Top Selenium Interview Questions and Answers 2024

Top Selenium Interview Questions and Answers 2024

Most Asked Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

Testing is an urgent stage in the product improvement life cycle (SDLC). Manual testing, specifically, includes the actual execution of experiments against the applications to recognize bugs and mistakes. In any case, manual testing represented a ton of difficulties, and a technique to robotize the testing cycle was sought after.

Accordingly, Selenium, an amazing mechanized testing apparatus, was presented. In this way, here's the tragic part, Selenium can just test web applications. Desktop and versatile applications can't be tried utilizing Selenium Interview Questions and Answers.

Notwithstanding, different devices, similar to HP's QTP and Appium, among others, can be utilized to test programming and portable applications. Setting the specialized questions aside, you may likewise be asked not many Selenium interesting interview inquiries, relating to why just Selenium, and no other device?

Selenium is open source and its simple selection has procured itself the tag of being the banner kid of web testing devices.

With an astounding 300 percent expansion in occupation postings in the course of recent years, testing has introduced itself as a passage point into the IT world for experts from different areas. Associations are chasing experts with Selenium Interview Questions and Answers.


Keeping readiness with the interview is the best, especially with viva’s can be overwhelming, here is a rundown of top selenium questions with their answers.

Basically, these selenium questions have been curated at an expert and experienced level.

These sets of selenium questions one should know to ace it in software testing and automation-related interviews.

Let’s start with basic Selenium Interview Questions and Answers that are subjective.

These selenium questions will lay an idea of how the candidate can expect the question to be from the interviewers.


Basic Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

Selenium Interview Questions 1

Why and how might you utilize an Excel Sheet in your undertaking? 

The explanation we use Excel sheets is on the grounds that it very well may be utilized as an information hotspot for tests. The utilization of Excel sheets usually has a lot of functions hidden which are usually found during data-driven testing.

The user can also take the help of a dominates sheet which is mostly used for proper storage of several informational indexes during the entire process

At the point when you utilize the dominate sheet as an information source, you can store the accompanying:

Application URL for all conditions: You can indicate the URL of the climate where you need to do the testing like improvement climate or testing climate or QA climate or organizing climate or creation/pre-creation climate.

Client name and secret key accreditations of various conditions: You can store the entrance certifications of the various applications/conditions in the dominant sheet.

Storing all the data is actually a very easy process as a user can easily store them in an encoded design. Storing the data in encoded design can help the user in utilizing all the data at any point the user desires to.

Experiments to be executed: You can list down the whole arrangement of experiments in a section and in the following segment, you can determine either Yes or No which demonstrates on the off chance that you need that specific experiment to be executed or disregarded.

At the point when you utilize the dominant sheet for Data-Driven Test, you can store the information for various emphasis to be acted in the tests.

For instance, while testing a website page, the various arrangements of info information that should be passed to the text box can be put away in the dominant sheet.


What Do We Understand by Page Object Model?

Web UI components actually e mid a fundamental requirement of several object respiratory functions. The object respiratory functions can actually be designed with the usage of the tool named as a page object model. Every webpage has a fundamental requirement of several relating page classes and this tool helps in finding out several web elements.

The weather elements are a very important part when a designer is actually designing a web page to perform the procedure.


What do we understand by page factory?

In the simplest form, we can describe the page factory to be an upgraded version of the page object model. This indicates that the page factory tool actually has all the components that were previously present in the page object model.

But the press factory tool actually introduces several other functions which make the functionality of the page object model much more. It has a better arrangement making it more suitable and convenient for the reader to compose an article.

Comments for components can likewise be made (and suggested) as the portraying properties may not generally be sufficiently enlightening to separate one item from the other.


List down the different sorts of web finders.

Finder is an order that discloses to Selenium IDE which GUI components ( State Text Box, Buttons, Check Boxes, and so forth) it needs to work on. Finders determine the region of activity. Finder by ID: It takes a string boundary which is an estimation of the ID trait which restores the item to findElement() strategy.


Finder by the connection: If you’re focused on the component is a connection text then you can utilize the by.linkText finder to find that component.

driver.findElement(By.linkText("Today's deals")).click();

Finder by Partial connection: The objective connection can be found utilizing a bit of text in a connection text component.


