Guide to Becoming a Certified Scrum Master in 2021

By Aradhya Kumar

Last updated on Apr 29 2020

Guide to Becoming a Certified Scrum Master in 2021

Guide to Scrum Master Certification 2021 


Who is a certified scrum master?

Certified Scrum Masters are the scrum leaders. With a stronghold on the scrum framework they are well prepared and responsible to facilitate and help a team to succeed, as it is the main role of the scrum master. As every company needs a CEO to monitor, so does an agile team in a company that needs a Scrum master.

Also, they are mainly responsible for building a team, protecting the team from outside distractions, and diversions so that productivity can be increased.  The perks of being a project manager in scrum are that, they get a huge potential to expand their career opportunities alongside increased PayScale and a broader knowledge by engaging with other scrum experts 

The values of a scrum framework are majorly associated with the agile certification. A few of the responsibilities of a scrum master include things such as contract collaborations, documentation of comprehensive software, customer collaborations, the necessary response to the change of action plans, etc. And, the main differences between scrum vs agile is that the agile methodologies mostly focus on increased product quality, reduced project cost, higher customer satisfaction, and retention, better productivity, etc.

Although there are these differences between agile and scrum, the scrum is effective when it is associated with agile and vice versa.


Things to Know Before Taking Up the Scrum Master Course


First and foremost, it is very much necessary for you to know what scrum master is responsible for and analyze yourself if you are the right fit. Confidence is the second key aspect, from taking up the course until the successful completion of it.

One cannot skip a very first step as there will be a short quiz put in place to assess and validate the candidate who applies for the Scrum exam.

Also, you need to know the differences between the scrum master and product owner, while the two positions are look alike, they have their differences.

While the product owner is responsible for plan and priorities the work of a product’s team, the scrum master is mainly responsible for the implementation of the planned activities within the scrum team and report to the other teams.


How to become a certified scrum master?


It is a two-day in-person training course under the guidance of a certified scrum trainer. This is mainly done to provide the aspirants who apply for the course with the knowledge on Scrum framework so that they are well prepared for the examination. One will learn more about scrum events, agile methodologies through case studies, discussions, and self-assignments.


Best Agile Management Courses

Certified Scrum Master Certification 

Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification


Once you are through the course, you will be eligible for certification. Post the certification, one has to obtain their scrum alliance that includes membership for two years which provides valuable access to the resources and materials that are related to the renewal of certification.


Cost of Scrum Master Certification Program


As this certification is globally recognized and monitored, and it is a vendor-neutral course i.e. the courses can be offered by the different accredited institutions across the world. So, the cost metrics for the course vary from geographically from one institute to another with taxes and other factors.


What’s for you in the agile certification?


Once you are certified it will bag you a Double Degree to your previous experience. You will receive a letter of completion which with universal acceptance and this offers as a Badge which you can add to your resume or LinkedIn Profile.


This course will allow one to master themselves with the very important Scrum concepts and tools for Agile Development, Agile Project Delivery & Management. Along with this;

  • A high degree of proficiency
  • Healthy work-life balance and positive work environment
  • Increase in one’s self-esteem along with the increase in their value proposition in the industry
  • More job opportunities in private and public organizations.


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