HTML 5 Interview Questions and Answers 2021

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HTML 5 Interview Questions and Answers 2021

Top HTML 5 Interview Questions and Answers 2021


Introduction to HTML


In the world of mark-up languages, HTML 5 has gained its repetition since its inception. HTML stands for the hypertext mark-up language, and HTML 5 is the latest version of HTML. HTML 5 is called the structural block or component of a website. HTML is quintessential to develop and construct a website. Generally, HTML is incorporated with 2 more scripts: cascading style sheets, that is, CSS and JavaScript.


Programmers use HTML 5 to give structure to a website, and along with that, they use CSS to provide the website with a better presentation, while they also use JavaScript that helps the website work and performs normally. 


Why is HTML 5 so popular?


HTML 5 provides such a platform to a programmer that he or she again design any website without using browser plugins. It not only helps in delivering animation for applications, but it also searches well for music, videos, movies, and so on. Apart from all these qualities, one can use HTML 5 to construct highly complex applications that can easily run in any browser. Further, HTML 5 also acts as a cross-platform. In other words, it is supported in a huge variety of devices. From smartphones to smart TVs, HTML 5 can run any webpage seamlessly without interruption. So, this is the reason why HTML 5 is hyped up in the field of software development.


Is HTML 5 better than flash and Silverlight?


It is one of the most frequently asked questions in the field of programming. Well, to answer this question, it is important to look at some facts about HTML 5. Currently, establ five has successfully outshined flash as a markup language for many devices, browsers, and various online platforms. Many websites that work with delivering videos have also adopted HTML over flash. Another factor that also shows another side of HTML that plays HTML 5 Does not involve digital rights management. Most of the content owners are hesitant To use HTML 5 as it does not prevents copying.


However, most of the containers do not choose flash over HTML 5, but they choose silver site over HTML 5. However, recently Adobe has declared that they will not develop the Flash Player for mobile devices anymore. But in contrast, they still have their hold in most of the video contents and web pages. So, there is no such report of Adobe being perished due to the adoption of HTML 5.


So this concludes that even if HTML 5 is being adopted by most of the content owners and creators in the market. But there is still some space for flash and Silverlight in the market. But flash and Silverlight should indeed do something to become marketable enough in the market compared to HTML 5.


How popular is HTML?


As described in the above context, it is clear that HTML 5 is one of the most popular markup languages. And most of the organizations working with web page development software development and other such activities are investing in HTML 5. It has not only gained popularity in the market of web page development. But it has also gained popularity among programmers and content owners. HTML 5 is the widely used markup language for every type of device present in the current scenario. This is the reason why estival 5 has gained global recognition in the field of web page development and software development. There is no such known browser that does not support HTML 5 or any version of HTML. 


After gaining a search level of popularity worldwide, it is important to mark that organizations want their programmers to have expertise in HTML 5. Search type of requirement has increased the demand for programmers with the knowledge and skills related to HTML 5. But to get hired and validate a person's knowledge about HTML 5, various interview sessions take place. These interviews related to sun 5 will verify and ensure that a person has the required level of knowledge and skills related to HTML5. When it comes to interviews related to HTML 5, then people tend to get confused with numerous interview questions for preparation. In this article, we will focus on some of the most important and frequently asked interview questions that will help an idea to prepare for their HTML 5 interview.


Basic HTML 5 Interview Questions and Answers


  1. Why is it important to mention at the beginning of in HTML page?

The doctype HTML Is the command that suggests the version of HTML. Presently this command is used in HTML 5 to suggest the 5th version of HTML at the beginning of the web page. The 4th version of HTML that is HTML 4, had some different types of commands, and it was based on Standard Generalized Markup Language that is SGML. And this is why the prior versions of HTML 5 required a definition of the document type, which is called DTD is Document Type Definition. 


When it comes to HTML 5, it is not important to mention and anymore. As HTML 5 does not depends upon a DTD. Further, it is not based on Standard Generalized Markup Language, so there is no need to mention .


  1. What are some of the new structural elements in HTML 5?

 The new structural elements launched in HTML 5 are designed to define various parts of a webpage like an article,

, nav, section, aside, and so on. 

