IT Skills in Demand 2024

IT Skills in Demand 2024

Top 10 IT Skills in Demand for 2024

We are living in a world where technology is changing at a high speed, every day there is a new innovation, in this age of advanced information technology, it has become very essential for the people working in the IT industry to update and enhance their IT skills, in order to cope with the constantly updating technology and to maintain the competency.

Most advanced countries are investing in the IT sector due to its core competency and strengths. In 2019 India witnessed a growth of US $ 177 billion (6.1%) and it is estimated that there will be an enhanced growth in the size of the industry by 2025. India’s IT sector also has seen significant growth of US $181 billion.

All these statistics clearly show that there is massive growth in the IT sector in the future for project management. And the same goes with the Forbes list of top-paying IT certifications

When you ask about the best skills to have in IT or which is the most robust and sought-after sector in India, the common answer will be IT. They are the best skills to have on the resume. Plus, the accessibility of IT products worldwide has increased the demand for the IT sector substantially over the years.

In this article, we will discuss the top IT skills in demand.

Lists of the IT Skills in High Demand

Here is the list of IT skills List that is in high demand:

1) Cyber Security Skills

Security is a major concern for any company, this emphasis on organizational safety has led to an upswing in the number of jobs in Cyber security. Almost all companies are adopting security in order to make their data and other confidential information accessible only by authorized users. Best Cyber Security Certifications for IT security:



- COBIT 5 Foundation

CISSP: Certified Information System Security Professional is one of the top certifications which help IT professionals in enhancing their IT technical skills, CISSP certified professionals are hired for different job roles such as IT security engineers, Senior IT security consultants, Information assurance analysts, and many more.

Explore CISSP Certification Training

CISA: Certified Information System auditor is one of the best certifications for gaining IT technical skills. CISA professionals acquire the most demanding tech IT technical skills in 2024, which is very much required to stay competitive in the market.

Explore CISA Certification Training

COBIT 5 Foundation: It is another certification course on the list of top IT certifications. This course is best suited for professionals to learn advanced IT technical skills. The candidates aspiring to build their careers in the IT sector can get this certification if they have Experience and knowledge of services providing firms in IT technical skill sectors.

Explore COBIT 5 Foundation Training

2) Cloud Computing Skills

Cloud Computing has become a game-changer in the IT industry. Today companies are moving from on-premise infrastructure to the Cloud computing approach, and the requirement for cloud computing professionals with the best IT technical skills has gone up drastically. 

Cloud Computing is basically services like Database, storage, analytics, and much more, made accessible through the internet. Every organization irrespective of size and nature makes use of cloud computing for varied uses.

The ed-Tech survey report reveals that the companies are investing 4.5 times the rate of conventional IT infrastructure, and India is expected to have more than 1 million Cloud computing professionals by 2024. So acquiring IT technical skills in demand is a prudent step to be taken by professionals to build their careers.

Sprintzeal has a wide variety of cloud computing certification courses provided in cloud computing such as AWS Solution Architect, AWS Developer associate, and AWS SysOps associate these certifications equip with IT technical skills and IT management skills.

Cloud computing has also opened new channels for other technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Data analytics, project management, and many more. Having excellent IT technical skills may enhance the opportunity to bag a job in cloud computing.

Amazon Web Services: AWS Certification assists learners with building credibility and certainty by approving their cloud computing expertise with an industry-perceived qualification.

AWS Developer associate: This certification is focused on individuals who perform a development role with IT technical skills, in many areas. AWS SysOps associate: This certificate provides IT management skills and IT technical skills training for professional system administrators and other professionals.

Here are the most popular AWS certifications,

AWS Solution Architect Certification

AWS Developer Associate Certification

AWS SysOps Associate Certification

3) AI/Machine Learning Skills

Today every organization is striving to optimize its business by automating the operations with machine learning and AI. This has increased the demand for professionals with excellent IT technical skills. According to CNBC, AI is expected to create more than 2.3 million jobs by 2024.

Having command over good IT support skills will throw ample opportunities in the future, in the IT sector. Sprintzeal offers a certification course on artificial intelligence which will help you to be industry-ready with top IT job skills required through its curriculum. As an AI or ML engineer, you can land a job in big corporate companies.

Get AI - Artificial Intelligence Training and Certification

4) Project Management Skills

Project management skills are not only restricted to a particular industry or sector, it is utilized in all sectors and companies. Whether you are already into project management or want to switch to another career then project management is the best option in either case, because Project Management is one of the highly prevalent qualifications in recent days.

Statistics say that the industry is expected to grow by $6.1 trillion creating more than 15 million new Project Management job opportunities by 2024.

Sprintzeal provides project management courses to equip you with the best IT management skills,

PMP Certification Training

PRINCE2® Foundation Practitioner

CAPM® Certified Associate Project Management

CAPM: Certified Associate in Project management, is one of the best beginner’s certifications in project management.

PRINCE2: Projects IN Controlled Environments is mainly in IT projects, a tailored method for the project management of all kinds of projects.

Prince 2 foundation is an entry-level certification that equips the aspirants with basic project management techniques, IT management skills, and their application. Whereas, Prince 2 Practitioner is an advanced level certification of project management.

PMP: PMP certification is a globally accepted certification that builds professional's marketability and legitimizes their abilities as IT professionals for better project management. These certifications equip you with the necessary project management education and IT management skills to leverage your aptitude.

5) Programming Skills

Programming has always been a vital part of the IT industry and will continue to be in the future also. If you want to be a developer or any other prudent IT professional or if you want to advance in your career in programming you need to have the knowledge of programming language.

This means you need to start acquiring the necessary IT programming skills and software skills in demand that help you to widen your career path and make yourself more of an asset to companies.

