Top Angular Interview Questions and Answers 2024

Top Angular Interview Questions and Answers 2024

Top Angular Interview Questions and Answers In 2024

Angular is a software engineering platform that is open-source in nature. The technology helps in building an efficient user interface. It provides the platform and the framework which can build client applications using a medium like HTML and even TypeScript.

The client applications that Angular creates are of a single-page type. The normal writing method for Angular is TypeScript. The platform is behind the implementation of the core functionality as well as the optional ones.

The implementation takes place as a pile of TypeScript libraries that can be imported into the apps. Angular application takes up a particular architecture. This architecture is dependent on a particular set of fundamental and basic concepts.

The primary building block of the particular Angular framework in context is its components. All these components constitute the NgModules. The NgModules provide the facility of collection of related codes and formulation of these codes into functional and adaptive sets.

The set of NgModules defines the Angular app. It is basic for any application to have in the minimum a root module which can help in bootstrapping. The application should also have a good number of feature modules.

We have curated lists of top angular questions in this article that will help your interview questions in angular.

If you want to learn about angular questions, get a good brush up into angular before heading for interviews.

About Angular Software

The components in this context define a view that is present as a set of different screen elements. These elements are available for Angular to choose from and modify these particular chosen elements, keeping in view the data and program logics.

The components particularly use various services. The services give a chance to specific and various functionalities which are not related to the views directly.

The service providers find their place in the components in the form of competencies that help in making the code modulating, reusable and effective as well as efficient. 

The classes like modules, services and different components use the decorators. The decorators are responsible for providing the metadata that instructs Angular on the ways that define their usage.

The metadata in accordance with the component class is responsible for associating that component with the template, which can define a view. The template plays the role of combining an ordinary HTML with different Angular directives as well as binding the markup.

This gives an Angular chance to modify a particular HTML prior to rendering it for a certain display purpose. The metadata that is responsible for the service class works towards providing the essential information that Angular requires.

The Angular need this information to provide it to the components via a process called dependency injection. 

The components of the application normally define various views which are arranged in a hierarchical manner.

The router service is a part of Angular function which provides scope for navigating different path among the various defined views. The router gives the feature of in-browser navigating possibility with sophistication.

Is Angular Easy?

Many times a question comes to the minds of the people that if the Angular is easy to learn or not. But the answer to this question completely depends on the fact that the aspiring person has some knowledge about the JavaScript or not.

The basic knowledge about JavaScript is very important to learn and understand the concepts of Angular. If there is no prior knowledge, then learning Angular can become a hectic task to do. 

Why is Angular Software Used?

The use of Angular can be seen in the development of various webs, mobile and other desktop applications. It is of great benefit when the topic of building various applications comes in mind.

Angular works as an application developer using the Typescript, which is popular defines the superset of the JavaScript in view. The codes present in the form of Typescript can be commuted as JavaScript, therefore, rendering it to the browser.

Angular is the most popular and efficient framework available for the development of different application in consideration. There are a number of versions of Angular. The versions are Angular 1 or Angular JS, Angular 2, Angular 4 and so on.

Learning Angular In-Depth

The popularity of the Angular framework keeps on increasing day after day. In this case, it is really important for the individual interested in this field to prepare thoroughly to keep a pace with the developing industry.

There are many individuals who are aspiring to be Angular developers or professionals. The competition keeps rising day after day. Many associations are in search for the best candidates who can develop the web applications when required.

The individuals can learn about Angular in different possible ways,


Preparing with the help of tutorials – There are a great number of medium available for providing the best tutorial for Angular learning. These tutorials are of great help when it comes to preparing for the exams.

The individuals can get their concept clear by studying properly and preparing well for different certification examinations. The tutorials create a step by step guiding structure to enhance the skills of the individuals.


Different forums and study groups – There are many groups and communities who discuss the topic and share their experiences with the other members of the group. This gives scope for learning the concepts with their practical application.

Many question and answer sites like Quora are also available for individuals to gather information about the subject. There are experts present in different platforms to clear out the queries relating to the subject and the industry in context. 


Various practice test and full-length mock tests – A great number of websites provide full-length mock test and practice series, which helps in a better understanding of the topic in particular.

These test papers can help the individuals to have an idea about the different questions that they have to face for various certification examinations. This also gives them an insight into time management. 



About Certification Bodies 

There are various certification bodies that provide valuable certification course for aspiring individuals. One of India’s largest and the best certification bodies are the Vskills.

It offers more than three hundreds of courses of various major and minor domains. The certification course of Angular developer is also a part of this body.

They provide training about all the necessary skills that a person will require becoming an efficient and successful Angular professional. The demand for this certification can be seen in many situations and among different companies. 

Sprintzeal is a training organization that provides this particular certification course. They have an online training facility, which makes it easy for individuals to learn in their comfortable environment. This ensures that the candidates get proper training and all sorts of facilities required for their effective garnering of skills and knowledge, and efficient application of these acquired skills in various scenarios. 