A website contains different parts, and each part denotes an important area of a page. This is where these structural elements help build a structure that can be used afterward to develop any web page. There are certain meanings for each of these structural elements. Now let us define each of them:

  •  the content of any self-contained web page is demonstrated or represented by this element's help.


  • <
    When a web page is designed or developed, then one of the most important things to notice and work on at the beginning is to create a space for HTML
    data. And this is the element used to represent or demonstrate the
    data of HTML.


  • <
    The photo element is basically used to demonstrate or show the
    information of any web page.


  •  without a proper navigation system, a web page cannot be created as planned. Further, without proper navigation, a user cannot use most of the facilities of any webpage. This is why this element is used in HTML 5 to provide better navigation on the web page.


  • This element is used to refer to and define various sections of content into different types of groups.


  1. Why is the article tag used?

 The article tag is used in HTML 5 to provide space that can be distributed without interruption. The article tag is used to create space to enter the body of any article. One can take the example of magazines and newspaper articles. The web pages that contain magazines, newspaper articles, blogs, basically the space for these articles are created with the help of the article tag.


  1. What is the procedure for producing a horizontal line on a webpage?

 HTML has always created and introduce a new type of tags commands in elements that can allow a programmer to work faster in a simple way. When it comes to creating a horizontal line on a web page, it might become difficult for an individual to do so without the knowledge of newly introduced tags by HTML

In HTML 5, one can create a horizontal line using a simple tag that is 

Like any other HTML tags at this tag also does not contains an end tag.


  1. What are the different types of HTML headings?

HTML consist of basically 6 types of headings. Namely, they are H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6. The H1 suggests the highest for the maximum font. On the other hand, the H6 tag suggests the minimum size of the font.


Intermediate HTML 5 Interview Questions and Answers


  1. How would you group heading elements?

Whatever the heading, maybe it is always easy with HTML to group heading elements and tags. The user just has to use the H group tag to group all the heading tags as per their requirements.

For instance, programmer can type the H group tag Then they should make the list of heading the want to group. And at the end the list by adding H group tag again:


  • Subheadings

  • heading under the sub-heading


This is a small example of how a programmer can group heading elements by using the H group tag.


  1. What do you mean by tag?

Generally, the tag is ah defined as an inline container. The tag is used to markup a particular part of any text or any document. Find instance, in any document, and we find highlighted portions written in a different color.

The manipulation of tag is possible with the help of JavaScript. At the same time, the styling of the tag is only possible by making use of CSS. The JavaScript uses class or ID attributes to manipulate the tag. 

When it comes to comparison then tag can be compared with

tag. It is said that tag is quite similar to
tag. But 
 is a block level element whereas the tag is an inline level element.
  1. What do you mean bytags?

Thetags can be defined as the data about an HTML document. Metadata consists of the required and important information about the HTML data.

Demeter tags are always entered inside the head element. They are generally used to suggest or demonstrate a set of characters, description of a page, keywords, information about the author of an HTML document, and settings related to the viewport. 

The metadata is not shown On any webpage, as it is designed for the machine to read it. This is such information that helps a browser to learn about displaying certain contents and reloading pages. In search engines, the metadata helps the search engine learn about the keywords and search related topics and links.


  1. Describe the best way to group form elements?

There are a variety of methods to structure and group form elements. Also, grouping form elements depends upon the purpose and aim of the user. The most common way to group form elements is using the

tag. When the fieldset tag is used, it requires another tag in it, and the purpose of another tag will be to provide or deliver a title to the group elements.


  1. Name some of the input type attributes that are new in HTML 5?

First of all, the tag can be defined as an input field where users can enter any type of data they want to. The tag helps a user enter data like date, checkbox, email, color, image, radio, reset, search, submit, till, text, time, URL, week, etc. However, the elements can be represented in various types of ways. And the representation of elements depends upon the type of attributes that are used while forming such elements.


  1. Is it possible to insert a Copyright symbol on a web page? How is it done?

Yes, it is possible to insert the Copyright symbol on a web page. Insertion of the corporate symbol in the web page highly depends upon the editing tool one uses. To add the Copyright symbol using HTML, one has to use the HTML entity reference type and copy. This is the place where a user can add a Copyright symbol.


