Programming Certifications that Pay Well

Programming Certifications that Pay Well


The pandemic has changed how a lot of businesses function today, it has stretched the scope of several industries, and IT is one of the key players in running the world has undergone radical changes and growth.

Programming is the core of computer technology, through which we communicate and control the machines to perform the desired function. Every day we are making machines perform more and more complex tasks, collect a large amount of data for analysis, and create complex systems to cater to the changing needs. And these are made possible by programming.

While there is no doubt about the scope and importance of programming, one might still be confused about the ways to learn to program. There are online tutorials and there are full-time degree courses, but the most cost-effective way that would guarantee a high-paying job is a Professional Certificate. A Programming Certification adds credibility to your training and knowledge on the subject and makes you stand out in the crowd.

Let’s discuss some of the top-paying Programming Certifications in 2023.


Top Paying Programming Certifications in 2023

Computer Science is a dynamic field, where new technologies are constantly usurping the older ones, hence professionals need to continuously rethink their roles and skills, and keep updating themselves to stay relevant. And programming is not just a software-specific skill anymore; it is an added advantage to any job profile. Bureau of labor statistics predicts that employment in Computer and information technology will grow by 13% in this decade. Read more about the most trending programming languages in 2022.

And here are some reasons why programming jobs are in-demand in 2023-

• A traditional education degree is not necessary to learn to program

• Remote working options are feasible in this line of work

• While most businesses are going the Digital-Way, programming is the most in-demand skill, which will aid your career growth

• It is one of the most creative fields in technological science

• With programming skills, you can be self-reliant and start your own online business with a variety of options like website creation, building apps, online tutoring, and much more.

• Computer programming is one of the highest-paying jobs in the IT industry with a median salary of $85,000.

Find below some of the top-paying Programming Certifications in 2023.


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C++ Certification

C++ is one of the most sought-after general-purpose programming languages. It is best suited for both object-oriented and procedure-oriented programming. C and C++ are some of the oldest programming languages taught across the world in various institutions.

C++ has a lot of advantages like portability, multi-paradigm, memory management, scalability, and much more.

CPP organization is an industry-recognized certification provider for C and C++. It offers a range of programming certifications based on proficiency levels like beginner level, associate level, and professional level.

To obtain a CPP C++ Beginner Programmer Certification, you must be well-versed in the following topics,

• Computer programming concepts

• C++ syntax and semantics like data types, flow control, memory types, and more

• Fundamental programming of C++ language

• Standard library functions

Exam details –

For the beginner programming certification there are no prerequisites whereas, for the associate level, beginner programmer certification is a must, and so on for the further levels.

Format – single choice and multiple choices

Passing score – 70%

Exam price – 59 USD

Language – English

C++ is the most widely used programming language for backend operations. C++ is a high-level programming language and by learning them you will be familiar with other object-oriented programming languages. C++ is used for operating systems, GUI-based applications, embedded systems, compilers, database management, and much more. Hence there are a lot of job opportunities in top companies such as Philips, Synopsys, Cognizant, etc.


Java Certification Course

Java is a high-level and class-based programming language, and since its inception in 1995, it has produced software for numerous platforms. Java programs are used in various devices and applications. It is one of the most widely used backend programming languages, and it is easy to learn. It is a cross-platform language with very few restrictions.

Java application programming interface has an excellent framework for development and it can run on all kinds of platforms. Java is very important for enterprise-level web applications, which are on the rise. It offers strong memory allocation and aids high performance which is ideal for android development.

Sprintzeal offers an industry-standard Java Certification Training Course, the course contents are curated by experts from the field and delivered by qualified professionals. You will learn the following the JavaScript Programming Certification,

• Fundamentals of JavaScript

• Design, interface, and abstract

• Data structure and string

• Memory architecture

This course can be taken up by both computer majors and non-majors and it is ideal for you if you are looking to enhance your programming skills. Java is one of the highly in-demand programming languages. And its usability keeps expanding. Studies show that Java programmers earn a median salary of 95,000 USD.


Python Certification

Python is a widely recognized general-purpose programming language. It has simplified syntax which stresses natural language, and hence could be considered beginner-friendly. Python can be freely used and distributed across various platforms. It is a multi-paradigm programming language.

PCAP – Certified Associate in Python Programming certification is one of the most widely recognized programming certifications that measure the ability to perform basic coding in Python language and the fundamentals and techniques of object-oriented programming techniques. With this certification, you will be well versed in conditional execution, loops, language syntax in python programming, and semantics.

Knowledge required for this programming certification

• Fundamental concepts of programming like program execution, construction and defining programming language, compilation, and interpretation, Python with regards to other programming languages, and different versions of Python.

• Formatting and outputting data using python, primary kinds of data and numerical operators, rules on building the expression, and inputting and conversion of data.

• Utilization of loops and the difference between logical and bitwise operations. List processing and iteration for loop and slicing. And multi-dimensional array.

• Python modules along with their implementation, instruction, exceptions, and applications. Fundamentals of object-oriented programming.

PCAP Exam Details -

Format – Single choice and multiple choice.

Pre-requisite – None

Duration – 75 minutes

Passing score – 70%

Language – English

Price – 295 USD

Certified Python developers are in huge demand across the globe with top organizations like Google, Adobe, Apple, Cisco Systems, etc. And the average Python developer earns a median salary of 100,000 USD, making it one of the most lucrative job profiles.


R Programming Certification

R Programming language is created by statisticians Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman; hence it’s most widely used in statistical computing and graphics. It is one of the most commonly used programming languages in Data Mining and also for data analysis and statistical software.

