Growing Demand for Certified Professionals and the Importance of Certification

With the growing technology, employment opportunities are increasing and so are the expectations/requirements of the organizations from their employees. The technological changes demand special attention from the employee and keeping up with the trends has become an essential part of the job.

May it be an experienced employee working in a field for a decade or a newbie, today, upgrading your knowledge from time to time has become a basic requirement to have stability in a career. All in all, it is time to step up the game.

Firstly, certification benefits both experienced and new professionals since knowledge the basis of it. Without further ado, let us delve right into it!


Keeps you current:

The best way to maintain stability in your career is by staying abreast of the changing technology in your field. Getting certified is one sure way to stay ahead of your competition for it gives you an edge over others in terms of technical knowledge and skills.

Dream job: Yes, certification programs can sometimes be a ticket to your dream job. Education and technical knowledge are always a defining factor in the hiring process. According to a recent survey by Microsoft, it was found that 91% of managers consider certification as an important factor in their hiring process.

Promotions: Too often we see people competing for a promotion or a raise sticking to hard work hoping for their boss to recognize their efforts. It worked for many but that’s in the past now. Today, promotions or raises can’t be claimed merely with hard work, there are several other factors that come into consideration and certifications are one of them. Organizations value employees who are always upgrading their skills and are ready to learn about new trends.

Recognition: Other than monetary benefits, a certification can bring you recognition at your workplace. It helps you bask in compliments and appreciation from your coworkers for your ability and interest to learn new skills. It will gain you trust and recognition from the higher officials for all the efforts you put in. Many employers appreciate and encourage their employees to take up new courses or acquire a new skill because it enhances the overall development of the team.

Reasons why organizations prefer certified professionals over others:

• It’s an assurance that the candidate takes their career seriously and is always ready to learn new things.

• Shows the adaptability of a candidate for changing trends of technology and other aspects of the industry.

• Proves the credibility of the employee because knowledge of the expertise has a lot to do with the growth of the company.

• Hiring a certified individual will benefit the team since the knowledge and skills acquired will be shared or passed onto other employees, and it signifies motivation and growth.

Top 10 certifications in demand right now:

• PMP ( Project management professionals)

• MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional)

• MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainers)

• CAPM® Certified Associate Project Management

• Six Sigma Green Belt

• ITIL Foundation Training

• DevOps Implementation Boot Camp

• CBAP® Certified Business Analysis

• CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor

• VCP (VMware Certified Professional)

There are several other certifications that are growing in demand with respect to the industry and it is essential to do thorough research on them before zeroing on the one that suits your career goals the best.

In many cases, a valued certification will help you get hired instantly or give your career a jump from a low paying job to a high paying one but it all depends on the kind of certification or skill you choose to acquire. Not all certifications are created equally or are valued the same, some require experience to even apply for while others can be passed easily. So, once you are sure about the strength of the skill and its value in the market, it’ll get you definite results. In a nutshell, Certifications often act as a catalyst in your journey to attaining career goals and professional success.

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