Python Certifications List - Best of 2022

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Python Certifications List - Best of 2022

Introduction to Python


Python is an established general-purpose high-level programming language. It was established by Guido van Rossum in 1991, further developments were done by Python Software Foundation. The primary position in python is given to code readability. Because by using its syntax programmers will be able to create concepts with fewer lines of code.

Python is an effective programming language that lets programmers work efficiently. It is often used to build websites, automate software tasks, and regulate data analysis. Most modern OS i.e. Operating systems are written in C languages, python is also one such C language that prevents exceptions in real-time. That makes it an effective programming language.

What makes python such an effective language? What are its attributes? Let’s discuss with the following,


Features of Python


  • Easy to code: python is a developer-friendly language. Compared to other programming languages like C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, etc. python is a very easy to learn programming language.


  • Free and Open source: Python is open-source software; it can be freely/easily downloaded from the official website. Where the latest version of python will be available.


  • Object-Oriented Language: The key feature of python is that it supports OOP’s concept i.e. Object-Oriented Programming. Where it covers the main features of OOPs, for example, classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, and more.


  • Portable Language: Python is a portable language. The code of python can run on any platform. The best example to understand this is, in java byte code is generated by a compiler, to keep data secure and can run on any machine containing JVM. Similarly, python programs support any modern OS, where its script is interpreted so it can be written equally well on LINUX, UNIX, and windows without any demand for adjustments.


  • Interpreted Language: Python is an interpreted language as it goes through the interpreter. Where interpreter in python reads and executes code instantly. Meaning while writing source code in python, the code is executed line by line at the same time, unlike other programming languages which require debugging.

By learning all this, we can tell programming is always the core of computer science. Every year millions of graduates get their degree in the field of computer science and look for opportunities but having software skills is also important. After graduation people look for advanced-level courses, one among them is python.

What are the benefits one can gain by taking up python as a course and getting certified? Let us learn in detail.


Benefits of Python Certification


Following are the benefits one would get through python certification,


Easy to learn

The key benefit of python certification is the programming language of python is easy to learn. Python certification can be used as a channel to a career, where learning other programming languages and frameworks will start to seem interesting.

If one is a complete beginner and wants to learn about programming, python will help to start better. Python is a simple and easy-to-understand programming language. And once the course is completed and you get the python certification, you will be confident enough to explore more about the programming world.


Expertise in Python

When it comes to recruiting python programmers, recruiters always expect good skills and what is the unique skill that makes the candidate stand out from the rest of the crowd. Python certification will help in such situations, if you are one of the candidates applying for a position and you have a certificate you will have better chances to get selected.

Hence, having python certification will prove that you know better and will help you gain the recruiter's interest.


Gives a Sense of Achievement

Even if you are a programmer, like developers in C or Java, it is important to keep yourself active in learning new things. Keeping that in mind, you can get a python certification that will help you, safeguard, your job.

As a beginner, a learner must understand where they stand in their learning phase. Evaluating skills and improving themselves, is the best possible thing that they can do to showcase what they are capable of. Where certification will help to enhance their profile, investing time and putting efforts to do better is an achievement they deserve.


Competitive edge

Demand for python programmers is increasing day by day; having a python certification will help you stand out. As there is a rise in the number of developers/programmers, so giving the best for the job is a need.

A python certification acts as proof that will let the recruiters know that you have the knowledge and you are willing to do better in your job. Competition is tough in the field of IT so get yourself prepared and take the benefit of certifications.


Better Opportunities

Being certified will help you get into the field that you wish for. If you are willing to be a python programmer and you have the python certification, you will get better opportunities in the software field. Getting a job will become comparatively easier than before; certification paves the way to success and helps to get better jobs.


Increases earning potential

By having python certification not only your job opportunities even the salary will increase. With experience things get better, similarly with learning and certification salary also gets better. The national average salary for a certified python programmer is ranging from $58,000 t0 $107,000


Top Python Certifications in 2022


Here are some of the best python certification courses that will help you master the python concepts. It also provides an opportunity to gain knowledge in writing python programs. So what are the top certifications that will help to master python programming? Let us list one by one,


PCEP (Certified Entry-level Python Programmer)

PCEP is a beginner or entry-level python programming certification. To take up this course, you need to know about procedural programming and how it works, and should also know the flowcharts and algorithm creation. 

Through this certification, an applicant can learn about the core principles and fundamentals of python. The PCEP certification exam covers the following topics/syllabus,

  • Basic formatting and output methods.
  • Handling Boolean values.
  • Compilation vs. interpretation
  • Constants, variables, and variable naming conventions
  • User-Defined functions
  • Fundamentals of computer programming
  • Inputting and converting Data
  • Logical vs. bitwise operations in Python
  • Looping and control statements
  • New data aggregates: Tuples and Dictionaries
  • Primary kinds of data and numerical operators
  • Rules governing the building of expressions
  • Working with multidimensional arrays
  • Different slicing operations.