Today business organizations are adopting agile development methodologies; any company can achieve success only if it combines its soft technical skills such as marketing and communication with hard technical skills like programming, hence acquiring the required skills for IT jobs will definitely help you to maintain an edge in the market.

Any technology is in demand if you are good at it. Apart from the usual ability of program design companies to expect more solid work, this can be achieved only through constant knowledge acquisition and persistence.

Being certified in any programming language you can maintain the competency and snag a salary up to $118,000. The following are some of the recommended certifications in programming Python, Java, Swift, c#, C++, and Ruby.

Learn Java, get training and certification

6) Data Management and Analytic Skills

As more businesses become data-driven, the importance of Data management and Analytics has become the requirement of the day. Though business analytics are not new and have been in the market for decades, recent developments in the fields of Big data technology, and data science have led data management to gain more popularity.

IDC estimates that by the year 2025 more than 163 zeta bytes (ZB) of data will be created and replicated in the world, these statistics show that we need to be ready for the future.

Every advancement comes with some implications which can be dealt with only with discreet IT technical skills. In today’s data-driven business IT job skills such as data management are very essential. The top certifications that help you gain the top IT tech skills are DGSP (Data Governance and Stewardship Professional), and CDMP (Certified Data Management Professional).

DGSP: Data Governance and Stewardship Professional is a multi-tiered credential.

CMPD: Certified Data Management Professional is another best data management certification provided by The Data Management Association International (DAMA) that assists the data professional to specialize in the data management process, project management, IT compliance, business intelligence, and other required IT job skills. This certification has two levels, practitioner and master.

Get Big Data Training and Certification Online

7) Virtualization IT Skills

Technology is evolving at a rapid speed and organizations need to have the scalability to remain competent in the market. Virtualization is one of the happening technologies in the market. This kind of emerging technology will certainly act as a catalyst for the future. It is a known fact that virtualization is one of the most widely adopted technologies all around the world.

This technology will surely empower the companies to achieve their objectives at a greater speed and improve quality. Virtualization is certainly the future of technology.

A survey report by Spiceworks reveals that more than 95% of organizations will be using virtualization in most of their operations by 2024. Virtualization also helps in enhancing the agility of the company’s process. Virtualization is not only seen in one sector or for a particular use.

Virtualization can be used by organizations in numerous ways like storage virtualization, data virtualization, application virtualization, network virtualization, and many more. All these categories of virtualization have an adoption rate of more than 43%.

Though the trend of virtualization started in early 2010, many factors like growth in cloud computing, data management, etc. influenced the growth in the graph of virtualization. There are many certification courses in different categories of virtualization.

8) DevOps Skills 

We are presently living in a time where most tech organizations have either embraced or are in the period of receiving and incorporating DevOps standards, and this has cleared the route for DevOps Engineers to be productive and intriguing.

DevOps has gained enormous fame in the last few years by empowering organizations to accomplish scale. There is an exponential increase in the demand for DevOps experts with the best IT technical skills in the present IT market.

DevOps is a tech wonder which helps in combining technical expertise with operational skills and IT support skills to deliver the best, DevOps are a very supportive instrument and approach which makes the business more effective.

DevOps IT tech skills offer a platform and stretched-out help to finish the project efficiently. These IT skills help in setting up next-level collaboration and communication among the organizations and programming specialists and software service providers to perform efficiently.

Get DevOps Training and Certification

DevOps equips you with the best IT skills and the most ideal approaches to decrease the number of errors and setbacks that you face during a software or application development project.

DevOps ultimately focus on faster production mechanisms. Some of the DevOps IT support skills that are in most demand are Linux fundamental and scripting, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, continuous integration, and so on. These were some of the DevOps IT tech skills companies are looking for. 

9) IoT (Internet of Things) Skills

Today more than one-third of the companies are using the Internet of things. Adopting the IoT will optimize the processes and operations of an organization. This is one of the very essential IT technical skills that the professionals in the It sector should have. These IT skills are not confined to a particular area.

The professionals who want to build a career in the IT field should certainly pay attention to these IT support skills because from retail to management and from health care to finance IoT has expanded its economic scope. New advanced technology concepts are directly influencing the growth of IoT.

Having Knowledge of IoT and basic IT skills will help you make you adaptable or flexible to work in any sector because such skills are needed everywhere. When you have the skills to amalgamate the IT agile skills with other agile technologies then you will have ample job opportunities in the market. These skills for IT jobs can be imparted learned through various certification courses and IT skills training.

Some of the top certification courses in IoT are AWS, Cisco, IoT professional program, etc. At Sprintzeal, we provide courses that impart these most demanding tech skills in 2024, through its curriculum.

10) Agile Management Skills

Agile is the new buzzword that is creating a trend in almost every sector. As the name itself suggests Agile is the methodology or one of the best skills to have in IT which helps us to operate and adopt more quickly and easily.

It is a nitty-gritty arrangement that can be utilized by companies to work more effectively at a high speed without compromising on the quality of the work.

IT agile skills are also one among the list of Top 10 IT skills that are in demand in 2024. These are the basic skills that you need to have if you want to maintain the edge over others in the market because the competition today has increased.

The number of professionals with the best IT management skills is also increasing. Though mere academic certification does not serve the purpose these certifications will give you external validation from accredited institutions which helps you obtain a job in the IT sector easily.


The above mentioned are some of the Top 10 IT skills in demand for 2024, you indeed would have had your sights on one or more IT support and management skills.

One needs to be updated and have the skills that are in demand to survive in the market because technology today is growing at a rapid speed and candidates should showcase the skills needed for IT jobs.

These are the most demanding tech skills in 2024 which would help you to get the high-paying jobs that you always dreamt of. It would be wise to get training and certifications for these skills.

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