Finder by Name: The main component with the name characteristic worth coordinating the area will be returned.


Finder by TagName: Locates all the components with the coordinating label name


Finder by classname: This discovers components dependent on the estimation of the CLASS characteristic. In the event that a component has numerous classes, at that point, this will coordinate against every one of them.


Finder by XPath: It takes a boundary of String which is an XPATHEXPRESSION and it restores an item to findElement() strategy.

driver.findElement(By.xpath("//span[contains(text(),'an account')]")).getText();

Finder by CSS Selector: Locates components dependent on the driver's fundamental CSS selector motor.



What are the kinds of holds up upheld by WebDriver? 

Verifiable stand by - Implicit sit-tight orders Selenium to sit tight for a specific measure of time prior to tossing a "No such component" exemption.

driver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(TimeOut, TimeUnit.SECONDS);

Stand by pause = new FluentWait(WebDriver reference).withTimeout(timeout, SECONDS).pollingEvery(timeout, SECONDS).ignoring(Exception.class);


Notice the kinds of route orders 

driver.navigate().to(""); - Allows you to be navigated towards the URL

driver.navigate().refresh(); - This technique invigorates the flow page

driver.navigate().forward(); - This technique does likewise activity as tapping on the Forward Button of any program. \

driver.navigate().back(); - This strategy does likewise activity as tapping on the Back Button of any program. It neither acknowledges nor brings anything back.


What are the major differences between driver.close() and driver.quit()? 


This order shuts the program's present window. On the off chance that numerous windows are open, the current window of the center will be shut.


When stopped() is approached the driver occasion and there are at least one program windows open, it shuts all the open program windows.


What is the entire procedure to insert a text in the infobox utilizing selenium?

sendKeys() is the strategy used to type text in infoboxes

Think about the accompanying model -

WebElement email = driver.findElement("email")); - Finds the "email" text utilizing the ID finder

email.sendKeys(""); - Enters text into the URL field

WebElement secret key = driver.findElement("Password"));


What is POM (Page Object Model)?

One of the most important functions while using selenium is the page object model. we understand that every page on the application has a lot of relative information and several web components.

Getting access to watch all the web components and modifying the plan of designs and several objectives is only possible with the usage of the page object model.

It actually fundamentally improves the usability of a page when it comes to reusability and meaningfulness.


Will CAPTCHA be computerized? 

No, Selenium can't robotize CAPTCHA. Selenium is actually a very important part of the entire web function as it does care about the users. Selenium actually does not refer to robotizing CAPTCHA.

There are numerous sensitive data in information which are present over the web page and CAPTCHA basically uses several computerized programs to access them. Welcome to the analysis of CAPTCHA, there is a very fundamental requirement of physical analysis by an engineer who has knowledge in different fields related to CAPTCHA.


How are Windows-based pop-ups handled?

Windows-based highlights are not locally upheld by Selenium. Selenium actually does not entertain the usage of several third-party instruments such as a robot or autoIT.

Synonym has a well-coordinated ideologist to deal with popups with the usage of several different windows-based highlights to make the usage more convenient.


Advanced Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

Selenium Interview Questions 2

Is there an approach to type in a textbox without utilizing sendKeys()? 

Here the Text can be gone into a textbox utilizing JavaScriptExecutor

JavascriptExecutor jse = (JavascriptExecutor) driver;



How to choose an incentive from a dropdown in Selenium WebDriver? 

The objects of Select kind can be introduced bypassing the dropdown web elements as a boundary to its constructor.

WebElement testDrop = driver.findElement("testingDropdown"));

Select dropdown = new Select(testDrop);

WebDriver offers three different ways to choose from a dropdown:

selectByIndex: Selection dependent on record beginning from 0


selectByValue: Selection dependent on worth


selectByVisibleText: Selection of choice that shows text coordinating the given contention

dropdown.selectByVisibleText("The Alchemist");


What does the switchTo() order do? 

switchTo() order is utilized to switch between windows, casings, or pop-ups inside the application. Each window launched by the WebDriver is given a one-of-a-kind alphanumeric worth called "Window Handle".

