Top DevOps Interview Questions and Answers 2024

Top DevOps Interview Questions and Answers 2024

Most Popular DevOps Interview Questions and Answers In 2024

DevOps represents Development and Operations. It is another type of programming development that has changed how programming items are created and appropriated.

The DevOps approach centers around giving continuous, more modest updates as opposed to uncommon large capabilities. IT operations profit by DevOps.

Before the appearance of DevOps, a few concerns stayed characteristic for the IT group. This brought about the IT group confronting some degree of undesired doubt.

Notwithstanding, that all changed with the passage of DevOps Interview Questions, which permits the IT operations to impart these worries to the remainder of the association, bringing about upgraded straightforwardness and better coordination between the IT operations and different groups. 

From the basic, advanced, and technical sets, an interviewer may evaluate and determine a candidate's value and skills with random DevOps questions.

So, review the sample DevOps questions to enhance your readiness with the subject with an interviewer during a job interview. Dive into the top lists of DevOps questions to ace the interview in this article.

List Of Top DevOps Interview Questions and Answers In 2024

The accompanying segment includes the top DevOps Interview Questions and Answers that will draw an idea of the viva process.

Exercise the curated DevOps questions sets that will set you up for your next DevOps interview:

Basic DevOps Interview Questions and Answers

The basic DevOps questions a candidate should stay prepared for are:

Question: What are the various stages in DevOps?

Answer: DevOps is essentially characterized by 6 stages. Its stages are in a specific cycle. In any case, all the stages are not isolated by limits, and no stage starts regardless of whether the past one has finished.

Presently, we should consider the DevOps cycle stage in more detail.


Arranging and programming development is the principal period of the DevOps lifecycle. This stage includes understanding the task appropriately for a definitive work objective of its members.

This likewise takes care of the different periods of development and operations. It's likewise significant that associations are prepared on instruments and measurements to have enough clearness of the undertaking's administration.


The task gets worked by planning framework, composing codes, characterizing tests, or via robotization measure in this stage.

The proof is significant in this stage. In overseeing applications, and operations with information, designers store codes in a code supervisor, which permits seeing, forming, and substantially more.

Persistent Integration

This stage computerizes the system of approval, testing. This has an interesting component that guarantees the development climate is appropriately and afterward distributed in an administration that coordinates it with the excess applications.

Computerized Deployment

DevOps animates organizations' computerization by instruments and contents with a definitive objective of tackling the entire cycle with the enactment of an element.

The main part of this stage is the cloud's appearance, as a code that powers a change from a limited framework the executives to lasting cost advancement on the board.


Generally, all operations identified with DevOps happen ceaselessly for the duration of the programming life, as there is a dynamic change in the framework.

This stage gives occasions to change, accessibility, and adaptability.


This stage is a lasting period of the DevOps cycle. DevOps screens and investigates data that shows the current status of the application.

Advanced DevOps Interview Questions and Answers

Given below are the advanced DevOps questions with it answers that are subjective.

Question: Why has DevOps acquired prominence in the course of recent years?

Answer: Nowadays, DevOps Interview Questions and answers are of extraordinary interest in the current business, and numerous organizations are enthusiastically needing to put resources into DevOps' ability.

A portion of the gigantic global organizations, for example, Facebook and Netflix, are putting their cash and time in DevOps for computerization and pacing up application arrangement as each huge industry needs to see some mechanization in the coming years.

It encourages the associations to develop and extend their organizations to create enormous incomes. Its ubiquity keeps on filling popular as tech rivalry increments as most organizations begin embracing DevOps rehearses.

At that point, it turns out to be significantly more significant for the contenders to put resources into comparable or better development works on, expanding requests. 

DevOps usage has given provable outcomes in organizations that fight for higher effectiveness, with its innovation principles; tech laborers can execute codes quicker than any time in recent memory and with lesser blunders.

As of now, more shoppers and organizations depend on cloud programming as it requires quick arrangements to meet the purchaser's needs without intruding on administrations; this expands client selection of cloud programming like DevOps throughout the long term.

Question: What is the distinction between Ansible and Puppet?

Answer: Today, DevOps experts need to oversee and control a colossal number of workers facilitating, so for this, they need outstanding development in registering just as an innovation, for example, virtualization and distributed computing.