Getting a job as an Angular developer is not as easy as it seems. It requires a great amount of effort and knowledge about the subject concerned. The individuals who have the fundamental and complete knowledge about Angular get the opportunity to excel their career in this field.

The aspiring individuals face various Angular interview questions through which the employer judges the candidates’ intellect. The Angular interview questions consist of different angular questions taking into consideration all the theories and their practical applications.

These Angular interview questions are set by employers who require their potential employees to be perfect with their work and knowledge. Hence, the interview questions in angular can be a random questionnaire within the subject.

We have accompanied sets of angular questions below vital for interview preparation. The reason most of the candidates fail at the first attempt is lacking to go through the common interview questions in angular. Strategic preparation and confidence are totally key to winning over any interview.

These are top Angular questions and answers which you can look at for better understanding of the subject; you can also take a look at Advanced Angular Interview Questions as well:



Angular Interview Questions and Answers – Set 1

To get a good grasp of the entire framework, the interview questions in angular to face might seems endless. But, here is the trick! It’s always a wise move to start with basic angular questions.

Here are the basic Angular Interview Questions and Answers,


1) What do you mean by Angular?

Angular states the open-source framework of the web application. The framework is TypeScript based, and Google maintains as well as manages it.

The framework is even developed by Google itself. Angular is famous for offering the most powerful and efficient way of developing front end applications that are completely web-based.

The framework manages the integration of numerous features such as declarative templates, dependency injections and a lot more to count. These features set the ground for facilitating the development of web applications.


2) Why is the Angular framework inclined on the client-side?

Back in the time, there were many frameworks like jQuery and VanillaJS, which allowed the developers to create dynamic websites. But with time the websites have inculcated a large number of features and various functionalities.

This becomes quite a task for the developers who are in charge of maintaining the code. Along with this situation, jQuery does not provide any provision in relation to the data handling facility meant across the view.

To all these situations, Angular comes to the rescue as it solves the problem and provides the platform for the developers to divide the complex code into smaller fragments. These fragments are named the Components of the Angular.

The reason for Angular being a client-side platform is that it gives permission to develop advanced web applications much faster than what VanillaJS used to do. The advanced web applications are like SPAs.


3) State the different features of the Angular framework. 

Angular has many features and proves to be an ideal framework. The features of Angular framework are as follows:

- Angular gives the option for creating an accessible application with the help of components enabled by ARIA which are built on a unique infrastructure, present along with developer guide. 

- Angular also helps in supporting the interface tools in the command line. These particular tools work for adding different components, create testing, many instant deployments and a lot more. 

- It also gives scope for creating very complex and difficult animation timelines using many little codes. It gives a chance for high performance by using its intuitive API.

- The framework can also build an efficient as well as powerful desktop. It can also create a progressive web application which is native in nature.

Angular also supports the building of various mobile applications. It uses the capabilities of various modern web platforms to create high performing, and progressive web applications have an offline facility. 

- Angular is well known for converting different templates to create codes that are highly optimized. 

- The Angular applications have a component router which makes it possible for the applications to load very quickly. The component router provides a facility of splitting the code automatically as a result of which the code required by the user is loaded to render the views.   

- It has famous code editors along with IDEs which makes various possible operations like code completion and error detection.


4) Mention the different advantages associated with the Angular framework in comparison to other frameworks available. 

Angular provides the features which are out of the box. Its uniqueness provides great benefits. There is the alignment of various important built-in features on one platform so that no individual has to search it differently.

It also uses HTML which helps in rendering the user interface of a particular application in the form a declarative language. This method makes it easier for individuals to use than in the case of JavaScript.

Google is very certain when it comes to sticking with Angular for long term purpose. It is even interested in developing its ecosystem, providing long term help and support to the Angular framework. 


5) Is it possible to make a particular Angular application which can render service on the server-side of the application?

Yes, it is possible to do the above mentioned with the help of Angular universal. This technology makes it possible for the Angular to render the various services on the server-side.

The Angular universal provides certain benefits like proving great experience to the users, allowing them the capability to view the app instantly.

It also ensures that the required content is present on different individual search engines which give scope for a great SEO. The browsers get access to the render pages soon as a result of which the server-side of the application loads very fast.

Angular Interview Questions and Answers – Set 2

This section of angular questions relates to more technical and practical. A candidate will have to logically determine the angular questions, answering in the most precise way as possible.

To tackling responses in the most elaborative way, one must familiarize with the interview questions in angular and have coding knowledge.

Let’s take a look at some technical Angular Interview Questions and Answers,


1) What do you mean by dependency injection?

The dependency injections create the core concept responsible for Angular. It is a design pattern of applications that is formulated by the Angular.

These dependencies are the services having various functionalities. The other components, as well as the directives that are present in the application, sometimes require these particular functionalities.

Angular makes the mechanism of injecting the dependencies into various components and directives smooth.


2) What do you understand by MVVM architecture? Explain in brief. 

The MVVM architecture is responsible for removing the tight coupling present between the various components.