Get the window handle of the window you wish to change to

String handle= driver.getWindowHandle();

Change to the ideal window


On the other hand

for(String handle= driver.getWindowHandles())

{ driver.switchTo().window(handle); }


How to transfer a record in Selenium WebDriver? 

You can accomplish this by utilizing sendkeys() or Robot class technique. Find the content box and set the record way utilizing sendkeys() and snap on submit button

WebElement peruse =driver.findElement("uploadfile"));

Pass the way of the document to be transferred utilizing sendKeys technique



How to set program window size in Selenium? 

The window size can be boosted, set or resized

To boost the window


To set the window size

Measurement d = new Dimension(400,600);


On the other hand,

The window size can be reset utilizing JavaScriptExecutor

((JavascriptExecutor)driver).executeScript("window.resizeTo(1024, 768)");


When do we use findElement() and findElements()? 

findElement() is utilized to get to any single component on the website page. It restores the object of the primary coordinating component of the predetermined finder.

General grammar:

WebElement component = driver.findElement(;

find element() is utilized to locate all the components in the current website page coordinating the predetermined finder esteem.

General language structure:

Rundown elementList = driver.findElements(;


What is an interruption on an exemption in Selenium IDE? 

The client can utilize this component to deal with special cases by tapping the respite symbol on the top right corner of the IDE. At the point when the content finds a special case, it stops at that specific assertion and enters a troubleshooting mode.

The whole experiment doesn't come up short, and thus the client can redress the mistake right away.


What is the complete procedure with which a person can log in to the site even if there is an indication of an authentication popup for the username and password?

To deal with confirmation pop-ups, check their appearance and afterward handle them utilizing an unequivocal stand-by order.

Utilize the unequivocal stand-by order

WebDriverWait pause = new WebDriverWait(driver, 10);

Ready class is utilized to confirm the alarm

Ready caution = wait.until(ExpectedConditions.alertIsPresent());

When checked, give the accreditations

alert.authenticateUsing(new UserAndPassword(, ));


What are the huge changes in overhauls in different Selenium renditions? 

The first version or also commonly known as selenium v1 actually consisted of three setup instruments. The three set up instruments are the selenium IDE, SELENIUM RC, and the selenium grid.

There was no usage of the WebDriver in the selenium version 1. With the beginning of WebDriver, Selenium RC got belittled and isn't being used since. More seasoned renditions of RC are accessible on the lookout; however, yet uphold for RC isn't accessible. Selenium 4 is really the most recent form.


Experienced Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

Selenium Interview Questions 3

Clarify the various exemptions in Selenium WebDriver. 

Exemptions in Selenium are like special cases in other programming dialects. The most widely recognized exemptions in Selenium are:

TimeoutException: This exemption is tossed when an order playing out an activity doesn't finish in the specified time

NoSuchElementException: This special case is tossed when a component with given ascribes isn't found on the website page

ElementNotVisibleException: This exemption is tossed when the component is available in DOM (Document Object Model), however not noticeable on the site page

StaleElementException: This exemption is tossed when the component is either erased or not, at this point joined to the DOM.


What is the exemption test in Selenium?

The exception test is actually a special case test. this is performed by the users in a special case that redirects them into a test class. The user has the rule to compose several experiments in order that it should toss an exemption.

It is a very important note that the user should follow that the exemption tool should actually help in utilization of the #test comment whenever it is required without any reference to the boundaries.

Investigate the model underneath: @Test(expected exception = NoSuchElementException.class) Do take note of the language structure, where the exemption is suffixed with .class.


What are the Selenium suite parts? 

It comprises the following parts:

Selenium IDE

It is a Firefox/Chrome module that was created to accelerate the production of mechanization contents. It records the client activities on the internet browser and fares them as reusable content.


Selenium Remote Control (RC)

The selenium RC is actually a tool that provides the clients with permission to have access to the composition of the application to test different programming dialects. The orders from the test content are acknowledged by this worker and are shipped off the program as Selenium center JavaScript orders. The program at that point carries on likewise.


The Selenium WebDriver

It makes an arrangement to follow up on web components. Dissimilar to RC, WebDriver doesn't need an extra worker and cooperates locally with the program applications.