Accordingly, Puppet and Ansible are the apparatuses that are utilized for dealing with countless workers.

These are likewise called Remote Execution and Configuration Management instruments, and it permits the administrator to perform or execute the orders on numerous workers all the while.

For the most part, its primary element is to keep up and design a great many workers at a solitary time. Aside from this, Ansible and Puppet have significant contrasts directly from the second and can be separated concerning numerous systems as demonstrated as follows:

- Classification
- Ansible
- Manikin
- Adaptability
- Adaptability in Ansible is advantageous and basic.
- Manikin likewise offers adaptability; however, someplace needs when contrasted with ansible
- The executives and Scheduling
- In ansible, setup gets pushed to the hubs from the worker for better work of code.
- In manikin, setup gets pulled from the chosen worker.


- It is completely distributed in Python and utilizations YAML grammar to pass on or compose designs.
- It is written in Ruby and utilizations definitive language to frame the arrangements.
- Accessibility if there should be an occurrence of disappointments
- For this situation, accessibility will have lesser concerns as the subordinate hub is available if there should be any nodal disappointment.
- For this situation, numerous expert workers are available so that if the first expert comes up short, it doesn't stop the progressing task.


- The vault of Ansible will be Ansible Galaxy, where all the data is put away.
- A storage facility of the manikin is Puppet manufacture, which has 6000 modules.

Setting up and Usage

- Ansible has an expert that runs the customer machine and composes the setup to oversee errands.
- Manikin utilizes customer worker engineering to oversee complex errands.

Question: What are the advantages of utilizing the Version Control System (VCS)?

Answer: The vital advantages of Version Control are as per the following:

- With the Version Control System (VCS), all the laborers are permitted to get to the document uninhibitedly whenever. It additionally permits consolidating all the progressions that are made in a typical rendition.
- It is intended to help various individuals by cooperatively altering text documents, which makes sharing relatively simple between different PCs.
- It is significant for archives that require a great deal of redrafting and correction as they give a review trail to redrafting and refreshing last forms.
- It allows all the colleagues to approach the total history of the venture. If there should be any breakdown in the focal worker, we can utilize any partner's storage facility.
- All the past adaptations and variations are adroitly gotten together inside the VCS. Any adaptation is mentioned whenever to get data about the past complete ventures.


Question: What is the reason for designing the board in DevOps?

Answer: The board's Configuration helps in mechanizing undertakings that are generally tedious and monotonous and upgrades an association's readiness.

It brings consistency and improves the cycle of an item/administration by smoothing out the plan, documentation, control, and execution of changes during different periods of the undertaking.

Question: What is the motivation behind AWS in DevOps?

Answer: AWS administrations uphold the robotization of manual assignments and cycles that help engineers fabricate applications quicker and more proficiently.

These cycles can be sending, developing, testing work processes, arranging the board, and compartment the executives.

Technical DevOps Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some technical DevOps questions and their answers,

Question: What is the contrast between a brought together and dispersed variant control framework (VCS)?

Answer: In a brought-together storehouse framework, the archive is situated in a focal area, and customers access this framework when they need something.

In such a rendition control framework, the store is constantly refreshed with the most recent changes. The progressions are straightforwardly dedicated to the focal framework; consequently, all the customers consistently approach the most recent code. CVS and SVN are instances of concentrated VCS.

In a conveyed VCS, everybody in the group has their vault, which reflects the focal store. It gives adaptability, as one can work disconnected. When the progressions must be focused on the focal framework, you should be on the web.

This makes circulated VCS quicker. Git and Mercurial are disseminated VCS.

Question: What is git stash?

Answer: Git stash order is utilized to save the progressions incidentally in the working index. This gives engineers a spotless index to chip away at.

They can later union the adjustments in the git work process. If this order is utilized, the adjustments in the followed documents are converged in the working index. Git stash order can be utilized commonly in the git index. It is utilized as a git stash.

Question: What is a union clash in Git, and how might it be settled?

Answer: Merge clashes happen when changes are made to a solitary document by numerous individuals simultaneously. Because of this, Git won't have the option to tell which of the various forms is the right form.

To determine the contentions, we ought to make another Git repo, add a record, make a branch, make the alters, and submit the changes.

