Guide to Becoming a Salesforce Developer

Guide to Becoming a Salesforce Developer

Ultimate Guide to be a Salesforce Developer in 2022

Are you looking for a job that pays you very high? If yes, then pursue skills to become a salesforce developer in 2022. wondering how and what it is? If yes, then read on to know more about salesforce development.

Before diving into the details of how to become a salesforce developer, let's first start with knowing the basic info of what a salesforce developer does and what makes him one of the highest-paid IT employees in this digital world.

Who is a Salesforce Developer? - Job Role and Importance

Salesforce Developers, also known as the SFDC developers, owe a multitude of responsibilities in accomplishing any IT project. As the name suggests, they are well versed with the salesforce platform, but they are just not limited to the deep expertise of the platform alone. They might be heavily involved in other areas like Salesforce customization, configuration, and building custom apps for salesforce.

Below is a little light on the roles and responsibilities of a salesforce developer.

The Workflow of a Salesforce Developer

• A salesforce developer is responsible for analysing user needs and strategising the workflow of sign, test, and development software modules that match customer expectations.

• Create an effective project plan to carry on hassle-free definition, development, deployment processes.

• They are responsible for doing thorough market research and thus suggest to the customers all the updates related to their existing apps, applications and systems.

• A Salesforce Developer is responsible for staying on par with the latest business and technology changes in salesforce or .net, or java and adapting to trends.

• They maintain mutual Collaboration with fellow computer specialists to better create optimum software.

• Always ensures that all programs are run by routine software maintenance and testing.

• They consistently maintain data quality and create a different process to overcome every system's deficiencies.

• They invent and implement various programs for usage through the internet and all in-house users through companies intranet.

• They design each part of all essential systems or any applications.

• They are responsible for maintaining healthy relations with other programmers to create models or diagrams that will help them write additional software code.

• They also need to maintain documentation of each part of its inventory applications or system. It will help them for future references, especially during upgrades and maintenance.

Now that you know the roles and responsibilities of a salesforce developer, below are a few details on the skills you might require to become one.

Ability to Communicate with Colleagues:

As a salesforce developer, you get to deal with several clients and employees in the team, both externally and internally. So, it is vital to maintain excellent communication skills and should be able to mingle with your teammates. Not only can this smoothen the workflow, but it also helps in establishing long term relations with every client involved in the projects you handle. Improved rapport can always keep the clients coming back to you and thus regular customers.

Analytical Skills:

Analytical skills are one more essential skill required to be a salesforce developer, and these skills may include developing a detailed analysis of customer requirements. A salesforce developer must also convert the analytics drawn into appropriate design and code based on the research.

Problem-Solving Skills:

Being a Salesforce developer is not an easy job. While working on a project, you might have to resolve hundreds of bugs, errors in the code or design. To swim along these, you must develop quick decision making and problem-solving skills that can help you suggest quick fixes for any problem you might face while handling a project.

All the skills mentioned above are the basic skills essential to have a fruitful career as a salesforce developer. Below are a few technical skills you need to be a salesforce developer.

• Javascript

• Lightning web components

• Apex

• web servers

• object-oriented programming languages

• system integrations



What is the Payscale of a Salesforce Developer?

As per the research, the average SALESFORCE Salesforce Developer payscale in India is ₹ 13.1 Lakhs for a professional with experience of 4 years. At times the pay scale may vary depending on locations, huge demand etc.

If you are looking for solid financial stability in the quickest time possible, being a salesforce can help you achieve your financial goals.


How to Become a Salesforce Developer in 2022?

To be a Salesforce Developer, you need to be a BSc computer degree and earn the course completion certificate. Along with the degree, you also obtain industry knowledge. This can be attained by doing internships in companies that offer salesforce development services.

Suppose you do not have a BSC degree and have not done any internships related to salesforce development. In that case, you can opt for an online salesforce development course in a renowned online edutech platform like us.

If you’re preparing to apply for jobs in Salesforce domain, check this list of Top Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers

Career Paths You can Choose as a Salesforce Developer.

Based on the level of expertise, you can be a salesforce architect or consultant.

Salesforce architect:

A Salesforce architect has one of the highest positions in the technological growth of Salesforce developers. The architect has a great capacity to design different architectural models of Salesforce CRM and design custom applications based on the client's business needs. To be a salesforce architect, you need to have a solid Salesforce development background and deep knowledge of every development tool used in the process.

Salesforce Consultant:

A Salesforce consultant will be an intermediate between a customer and a technical team. The consultant will analyse the client's business needs and offer the perfect salesforce solution that addresses them. For this, they should have the skills to distinguish different cases, especially for Salesforce customisation and configuration.

Why do Businesses Hire a Salesforce Developer?

Here are a few factors for choosing salesforce development for their business:

Enhance Brand Awareness and Reach

A Salesforce developer can design and implement your business strategies that turn it into a brand. With an effective engagement plan in place, your business will generate more happy customers and thus increase the overall revenue generated. Also, salesforce development is a better tool in leveraging the business brand reach by giving its owners deep insight into the customer feedback.