The R software environment is an open-source free platform. R supports both procedural programming and object-oriented programming with generic functions. It is a very important language for data science since codes can be run without compilers, multiple calculations can be done with the use of vectors and their powerful statistical computations.

What you will learn in R Programming Certifications?

• Basics of statistical inference

• Hypothesis testing

• Tests

• Linear regression

• Generalized linear models

• Linear models using R

• Using other commonly used programming languages to manipulate R

R Programming is an integral part of Data Science and is included in most of the available courses from the institutions offering Data Science Master’s Program. Visit SprintZeal if you’re looking for an industry standards Master’s Program in Data Science. SprintZeal is an ATO (Accredited Training Organization) offering quality professional training in various fields.

The tremendous growth of Data Science in recent years has placed huge importance on R programmers, and R Programmers with good certification can find well-paying jobs in top organizations. Data scientists proficient in R programming are earning a median salary of 110,000 USD.


Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer Certification

Big Data is gaining more prominence in computer technology as the need for large quantities of Data keeps growing. While Programming is how we communicate with machines, we need a large amount of data to make a specific request to the machines and even make them smart machines with the principles of Artificial intelligence. And hence it’s no wonder the interdependencies of both fields have created unique and specialized studies.

Hadoop and Spark are open-source frameworks for Big Data processing and the key difference between Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark are that Hadoop has a distributed file system that can be used to store data on multiple machines, and Spark is mainly used for computation.

You can get a professional training certification in Big Data Hadoop from SprintZeal. This course will familiarize me with all the necessary tools and skills for Big Data and it is curated by Hadoop experts with industry experience.

What do you acquire from Big Data Hadoop programming certification?

• Knowledge of Big Data fundamentals

• Improved security skills

• Hadoop and Spark framework

• Perform data process using the Hadoop and Spark framework

• Fundamentals of querying datasets

• Filtering data

Big Data Hadoop certification is one of the most in-demand certifications in Big Data. Top organizations like Genpact, Accenture, IBM, etc. are on the lookout for qualified Big Data Hadoop developers. The median salary for this job profile is 75,000 USD.


Big Data and Hadoop


Oracle SQL Developer Certification

SQL is a domain-specific programming language widely used for data management systems. SQL application programming interface has the advantage of accessing a large amount of data with simple commands, and it is effective in managing data in a relational data stream management system.

Why should you learn SQL programming certification?

• It is a universal programming language and has numerous disciplines

• It is easy to learn and by learning SQL you will understand a lot of everyday applications

• With SQL you will learn to access and work with a large amount of data

• It is one of the high in-demand dataset programming languages.

Oracle Database Certified Associate Certification is one of the most widely recognized certifications for SQL language. And it demonstrates the candidate’s ability to undertake any database projects using the fundamental SQL concepts. By passing this certification exam individuals become well versed in using SQL language to manipulate data and tables in the Oracle database.

Exam Details –

Exam duration – 120 minutes

Passing score – 63%

Exam price – 245 USD

Dataset programming languages like SQL and MYSQL are widely used in a lot of applications and software and the certified professionals in these fields are in huge demand. Top organizations like Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Accenture, etc. take in a lot of SQL programmers with a median salary of 65,000 USD.


Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate

Microsoft offers one of the most widely recognized programming certifications in Azure, Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service from Microsoft; its applications are managed by Microsoft-managed data centers.

To become a certified Azure Developer, one must have the necessary skills to design, build, and test applications and services on Microsoft Azure. This role requires the know-how of all the procedures involved in the making of cloud applications. And the candidate must know to program in the language suitable for Azure. This is an advanced certification and working experience on the Azure platform for 1-2 years is required to take this test.

What are the skills required for this programming certification?

• Developing computing solutions

• Azure storage

• Azure security implementation

• Monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing solutions on the Azure platform

• Work together with Azure and third-party services.

It is predicted that 85% of all workload will move to the cloud and it emphasizes the importance of programming in cloud-based applications. Microsoft developers have a lot of opportunities and the median salary is expected to be 75,000 USD.


Google Developer Certification: Associate Android Developer

Google offers one of the most competent certifications in programming languages. This programming certification is designed to test Android development skills. As we all know Google’s Android operating system is extensively used in devices and software. And you can promote yourself once you get this certification to upgrade your career and demonstrate your capability.

Google also offers other courses on software development like Tensor Flow Developer certificate, Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect, and Professional Data Engineer.

The requirement for associate android developer certification is entry-level android development proficiency. And here is what you will be expected to know to pass this certification exam.

• The functionality of the application – constructing apps that use android features like messaging, multitasking, connecting, etc.

• User Interface – create apps with android’s UI frameworks.

• Management of Data – Managing Data using android’s framework.

• Debugging – working knowledge of debugging tools for android.

• Testing – test running the programs to identify the errors and abnormal behaviors.

Exam Details –

Exam Cost – 149 USD

Format – Simulation type with programming

Duration – 8 hours (no break or pause in-between)

With an associate android developer certificate, you will a lot of opportunities in entry-level programming jobs, which are in high demand now, more than ever. With the growth of Android devices, the requirement only seems to grow. Android developers earn a median salary of 75,000 USD.



Certifications are a great value-add for both beginners and professionals alike. Whether you want to begin your dream career or want to turn a page in your career, a professional certificate will help you easily achieve your dreams.

At Sprintzeal we have helped over 300,000+ professionals achieve their goals in their careers with professional certification training. Our training programs are of industry standards and the topics are handpicked by experts to meet the changing needs. Use the chat option on this page to get instant help from our course expert.


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