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Sprintzeal’s ISO/TS 22317 BIA Foundation Certification Training is all-rounded and covers the basics down to the guidelines of the ISO 22317 standard. This credential prepares one to evaluate the potential disruptions that may befall an organization and their impacts on its operations, processes, and resources. The BIA Foundation Training Program gets into the ISO 22317 framework, guiding participants on the identification of critical business functions, their dependencies, and potential vulnerabilities. Participants will learn the effective way of performing a BIA Foundation through a combination of theories, hands-on practice, and real-life case studies. With the knowledge, the result would be sound continuity plans and a more resilient organization. By knowing the BIA, one can then identify the requirements for business continuity requirements for stakeholders, set timeframes for recovery after disruptions, and determine essential steps for business restoration.

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Why should I get ISO 22317 BIA Foundation? What is the job scope and market for this?

Business Impact Analysis is a core skill for Business Continuity Management (BCM). The average business analyst salary in the USA is $92,742 per year or $44.59 per hour.
Stand out to employers with this certification, valuable in BCM-focused industries like finance, healthcare, and IT.  
Contribute to a more resilient organization that minimizes downtime and maintains operations during unforeseen events.

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Course Agenda

Course Agenda

Company Brochure

Company Brochure

Business Impact Analysis Foundation ISO 22317 Overview

Sprintzeal’s ISO/TS 22317 BIA Foundation Certification Training will enable the professional expert in you to develop a resilient BIA process for your organization. Our ISO 22317 BIA foundation course delivers an in-depth standard review for ISO 22317 and provides guidelines on how to set up and run a tailor-made BIA in line with your requirements.
This skill set will help understand the main business activities, place objectives for the time of recovery, and identify required resources for the quick restoration period. This knowledge avails huge benefits to the organization, pinpoints business continuity requirements, understands the needs of stakeholders, and operates within the legal and regulatory requirements.

Learning objectives
- Understand the foundations and components that go into a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) process.
- Be able to differentiate between ISO/TS 22317, ISO 22301, and other standards.
- Understand the methods, and techniques while performing a BIA process.
- Allow participants to understand the basis of ISO 22317 for the design, implementation, and sustained operation of an effective BIA.

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This  ISO 22317 BIA Foundation Program is designed for a variety of professionals, including:

-This course is ideal for those already working in BCM who want to deepen their expertise in Business Impact Analysis (BIA).

-This course is open to anyone interested in learning the core functionalities of BIA.

-If you're considering a career in BCM, this course provides a valuable foundation in BIA, a crucial aspect of the field.


Exam Details

The exam assesses your knowledge in three key areas:

Fundamentals of BIA: This section tests your understanding of core BIA concepts and principles.

BIA Tools and Techniques: You will be evaluated on your ability to utilize various tools and methodologies for conducting a BIA.

BIA in BCM Lifecycle: The exam explores how BIA Foundation integrates with the different stages of Business Continuity Management.


Completing the program grants a participation certificate with 14 CPD credits, and if you don't pass the initial exam, you can retake it at no cost within 12 months. More information on exam details and policies can be found on the Examination Rules and Policies page.



This ISO 22317 Business Impact Analysis Foundation course welcomes participants from all backgrounds. No prior experience is required!

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Although both ISO 22317 and ISO 22301 are constructed around the matter of business continuity, the scopes of the two are dissimilar. ISO 22301 is a very broad standard that gives the comprehensive framework of the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS). ISO 22317, on the other hand, is a companion standard that sets the requirements for the BIA process as most important within a BCMS.

Absolutely! The core feature within BIA Foundation is to identify potential threats and the impact that it is capable of creating in your organization. This directly translates to you having better risk management strategies in place, where you would be in a position to mitigate potential disruptions proactively.

An ISO 22317 BIA Foundation Certification does not only make you a competent professional in BIA; it also places you within the highly sought after business continuity market at present. To an employer, this will mean that you have the ability to improve the resilience and preparedness of any organization.

The ISO 22317 Foundation Course consists of practical exercises going beyond theory; you are most likely taken through scenarios where the BIA methodology is applied in real situations to assist you in identifying the critical functions, their recovery timeframes, and their resource needs.

Sprintzeal certificate Holder in ISO/TS 22317 Foundation is an internationally recognized credential. Earning this certification demonstrates your foundational understanding of BIA principles, regardless of location.

This ISO 22317 Foundation positions you well for various career paths in business continuity. You could pursue roles such as a Business Continuity Analyst, a BIA Specialist, or even a BCM Manager.

The PECB List of Exams and Examination Rules and Policies provide comprehensive information about the exam format, languages, passing scores, and other details.

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Yes, Sprintzeal is globally recognized and accredited.

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Yes, Sprintzeal does provide on-site training programs that are custom-designed to meet the requirements of your corporate team.

You can complete them online at your own pace, attend virtual classes by instructors, or even have them delivered on-site.

Participants normally have the opportunity to reschedule their classes in cases of conflicts. Please refer to the particular course that you have enrolled in for the rescheduling policies.

The ISO 22317 Business Impact Analysis Foundation Training program on Sprintzeal can be enrolled in from its official website. The website enables one to choose the course of interest, the mode of enrollment, and finally allows one to register online. You can even mail or contact us in case of course assistance.

Sprintzeal has dedicated itself to quality and achieving excellence in professional training and certification, and the commitment remains strong to make a leader recognized globally.

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