Top 5 Professional Career Courses to Consider after Graduation

By Imran Syed

Last updated on Jan 5 2021

Top 5 Professional Career Courses to Consider after Graduation

Trending Professional Career Certifications to Opt for after Graduation


There are over 35000 affiliated colleges and 700 universities in India, which enroll around 20,000 students or even more annually. When any batch qualifies for the higher secondary examination with stellar results, they look forward to achieving the right designation. It can also be said that finding the right designation is the first objective which candidates desire to fulfill after completing their higher secondary education.


Struggling to get the right designation after complete higher secondary education is very normal. Many individuals already have certain goals which they really try hard to achieve. Individuals need proper guidance and knowledge of what would benefit them the most and the right choice for their careers.


With the changing times, a graduation degree is not considered that important these days. There is no specialty in holding a graduate degree. At times, candidates have to go through numerous post-graduation courses to get the right designation. The candidates have found post-graduation as an opportunity to rise in their career and enhance it in great ways. All the candidates need to find good professional courses after completing their graduation. The individuals can access numerous benefits from the professional courses. The following can prepare individuals for their designations, which they desire to achieve.


There are numerous courses that the individuals can go for to pivot their degree. These courses allow the candidates to get an opportunity to be a new career or to dive into the preferred fields of the individuals. The following courses also help the candidates gain good exposure with the employers or recruiters in organizations and provide access to the candidates regarding better scopes and high salary. The professional courses also incorporate a host of assignments that are industry related. The following courses also allow the individuals to practical scenarios and provide understanding regarding dealing with situations by using professional skills. The candidates also need to know what benefits they will get from the professional courses.


The following article will provide the candidates with an idea regarding professional courses after graduation and their benefits.


PMP Certification


PMP is the acronym of Project Management professional. The following is one of the finest certifications for candidates who want to build a career in project management. The following certification enhances the candidates' career to a great extent and provides a new shape to the career of the candidates. The certification of PMP can be considered as the finest certification in the field of project management. The Project Management Professional credential checks the ability of the candidates in effective project management. Though the following is not the only certification in the project management field, the following denotes numerous candidates' experience and expertise in the following field.


The individuals who wish to choose PMP as a career get introduced to various tools and technologies of Project Management. The certification of PMP also provides a major helping hand to the individuals in project management. The individuals engaged in the PMP field learn to manage the project timelines, but they also learn about making the best use of resources. The individuals engaged in the following also get an understanding of maintaining the expenses of a project. The following is essential because it is essential for the candidates to know everything about the project. After all, having proper knowledge can help the candidates prosper in their own field. The following also proves to be essential for the candidates to boost their career in project management.


The certification of a Project Management professional is offered to the individuals after qualifying for the certification exam. The candidates appearing in the certification exam of PMP have to practice very hard to qualify for the following certification exam because it is not easy to qualify. The candidates also gain a lot of expertise and experience while practicing for the exam because the certification requires the candidates to show both their theoretical and practical knowledge to qualify for the exam. There are many training courses which the candidates can choose from to gain proper knowledge regarding the following. These training courses provide both theoretical and practical knowledge to the candidates regarding project management.


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The demand for PMP in modern-day organizations and industries is never-ending. This is the reason due to which numerous individuals go for the PMP certification. The following credential also adds immense value to the career of the candidates. The candidates get worldwide recognition due to the following certification. Organizations worldwide are widely adopting PMP practices because it is the best certification of the project management field, and it can also give a new shape to the businesses. The certification of Project Management Professional provides skills to individuals in various fields. The candidates achieving the following certification can build their career in finance, Information Technology, Healthcare, manufacturing, and many more project management fields.


M.Sc or PGDM in Business Analytics


The demand for the following certification will never end easily. Due to this reason, numerous individuals are going for the following certification. The certification of M.Sc or PGDM provides a profitable amount of salary to the individuals. Numerous companies over the world are recruiting candidates based on the following credential. Business Analytics is a concept or a process that joins both business and data analytics on a huge set of data. The following is done to collect insights that focus on building business planning in the future, along with business strategies. Numerous candidates seem to be benefiting from the following credential.


PGDM or M.Sc in Business Analytics is a special branch of business analysis that uses exploration as a tool for analyzing current data and further collecting insights for building strategy and implementation of business objectives that are meant for the future. The main objective of Business Analytics is to optimize the processes and raise revenue by saving operational expenses. Doing the following makes customer relations better, and the following also predicts the business trends that are to come in the future. The following also helps in building proper strategic business ideas. Due to this reason, the following certifications prove to be very beneficial for the individuals as well as the organization.


