Most Trending Programming Languages in 2024

Most Trending Programming Languages in 2024


Most Trending Programming Languages in 2024


In the past, only a few individuals were considered computer programmers with the most cutting-edge programming skills. Nowadays, most IT positions require understanding the most popular programming languages -- and yes, many.

If you're seeking to progress in your profession or switch careers entirely and require learning the best programming language, you may be wondering which one you should learn. It takes time, money, and effort to learn the most popular programming languages; therefore, you must choose the best one.

There are a variety of considerations to consider when making your choices among the most popular programming languages, such as the level of difficulty you're willing to take on. The existing knowledge you have is in alignment with your current coding abilities or your motivations for studying a top programming language.

If you're planning to build an application for mobile devices, obtain accreditation for your programming skills or acquire new abilities, it is essential to master the appropriate programming language with the lists of the most popular programming languages available.

Below, you'll find a list of 10 of the top language for programming that will be in demand with hiring managers in 2024. There are details about each language and its complexity, and how it's utilized.


List of Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2024

Given below are the most popular programming languages to explore at current:


JavaScript Programming Language

JavaScript is the utmost programming language among the leading fundamental technologies used by the World Wide Web. It is a client-side programming language for 97.6 percent of all sites.

JavaScript was initially developed to create web browsers; however, they are utilized for server-side web deployments and non-web browser-related applications. JavaScript was developed in 1995 and was initially named Live Script.

However, Java was a modern language and was advertised as Java's "younger brother". As it evolved with time, JavaScript became a fully independent language.

Today, JavaScript is often confused with Java, and although it has some features, they are different. JavaScript is among the most widely used software languages globally and is in high demand across many companies.

A typical Java developer earns $111,660 annually.

Level - Beginner to Intermediate Skill

Required HTML, as well as CSS to define the layout and content of web pages

Platform Cross-platform (desktop mobile, desktop, web) Most known computer programming technology around the globe.


☑ Easy to master and easy to implement

☑ It is used everywhere on the Internet.

☑ It is possible to run right away within the browser on the client-side.

☑ Reduces the load on the server for websites,

☑ Sometimes, it is thought of in different ways by various browsers.

☑ This makes it difficult to write cross-browser code

Degree of Use The vast majority of people use it; highly effective

Annual Salary Projection: $111,660


Python Programming

Python is among the most well-known programming languages and is simple for beginners to master due to its ease of reading. It is an entirely free open-source programming language that comes with numerous support modules and community development.

It is easy to integrate with web services and user-friendly data structures, and GUI-based desktop apps. It is one of the best programming languages used in deep machine learning applications.

Python can be used to create 3D imaging and 2D imaging applications like Blender, Inscape, and Autodesk It's also used in the creation of popular video games like Civilization IV, Vegas Trike, and Toontown.

 Python is used in scientific and computational programs like FreeCAD and Abacus and also on popular sites such as YouTube, Quora, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Python developers earn an average annual salary of $72,500.

A beginner Python course can help a beginner improve their productivity quickly.

Popularity: Growing in popularity

Benefits: Flexible, Naturally/Intuitively readable, highly considered official tutorials and documents Written instead of compiling

Downsides: Don't begin with programming fundamentals (known as abstracting too many essential fundamental concepts)

Popularity: Growing in popularity in business and technical applications.

Degree of Use: Coding is a popular skill in popular in the field of technical training as well as for business applications

Annual Salary Projection $72,500


Golang Programming Language

Go was created through Google in 2007 to support web-based APIs.

Go is presently perhaps the most famous programming language due to its convenience and its capacity to oversee multicourse and arranged frameworks and gigantic codebases.

Go, also referred to as Golang, and was developed to address the requirements of developers working on big projects.

It is the best programming language and is now popular with numerous large IT firms due to its easy and modern syntax and structure. Companies that use Go as the language of Programming comprise Google, Uber, Twitch, and Dropbox, among many different Companies. Information researchers are likewise filling in popularity because of their adaptability and speed.

Go developers make the average annual pay of $92,000 and as high as $134,000.

