Amazon Certifications: List of Top AWS certifications in 2022

Amazon Certifications: List of Top AWS certifications in 2022

Amazon Certifications: Which AWS Certification is Right for me?

Online space is now offering various certifications for aspirants in any technology, framework, or methodology. The candidate has to seek out which are the best ones to pursue and further their career path. One of the most preferred choices is Amazon certification. It has individual certifications with four different levels, and the candidates can explore the ones they would like to pursue and get certified. The four levels of Amazon AWS training areas are listed below.

Four levels of AWS Amazon Certifications

 • Foundational

 • Associate

 • Professional

 • Specialty

If the candidate wants to get certified for the foundation course, the eligibility criteria would be six months of industry knowledge as well as the know-how of AWS Cloud. This would, in a nutshell, be Amazon Cloud training. When you complete the course, you will be certified as Amazon Cloud Practitioner. In the AWS associate program, the candidate can choose Solutions Architect certification, Developer certification, and SysOps Administrator certification. It requires the candidate to have a year of experience in solving problems and implementation using AWS Cloud. It would therefore be beneficial to have an Amazon Cloud certification.

The AWS professional level requires two years of comprehensive experience for designing, operating as well as troubleshooting with the help of AWS Cloud. The amazon certification will be given for the Solutions Architect and DevOps Engineer. The last level is a specialization, and the candidate needs to have at least two to five years of experience in the technical domain of expertise, preferably in AWS Cloud, to earn this amazon certification. The next level of amazon certification then will be of advanced networking, Big Data, Security, and Machine learning.

Now it comes to picking which certification can be right for you. Since AWS has ten certifications to choose from with several levels and various disciplines, it can be a hard choice to make. If you have a perception of what you want to pursue and get your career in a particular direction, it would be quite simple to pick the amazon certification(s) of your choice. Since you can get the best possible training and hands-on experience when undertaking the programs that AWS provides you with, it enables you to have a great choice of job opportunities and will be one of the credible grounds to hire you.

The amazon certification has potential career boosts, and the knowledge acquired will help you grow in your chosen field further and make use of the new age tools and technologies in an optimized fashion and give productive results. You can build a career in cloud computing and have several doors open up for you in various industries. It would be a great way of upskilling for those who want to reskill. Amazon Web Services certification can be an essential course to join and grow in your profession and expand your horizons. The Cloud Practitioner certification will give ample opportunity to understand the cloud concepts and apply them to any industry where you are looking to be hired.

Is Amazon Web Services Certification Worth it?

 • The certification validates the fact that you have acquired the knowledge and skills to be able to get certified. It gives the hiring personnel faith that the candidate is in the know-how of the tools and technologies that are required for the job. The employers have an affirmation that the candidate can optimally utilize cloud computing applications or services.

 • The amazon certification can not only open a whole lot of avenues for the candidate but elevate his/her career to a whole new level.

 • The certification can amp your resume, and the candidate will have to work their way up from there and carve a niche for themselves in this competitive field with computer and technology changing every other day.

 • The certifications can boost up the salaries to a great extent, and this is the reason a lot of the already hired personnel also get certified. It is an up-skilling that can assure them of promotions as well as better paychecks. That is if you are willing to work for it.

About AWS Certification Path

As the candidates may ponder when they have to choose among the numerous certifications that are out there, AWS is one of the most promising of the lot because cloud computing has now become the core competency that is sought in today’s enterprises. The shift needs the candidates to change gears and make sure that they learn and pick up the nuances of the new skill sets to be able to design, deploy as well as manage the applications concerning cloud computing.

But when you set into AWS space, you understand that there are several certifications that themselves go into various levels of intricacy, and picking them would be another choice that you will have to make depending on what you want to pursue further in the cloud computing domain. 

Since you got to know about the Amazon Web Services certification, it would be helpful to understand that amazon certification have a lot of significance from credible entities. The candidate can now

 • Get a shared understanding of the platform

 • know of the shared terminology

 • a specific level of cloud expertise

All these will help the candidate to utilize cloud-based projects and accommodate the speed uptime, which will add value to the project. Though the candidate may find that multi-cloud strategies are being employed today in various organizations, this doesn’t diminish the value of AWS, as it has a large percentage of public cloud adoption. The candidates will be put through the rigor, and the course will be providing them with hands-on experience in applying the skill sets that enable them to build on the key concepts.

With the amazon certification program, the person learning will not only be equipped with foundational skills but learn about cloud services and solutions. The candidate will be exposed to the best practices in a cloud architecture that involves handling management and security. Some of the big enterprises find that Amazon Web Services certifications are a valuable component of the internal training programs.

Picking the Right Amazon Certification 

As a candidate who has not yet been hired and is just out of college or university, getting an additional certification from AWS would be added qualification to your CV while seeking employment. Hence you can pick the accreditation that will most help you for the position that you will be seeking your job in or perhaps further your career. It is important to have your basics covered before venturing into niche certification, this makes AWS fundamentals certification rather crucial.

