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About PMP® Exam Prep Boot Camp

PMP is a globally recognized certification that is high in demand in the project management field. It is an objective-based and people-driven framework that’s widely used around the globe. Research says that a certified project manager has the potential to earn about $81,000 a year and when compared to the non-certified candidates, PMP certified professionals earn around $9000 more annually.A detailed report released by the Project Management Institute (PMI) shows that over 15.7 million new project management roles will be created by the year 2020. And it is estimated that millions of them shall go unfilled.It is evident that the prestigious PMP is recognized as the gold standard of project management worldwide. This PMP certification proves the credibility of a project manager. It confirms that a candidate possesses the knowledge and skills required to successfully lead team in an organization and increase and its profitability.If you’re planning to take up PMP exam and get a PMP certification in Phoenix AZ, Sprintzeal’s PMP training program is for you. It offers a blended learning delivery model that combines the convenience of a self-paced online training with the personal motivation of live virtual classroom instruction. Furthermore, it provides access to practical projects and the 24x7 customer service of 24/7 ensures great learning experience and full support.Expert teaching assistants with industry experience offer in-depth insights and complete guidance throughout the training. Our PMP boot camp training in Phoenix AZ is curated by experts to help aspirants prepare for and pass the PMP exam in one go. 

PMP® Exam Prep Boot Camp Key Features 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • 4 Day Expert-led Classroom Training for PMP Certification in Phoenix. We are a ATP (Authorized Training Partner) of PMI.
  • Get PMI-PMBoK® 7th Edition Hard Copy Guide with Sprintzeal PMP Training in Phoenix
  • Get 1 Year E-learning Access to High-Quality Audio-Video Lectures
  • 1000+ Mock Exam Prep Questions

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PMP certification scope and the job market in Phoenix

The PMP certification helps you gain better career opportunities. Where the chances to get a good salary also increases.
According to the PMI salary survey held in Phoenix, PMP Certification holders earn 23% more than non-certified professionals.
The demand for project managers is high in Phoenix. As an internationally recognized certification industries look forward to candidates with better skills. You could use this opportunity and grab the certification and can gain credibility.

Mode Of Training

Phoenix AZ

Live Online Training

$ 875 $1312

  • Get 35 Contact Hours PMP training certificate from Sprintzeal and apply for the Exam.
  • Application Assistance and 1-year Live Support Post-Certification Training in Phoenix.
  • The PMP® delivers value far into your project management career in Phoenix so it’s worth the time, money, and investment.   
  • Best Price Guaranteed in the Training Industry. Trained Over 26000+ Delegates Globally.
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Classroom Training

$ 1977 $2965

  • Earn the 35 Contact Hours training certificate from Sprintzeal (ATP ID - 4719) to apply for Exam.
  • PMP Exam Application Assistance and 1-year Live Support Post Training in Phoenix.
  • The PMP® delivers value far into your project management career in Phoenix so it’s worth the time, money, and investment. 
  • Best Price in the Training Industry. We've Trained Over 26000+ Delegates Globally.
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Corporate Training

Customized to your team's needs

  • We can customise the training
  • Flexible pricing options
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support
  • We can deliver both In-Person or Live Online
  • Pay after the training completion
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PMP Certification Training in Phoenix Program Overview

PMP certification training program in Phoenix is offered by Sprintzeal an authorized training partner with Project Management Institute (PMI®) which is an internationally recognized certifying body for PMP certification. The PMP® training certification has multiple benefits, you can learn more about project management and development.

In the beautiful city of Phoenix, Sprintzeal offers high-quality online training classes, and interactive sessions for the professionals and beginners to have visibility about the course of study and understand the concepts in detail. The PMP® training sessions include 1000+ mock tests and you can have access to the video lectures from the experts to clear queries related to the concept. And clear the PMP® exam on the first attempt.

Altogether PMP certification helps the project professionals to learn better and enhance the skills that will benefit them to have good career opportunities.


Project Management Professional Certification Course Description

Project Management professionals are a high requirement in the industrial sector in Phoenix city. Professionals who want to learn and enhance their skills can take up this course.  PMP certification will help them grow and sustain in the job market for a long period.

