and analysis of thousands of images fed in AI, it can colorize your grandparents' wedding photo in less than a minute.


3) Artificial Intelligence is helping us fight the cancer

The so-called big problems in medicine have been harnessed by Artificial Intelligence today.

One of the facts about AI is oncology robotics applications are really working hard to contribute to its benefits. As a global menace, the cancer burden continues to spread globally, exerting tremendous emotional, the physical, and financial burden on victims, families, societies, and moreover the health systems.

The contributions of intelligent retrieval to oncology are vast and never-ending and continue to grow on a daily basis.

The fight against cancer has been a tough one but with the advanced technologies, knowledge engineering researchers are understanding and ultimately aiming to reduce its impact in our human life using supercomputers.

The University of Surrey and the University of California in San Francisco developed AIs in collaboration, which can even detect early stages of cancer symptoms. How appealing that is to hear? And these are fed with thousands of accounts of people who are in a remission stage.

In a way, the most interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence are that AIs are able to predict which patients are having a high chance of developing cancer cells back.

These facts in AI power doctors to get ahead of treatments with the early results.


4) The earliest instance of Artificial Intelligence ever known

Have you ever heard about the uncanny tales of Golden robots? I am talking about the robots which take and obey commands and are designed and engineered by none other than Hephaestus, the Greek god of invention and technology.

The gigantic golden warrior who was programmed to guard the island of Crete, Talos was also one of his inventions.

Like the fictional, Terminator, or RoboCop of Hollywood, Talos was the primitive forerunner of self-determining cyborgs who were incapable of forming lethal strength.

The physiology of this golden robot was described in ancient literature using mythos – biotechnical language seems to be the definition of today's scientific “Cybernetic Organism”

The Greek myths and the Homeric poems sanctified and praises in stories that Hephaestus had a special power to produce motion in objects. He succeeded in making robots centuries back with his moving and obeying statues. So that now it’s clear the concepts and facts in AI are pretty old than Athens.


5) Artificial Intelligence is beating us at our own game

Human history and games are inextricably intertwined. There is evidence beyond doubt which proves games did not come into human life as a result of any pursuit but instead it came naturally to us just as any other human complex processes like learning, drawing or singing, etc.

Games become an essential part of the human routine. Humans are not perfect in the games they invented.

They usually tend to make mistakes every time they try it and that’s the fun part. An average human is capable of only thinking a maximum of 4 or 5 steps ahead.

But as a matter of facts about AI, it is beating humans in every game in just a matter of a few seconds? Feeling a little intimidated? Well don’t be because it’s just games and games are a professional version of Fun!

StarCraft 11, Chess, Checkers, and poker are some of the games in Artificial Intelligence that have already defeated humans so far.


6) Most Artificial Intelligence bots are female

Have you ever wondered why most artificial intelligence bots are coming in handy in female-like voices?  One of the most interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence is the higher preference for female voice.

The reason is pretty stereoscopic to hear, that’s because tech companies and robotic scientists believe that most females and male customers are more likely to hear the response of their favorite AI bot in smooth lady voices not in any harsh hoarse voice.

That’s why the voice of world popular AI bots is in female sound, for instance; SIRI, ALEXA, Google Assistant, and more.

The fun facts about AI bots are that it tries to keep the conservation and discussions with you in a pleasant style.


7) Artificial Intelligence pet bots by 2025

Wondering what is meant by AI pet bots? Let your imagination run like wildfire, still no hope? Okay, let me tell you about the facts about AI and how the new classification of neural network animals which you can pet without bothering to give bathe, and take to the vet.

With Pet bots, one can run errands while having funny conversations and without worrying about the health of your lovely pet in a pandemic background.


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Not a dream! It’s actually assumed to be applicable by 2025.  According to Artificial Intelligence Pet bot developers, the real pet is lovable and forms attachments.

The fun facts about AI are that AI pets will be animal-looking robots that feel; look and act like real animals but surprisingly will eliminate all “such “critical issues experienced by real pet owners.  These facts in AI add another magic of amazing robotics.

This factor covers the mind-moving interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence, which drives more curiosity to draw facts in AI.

8) Interdisciplinary nature of AI

The interdisciplinary nature of AI involves contributions from fields such as computer science, mathematics, neuroscience, and philosophy, reflecting its diverse and evolving landscape.

9) Extensive datasets

The development of AI relies heavily on extensive datasets for training, emphasizing the critical role of data in shaping the capabilities of AI applications.

10) AI decision-making processes

Explainable AI (XAI) is an emerging field focusing on making AI decision-making processes more transparent and understandable, addressing concerns related to accountability and trust.


Importance of getting an AI Certification

The modern revolution is at the forefront with the amazing advantages of Artificial Intelligence.

The fun facts about AI are that a robotics certificate might be really helpful to get the right job in this technological era of processing as a result of the leverage organizations are giving to indulge AI in decision making.

Keeping with the facts about AI, it is also framing a wide window of opportunities for the professionals to make them capable of earning with great potential.

As per data provided by Forbes, the facts about AI are that an average Artificial Intelligence Engineer is earning approximately $134,000 each year.

Having learned the interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence, taking AI certification as a stepping stone toward a successful future is worth it.


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What are 10 interesting facts about AI?

Refer to the list above for a variety of intriguing facts about Artificial Intelligence.


What is artificial intelligence in 10 points?

AI involves machines mimicking human intelligence, learning from data, solving problems, and performing tasks without explicit programming.


What is a surprising fact about AI?

One surprising fact is AI's creative capacity, demonstrated through its ability to generate art, music, and written content.


What are three good things about artificial intelligence?

Three positive aspects include AI's role in healthcare advancements, its impact on efficiency in various industries, and its potential for solving complex problems through advanced algorithms.

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