The architecture has three parts nameless, model, view and ViewModel. The children can have the references present in the observables rather than their parents in the case of this architecture. 

The first part is the Model. It handles the representation of different data present and the business that concerns the logic of the application.

It is known to contain the entire structure of the particular entity. The business logic present in the model consists of different data sources, repositories, and different model classes. 

The second part of the architecture is the View. It consists of the user interface code ad is the visual layer of the particular application in context.

It sends the user action to the third part, i.e., the ViewModel. The ViewModel does not give a direct response after getting the user action. The view has to subscribe to the set of observables in order to get the response that the ViewModel sends to it. 

The last and final part is the ViewModel. It proves to be the abstract layer of the complete application which bridges the gap between the view and the business logic or the model.

It does not have a direct connection with the view and has no idea about the view using it. The data binding connects both these parts, so when change happens between these two parts, it results in the change in the data that is present in the model.

One of the frequent interview questions in angular that should not be skipped.


3) What do you mean by Ahead-Of-Time or AOT compilation?

There are certain components and different templates in the Angular application, which is difficult for the browser to understand.

So, the compilation of these Angular applications becomes quite necessary for running these applications in different browsers. The above-mentioned compiler takes up the data in JS code and then compiles it to produce some other JS code.

This method defines the AOD compilation which occurs once in case of every occasion for an individual user. The Angular provides access to two different types of compilations, namely, the Just-In-Time compilation and the Ahead-Of-Time compilation.


 4) State the various advantages of the AOT compilation. 

- This compilation provides an opportunity for fast rendering of the application. The compilation of the application takes place before the app gets inside the browser.

The browser rende4r the executable code immediately after the compilation of the application. 

- The compiler works with the HTML and the CSS files associated with the application. This promotes the elimination of the AJAX requests to a great extent for these particular source files. 

- The compiler makes it proportionately easy to detect and handle the errors amidst the building phase. 

- The AOT compiler does its work by adding the HTML and other templates inside the JS files which gives a chance to put no extra HTML files that can be read.

This process takes place before the application is made to run in the browser that it is present in. The compiler, in turn, proves great security to the application by doing its designated work and turns out to be a great advantage.


5) How can you explain the various services in Angular?

The services are the singleton objects present in the Angular. These services get instantiated just once in the complete lifetime of the application in view.

There are methods present in the Angular services which make the maintenance of the data possible throughout the lifespan of the application. The primary nature of the service includes the organization and the sharing of different business logic as well as models with the components of the Angular application. 

Any Angular component can invoke the function that the Angular service offers.


Angular Interview Questions and Answers – Set 3

Most of the interview questions in angular are validated by expert professionals, it evaluates candidates' level of intellectual fit for their organization. The angular questions below discuss beginner to advanced level interview questions in angular.

Let’s take a look at some descriptive Angular Interview Questions and Answers,


1) What are the common advantages that one can get by using Angular?

The Angular contains the ability to add the custom directive. It provides extraordinary community help and support. It also works towards facilitating the client and the server communication for better understanding.

The Angular consists of various strong features like animation and even more to count. It has an MVVM pattern of architecture. Angular even supports the static and the Angular template. It facilitates data binding in a two-way manner.


2) What are the disadvantages linked to Angular?

The presence of complex SPAs may create some sort of inconvenience, and their use can lag because of their size.

The various dynamic applications present in Angular may not always perform well with efficiency.

The skills associated with Angular take up a good amount of time and great effort to learn and understand. It may seem difficult to some, and not having complete and detailed knowledge about the topic can create chaos. 

These top Angular interview questions and answers are a part of the ocean of various possible Angular interview questions. These are the most common Angular interview questions which can perfectly signify the complete interview procedure and justify the topic concerned.

Here ends the list of Angular Interview Questions and Answers. We hope you found it helpful.

Getting prepared with the best Angular interview questions and answers gives the aspiring candidates a boost in their confidence that they can get through the interview process effectively.



Life gives us many opportunities. It is us who have to identify these opportunities and pace up to climb the ladder of success. Hard work never fails anyone, nothing is impossible.

Gathering essential knowledge and skills depends on the interest of the individual. Once a person garners the everlasting knowledge, the path leading towards success becomes clear of many hideous obstacles.

Angular provides a great platform for every individual who is even remotely interested in the subject area. One can never have enough of anything. The more knowledge we garner, the more we get close to being perfect without skills.

With various preparations and certifications, preparing Angular interview questions can be of great benefit. The Angular interview questions give a brief idea about the situation that an individual will face with angular questions during the interview.

The Angular interview questions and answers mentioned will make the individual prepared for the interview situation overhead. Angular can provide a life-changing opportunity.

It is certainly wise to grab the chance and get prepared to face the world of temporary obstacles before enjoying the sweetness of success.

Learning new things never go out of fashion. It always proves to be in favour of the person taking a risk.

For best training and certification courses, you can reach us at Click Here or chat with our course expert. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your career, you can explore all courses offered by us and request for a trial.


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