PMP® certification course in Phoenix is offered by a governing body called PMI (Project Management Institute). Is from where our training materials are aligned to prep you with the latest exam edition of PMP i.e. the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) Guide.


PMP Certification Course Objectives

  •         Understanding the fundamentals of project management.
  •         Clear lead in concepts of PMP like project life cycle, its features, etc.
  •         Potential to build a project with the right planning and resources.
  •         Learning the concepts from the latest PMBOK®
  •         Risk Analysis and Time management
  •         Team Alignment
  •         Problem-solving and Communication

    •         Adds value to your resume, and helps you stand out among your peers
    •         Understanding the tools of project management and analyzing the resources to get better results.
    •         Helps you learn better and contributes to getting high payroll

  •         Project Manager – $114,990 annually
  •         Project scheduler- $124,550 annually
  •         Project Coordinator-$92,771 annually
  •         Marketing project manager - $148,712 annually

Participant Reviews

4.8 out of 5.0
3k Total number of Reviews 85.4%
Aggregate Review Score 77.1%
4.8 Star 92.4%
Course Completion Rate 70.1%



Hakima EL-GAMAH Jun 8th, 22

I participated to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training with Sprintzeal. The instructor, Swati Kondappali, is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experiences to share. The presentqtion is well structure and Swati took always the time to explain the techniques and tools with exemples through the full course. Thank you!

Bandar Al Jasser

Bandar Al Jasser May 3rd, 22

The facilitator, Ms. Noor Zohara was extremely helpful and made our life easy in registration any queries or information about the course. She is very organized, friendly and supportive of the applicants. The speaker Mr. Mohammad Al Rumaih, was knowledgeable, very nice, informative, skillful, highly professional and really made it real with real-life examples. We are feeling that we are confident enough to take the exams and start our own project management. There are some areas for improvement in the venue it’s relatively small, hot water is not available all the time for making hot beverages. Otherwise, everything was fine and thanks again. I will definitely repeat my experience with sprintzeal again and again.

Victor Cobile

Victor Cobile May 27th, 22

Mr. Biswa has been a very thorough instructor providing a very comprehensive training on Program Management. It has been a pleasure learning from him and look forward to taking more courses under Sprintzeal for related topics on Program Management. I will take what I have learned from him and Sprintzeal to my workplace and maybe apply some of the lessons in the area of Procurement Management. I feel also that I am maybe 60% percent ready to take the exam but will be close to 100% by the time I read more course materials and study for it. Thank you for the learning experience and look forward to learning some more.

Request More Information

Course Advisor

Trainer Ahmed

Trainer Ahmed

Launched over 20 releases in users support web and mobile application per year for Vodafone Germany, spread on 3 scrum teams with a total of 50 cross functional members in an agile environment. Coached team members focusing on Scrum values and agile principles to ensure that they reach their potential and maximize their contribution to the team by consistent individual progress and self-organization. Facilitated process enhancements in the scrum teams to improve delivery efficiency by applying changes deliberated and agreed with the offshore teams in focused workshops held quarterly. • Responsible for the People Operations department. • Managing the Acquisition function and moderating the massive expansion plans. • Managing the Development function and company’s internal and external polices & compliance. • Managing the Relations function and internal communications. Managing the Engagement function and enhancing employees’ motivation and wellbeing. • Managing the Training function and employees’ progression.

PMP Certification Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must have either of the below to apply for exam,

Secondary degree with 5 years/7500 hours of project management experience in the project management field


Bachelor's degree with 3 years/4500 hours of experience in the project management field 

In the past, PMI® had published 61% of 200 questions as the passing score for PMP exam. But now, PMI does not disclose the exact passing score or percentage for the PMP exam anymore. After the latest PMP Certification Exam update, the passing score for the PMP certification exam is different for every candidate. It is based on the difficulty level of questions. 