Online and Offline Business from Any Corner of the World

The salesforce platform works on a cloud architecture that allows salesforce developers to operate the salesforce CRM remotely irrespective of the location. Many companies are now hiring an offshore salesforce development and consultant team to manage their business with this advantage. However, they can determine the accessibility and record levels with utmost security using the Salesforce CRM.

An Eye on the Business Core Competencies:

A Salesforce developer can create an effective sales funnel that can drive the customers from awareness to decision-making. They can also help automate the marketing campaigns by reaching out to the right customers at the right time. Doing this can help businesses better understand the core competencies and strengths of each service they offer.

Salesforce Developers are Tech Savy and Updated

The salesforce development as a process integrates many emerging technologies. This can help any business implement modern CRM trends into their business models and thus offer sophisticated and technically advanced solutions to their customers. With the intelligence of the salesforce platform, companies will also be able to integrate the emotional concerns of the customers with digital, technical solutions.

Forecasting the Risks and Performance of a Business

Undoubtedly the most exciting aspect of a salesforce development process is its ability to forecast the risks and predict the business performance shortly. Not just from the reports, but salesforce developers will be able to do this based on cumulative customer buying preferences and sales attained over a period of time. Based on the salesforce developers' risk predictions, a business can design result-oriented marketing campaigns.

Perks of Being a Salesforce Developer in the Digital World :

Stay on Par with the Technical World

We live in a digital world where many emerging technologies like IOT, AI, Machine learning are ruling the corporate world. Being a Salesforce developer, you deal with many programming languages used in these technologies. This allows you to say hi to the technological world and thus implement advanced solutions in the projects you deal with. 

High Packages

Salesforce developers are the most demanding professionals globally and one of the highest-paid IT professionals in the market. The faster you grow, the higher the pay scale and the annual revenue you generate.

Multiple Career Paths:

Salesforce developers can have multiple career routes. Along with a full-time job, they can work as a freelancer. Also, they can work as a full-time freelancer. You can even become a salesforce development trainer when you have deep expertise in the subject matter.

Good Recognition:

Along with rewards, most people love to have good recognition in the society. Having a career as a Salesforce developer will fulfil it. So 80% of people today want to build their career as a salesforce developer.

Quick Growth

Not every corporate job can guarantee fast growth. There are loads of corporate employees out there in the market who are stuck in the same company without promotions, and it is not the case with many salesforce developers. So those employees also seek to find a career as a salesforce developer for fast upgrades. Mostly they prefer online courses to learn it.

Who Can Be a Salesforce Developer?

Below are a few people who can choose their career as a salesforce developer:

• An IT student who has an interest in a developer role.

• Also, a fresh graduate who is primarily looking for the best career in Sales or Marketing.

• A Salesforce Admin who loves to get into developing team

• A Salesforce consultant or project manager loves to explore the best career possibilities.

Popular Salesforce Development Certifications to Pursue

There are three popular salesforce developer certifications that any salesforce developer must pursue to upscale their portfolio. They are the platform app builder, Developer I, Developer II. The main aim of these certifications is to assess an individual's ability to build required data models, analyze the generated data, detect various business logics, and design user interfaces with a maximum response rate.

Here we go with the details of these certifications now that you have precise info on the sales force development.

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification

This certification is a standard salesforce developer certification that assesses an individual's capability to customize an application or build a new application. This is an introductory level exam, and any salesforce developer who is yet to start their profession or any junior one also can pursue this exam.

All they need to enroll for salesforce platform app builder certification is to be able to decide if coding is necessary or not to achieve the objective of the given task. It does not require any excellent coding skills to differentiate between building applications using 'point and click' and 'programmatic', meaning using Visualforce and Apex coding in salesforce.

Certification Exam Details

• The salesforce platform builder consists of sixty MCQ's.

• The total duration of the exam is 105 minutes.

• Candidates need to attain a minimum of 63 percent to clear the exam.

• The cost required to enroll for this certification is USD 200, and candidates will have one attempt for one fee payment. If they fail to clear the certificate on the first attempt, they can go for the next shot at USD 100.

Salesforce Developer I Certification

Salesforce candidates with deep expertise can pursue this certification. It is not for salesforce developers with little or no experience in salesforce.

Certification Exam Details

• The exam consists of 60 MCQ's and five descriptive questions.

• The duration of the exam is 105 minutes.

• The minimum score required to clear this certification is 68 percent.

• The fee required to enroll in this certification is the same as the platform developer exam—200USD for the first time and 100 USD for a failed attempt.

Salesforce Developer II Certification

The salesforce developer II certification is the final salesforce certification and can be only taken by those Salesforce developers with experience in implementing advanced programmatic solutions on the Salesforce platform.

Certification Exam Details

• The exam consists of 60 MCQ's

• Candidates will be given a duration of 120 minutes to complete the test.

• The minimum score required to clear this certification is 70 percent.

• The fee required to enroll in this certification is the same as the platform developer exam—200USD for the first time and 100 USD for a failed attempt.

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