Sprintzeal's App And Web Learning System Is Taking Professional Training Experience To New Level

With a vision to make learning easy, comfortable and effective, Sprintzeal has launched its new Android app that’s proven to be revolutionary in the professional/employee training industry. 

The app provides access to plenty of courses at a subscription fee of just $5 per month. From sales, marketing, project management and IT to agile management, big data and quality management, it covers almost every field and offers courses for professionals from various niches. 

The courses are published online and made available for the users through LMS (Learning Management System). We use a variety of learning techniques like audios, videos, study material, discussions and student engagement to make learning a better experience. We understand the importance and concepts of conventional learning methods like classroom learning and focus on making it an intricate part of our teaching program. No matter how rapidly the world develops, people (learners, to be precise) always remember their roots, which is why we make sure they experience classroom study right at the comfort of their home. Our trainers offer quality education by paying undivided attention to the candidates and are highly cooperative.

Let us look at some of the perks of enrolling for a certification course with Sprintzeal,

• Accessibility

• Better understanding and information retention rate

• Exposure to a variety

• Learning at your own pace

• Access to latest videos

• Exposure to advanced topics and concepts

• Access to many certification courses at just $5

• 10 days free trial with the freedom to cancel the subscription any time you want

• Access to well-structured mock test papers to help evaluate your credibility and learning

• More convenience and elimination of time constraints as you can log in to the app and learn any time


With a myriad of courses and easy learning options at the disposal, employees are sure to thrive and gain new skills effectively. If you are wondering how the app works, here’s a brief explanation of it,

In order to enroll for a course, you will need to sign up for the app. On entering details like name, mobile number and email address, you’ll need to set a password. Card details are also required to ensure the authenticity of the user and the details are safe and secure with us. Once done with the sign-up procedure you’ll officially be able to access all the courses available on the app. A free 10-day trial will be offered where you can access all the courses. However, in order to access mock test papers available on the app, the user will need to upgrade i.e., will start their subscription of $5 a month cost. Every 30 days the cost will be automatically deducted from the user's account and in case one no longer wishes to use the platform, they have the freedom to cancel the subscription any time they want. This will ensure that the user won’t be charged further. The candidate will be able to access the bunch of courses from anywhere and log in at any time.

In case of course completion, one can take up another course or decide to end the session as cancellation at any point is possible. Coming to the learning part, candidates can begin learning and continue to learn at their own pace. We have highly qualified trainers who cater to your needs and offer quality education.

To learn more about us and the courses we offer,

Check out our LMS website

Leave us feedback or reach out to us in case of queries, we’d be happy to hear from you!



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