A candidate has three attempts to pass the PMP exam.  A candidate can take a re-exam thrice in the span of 12 months. Sprintzeal is the best PMP institute in Phoenix

For candidates with 4 year degree - 4,500 hours

For candidates with a secondary degree - 7,500 hours

For Every Candidate - 35 hours contact certificate (mandatory)

Exam pattern

The examination comprises 180 questions.

Duration of the exam is 230 minutes.

Break time - two 10 minute breaks

Exam type - A Combination of Multiple choice questions, Multiple responses, Matching, Hotspot and fill in the blanks

No negative marking.

It is advised to thoroughly understand the concepts mentioned in the PMI PMBOK 6 guide to score well in the exam

Leading and directing projects is a difficult yet highly significant task in project management. For this, project managers require impeccable skills and knowledge relating to the field which is the prime focus of this PMP training. Furthermore, a PMP certification in Phoenix signifies the competence of a project manager enabling him to be a trusted and skilled employee for handling important projects. 

The PMP® certification cost in Phoenix is 555 USD for non-PMI members. It is 405 USD for those who are members of PMI and the membership fee for PMI is 139 USD. 

Now let’s talk about the PMP Examination in Phoenix and discuss how one can crack it in one go,

Firstly, the Exam is conducted and evaluated based on the PMI specification. It focuses on testing the candidate in five domains of project management,

  • Introduction (Weightage - 13%)
  • Planning (Weightage - 24%)
  • Execution (Weightage - 31%)
  • Monitoring and control (Weightage - 25%)
  • Closing (Weightage - 7%)

It is a closed book exam and candidates are not allowed to carry or seek any reference while attending the exam. 

Talking about the exam pattern, it comprises of 200 multiple choice questions including the sample questions. Yes, the exam includes 25 sample questions which are not counted for the end score. 

However, one cannot know which among these 200 questions are sample questions as they are placed randomly throughout the question paper. The score is based on 175 questions.  

The important guide that is to refer to while preparing for the exam or undergoing PMP certification boot camp in Phoenix is PMBOK. The PMBOK Guide (aka Project Management Book of Knowledge) is a go-to for all the aspirants and it is currently in its six editions. 

Here are the requirements to appear for the Exam,

If holding a four-year degree,

  • Degree from the institute or university with graduation details including year and major.
  • At least 3 years of experience in the field of Project Management where 4,500 hours should be spent managing or directing the project. The experience in project management should be related to managing and directing the project. Plus, it shouldn’t be overlapping.
  • 35 hours of project management education.

If holding a secondary degree,

  • Degree from the university with the required details.
  • At least 7,500 hours of project managing and directing experience.
  • 35 hours of project management education.

Project Management Professional Exam Application Process

A quick step by step guide to the PMP application process in Phoenix

Step 1: Register for the PMP exam at

Step 2: Fill out the online application form and upload all the required documents

Step 3: Wait for approval from PMI. After confirmation of the application, you will be sent a payment link.

Step 4: Make the payment for completing the application process and prepare for the audit process.


The PMBOK - 7th edition guide is undoubtedly the best book for PMP exam preparation in Phoenix. Our PMP training syllabus is closely aligned with the latest edition of PMBOK and our trainers are well versed in all the concepts covered in the PMBOK guide.

The latest edition of the book used for PMP exam preparation in Phoenix is the PMBOK guide 7th edition. Our course is aligned with this latest edition of PMBOK.

  • PMP-certified professionals in Phoenix earn more than their non-certified peers in the project management field.
  • Enhanced knowledge in the field helps certified candidates perform better.
  • Recognition and promotion are some added advantages of getting PMP certified in Phoenix.

The PMP qualification criteria is that the candidates holding a four-year degree must have 3 years of experience and 4,500 hours of leading and directing projects. And candidates holding a secondary degree must have 5 years of project experience with 7,500 hours leading and directing projects.

You must meet one of the above two mentioned criteria. Besides this, to apply for the exam, you must have 35 contact hours certificate. PMP Training in Phoenix from Sprintzeal will make you eligible for this and you will receive the 35 contact hours from Sprintzeal.


To know about PMP exam centers in Phoenix for computer-based exam, you can reach us at Click Here and we’ll help you with all the details.