The following stage is to combine the new branch with the expert. Whenever this is done, Git unmistakably shows the distinctions in the record's various renditions and where the alters should be made to eliminate the contentions.

Question: What is Selenium utilized for?

Answer: Selenium is utilized for nonstop testing in DevOps. The apparatus spends significant time in utilitarian and relapse types of testing.

Question: What do you comprehend Puppet in DevOps?

Answer: It is a design of the executives' apparatus that is utilized for mechanizing organization assignments. Manikin utilizes the Master-Slave design in which the two substances impart employing a scrambled channel.

Framework administrators need to play out a ton of monotonous undertakings, outstandingly introducing and arranging workers.

Composing contents for mechanizing such undertakings is an alternative; however, it becomes chaotic when the framework is huge. Setup, the executives, is an extraordinary workaround for this.

Question: DevOps has something many refer to as CI. What is it, and what is its motivation?

Answer: CI in DevOps represents Continuous Integration. CI is a development practice in which designers incorporate code into a shared store on various occasions in a solitary day.

Constant Integration of development and testing improves the product's nature, just as diminishing the complete time needed for conveyance.

The designer has broken the construct if a colleague registering in code runs with an accumulation of disappointment.

Accordingly, different engineers can't synchronize with the shared source code vault without bringing assemblage blunders into their own workspaces.

This upsets the collective and shared development measures. Consequently, it's critical to recognize and address the issue right away when a CI form breaks.

Normally, a CI cycle incorporates a setup of the unit, combination, and relapse tests that run each time the gathering succeeds.

On the off chance that any of the previously mentioned tests fall flat, the CI form is viewed as unsteady (which is basic during an Agile run when development is continuous) and not broken.

Scenario Based DevOps Interview Questions and Answers

Take a look at a few of the scenario based DevOps questions along with their answers,

Question: More frequently than not, we hear move left in DevOps. What's going on here?

Answer: The conventional programming development lifecycle, when diagrammed on paper, has different sides, left and right.

While the left half of the chart incorporates plan and development, the correct side incorporates creation arranging, stress testing, and client acknowledgment.

To move left in DevOps basically implies the need of taking the same number of errands on the privilege, for example, that ordinarily occurs close to the furthest limit of the application development measure and joins them into prior phases of a DevOps strategy.

Question: What do you comprehend by holders?

Answer: Containers are a type of lightweight virtualization that helps in giving disengagement among measures. Holders are heavier than a chroot yet lighter than a hypervisor.

Question: Microservices is a centerpiece of DevOps. Would you be able to name any two mainstream Java development structures for making microservices?

Answer: There are a few Java structures that permit making microservices. In any case, Eclipse MicroProfile and Spring Boot stand apart from the crowd as the two driving Java development systems utilized in DevOps for making microservices.

Question: What do you comprehend by a Version Control System (VCS)? Characterize its employments.

Answer: A Version Control System or VCS is a framework equipped for recording changes made to a document or a gathering of records over the long run.

Git and Mercurial are two of the most well-known variant control frameworks.

Question: What are the posthumous gatherings?

Answer: On many occasions, there is a need to talk about what turned out badly during a DevOps cycle. For this, posthumous gatherings are organized.

These gatherings yield steps that ought to be taken to maintain a strategic distance from similar disappointment or set of disappointments later on for which the gathering was masterminded in any case.

Question: Draw an examination between Asset Management and Configuration Management.

Answer: The way toward observing just as keeping up things of significant worth to a substance or gathering is called Asset Management.

Design Management alludes to controlling, recognizing, getting ready for, and checking the arrangement things inside help on the side of Change Management.

DevOps Interview Questions and Answers for Beginners

Few of the DevOps questions and answers for beginners include,

Question: What is DevOps?

Answer: DevOps is the worth-added practice wherein the development, just as operation engineers, cooperate from the underlying purpose of planning an item to sending in the business sectors.

Question: What is the essential reason for DevOps?

Answer: DevOps is a social move wherein cooperation and operation groups cooperate through the item or administration life cycle.

Question: Which strategy is DevOps identified with?

Answer: DevOps is identified with an Agile strategy.

Question: What are the needs in DevOps?

Answer: The needs in DevOps incorporate assets of the board, collaboration, and correspondence.

Question: What are the advantages of DevOps?

Answer: The different advantages of DevOps incorporate advancement, strength, usefulness, and speed.


