Certifications that Pay Well in 2022

Certifications that Pay Well in 2022

List of Best Certifications that Pay Well in 2022

In the field of Information Technology (IT), certifications are given high importance. Get trained and certified in your area of interest. Become a working professional and have a good start in your career.

It is reported by CompTIA study that 91% of employers believe IT certifications play a key role in the hiring process for the suitable employee.

Importance of Certifications

Let’s understand the key aspects of certifications with the following,

• Wide range of employment opportunities

Nowadays, competition is high for almost every job. So being certified will help in showcasing that you have better knowledge in your domain.

For example, two candidates are applying for the same job. Let’s say both are well-versed and knowledgable in their fields but one among the two is a certified candidate. For this candidate, the chances of getting the job are high.

• Retain your Job

Certifications for working professionals help in job retention. As the present economic environment of business is unstable, employees find new ways to cut costs.

Hence, the chances to lose a job will is high. In such cases, a certification could help you enhance your skill and secure your job. This also shows your dedication to your work.

• Progress in Career

Taking up a course and getting certified will help you grow in your job. As an individual when you want to grow in the field of the corporate world, you should enhance your skills and knowledge.

Getting certified and enhancing your skills and learning new technologies will help you in advancing your career.

• Show Uniqueness

Keeping up with new technologies and analyzing the source will help your profession. Being updated and giving out unique content will always help you stand out.

• Build professional Credibility

Credibility is an important factor that is expected from a beginner in IT or any business field. When one gets certified subsequently by a specific pedlar (marketer) instant credibility is shown. So being skilled can take you far in developing your career.

Get career-ready with top certifications - learn from experts.

Let us take a look at the top online certificate programs that pay well,

List of Best IT certifications in 2022

IT certifications can help you validate your skills and teach you how to use them in a specific domain. Organizations have their own set of preferences. So let’s take a look at the top IT certifications that pay well in 2022.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The AWS-certified cloud practitioner is a quick certification that pays well. The cloud practitioner certification exam is designed for those who have basic skills and knowledge about AWS services and AWS architecture.

To qualify for this certification one should have,

  • Six months of experience with AWS cloud in any role (technical, managerial, sales, purchasing, or financial).
  • Basic knowledge of IT services and their uses in AWS cloud.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate

The AWS solution Architect is a short-term certification program that pays well and it is one of the most in-demand IT certifications. This certification will teach you essential skills on AWS. Once you understand the domains then you have to take up an AWS certified solutions architect- associate exam. This exam assesses your ability,

• To demonstrate knowledge about AWS technologies.

• Define a solution using the architectural design principles of AWS.

• Implementation based on best practices.

AWS Certification Training Solution Architect

Read in detail about top AWS Certifications.

Certified Information Security Manager(CISM)

CISM is offered by Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). CISM is designed for information security managers, IT auditors, and IT consultants. It is also helpful for those who support information security program management.

This certification exam pattern is in MCQ format. It includes,

• Information security governance

• Development and Management of program

• Risk management

• Event management

Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

CCSP is a global certification by ISACA. That represents high standards of cloud security expertise. This certification demonstrates your knowledge to design, manage, secure data, applications, and infrastructure in the cloud.

Exam pattern for CISM is in MCQ format that includes below-mentioned topics,

• Cloud concepts, architecture, and design.

• Cloud Data Security.

• Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security.

• Cloud Security Operations.

• Legal, Risk, and Compliance.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional(CISSP)

CISSP is a high-demand cyber security certification that pays well. This certification familiarizes you with best industry practices in the information security system domain.

Exam pattern contains eight domains,

• Security and risk management.

• Asset Security.

• Security architecture and Engineering.

• Communication and Network Security.

• Security Assessment and Testing.

• Security Operations.

• Identify and access management.

• Software Development Security.

Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer(CDPSE)

CDPSE is also offered by ISACA, designed to demonstrate the skills you have to navigate the increase in data privacy and security.

Take up a little quiz and test your knowledge. Free CDPSE Quiz practice by ISACA.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

EC-council offers certified ethical hackers certification. This demonstrates your ability to build a defense in your computer system to prevent hacking issues.

The exam pattern for CEH is MCQ and it tests your knowledge in,

• Information Security Threats.

• Attack Vectors.

• Attack Detection.

• Attack Prevention.

• Procedures and Methodologies.

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert(CCIE)

CCIE is a certification offered by Cisco. It is an expert-level certification given in specialty areas, including enterprise infrastructure, wireless, data center, security, service provider, and collaboration.

CCIE exam pattern involves MCQ questions. Lab exam duration for CCIE is 8 hours (One day).

Cisco Certified Network Professional(CCNP)

CCNP is the next step after CCNA certification by Cisco. With CCNP you can expertise in the fields of the data center, service provider, collaboration, CyberOps, or DevNet.