Below are the best practices for PMP exam preparation in Phoenix

Refer to PMBOK guide – Study from the latest edition

Join project management professional study groups in Phoenix – Share study material, gather notes from several resources to enhance practice sessions, and update your project knowledge.

Get PMP training guide PDF – learn in-depth about project methodology, and prepare for questions on scope management, risk management, and other essential topics

Understand Project Management glossary and study the handbook

Prepare for knowledge area questions. Our mock tests from PMP training in Phoenix are helpful and effective with over 10000+ practice test questions.

After completion of the PMP course in Phoenix, the candidate can apply for the PMP online exam and take the computer-based exam at their nearest center.

Enroll in our PMP training program in Phoenix to pass the exam on the first attempt.

We offer PMP training all across the globe and having trained 20000+ project professionals, our PMP training approach is the best. To find our classroom venue for PMP training in Phoenix, chat with us and we’ll help you with all the details.

To stay updated with the latest news about PMP certification and get valuable resources for free, visit Sprintzeal blog regularly and sign up for Sprintzeal Newsletter and have the updates delivered right to your inbox.

Project management is the process of doing a project by using various tools. It includes planning, organizing, and involving the various things required for doing the project. Read the Complete Guide to Project Management.

PMP certification in Phoenix is one of the highly prevalent qualifications for project managers all over the world. Recently a survey conducted by PWC states that companies with certified project managers in Phoenix have much better project success when compared to others.

Project management is very essential for all kinds of IT operations. Good project management is crucial for the success of an organization. Most of the top-performing companies in Phoenix are making it mandatory for project managers in Phoenix to have PMP Certification and hence getting PMP training is important.

Hiring certified professionals assure the company that the projects are dealt with in the best manner. PMP certification in Phoenix has gained a lot of popularity with the growing demand for the project management field.  It is a proven fact that professionals with PMP certification in Phoenix AZ can handle and deal with all the issues of a complex project. 

If you really want to climb up the ladder of your project management career in Phoenix, irrespective of whether you are a newbie or veteran in the field, PMP certification is worth perusing.

Even though you possess the best project skills, it is very important to have external validation and accreditation from renowned institutions.

Let’s take a look at top project certifications in Phoenix and other advanced project management certifications provided by PMI in Phoenix.

CAPM certification in Phoenix

PMP certification in Phoenix

PgMP Certification in Phoenix

PRINCE2 Certification in Phoenix


Other PMI accredited project management certifications in Phoenix:

PMI ACP Agile Certified Practitioner in Phoenix

PMI SP Scheduling Professional in Phoenix

PMI RMP Risk Management Professional in Phoenix

PMP is one of the most crucial project management certifications valued all across the globe. It is highly in demand among IT professionals and project managers in Phoenix. PMP is popularly known as a common language shared by project managers all over the globe.

Pursuing PMP certification in Phoenix helps in demonstrating the skills, competency, and education required to direct complex projects.

As per the survey done by PMI, there will be enormous opportunities in Phoenix for the practitioners of PMP courses in the coming years, this ensures a clear career path for people interested in project management.

Unlike other certifications, PMP certification does not focus on a particular domain, it is applicable in almost all sectors. Obtaining PMP certification in Phoenix provides a significant advantage to your career in your job role, salary, and many more.

PMP is one of the best project management certifications in Phoenix for senior project managers in all industries and sectors, project managers, assistant project managers, project executives, team leaders, team managers, and project engineers.

Since PMP is one of the best credentials, PMP certification has numerous requirements that a candidate is expected to fulfill to take up the exam.

Secondary degree (diploma, associate degree or any global equivalent)

The aspirant should have at least 5 years of experience in project management.

The aspirant should have 35 hours of education in project management.

7500 hours of experience is needed as a leader or director of any project.


The aspirant should hold a 4-year degree

Project experience for 4 years.

The aspirant should have 35 hours of education in project management.

4500 hours of experience is needed as a leader or director of any project.