Benefits of PCEP certification: Having PCEP certification tells that the programmer or an applicant knows all the necessary concepts of python. This course also covers all the syntax and semantics of different python constructs and data types offered by language. PCEP training enables crisp knowledge of general coding techniques using standard language infrastructure and basic programming skills using python.

The average entry-level salary for a python programmer having this certification is $59,888


PCAP (Certified Associate in Python Programmer)

PCAP is a second-level or associate-level programming certification exam for python. This certification helps you measure the skill to complete the python-coding tasks related to the basics of programming in python. This course also contains the essential notions and concepts related to object-oriented programming. With this certification, you can stand out in the competitive job market.

PCAP covers the following syllabus,

  • Basic Formatting and Outputting methods
  • Python basics
  • Using Boolean values
  • Compilation vs. interpretation
  • Variables and variable naming conventions
  • Defining and using functions
  • Fundamentals of Computer programming
  • Fundamentals of OOP’s
  • How to use OOPs in the python programming language
  • Generators and closures
  • Inputting and converting data
  • Logical vs. bitwise operations
  • Looping and control statements
  • File processing for Python developers
  • Name scope issues
  • New data aggregates: Tuples and dictionaries
  • Primary kids of data and numerical operators
  • Python modules
  • Inheritance in Python
  • Rules for creating expressions
  • Working with multi-dimensional arrays
  • The assignment operator
  • Concept of exceptions and implementation


Benefits of PCAP certification: Having PCAP certification verifies that the applicant or programmer has the essential knowledge about the concepts of intermediate-level python programming. The course also covers all the main concepts of different python constructs and fundamentals of OOPs.

The average annual salary of PCAP certified python programmer is $80499

Get PCAP certification through Cisco’s Python Course


PCPP1 & PCPP2 (Certified Professional in Python Programming 1 & 2)

Once you are done with the core concepts of python or if you have 3 to 5 years of experience in python programming, you can prepare for a professional python programming course. Certified professional in python programming 1 will consider your experience and skills of programming in python in the following areas,

  • Text file Handling
  • GUI-based Programming
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Advanced Object-Oriented Programming
  • PEP conventions
  • Metaprogramming
  • Communicating with the program’s environment
  • Using Libraries and modules
  • Importing math, science, and engineering modules


By having this globally recognized qualification, you will stand out in a competitive job market. Professional python programmers are in demand and many of the recruiting agencies and firms are looking for programmers with this qualification.

Certified professional in python programming 2 PCPP2 is an advanced-level certification course offering skills in python-MySQL database handling. PCPP2 certification will consider your expertise and programming skills in the following areas,

  • Basic directory structure 
  • CRUD operations 
  • Design patterns 
  • Observer and Proxy 
  • Singleton and State Design 
  • Template Method 
  • Model-View-Controller using Python 
  • Multiprocessing, threading, subprocess, and multiprocessor synchronization 
  • Relational database management using Python 
  • MySQL and SQL commands 
  • Sharing, storing, and installing packages 
  • Network programming in Python 
  • Application testing techniques and principles 


Benefits of PCPP 1 & 2: Having a Professional certification in python programming verifies that the python developer has all the essential skills of a professional python programmer. This certification gives out crisp knowledge for experienced professionals to make them stand out in the software development industry.

The estimated salary for a python programmer with this certification ranges from around $12,053 to $14,700 per annum.


Certified Expert in Python Programming (CEPP)

CEPP python certification tag is for experts who have completed all the OPENEDG python institute's programming certification programs. It is one of the most advanced qualifications a python developer can achieve from the python institute.

Having this globally recognized qualification will verify your skills in python programming. It highlights skills based on the universal concepts of python programming. CEPP certification also showcases how to resolve typical implementation challenges on different verticals of python.

Benefits of CEPP: Having a Certification in python programming tells that the developer has industry-level skills in python. This certification identifies that the candidate has covered all the topics from basics to advanced level of OOP’s concepts, GUI programming, and more.

With this certification, one can also apply for senior job roles in software development. The estimated salary for a programmer with this certification will be $17,350 to 39,945 per annum.


Introduction to Programming Using Python by Microsoft

Apart from the above-mentioned certifications, here is a certification that ensures you are ready to face the challenges faced by python professionals,

Introduction to programming in Microsoft is another entry-level programming certification. This certification covers all the syntax, data types, and basic understanding of python. This certification also teaches how to logically solve problems using Python constructs.

Applicants interested to enroll for this certification should have at least 100hours of experience in python programming, debugging skills, logical development, and decision-making skills to maintain well-documented python code.

Benefit: Having Microsoft certification verifies that the python programmer or applicant knows python concepts and will help them to get into their desired job.

The average entry-level salary given to this programming certification will be $56000 per annum.



Python is one of the top programming languages that can help you land different jobs in the software industry. The above-discussed python certifications are helpful to gain knowledge and make a better career in programming. Receiving Python certification or any certification for that fact, apart from academics or degree will make you stand out from rest in the crowd, start early to do better, and make each day count.

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