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Top 7 trending technology skills to watch out in 2018 - Sprintzeal

Top 7 trending technology skills to watch out in 2018

May, 30th 18

In the coming five years, the opportunities in the technical field are expected to increase by 12%. With such exponential growth in the tech jobs, hiring committees may be open to hiring the right candidates with skills required for the job and it’s time we make the most of it. Also, landing a job in great companies with impressive paychecks and work culture is not an easy task, these organizations demand skills. Having proper knowledge about the requirements of such jobs is the first step to grabbing them. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the most trending skills in demand this year,

Artificial Intelligence


AI is undoubtedly the freshest and unconventional field of technology trending right now which makes it top the list of best skills to acquire.  From chatbots on various websites to virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana and Google do it, the world is raving about this technology.


A background in computer science and having a good understanding of concepts in automation, basic and high-level programming languages is all you need to get started. Involvement in projects related to Artificial Intelligence would be an added benefit.


The salary in the field of AI is expected to be in the range of $300K - $500K considering the individual is a specialist in the field with a certification or degree with great knowledge.


Augmented reality


As demand is only increasing from here, this is a great skill to own. It is speeding up the design processes rapidly giving huge profits to various companies. This is one of the fields with the brightest future and it is a great skill to work on.


Not to forget, the immense hype of augmented reality in the gaming world. Also, the demand for augmented reality headsets is expected to grow up to 68 million units by 2022, according to the recent forecast by International Data Corporation.


Knowledge of CS and 3D modeling are required for this field. Nevertheless, these may vary based on the product being built.


The expected salary in AR varies from $85K - $120 depending upon the designation like designer and developer.


Data scientist


This is the job for people who are great problem solvers with exceptional observation skills. Recognizing an issue from the huge amount of data available and solving it efficiently to bring best results is the task. With data growing rapidly, companies are in dire need of data scientists. Correlating things and mapping out the best path to transition needs innovative skills.


A strong foundation in computer science, application development, modeling, statistics, math, and analytics are required.


The average salary of a data scientist is $120K. The salary varies with the job role, like those in managerial positions tend to earn more than the ones in the entry level.


 App development


With rising smartphone users in the world, mobile app development is a skill that never goes out of style. Many companies have a huge amount of requirements in development field which makes this one of the safest yet interesting skill.


The prerequisite for this would be computer programming languages; like Objective C for iPhone, Java for Android and C++ or visual basics for Windows. Nevertheless, one needs to stay updated with the changes in technology.


The annual salary of an individual in this field is expected to be around $110K. Also, the package varies with the position of an employee since development field offers a variety of opportunities.

Cyber security


This is one of the most profitable skills one can learn. It is high in demand and also falls under the category of most paid jobs due to its specialty and complexity. Plus, organizations are very selective in their hiring process since safety is one of the prime concerns in every firm.


To excel in this field, one should have a strong interest in the work they do. Staying abreast of trending technology and having a firm grip on basics is a must.


The salary of a cyber-security professional is found to be three times the average salary and is about $116K per annum.

On-demand software/SaaS


Creating products/software to meet the technology needs of a client and maintaining good business relationships is the base here. This is one of the most common business ideas that has helped people make millions and is sure to stay on the trending list for a really long time.


Since the idea here is to deliver quality software to people/client over the internet, one needs to have a thorough knowledge of application development and ways of the internet. Having great communication, relationship building and organizing skills will be an added benefit.


The average salary for an employee in SaaS is found to be $118K.

 Machine learning


Machine learning is one of the most exciting skills to learn in the field of innovation. A rise of 60% is expected in jobs relating to machine learning which makes it a great pick for people looking to start a career in the tech field.


The prerequisites for this are proficiency in programming languages like Python, MATLAB and basic knowledge of calculus, algebra, probability, and statistics.


There was a 10 times increase observed in job postings on LinkedIn in the past 5 years,


And the average salary in this field is $135K.


 Apart from these, there are various other technologies like UX/UI design, Data visualization, 3D printing that have experienced rapid growth in the past few years and are expected to make a huge impact in the world of technology. Any of these technical skills with the proper application will pave a smooth road for the growth of your career. But, in the end, it’s very essential to consider your interests and capability before deciding to pick up any of these skills.


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