The PMP project management certification exam fee would cost

Member of PMI- US $ 405

Non-member of PMI- US $ 555.

Membership for students: $32

Membership for working people: $132

PMP training cost may differ from institution to institution, you may have to pay application fees of US $10.

The participant is required to pay the exam fee on submission of their PMP exam application to PMI.

PDUs are professional development units used as measuring units by PMI, the certifying body to offer/renew PMP certification. Each unit signifies an hour spent learning or training in the project domain. Certification holders need to acquire 60 PDUs for the renewal of their PMP certificate. PDUs are necessary to maintain the PMP credential. 

Participants taking up Sprintzeal’s PMP training in Phoenix will receive the course completion certificate after finishing their training. To receive this certificate, candidates must 

1. Attend all PMP classes in Phoenix conducted in one batch

2. Score 60% or above in practice tests and mock exams conducted

3. Be a part of the hands-on project offered and receive a positive evaluation 

Once the candidate starts filling the application form, it cannot be canceled. In case you pause, the unfinished application will be saved and you will have 90 days to finish it before the application gets canceled. Candidates will receive reminder emails from PMI® on their unfinished applications.

The PMP exam by PMI is majorly conducted in CBT mode - center-based testing. On request, it also offers an option of paper-based testing (PBT). Candidates can request PBT if there are no test centers available in their location if the distance to the test center is 150kms or more if there are travel restrictions. 

Do You Have Questions ? We'll help you to grow your career and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

The PMP course in Phoenix is designed to help project managers — both new and experienced, enhance their skills and further their career. It offers an introduction to the basics of Project Management and its usage. Plus, the PMP training and PMP certification course in Phoenix gives an overview of concepts like process groups and project triangles.

PMP ® is an internationally recognized and valued certification offered by PMI (Project Management Institute) for project managers all over the globe. The value of PMP certification in Phoenix is immeasurable in today's market. 

PMP Certification is valid for three years. The candidate will need to have 60 professional development units (PDUs) to renew the certificate.

To familiarize you with the exam pattern, we conduct mock tests/practice tests. Although it isn’t mandatory, taking up the mock tests is highly recommended for getting better results in the final exam.

We do offer a demo class of our PMP exam prep course in Phoenix to the interested candidates. One can also download the Sprintzeal App to get a free trial which gives access to training videos for a course. If you wish to enhance your career in project management, get PMP certification in Phoenix right away. You can check out our demo PMP training video to get a better idea of the training process. 

When you complete the PMP exam prep course in Phoenix, you will receive a course completion certificate from Sprintzeal. However, Sprintzeal does not administer the PMP certification. But after you have passed that exam, you will receive the PMP certification from the prestigious PMI Institute.

Our online PMP Exam Prep training in Phoenix offers web-based training for over 100+ courses. These PMP online classes in Phoenix are conducted by a certified trainer with vast knowledge in the area and training experience. We provide high-quality PMP training videos that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at any time making training online easy. 

Most common mode of study among working project professionals in Phoenix is online PMP training. With access to PMP training videos of lectures from top trainers, getting PMP certified has become easy.

In our classroom mode of PMP training in Phoenix, professionals can take up the course by attending classes at our classroom testing centers the conventional way and learn. You can enroll in the upcoming batch of training in Phoenix and join our trainers. Professionals can take up this offline form of training and attend classes in groups.

Live virtual classroom training is a personalized form of PMP online training in Phoenix where the student and the trainer are live and in person, discussing concepts and doubts. This mode of Project Management Professional training in Phoenix is preferred by professionals who wish to remove minor issues that come with watching pre-recorded videos. Those who want the flexibility that classroom training fails to offer can opt for this.

PMI is the certifying body for PMP certification. PMI conducts audits to ensure the authenticity of applications received. It is a procedure that involves the inspection of important documents and other materials essential for earning the PMP certification. After reviewing the exam application, PMI will send an audit notification to the candidate via email. The candidate must submit all the required documents within 90 days. After the documents are submitted, the time required for the audit process to complete is 5-7 business days.