DevOps Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced

Given below are the DevOps questions with their answers at the experienced level,

Question: What is the contrast between Git get and Git pull?

Answer: Git pull is normal that pulls any new submit from a focal archive to refresh the objective branch.

Git brings pulls any new submits from just the ideal branch and afterward stores them into another brand of the nearby storehouse.

Question: What is Forking Workflow?

Answer: Forking Workflow gives each engineer their administration side archives, along these lines supporting open source projects.

Question: How is Forking Workflow better than Git Workflow?

Answer: Forking Workflow is superior to Git Workflow since it helps coordinate the commitments of various designers without requiring everybody to push to a solitary focal archive for cleaning project history.

Hence the designers are permitted to push their worker side storehouses, and consequently, the task maintainer will push to the authority archive.

Question: What is Git rebase?

Answer: Git rebases an order intended to coordinate the progressions starting with one branch and then onto the next brand.

Question: How is Git rebase unique concerning Git consolidation?

Answer: Git rebases unique concerning Git consolidate because, on Git rebase, the component branch is moved to the expert branch's completion point.

Notwithstanding, on Git blend, the combining adds to another submit in the set of experiences wherein history doesn't change; however, the expert branch is changed.

Question: Can we move or duplicate Jenkins starting with one worker and then onto the next?

Answer: Yes, we can move or duplicate the Jenkins from one worker to another. For example, duplicating the Jenkins occupations catalog can be moved from the more established worker to the new worker.

Thusly, the establishment can be moved to start with one establishment and then onto the next by replicating in the comparing position registry.

Question: Can we make another duplicate of a current Jenkins work?

Answer: Yes, we can make another duplicate of a current Jenkins work by making a clone of the catalog in an alternate name.

Question: What is the distinction between consistent testing and robotization testing?

Answer: In nonstop testing, executing the mechanized test is important for the product conveyance measure. Interestingly, mechanization testing is a cycle wherein the manual cycle of testing is applied wherein the different testing apparatus help the designers make test contents that can be executed repeatedly with no sort of manual intercession.

Question: What is the job of a Selenium Grid?

Answer: The part of a Selenium Grid is to execute the equivalent or diverse test contents and that too on various stages and programs to make the dispersed test execution.

It helps in testing under different conditions and offers a capacity to save execution time.

Advanced DevOps Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced

A few of the advanced DevOps questions and their answers include,

Question: What is a consistent mix?

Answer: Continuous mix, otherwise called a persistent conveyance pipeline, incorporates elements of fabricating, sending, testing, and delivery.

It is an efficient element and assembles occupations that are incorporated and chained into a specific arrangement.

Question: What is a Puppet Module?

Answer: Puppet Module is an assortment of shows and information, including documents, layouts, and realities with a particular registry structure.

Question: How is the Puppet Module not the same as Puppet Manifest?

Answer: Puppet Manifests utilize the .pp augmentation. They are Puppet programs, which comprise the Puppet Code.

Then again, Puppet Modules coordinates different sorts of Puppet Manifests that can part the Puppet code with it.

Question: What is Ansible's work in DevOps?

Answer: Ansible work is an open-source robotization device utilized in DevOps.

Question: Can we introduce Ansible to the controlling machines?

Answer: Yes, we can introduce Ansible to the controlling machine by utilizing the machine hubs dealt with SSH assistance.

Question: Are Ansible agentless apparatus? What are its advantages?

Answer: Yes, Ansible is an agentless apparatus since it doesn't need any compulsory establishments on the distant hubs.

The advantages of the Ansible instrument incorporate the accompanying:

- Assignment robotization

- Arrangement the board

- Application arrangement


That finishes the rundown of the Top DevOps Interview Questions and answers. Notwithstanding expanding your odds of making sure about a DevOps work, these will help you improve your present degree of DevOps Interview Questions understanding. 

DevOps Interview Questions Preparation Course will make you one stride nearer to your next DevOps work.

DevOps interview won't have DevOps Interview Questions just about DevOps; the interviewer will surely ask you some nonexclusive programming development inquiries.

To learn about DevOps tools, DevOps methodologies and DevOps implementation methods for better business, you can take up the DevOps Certification Training offered by Sprintzeal and earn a certification that’ll enhance your career.

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