Selenium Grid

The matrix was intended to circulate orders to various machines all the while. It permits the equal execution of tests on various programs and distinctive working frameworks. It is outstandingly adaptable and is coordinated with other suite parts for synchronous execution.


What are the various kinds of WAIT articulations in Selenium WebDriver? Or then again, the question can be outlined this way: How would you accomplish synchronization in WebDriver? 

Verifiable stand-by educates the WebDriver to sit tight for quite a while by surveying the DOM. Whenever you have announced a certain pause, it will be accessible for the whole existence of the WebDriver case. Of course, the worth will be 0. On the off chance that you set a more drawn-out default, at that point, the conduct will survey the DOM on an occasional premise contingent upon the program/driver usage.

Unequivocal stand-by trains the execution to sit tight for quite a while until some condition is accomplished. A portion of those conditions to be accomplished are:





What are various kinds of structures? 

The various kinds of structures are:

Information-Driven Framework

At the point when the whole test information is created from some outer documents like Excel, CSV, XML, or some data set in the table, at that point, it is called a Data-Driven structure.

Catchphrase Driven Framework

At the point when just the directions and activities are written in an alternate document like an Excel worksheet, it is called Keyword Driven structure.

Crossbreed Framework

A blend of both the Data-Driven structure and the Keyword Driven system is called the Hybrid system.


What are the major components of selenium testing?

Inaccessibility of dependable technical support: Since Selenium is an open-source instrument, it doesn't have devoted technical support to determine the client inquiries.

Tests web applications just: Selenium should be coordinated with outsider apparatuses like Appium and TestNG to test desktop and portable applications. Restricted help for picture testing. No underlying announcing and test the executive's office: Selenium must be incorporated with apparatuses like TestNG, or JUnit among others to encourage test revealing and the board.

It may require the information on programming dialects: Selenium WebDriver anticipates that the client should have some essential information about programming.


What are the trying kinds upheld by Selenium? 

Selenium underpins Regression testing and Functional testing.

Relapse testing - It is a full or incomplete choice of effectively executed experiments that are re-executed to guarantee existing functionalities turn out great.

Relapse test determination: Tests are delegated highlight tests, combination tests, and the start to finish tests. In this progression, a portion of the tests is chosen.

Prioritization of experiments: The chosen experiments are organized dependent on business sway and basic functionalities.

Practical testing - Functional Testing includes the confirmation of each capacity of the application with the necessary determination.

Coming up next are the means in question:

- Recognize test input

- Register test result

- Execute test

- Contrast the test result and the genuine result


What is the distinction between Selenium 2.0 and Selenium 3.0? 

Selenium has physically been considerable progress in which several versions of it come out with more functions to benefit the users. Selenium 2.2 is actually an apparatus with several improvised and better-mechanized tests which makes the usage of the web applications much simpler and easy to access.

It has major features which are present in the first version and it prioritizes the importance of the complete change in the culture of selenium.

Selenium 3.0 is the all-encompassing adaptation of Selenium 2.0. It is characteristically in reverse viable and doesn't include Selenium RC. The new form joined a few bug fixes and expanded security.


What is the equivalent inception strategy, and how could it be taken care of? 

Same Origin strategy is a component received for security purposes. As per this strategy, an internet browser permits contents from one website page to get to the substance of another page given both the pages have a similar birthplace. The root alludes to a blend of the URL conspire, hostname, and port number.

A similar Origin Policy forestalls noxious content on one page to get too touchy information on another website page.

Selenium RC was acquainted with addressing this. The worker goes about as a customer arranged HTTP intermediary and "stunts" the program into accepting that Selenium Core and the web application being tried come from a similar source.


What is Selenese? How could it be grouped? 

Selenese is the arrangement of Selenium orders which are utilized to test your web application. The analyzer can test the messed-up connections, the presence of some article on the UI, Ajax usefulness, alarms, window, list alternatives, and much additionally utilizing Selenese.

Activity: Commands which communicate straightforwardly with the application

Accessors: Allow the client to store certain qualities to a client-characterized variable

Declarations: Verifies the present status of the application with a normal state

Here ends the list of Selenium Interview Questions and Answers. We hope you found this compilation helpful.

To explore certification programs in your field, chat with our experts, and find the certification that fits your career requirements.

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