  1. What do you mean by hyperlink?

Hyperlinks are those links that allow a person or user to jump from one web page to another page just by one click. When the mouse's cursor is brought near any hyperlink, it turns into a hand symbol, which allows the user to click on the link to reach a specific page. It is not important that a link has to be a text or something specified as a text. Rather hyperlinks can be an image or something beyond the text.


  1. What do you mean by semantic elements in HTML 5?

The semantic element can be defined as an element that provides both the browser and the developer its meaning in a clear form. Examples of semantic elements can be

,andand so on, which clearly defined what the content should be inserted after these elements.


Advanced HTML 5 Interview Questions and Answers


  1. Can you list some of the semantic elements in HTML 5?

There are many types of semantic elements present in the HTML 5. each of the semantic elements are responsible to describe and define each part of a webpage. It is next to impossible for a developer to define various parts of web page without using the semantic elements some of the most common and popular semantic elements that are used in designing web page are:

  • < time>

So, these are some of the most used semantic elements in HTML 5 web page development.


  1. Can you define logical storage in HTML 5, and how is it used?

Local storage can be defined as a type of storage that stores the data with no expiry. In other words, when a web page is opened in a browser, and a user forgets to close the tab, then the webpage present in the tab is stored in the local storage, and whenever the user opens his browser, then he will be redirected to that page automatically. It stays forever until the user decides to close that web page.


  1. What do you mean by web worker in HTML 5?

In the process of creating an HTML page, it is possible that the page will not respond anymore unless the script for that page is completed. In order to make the HTML page responsive again until the script is finished, development uses web worker, which is basically a JavaScript that runs in the background.

No workers work dependently, and they do not depend upon any type of script further. They also make sure that the HTML page which is being scripted should not be interrupted performance-wise. After initiating the web worker, one can continue to do whatever they want to they can click on something, select things they can click, and they can take any actions according to their requirements.


  1. Is it possible to use multiple
    elements in HTML 5?

Yes, it is possible to use multiple

elements in HTML 5 webpage. The
elements are designed in such a way that They can fulfil the purpose of the parent section. 

Mostly the

tag is used for every type of article and section anyone pages; however,
can be used in all type of articles pages and sections along with the
element, but there is no such requirement of


  1. What do you mean by microdata in HTML 5?

Microdata in HTML can be defined as an ideal method to deliver additional semantics on a web page. Microdata allows the developer or the user to customize different types of elements and initiate embedding custom properties on any webpage. At higher levels, it is possible that microdata me consist of a series or group of name-value pairs. In microdata, the groups are called items, whereas the name-value pairs Are denoted as property. Both the items and properties are demonstrated by the regular elements used in HTML 5.


  1. What do you mean by MathML in HTML 5?

Using mathematical and scientific content is a tough job when it comes to a web page. But HTML 5 provides its user with various types of elements. That will be helpful for them to create any type of content on the web. The math mill is designed to assess the user with the use and reviews of various types of mathematical and scientific content on the web. The use of math ml is not only about making mathematical and some scientific content, but it is also used as a computer algebra system, typesetting printing, voice synthesis, etcetera.

The math ml element is such an element that it is very helpful to encode every type of mathematical representation mathematical notion in a high-quality visual display. 


  1. What is the use of Application cache in HTML 5, and why it should be used?

The HTML 5 has introduced the application cache as a feature that can be utilized to save for store the data of any website in the cached version of any website. The reason why it is being used, or it is necessary to be used, is that it allows a user to access any website without the need for the Internet. It is highly recommended for desktop-based web applications because it is essential for such applications to save data on local systems.


HTML Interview Tips


HTML interview questions are not that tough to go through. But after the release of HTML 5 in the market, It is noticed that there are many new sets of features and facilities are added to HTML 5. 

Back then, it was easy for an aspiring HTML developer to learn every segment or section of HTML and its usage without much difficulty. But now, as HTML 5 has come up with new features in order to make things easier for any developer, so one has to go through a lot of definitions to become much relevant for the HTML interview.

However, going through the above-mentioned questions will help individuals grasp each and every important definition related to HTML 5 easily. 



Moreover, the best way to learn every topic of HTML 5 is practical understanding. One has to practice season every segment or section or even tags of HTML 5 exhaustively in order to learn about their functions and abilities. Learning something practically not only helps a person to grasp the definitions and uses of various features accurately, but it also helps in time management.


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