The PGDM or M.Sc are certain certifications that individuals can acquire from any business school. For instance, the following certifications are given to the candidates from institutions like IIM Kolkata, IIT Kharagpur, ISI Kolkata, INSOFE, Manipal ProLearn, and many more. The certification courses take complete care of the individuals' knowledge and provide all they can to enhance the knowledge of the individuals. Masters in Business Analytics offers proper understanding and training to the aspirants to develop certain expertise in them regarding business plans and strategies for the future based on correct analytics of the present data.


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The best part about the PGDM and M.Sc in Business Analytics is that the following is taught to the candidates by skilled mentors who have the proper experience. These mentors are exceptionally skilled and clear all the individuals' crucial doubts regarding any issue in their studies. The duration of this professional course is around 1-3 months. The skilled mentors guiding the students are interactive and help the individuals in all aspects. In India, the candidates require a STEM background to become eligible for this professional training. The candidates can also take the training based on a graduate degree from any university. The course fees for this professional training course varies depending on the course. In India, the cost of taking this professional training course ranges from 1,20,000 INR to 8,00,000 INR. There are over 35000 affiliated colleges and 700 universities, which enroll around 20,000 students or even more annually. When any batch qualifies for the higher secondary examination with stellar results, they look forward to achieving the right designation. It can also be said that finding the right designation is the first objective which candidates desire to fulfill after completing their higher secondary education.


The candidates engaged in the following field get numerous opportunities. These candidates' main role is to fulfill the gap between management and Information Technology of any company. The following work is done through the use of analytics tools. These days, numerous companies have uncountable data with them. This ensures that the demand for business analytics won’t end easily, and the candidates can access profitable career paths through this. 


Masters in Data Science


Master’s in Data Science is one of the best certifications which the candidates can pursue after completing their graduation. The demand for Data Science is gradually observed to be increasing. Many large-scale and small-scale organizations these days are looking for candidates who have completed Masters in Data Science. This is because these candidates are believed to have more knowledge and experience in Data Science than other candidates. As the following provides profitable jobs to candidates, the following has earned the “sexiest job in the 21st century”. The following has got the name which it deserves. This is because 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced regularly. If a professional can organize the following data to provide business solutions, he is considered a hero.


A McKinsey Global Institute study also agrees that by 2018, the entire world will face a shortage of around 190,000 skilled professionals who have deep analytical expertise. When the Big Data wave shows no signs or signals of slowing its pace, there is a rush among all the organizations worldwide for hiring Data Scientists to tame their business-critical Big Data. A lot of candidates are attracted to the following certification after knowing its benefits. The following certifications are offered to individuals by many Data Science institutions. For instance, in India, the following certification is offered to the candidates by institutions like IIM Kolkata, IIT Kharagpur, Praxis Gurgaon, ISI Kolkata, IIM Bangalore, and many more.

The individuals have to fulfill certain eligibility criteria to achieve the Master's certification in Data Science. The main requirement that the candidates need to fulfill is to have a Bachelor’s degree from any college or university. The fee for the following certification depends on the courses which the candidates take. The fees of different courses also vary according to the institutions. The course fee of the following certification ranges from 50,000 INR to 600,000 INR. The candidates who achieve jobs based on the following credential get a profitable salary in any organization. After going for the following certification, the individuals will also get to earn many new things.


However, apart from all these, there are many other benefits which the candidates can access the following credential. The individuals get introduced to many job opportunities after achieving a Masters's in Data Science. The estimated average salary of a candidate in the post of Data Scientist is 622,162 INR. On average, the estimated number of jobs available for Data Scientists in India is approximately around 97,000. The individuals who go for the following credential can access profitable jobs like Data Architects, Data Scientists, Data Administrators, Data Analysts, Business Intelligence Manager, and many more. Several organizations show self-interest in recruiting candidates for their own development.


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For more awareness about data science, you can explore DASCA



Chartered Financial Analyst


Chartered Financial Analyst's course is something that proves to be very beneficial for the individuals who gradually incline towards the field of finance over STEM. The candidates can find Chartered Financial Analyst as a credible course to go for. The term “Chartered” sounds relatable to commerce. Chartered Accounting was a term related to commerce, and only the individuals having a commerce background were allowed to go for it. Chartered Financial Analyst's course has gradually taken a hike for becoming the top choice because of the worldwide and comprehensive curriculum of the following. The following certification opens doors for the candidates to achieve a wide variety of profitable job opportunities in different fields.


The demand for Chartered Financial Analyst is increasing rapidly. Due to the following reason, several candidates are approaching the following credential. The credential of Chartered Financial Analyst is receiving tough competition due to its rising demands. Looking forward to this, several companies are adopting this practice and recruiting individuals based on the following certification. With the rising need for the job in organizations, organizations provide large varieties of jobs based on this certification. The candidates are provided with courses that can help them gain a lot of knowledge regarding the following certification. These courses prepare the individuals for any designation they aspire for in the following field.