For those who are already employed and want to expand their horizons by learning new-age cloud computing, Amazon certifications can bring you better promotional opportunities in your organization and help you get paid better as well. 

There are twelve Amazon Web Services certifications that Amazon offers, and each is relevant to the person who wants to master the specialty they choose to pursue their career. And if you have the desire to get certified in any of the amazon certifications, AWS offers the best platform for it. There isn’t a necessity to get worried because the process of getting registered is simple enough, and you can set your thoughts on becoming AWS certified in no time. 

AWS does provide white papers as it gives a great insight into the exam, and a lot of your queries could get resolved as well. The aspirant has to put in at least 120 hours of study along with the training and study material, depending on the certification level you are pursuing. Any industry experience you have comes in handy when you tackle the modules of learning.

The foundation course delves into the AWS cloud understanding. It will help those in the

 • technical department

 • managerial level

 • sales teams

The candidate will understand the basic architectural principles and value proposition of the AWS cloud. The important services, as well as the commonly used ones, are highlighted in the course. The understanding of the basic security along with the shared responsibility model and compliance of the AWS cloud. The course touches upon core deployment and operating principles. It is important to be mindful of one’s strengths when pondering which of these AWS certification types to choose.

If you pick associate-level certifications, especially if you are vying for the solutions architect associate position, the associate exam level will help you learn the network technologies that are utilized in AWS. It gives the learner insight of the AWS-based applications and how the interaction happens when the client interfaces connect to the cloud platform. 

The candidate will now be equipped to build reliable and secure applications on AWS. The program concentrates on how hybrid systems function. The projects that are undertaken have to be optimized in scalability on available systems. For this, the candidate has to learn about AWS infrastructure and concepts to know how to implement and deploy AWS. Only after ascertaining the basic training program must one delve into AWS specialty certifications.

Best AWS Certification Training Courses

There is so much to learn and pick up in the certification program that gives the candidate an upper hand in situations that relate to cloud computing like,

 • Data security practices

 • Disaster recovery techniques

 • Troubleshooting

To be an associate certified developer, you can learn how to customize business applications according to organizational needs. It will require the candidate to work on their coding skills so that they learn to know how to utilize the AWS software and based on the applications know to personalize it for the projects that they work on in their firms. As AWS certifications cover the underlying architecture and core services. In this particular certification, the candidate gets the experience of

 • Designing

 • Developing

 • Deploying

 • Maintain applications

It is apparent when you work on AWS cloud-based services you have to look into other aspects such as

 • Databases

 • Notifications

 • Workflow services

 • Services for change and management

The systems operations administrator is another associate program in the AWS certification. The candidate has to have sound knowledge of concepts and technical expertise to move forward in the course. If the candidate has prior knowledge of other operating systems, it would be a great advantage when they are learning about the AWS platform. The candidate can now learn how to send and receive information between the data centers in AWS. The proficiency is achieved to make apt choices of the services that AWS provides to associate them with the organizational needs in an appropriate way. There is a lot of learning based on provisioning, managing, and securing systems in an AWS environment. This could help put you on the path to being AWS certified solutions architect.

For the professional level of certification for the solutions architect, the candidate has to have apt technical skills, which are mandatory. Plus, experience to understand the designing of AWS-based applications is necessary. Those who have already gone through the associate level certification or have been working as associates with the solutions architect will find it easier to comprehend the program better. A couple of years of practical experience comes a long way when you have to design and deploy cloud architecture, which will help you build on a multi-application design that usually is required for most organizations. The candidate can understand the migration of complex application systems in AWS. The knowledge of cost optimization strategies can be ascertained when you enroll in this certification program, which will give you first-hand knowledge of how it is being done. With this set of professional-level skills, one would be on the way to becoming AWS solution architect professional.

Another professional certification that AWS provides is the DevOps engineer.  The course offers a paramount focus on continuous delivery and automation processes. It heavily depends on the Agile development methodology. The candidate will have to have a strong foundation in application development to be able to set up the system and monitor it. There is a need to work on logging systems on the AWS platform.

There are specialty courses as well for

 • Data analytics

 • Advanced networking

 • security

 • Alexa skill builder

 • Machine learning

 • Database

You can now be an AWS certified from Amazon and develop new skills.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Certifications you must consider

AWS Solution Architect Certification

AWS Developer Associate Certification

AWS SysOps Associate Certification


Since technology keeps changing, there is a need to be updated on the latest developments, For this, the candidate can go for recertification programs, which will help them to be abreast with what is best practices, software, and implementation updates. In this regard getting an Amazon AWS certification can go a long way in trying to stay relevant in this ever-evolving field of modern technology. It would be beneficial to take up AWS online training from a reputed certification platform like Sprintzeal, which offer Amazon training and certification of a very high standard.

If you are aspiring to make a career or enhance your current career in the field of cloud computing, you can take up our AWS Training and certification. To know more about AWS courses, you can reach us at Click Here or directly chat with our course expert online.

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