CBAP Certification Exam Preparation Guide 2024

CBAP Certification Exam Preparation Guide 2024


A CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) certification can boost a business analyst career and professionals stand out in the industry as business analysts. In today's competitive world, a certification functions as a stepping stone to the career heights that professionals aspire to. 

This article will explain all elements of CBAP certification exam preparation, as well as CBAP certification exam requirements and exam tips.

How to Prepare for CBAP Certification Exam?

Exam preparations don’t necessarily have to be stressful and time-consuming. If you want to have answers to all the pre-exam dilemmas, here are eight questions and answers you need to know before preparing for the CBAP Certification exam.


What is CBAP? Is it any different from the IIBA CBAP?

CBAP stands for Certified Business Analysis Professional. CBAP exam is designed for Business Analysts who have extensive experience in the same field. CBAP is also known as IIBA CBAP as it is accredited by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA).


The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification falls under the category of business analysis certifications that are provided by the CBAP IIBA. The IIBA CBAP Certification is recognized throughout the globe.

Business analytics has a huge scope and is rapidly growing in today’s world. Getting yourself certified or becoming a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) can fetch you many benefits. CBAP is the 3rd level certification from IIBA. A Certified Business Analysis Professional is said to be among the leaders or senior members of the BA community.


IIBA has a set of advantages for members. By purchasing an IIBA membership, one can gain access to the official IIBA suite of content, engagement opportunities, support, and a slight advantage in the CBAP exam fees for members.

The cost of an IIBA membership varies for different regions. India falls under Region 3 and it costs about $50 USD for an annual membership and an additional $5 USD for a one-time application.


CBAP certification is also known as IIBA CBAP certification, as it is accredited by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). The CBAP certification equips and helps prepare Business Analysis Professionals with the ability and key skills. CBAP certified individuals will have better mobility, attractiveness, employability, and procuring potential.


Around 150/200 hours of study are sufficient for CBAP certification. You can become a CBAP certified professional just by getting prepared under master mentors with a decent understanding of BABOK. To pass the CBAP exam, one must study the BABOK 2/3 times to better understand the concept and relationship.


CBAP Certification Exam Cost

CBAP Certification keeps varying every year.

CBAP certification costs /BABOK certification costs up to $325 for members and $450 for non-members, plus CBAP Exam application fees of $125 for both members and non-members.

CBAP recertification must be done after three years after the certification date. CBAP exam fees and CCBA exam fees are more or less the same.

CBAP Exam cost for recertification is $85 for IIBA members, and the CBAP Exam costs up to $120 for candidates who are not members of IIBA.


CBAP Certification Exam Requirements

The CBAP certification has certain CBAP requirements without which an individual cannot be certified. The CBAP certification is offered with a web-based and competency-based online CBAP exam that can be taken from anywhere at any time.

The only requirements are a computer with a webcam and microphone and a decent-speed internet connection. CBAP certification eligibility is as stated below.

  • The first and major requirement is to have a minimum of 7500 hours of BA work experience in the last 10 years.
  • At least 4 out of the 6 knowledge areas and a minimum of 900 hours of BABOK guide must be included in this experience.
  • In the last 4 years, a minimum of 35 hours of professional development must be completed.
  • Additionally, you need two references from a lifelong director, customer, or Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), and a marked IIBA® Code of Conduct.


CBAP Certification Exam Passing Score

The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) hasn't officially declared any off-limits. But as per previous records, it is seen that the average CBAP exam passing score is 500, i.e., 70% or more.

Therefore, it is important to set high targets and be able to score an average of 80%–90% in the mock preparation tests to make sure you clear the CBAP exam in one attempt.


CBAP  Certification Exam Preparation Tips


Here is the step-by-step approach to passing the CBAP exam:

how to prepare for CBAP certification exam-1

1) Make BABOK your bible for CBAP exam preparation

Business Analyst Book of Knowledge, commonly known as a BABOK, is a CBAP and CCBA-certified business analysis study guide that is easily available and accessible by googling business analyst study material (pdf).

No matter which CBAP study guide you go through, you will eventually have to end up with BABOK. The IIBA BABOK CBAP study guide is considered the Bible of business analysis.


2) Choose the right version and get familiar with the IIBA CBAP exam format

There are various CBAP certification study guides. According to the latest syllabus, the CBAP certification study guide version 3.0 and the BABOK guide version 3 are prescribed.

CBAP exam preparation is incomplete if a business analysis professional hasn’t gone through the BABOK at least three times. It is very important to study every bit of BABOK so that it would be easy to link with CBAP knowledge areas gained from other Business analysis study materials.

  • While reading the business analysis book of knowledge for the first time, one should try to understand the key concepts, make a note of key viewpoints, and build up their memory aids to recollect things.
  • While doing the second revision, understanding how to apply concepts and business analyst techniques should be a concern. A chapter-wise CBAP practice test would be helpful in figuring out the weaker areas.
  • The third revision should be taken up close to the CBAP certification exam. Exploring the weaker areas first would be a smart move. By doing so, one can have equal and proper knowledge of each area.

Other CBAP study guides that would be recommended are

  • BABOK Study Guide and CBAP Certification Guide
  • CCBA/CBAP Certified Business Analysis Study Guide



If studying by yourself is not your cup of tea, there is absolutely nothing to be worried about. There are various kinds of CBAP certification training available online as well as offline. By conducting proper research, you can even find free CBAP online training that provides training programs for business analyst online certifications.

By taking up CBAP online training, candidates can help themselves by watching recorded class videos to get a better understanding of the CBAP concepts and pass the CBAP exam. These online Business Analysis training and CBAP courses cover the entire syllabus important for the CBAP exam.

To ensure you pass the CBAP exam, the CBAP exam preparation training offered by Sprintzeal offers you access to CBAP practice tests at the end of these CBAP training courses.

Out of the various business analyst certifications, the business analysis course from Sprintzeal provides well-structured CBAP training from certified trainers with industry experience. They conduct business analyst certification online for candidates from all across the globe.

IIBA EEps are among the verified IIBA certification training providers. They have various branches, and it's up to you to choose a center near your stay or workplace to take up this CBAP training.

IIBA CBAP courses also provide FAQs on the official IIBA website, which could help you get an idea about the key important points.

4) CBAP certification exam preparation using the blueprint

One of the most important pieces of pre-exam information that one has to collect is about the CBAP exam pattern, format, or blueprint.

CBAP certification exam blueprint is as given below.

  • Requirement Analysis and Design Definition – 30%
  • Strategy Analysis – 10%
  • Requirement Lifecycle Management – 15%
  • Solution Evaluation – 14%
  • Business Analysis, Planning, and Monitoring – 14%
  • Lastly, elicitation and collaboration—12%

CBAP Certification Training



Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) is a qualification that approves and shows the business analytical abilities of a senior-level business professional.

On the off chance that you are a CBAP certified professional with 5+ long stretches of work experience, get this certification and lift your career to a great extent. Get IIBA approved training for CBAP from Sprintzeal by enrolling in our CBAP prep course.

To get full details about CBAP exam training, chat with our course expert or drop your query at Click Here, and our support team will reach you.

Explore other career-making courses offered by Sprintzeal and find the certification that benefits your career.

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