Data Visualization-Benefits and Tools

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Data Visualization-Benefits and Tools

Data Visualization: Introduction, Emergence, Tools, and Benefits




Representation of data in a pictorial or graphical format with an attempt to help readers understand the information better is termed as Data Visualization.


This modern form of visual communication enhances the chances of readers perceiving important data quickly and effectively.


It focuses on the fact that details like statistics, trends, and correlations are often overlooked by the readers.


However, such information holds great potential and brings benefits when analyzed carefully. With it, the display of information becomes easy and less complicated; focusing majorly on vital information.


Emergence of Data Visualization


Over the years, data visualization has evolved immensely and made major contributions to the concepts of information analysis.

Although the transformation was gradual and points back to wall drawings from ancient times as its inception, technically, it emerged in the second half of the 20th century. It was Jacques Bertin who introduces quantitative graphs as a means of representing data effectively.

Later, this concept was elevated and taken to the next level with the contributions of John Turkey and Edward Tufte. It evolved into a worldwide practice with the involvement of technical aspects and software. It made a huge impact on the world of statistics and offered a wide range of benefits to the users.


Data Visualization Tools and Techniques

Coming to the usage and application, we bring you a quick list of the most popular of tools and techniques in data,


Data Visualization Tools 



Aiming for individual use and a better understanding of data, Tableau is certainly the most popular data visualization tool used worldwide. It is used to create visualizations using dashboards and workbooks.

Tableau focuses primarily on helping the user understand the presented data easily. This business intelligence data tool is a must-have.



Data Wrapper

Popular in media organizations, Data Wrapper is one of the simplest, easy to use data tool. It is used to create basic interactive charts by uploading CSV data. Within minutes, the charts encompassing uploaded information are ready for use. The layout is clear and concise which helps a reader understand the data easily.



Fusion charts

Fusion charts are a go-to tool for developers. It allows individuals to simplify complex data in order to make the most out of it. It offers JavaScript charts of about 95+ varieties and about 1500 maps for web and mobile apps.




Plotly is one of the most user-friendly data tools. It allows APIs such as Salesforce and contains open-source visualization libraries of Matlab, R, JavaScript, and python. It is a versatile data tool that offers statistical tools and options like online graphing for a better visual experience.


Benefits of Data Visualization Tools


To understand how beneficial data visualization tools are, one needs to first understand the extent, severity, and complexity of issues that rose due to big data.


With every passing moment, data is being generated at a rapid pace. Storing this data is complex yet essential.


The insights and conclusions derived from these huge chunks of data sets are invaluable to several businesses. Hence, it plays a pivotal role in analyzing this data and helping the reader understand it better.


Listed below are the top benefits,


  • Quick Access to Crucial Business Insights
  • A better understanding of the relationship between performance and operations
  • Faster to process when compared to text form of data
  • Avoids missing out on information data
  • Helps in identifying patterns and trends
  • Accurate Customer Behavior Analysis
  • Steady growth in business can be maintained by using the tools and keeping a track of data available
  • A better comprehension of data
  • Can use data to depict a story effectively
  • Helps the audience perceive the information faster and better
  • A great asset for visual learners
  • Customized Data-Visualization
  • Increases in productivity and sales




With the involvement of machine learning and artificial intelligence, data visualization is entering a new era. As it helps process and perceives data easily, it is widely adopted by all kinds of businesses.


In order to grow, having a stronghold of the market is important. With data visualization, businesses are well equipped to keep track of the current market, customer behavior and derive conclusions from the past data.


Handling big data is one thing and making the most of the information derived from it is the other.


As a result, data visualization and its tools are not going out of focus anytime soon as they seem to have a promising future.


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