Level - Intermediate to beginner Skills

Difficulty: It is easy to master if you have some other language. Otherwise, you'll need perseverance and the desire to master.

Platform - Desktops are cross-platform.

Popularity - Not as well-known as Java or Python However, it has been growing in popularity.


It is widely regarded as to be a "minimalist" language Easy to master Transparent code Compatible Fast

Downsides: There are no generics (which means that you could end up having to write more code than in another language).

The Go developer community isn't particularly robust or supportive with minimal library support.

Degree of Use: The most widely used, mainly used for Google applications (created by Google)

 Annual Salary Projection: $92,000


Java Programming

Java is among the most popular and widely used best programming language programming languages at current. It is operated by Oracle Corporation, a broadly useful programming language. It's a simple design. It is a key component of many uses and can be employed without regard to the level. ( Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and so on) because of the Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) abilities.

In turn, Java has been known for its versatile use across platforms that range from primary frames to phones There are as of now north of 3 billion cell phones running applications made by Java. Java is extensively utilized in developing web applications and websites and big data.

Java is likewise used as the backend for different popular sites, including Google, Amazon, Twitter, and YouTube. It is additionally broadly utilized in numerous applications.

The latest Java frameworks such as Spring, Struts, and Hibernate are also very well-known

With a huge number of Java designers across the globe, there are numerous strategies to learn Java Additionally,

Java programmers have a large online community that supports one another to resolve issues.

Java is an increasingly tricky language to learn; however, skilled developers with Java programming abilities are highly demanded.

The typical Java developer earns $79,000 per year.

Level: Intermediate

Skills Needed: Problem-solving, understanding of the structure of objects

Platform: Web, Mobile, and Desktop

Popularity among Programmers: One of the most pursued; generally pursued

Benefits: Considered a great start to learning how to think like programming and develop abilities, you'll be able to access/manipulate.

 The most crucial computer functions like the visual system, the file system, and even sound for any modern and sophisticated software that runs on all operating systems.

Downsides: Many new words to master; a more advanced language

Degree of Use: Highly effective; widely used.

Yearly Salary Projection: $79,000

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Kotlin Programming

Kotlin is a generally useful programming framework made and delivered under Project Kotlin by JetBrains in 2011.

The first version was launched in the year 2016. It's interoperable with Java and functional languages. Kotlin is majorly used for Android apps, website applications, desktop applications, and server-sides development. Kotlin was designed to be superior to Java, and the people who utilize the language are entirely convinced.

Koltin is also taken among the best programming language, as a majority of Google applications are built on Kotlin. Specific companies that use Kotlin for their programming language are Coursera, Pinterest, PostMates, and many more. Kotlin developers make an average salary of around $136,000 per year, possibly earning as high as $171,500.

Level: Intermediate to Advance

Skills Needed: Experience with programming dialects, explicitly Java

Platform: Web, Mobile, Desktop, and Server.

Popularity: Growingly popular; used for Android applications


More code-friendly in comparison to Java as well as other languages

It is generally easy to adapt totally viable with Java

Downsides: Compilation speed fluctuates; there are no static keywords in Kotlin

Degree of Use: Highly effective; widely used.

Annual Salary Projection: $136,000



PHP Programming

PHP is an open-source programming language developed in the year 1990. A lot of web developers will discover it necessary to master PHP because PHP is the language used to create more than 80 percent of the websites on the Internet, including sites like Facebook and Yahoo. In any case, PHP will be one of the most popular programming languages in 2024.

Programmers typically utilize PHP primarily to create server-side scripts. Nonetheless, designers utilized PHP to compose order line scripts. Programmers with advanced PHP programming skills are able to create desktop-based applications.

PHP is thought to be an easy language to master for developers who are just beginning their journey. PHP professionals have access to a range of online communities that are dedicated to

In the list of the best programming language, PHP is making it easy to receive help and answers to your queries. All things considered, PHP software engineers acquire a normal yearly profit of around $81,500

Level: Intermediate to beginner

Skills Needed: Simple if you've got experience in the programming language, however relatively simple to learn for beginners.