After submitting the exam application, candidates must schedule their exam within one year from the date of submission. For exam application, exam cost details and help with re-exam details, reach us at Click Here

Documentation requirements for PMI audit process:

  • Copy of the candidate’s diploma or global equivalent
  • Project experience document with signatures from candidate’s supervisor(s) or manager(s)
  • Copy of course completion certificate from the training institute. This includes 35 PDUs certificate offered by Sprintzeal.

Note - Audit forms are to be sent via post or courier to PMI’s official address with all documents placed in a single envelope. Candidates cannot send documents via email or fax.


PMI’s official address: Attn – Certification Audit

14 Campus Blvd

Newton Square, PA 19073-3299 USA

On completion of the PMP course in Phoenix, you will receive the course completion certificate from Sprintzeal. Trusted by millions, we are the industry leader in providing certification courses across the globe. To get full details for PMP training in Phoenix, you can send us a query and we'll help you out. 

Yes, the PMP certification provided by PMI and the PMP training from Sprintzeal is internationally recognized. All the courses are accredited by internationally recognized governing bodies like PMI, AXELOS, (ISC)2 and IASSC. 

Widely popular among working professionals, our PMP online training in Phoenix offers flexibility in learning methods.

With access to PMP training videos, completing the training and taking up the exam because easy and convenient. 

To get more information about the PMP exam prep boot camp program in Phoenix, You can get instant support on our live chat. Reach us on call 24/7 or request a call back to have your queries answered.

  • 35 PDUs for exam application
  • Free E-learning access to study from anywhere
  • Access to sample questions and mock tests that help solve exam questions easily
  • Access to important resources and updates
  • Practical explanations with real case scenarios
  • Trainers conduct quizzes to help you test your knowledge and look for areas to work on.

Project management certifications in Phoenix have undoubtedly become a major criterion for the job selection process and the certificate gained from Sprintzeal surely holds great value. It can certainly help one land a job provided the individual fulfills the other criteria set by the employer/interviewer too.

The chances of getting a job increases manifold on getting PMP certified in Phoenix. It surely acts as an add-on that gives you an edge over your competitors. However, since several other things are also taken into consideration by interviewers, we cannot give a 100% guarantee.

With over 126000+ professionals trained across the globe the success rate of Sprintzeal’s training programs is impressive with 99.6 %. For our PMP 2020 training program, we had an impressive rate of 98% working professional participants passing the exam in the first attempt. 

To get full details for PMP training in Phoenix, you can send us a query at Click Here and we'll help you out. 

Choose from 100+ courses that can enhance your career in Phoenix. We offer a wide range of courses in various fields like 

Project Management

Quality Management

IT Service Management

Agile Management

Business Management

Digital Marketing

IT Security, Cloud Computing and IT Security. 

You can find them all in one place on our all-courses page. 

In case of cancellation, participants can claim their refund. Candidates are eligible for a refund if the cancellation is made within 30 days of application. A refund of the application fee will be provided after the deduction of a US$100 processing fee.

In case the candidate doesn’t clear the audit process, he/she/they will get the refund on their fee after deduction of the administration fee of $100. The process will further be handled by the officials from the certification section and the next course of action will be suggested.

The applicant can reschedule their exam in case they cannot attend the exam on the scheduled date. If they wish to cancel their exam, they can do so until two days before the exam date. However, cancellation charges will apply. Cancellations after that, even on a day before the exam or the exam day, will lead to full charge.

Exam Cancellation Policy:

Applicants can cancel their exams only within 30 days. Cancellations after that will not be eligible for a refund. The date of the exam isn’t included in the 30 day period.

A cancellation fee of USD 70 will apply if the applicant chooses to cancel the exam within 30 days. This fee is charged by the test vendors as it helps them make up for the loss of seating reserved for the candidate.

In addition to that, candidates who make last-minute cancellations (after 30 days) will not be able to reschedule their exam and will have to pay a re-examination fee for their next exam booking.

Note – In case of cancellations caused due to personal emergencies, PMI will evaluate the situations on a case-by-case basis. Based on the evaluation, decisions about rescheduling and refunds will be made.

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