CCNP exam contains MCQs and fill-in-the-blank type of questions. CCNP contains two exams, one the core exam of CCNP and the second one enterprise concentration exam of their choice.        

CompTIA ( A+, Cloud+, Security+)

The Computing Technology Industry Association CompTIA is an American association. The organization issues professional certifications for the IT industry. And it is considered to be the top trade association in IT.

CompTIA contains various certifications for beginners and professionals. They are as follows,

• CompTIA Project+


• CompTIA Linux+

• CompTIA IT Fundamentals+

• CompTIA CySA+

Now let’s talk about the top three certifications in 2022 from CompTIA, 

CompTIA  A+

CompTIA A+ is an entry-level tech certification that pays well. It covers the foundation of hardware, technical support specialist, desktop support administrator, and end-user computing technician in the certification program.

CompTIA Cloud+

Cloud+ is a global certification that pays well and validates the skills needed for managing IT security. This is helpful for a cloud environment that supports the high availability of business systems and data.

Exam pattern of CompTIA cloud + is in MCQ format, where it covers

• Information security within the cloud.

• Cloud services

• Cloud delivery models and services.

• Object storage concept

• Virtualization

• Infrastructure

• Resource Management

• Business Continuity in Cloud.

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA security+ is easy certification to get online that pays well. The study of security+ validates standard skills that you need to perform. Like core security functions to go after for a successful IT security Career.

Format for Security+ includes MCQs and performance-based items to test your problem-solving ability.

It covers the topics from,

• Threats attacks and susceptibility.

• Identify and Access Management.

• Tools and technology.

• Risk management.

• Cryptography and Public-key Infrastructure (PKI).

• Architecture and Design.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundation

An ITIL Foundation certificate is a great way to get ahead and improve the chances to get a better job.

ITIL is a framework designed for the people of the IT industry like executives, architects, IT audit managers, and operation managers.

ITIL conducts a qualification scheme, for you to get selected. The exam format will be multiple-choice questions, and concepts for you to cover for the ITIL exam will be agile DevOps and lean management.

ITIL offers numerous certifications to the IT industry. So that from beginners to IT professionals can make use of it and have a great outcome to their career.

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project management institute provides business certifications that pay well, among one is PMP certification. PMP certification covers the fundamentals of project management. Where the certification includes five main stages of a project life cycle - initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing.

To get certified in PMP you need 3-4 years of experience in project management as it is a career certification that pays well.

PMP exam pattern involves MCQs that extensively cover the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) ® guide.

Learn in detail about the PMP course and certification through Sprintzeal.

PMP Certification

Salary Information of Certifications that Pay Well

The above mentioned certifications pay well in terms of profession. Let us know the salary range for the certification you might be interested in,

Top Reasons to Get Certified

Learning is a never-ending phase in life. Continuing education and certification programs are good investments for time and resources we have. Certifications provide recognition for your knowledge and skills that will help in your career.

In what way would certification benefit? Let us know in detail,

• Competitive advantage: “Certifications help you stand out from the crowd” meaning if you are a trained and certified individual you will have more knowledge to analyze and understand your job. Opportunities become less if you are no different. Being a certified beginner or an experienced professional, you will have the advantage to showcase your skills. This boosts your chances of getting a new job or getting promoted.

• Certification Options

The IT industry provides plenty of certification opportunities where professionals with certifications can get good pay. For entry-level candidates, there are easy certifications to get online that pay well. As beginners, it becomes important to learn and analyze things. Hence, being certified in the field of your choice will be beneficial.

• Confidence Booster

Your confidence boosts when you have great knowledge and you understand things better compared to others. Certifications will help you boost your confidence and will help you get better career opportunities.

• Job opportunities

Being creative and having extra skills is what attracts hiring managers. If you are trained and you have a certificate, you have proof to tell them you have what it takes for the job. This brings things in your favor. Opportunities need to be created with efforts and getting certified is the best way to do that.

Increase your earning potential

Professional certifications frequently result in hikes and better career opportunities. Certifications pay well when an individual puts effort into learning. There are 1-year certification programs that pay well after you finish the exam. This can ensure you start your career the right way.

• Widen your knowledge and skills

When you are a professional, it becomes important to adapt yourselves to new technological trends. Work efficiency is needed to get better outcomes and lead to a good position at work. So improving your skills and knowledge in your domain is essential.

• Credibility

The benefit of IT certification is that it brings credibility. Certifications show the skills and ability in your area of expertise. This helps in justifying your role and maintaining the professional credibility that is needed to succeed in your career.


Altogether, we learned that certifications help to build a better career. It creates an opportunity to grow professionally and achieve goals. In the end, it all comes down to how we can get better in our field and make a successful career.

Sprintzeal offers a wide range of professional certifications that help in career advancement. To know more about good-paying certifications, chat with our course experts.

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