Platform: Cross-platform (desktop, mobile, web)

Popularity among Programmers: Practically 90% of all dynamic sites utilize the product, making it incredibly well known with website specialists.


Open-source Simple to design and could be integrated with a variety of tools Cost-effective Flexible connectivity to databases

Downsides: Not secure enough, not well-suited to large-scale applications; poor error handling is not able to support a wide variety of applications

Degree of Use: While it's employed by the majority of websites, the usage is decreasing.

Annual Salary Projection: $81,500



C# Programming Language

Created in the hands of Microsoft, C# rose to prominence in the 2000s because of its ability to implement principles that are based on object-oriented programming.

C# is quite possibly the most generally utilized programming language inside the .NET system. Anders Hejlsberg, the maker of C#, says the language is basically the same as C++ as Java

The best programming language suited to applications running on Windows, Android, and iOS since it uses to its advantage in the integration development program,

Microsoft Visual C++. C# is utilized in the backend of numerous well-known sites, including Bing, Dell, Visual Studio, and Market Watch. C# developers make around $$68,500 annually.

Level: Intermediate Skills needed: knowledge of how to write code

Platform: Mobile apps for enterprise and mobile

Popularity: Popular, however, it isn't as well-known as Java (its closest competitor)

Benefits: Fast Simple to use Object-oriented Updateable and scalable Compatible with other codes Open-source Library with an extensive collection

Downsides: More limited in its flexibility, since it is dependent heavily on Microsoft's .Net framework; a clunky X-platform GUI Degree of Use: The software is used by about 1/3 of software designers and is particularly pertinent to Microsoft developers.

Annual Salary Projection: $68,500


Swift Programming Language

Some time prior, Swift made the best 10 in the month-to-month TIOBE Index of the most famous programming dialects. Apple created Swift in 2014 to be used in Linux as well as Mac applications.

A free-of-cost best programming language that is simple to master, Swift supports almost everything that is available in the Programming language Objective-C.

Swift is indeed among the best programming language that requires less coding knowledge when compared to other programming languages and is compatible in conjunction with IBM Swift Sandbox along with IBM Bluemix.

Swift is used in the most famous iOS applications like WordPress, Mozilla Firefox, SoundCloud, and surprisingly in games like Flappy Bird...

Professionals who design iOS applications earn an average annual salary of about $96,000...

 Level: Intermediate to beginner

Skills Needed: The desire to read tutorials (which are readily available) No prior experience in programming languages needed.

Platform: Mobile (Apple iOS apps specifically)

Popularity: Growing in the popularity of Apple iOS, specifically in the realm of Apple iOS application developers


Straightforward to master Straight syntax less code more efficient than similar programming languages Open source Downsides: It's still a relatively new language, incompatible with third-party tools; does not support older versions of iOS.

Degree of Use: It is extensively used to create iOS applications that run by devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Annual Salary Projection: $96,000


R Programming Language

R is an open-source language that is, generally, an alternate structure that is an alternate adaptation of the S language. The majority of the code writers write to S is executed on R without modifications.

 Applications written in R can be used to process statistics, which includes nonlinear and linear modeling calculations testing, visualization, and analysis.

 Applications written in R are able to interface with several databases and handle both unstructured and structured data.

 R has a reasonably steep learning curve and isn't as straightforward for novices to grasp as others in this post. Like other programming languages that are open source,

 R has a vibrant community of developers online, which is always a benefit when you are learning new programming skills.

On average, R developers make an average annual salary in the range of $91,000.

Level: Intermediate

Skills Needed: It's easier if you're familiar with JavaScript or Python However, it's best for those who have an excellent grasp of math.

Platform: Primarily desktop

Popularity among Programmers: It's not as well-known as it once was, primarily due to competing languages Python's rising popularity.


Open source Fantastic support to manage information A wide range of packages are offered Cross-functional Compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS Machine learning applications are ideal for this.

Downsides: The articles are put away in actual memory. This could strain resources; it does not have basic security; is slower than Matlab or Python.

Degree of Use: The term is widely used in the field of analytics.

