Coronavirus Outbreak – Invest in your Career and Spend time Being Productive

Coronavirus Outbreak – Invest in your Career and Spend time Being Productive

Spending Time During Coronavirus Outbreak to Advance your Career

With airlines being halted, the economy facing a slowdown and millions being locked in their homes, the novel coronavirus has put the world to a standstill.

WHO has also declared Coronavirus aka COVID-19 as a pandemic.

The global image is haunting with deserted streets, closed offices and schools and cities becoming like ghost towns.

Though this virus has a life-threatening rate of nearly 2% it has seriously impacted our day to day activities.

During the outbreak of Coronavirus big tech firms like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Amazon have asked their employees to work from home.

Work from Home Culture amid Coronavirus and Productivity Tips

As a safety measure, there has been a surge in work from home culture.

Even the world leaders are communicating with each other through video conferencing like the SAARC’s meeting.

We have imagined that in the future, people will be able to work from home due to technological advancement but not due to threats.

It seems to be like a nightmare to adapt to work from home culture but as long as it ensures our safety, it is good.

Moreover, according to a report by FlexJobs 65% of the 7,000 surveyed employees said that they are more productive when at home.

Certainly, COVID-19 has paved the way for a workforce that works remotely.

Whether you are working or not, the self-quarantine is another propelling issue.

So, how to be productive during isolation?

Let's check.

What Productive Things you Can do During the Coronavirus Crisis?

You are confined to your home.

You can't even hang out with friends.

So, this is the right time to acquire all useful professional skills that were earlier difficult to make time for considering your hectic schedules and busy lifestyle.

Coronavirus may disappear in the future, but the hours you spend being unproductive due to this will affect your future. Especially after the market reopens and predictions of lay-offs running around on the web.

The coronavirus is changing large-organization technology culture, practice and infrastructure faster than any event or phenomenon ever.

Therefore the employees need to cope up with these changes and seek ways to make most of this crisis.

For example, some schools have shifted to online medium to connect with their students and continuing the learning during this pandemic.

Similarly, employees can also continue their learning process.

It will be beneficial if you learn a new skill during this crisis. Learning a skill will not only help you in boosting your productivity but will also deviate your mind from this threat.

Post this crisis, the companies will change their strategies and this is where your newly learned skill comes to action.

Now the question is what skill should be learned and how to validate it?

The IT industry has shifted its work culture. This means it is affected by the outbreak.

So, it would be great if you get new skills related to this field and get it authenticated through professional certification.

Most Productive ACTION in Quarantine: Get a Professional Certification

Let others binge-watch their Netflix shows, you focus on being productive.

Like every cloud has a silver lining, coronavirus has given you ample of free hours.

You can utilize them by getting a professional certification so that when the world comes back to normal and the market stabilizes, your certification proves to be an asset for you and your employer.

Hiring will be affected by post coronavirus stops.

Due to crisis and losses, only skilled employees will be hired. That’s a given.

Hence, with a professional certification, you will have an edge over others.

For instance, according to Glassdoor, data plays a crucial role during this epidemic so the position of data analyst will rise. Similarly, there’ll be many such job opportunities in every domain.

For instance, if you are in the data or cloud computing domain you can consider getting professional certifications in Big Data Certification or DevOps Certification.

You don't have to visit any training centers or sit in the classroom to get professional training and certifications.

Everything is just a click away.

What Do We Have to Offer? – Live Online Training Customized to Your Learning Needs

Sprintzeal is a platform where you can learn through live online training medium and make effective use of your time during the quarantine.

With everyone’s life coming to a standstill, we don't want the long term goals of employees to be hampered.

To support this, we at Sprintzeal offer authorized online training for various professional certifications. For personalized course-specific live online training led by an expert trainer, you can chat with our course expert and get instant information. 

Most of the wise employees are making the best use of their quarantine hours by learning and preparing for professional certifications.

With professional certification, you'll be prepared for a changing world.

Here are the Benefits of Live Online Training

According to a survey by Times Higher Education, 63 % of the prestigious universities will be offering degrees virtually by 2030.

Our Live Online Training offers you below mentioned benefits,

• To take a class from any location

• You get one to one session with Industry Expert trainer

• You can take up free demo classes before enrolling.

• It is cost-effective.

• It is flexible.

• In live online training, you have access to online support.

This is how live online training helps you in climbing up the organizational ladder.

For more information, reach out to us at Click Here or chat with our course expert 

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