The following certification course emphasizes practical and theoretical concepts of portfolio management, financial modeling, and other investment-related fields. The following is divided into 3 different levels. Level 1 of the following credential emphasizes introducing many things such as equity, alternatives, fixed income, and many more. Apart from the following, this level provides individuals with an overview of detailed learning tools and technologies such as Financial reporting and analysis, economics, Quants, and many more. Level 2 of the following credential allows individuals to get deeper into the valuation of assets such as equity, derivatives, fixed income, and financial analysis. Level 3, or the Chartered Financial Analyst's final level, emphasizes perspectives that change the assets and Wealth Planning portfolio management.


The candidates have to fulfill certain eligibility criteria to become eligible for the Chartered Financial Analyst's certification course. The first criteria that the candidate needs to fulfill are having an international passport and a Bachelor’s degree. The individuals need to have professional work experience of around 4 years. The individuals are required to be in the final year of the bachelor’s degree program. The main eligibility criteria that the individuals need to fulfill are that they are required to have a combination of work and a college provided the experience of 4 years or more. Mainly, the candidates need to clear all three levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst certification course. The Chartered Financial Analyst course's fee varies according to the choice of the candidates and the institution.


Certification in Digital Marketing


These days, everything operates online, and due to this reason, billboards have come into use. Due to this reason, flyers and billboards are widely used tools of the present day. This is because the marketing tools and technologies have moved out of fashion for a long time. Modern businesses are now looking forward to raising and maintaining brand awareness by using digital mediums. Due to this, the demand for the following is rapidly increasing. As per numerous surveys conducted, digital marketing industries contribute a lot to the employment sector. In the year 2017, the industry witnessed more than around 1.5 lakh Digital Marketing related jobs. The same figure evolved to more than 2.8 lakhs job availability in the year 2018.

By the year 2020, numerous brands will build or plan to build a solid online presence, which would provide more power to the Digital Market. Doing the following is also necessary. A digital marketing course is a short-term certification program. The following can also be considered as a full-time degree. The following certification program will make the individuals habituated with anything and everything important for the subject. The following course is very beneficial for the candidates who go for the following. Looking forward to the rising demand for Digital Marketing, many large-scale and small-scale organizations these days are adopting the following practice to better their organization.


Due to the rising demand for the following certification, numerous candidates are looking forward to doing the following certification. The following certification also ensures high-paying jobs for the candidates. Numerous organizations are willing to pay high-paying jobs to individuals. The candidates come across numerous job opportunities after doing the following certification. The candidates learn numerous new things from the following certification as Search engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and many more such things. The candidates also need to know about the course and the job opportunities the course provides.


There are certain eligibility criteria which the following certification holds. The following course also requires the candidates to meet certain eligibility criteria. The candidates are required to hold a Bachelor’s degree to apply for this certification course. The following criteria are a must which all the candidates need to fulfill. Fulfilling the following eligibility criteria makes the candidates ready to apply for the following certification course. Some other criteria are not so essential for the candidates to fulfill. The candidates will also know the course duration and get acquainted with the following when deciding to pursue the following. Knowing the course duration will help the candidates prepare for the following and provide them enough time to get ready for the following course and the concepts of the following certification.


The following certification course takes complete care of the understanding of the candidates. The course duration differs according to the course the individuals take. The time of the course also differs based on the institution. The course duration of the following differs from 4 months to 2 years and provides a full-fledged degree. The candidates get numerous job opportunities after completing the following certification course. The numerous designations which the candidates can achieve are Content marketer or content manager, Market Research Analyst, Digital Marketing Consultant, SEO Manager, Email Marketer, PPC Search Manager, and many more.


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Graduation is the biggest stone to jump over in a career. This actually makes any candidate eligible for professional certifications and jobs in the field of their choice. The professional courses after graduation help people earn more than the desired amount of salary. Education is a really contagious thing. The more people start getting inclined towards it, the more they want to pursue it further. So, earning professional experience actually matters.  

The candidates can go for numerous courses after the competition of their graduation. Listed above are some of the trending professional courses after completing their graduation. These courses help people get more salary and professional experience. After having a professional certification, any candidate can aim for some other job that is better than that achieved only after graduation. The candidates get numerous job opportunities after completing the following certification course. The numerous designations which the candidates can achieve are Content marketer or content manager, Market Research Analyst, Digital Marketing Consultant, SEO Manager, Email Marketer, PPC Search Manager, and many more.


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