Annual Salary Projection: $91,000


Ruby Programming Language

If you're looking to start with a language popular for its ease to master, think about Ruby. Created in the 90s and designed to be a more user-friendly syntax but still be flexible in terms of its object-oriented structure that allows functional and procedural programming notation.

A web-based framework used in Ruby can be described as Ruby on Rails ("RoR"). Ruby developers praise it as easy to write in as well as due to the short learning process required.

These advantages have resulted in an extensive number of Ruby developers as well as a growing curiosity in this language by novice developers. The median salary for a Ruby developer is close to $90,000 annually.

Level: Beginning to intermediate Ruby has evolved extremely

Popular among web-based developers.

Skills Needed: Problem-solving abstraction (ability to see what users

Would like to visualize)

Platform: Web

Popularity among Programmers: In the process of being redesigned.

Benefits: Flexible syntax is regarded as simple to comprehend and write (no unique "vocabulary. “to get started) It enforces a good style of programming.

Degree of Use: Most rarely utilized

Annual Salary Projection: $90,000

C And C++ Programming Language

C is most likely the most ancient and most popular programming language. It is the establishment of numerous others programming dialects, like C#, Java, and JavaScript. C++ can be described as an improved variant of C.

A lot of developers today do not learn C by themselves, while others believe that it is essential to learn C first is an excellent basis for C++ advancement. Both languages are extensively used in computing and programming. C, as well as C++ programmers, are able to utilize compilers for various platforms, making the applications created in these languages easily transferable. The two languages C and C++ have been known as elite presentation languages.

Therefore they are frequently employed in creating applications where performance is an issue like client/server software as well as commercial software like Firefox and Adobe as well as video games. C, as well as C++ creators, make around $76,500 per year.

Level: C - Intermediate to Advanced C++ - Beginner to Intermediate

Skills Needed Essential PC skills, critical thinking. Since C, as well as C++, are geared towards the management of low-level computer resources, a basic understanding of computer functions like memory board is useful.

Platform: Mobile, Desktop, Embedded

Popularity: C has seen a more significant shift from C. C into C+ C++ - One of the most well-known languages.


C - Used for learning the basics in programming, at the most straightforward (hardware) level C++ - allows for much greater "control" than other languages.

Downsides: C Programming in C is more rigorous, it is not an extremely beginner-friendly language and has a more difficult learning curve C++ - A slightly more difficult language to master and become productive than C (and more than Java)

Degree of Use: C. One of the frequently utilized C+ is widely employed

Annual Salary Projection: $76,500

Matlab Programming Language

Matlab is another best programming language that is possessed by MathWorks and was first dispatched in the last part of the 1980s. It was principally intended to be utilized by architects and researchers. Programmers use Matlab in order to create deep and machine-learning applications.

The Matlab-based software allows users to study data, develop algorithms to process data, create images and validate the results of their research.

As a general rule, Matlab is more available to dominate than the other programming dialects on our rundown. MathWorks' website includes an entire section that addresses questions regarding Matlab. The typical Matlab developer earns an average of $111,000 per Year.

Level: Beginner

Skills Needed: Basic programming knowledge is suggested but not necessary.

Platform: Most of the time, desktop

Popularity among Programmers: Not as well-known in the same way as Python (its closest competitor) however, its popularity is growing in the development of hardware and for running visualizations.

Benefits: This can be used to quickly test and run algorithms It is easy to debug Provides extensively data analysis and visualizations It is relatively easy to master

Downsides: In the sense that it's an interpreter (vs. compiling) languages, they're slow. Installation files consume an enormous volume of disk space on your computer.

Degree of Use: Infrequently used, outside of the research and science domains

Annual Salary Projection: $101,000

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In the fast-paced world of programming, language mastery is essential. JavaScript leads in web development, while Python excels in AI. Go simplifies complex projects, and Java remains versatile. Kotlin and Swift dominate mobile development. PHP, C#, and Ruby cater to specific niches, and R and Matlab lead in data science. Embrace this diversity, choose your path, and unlock countless opportunities.

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