CSM vs CSPO: Which Certification is Right for You?

By Sudeep

Last updated on May 7 2020

CSM vs CSPO: Which Certification is Right for You?

CSM vs CSPO: Which Scrum Certification is Better 


In this blog we will be mainly focusing on four key aspects of CSM vs CSPO i.e. what CSM certification and CSPO certification are about, their major roles and responsibilities, advantages, and finally, what Sprintzeal offers to the applicants.

This detailed CSM vs CSPO guide will help you make the right choice if you're aspiring to get a scrum master certification. 


What is a Scrum Master Certification aka CSM?


A certified scrum master holds a scrum master certification, he/she is the one who majorly facilitates for the agile development team. Scrum allows a team to re-organize and make changes at the earliest, under the agile principles. It is mainly used to manage the process of information that is exchanged.


Roles and Responsibilities of a Scrum Master


This role was created as an in general and does not have any actual leadership of the teams. Firstly, the name Scrum was introduced for the recognition of an expert at Scrum and who can train others. The Scrum’s main responsibility is to increase the activity of the scrum team by closely guiding and monitoring the communication between the Scrum team and the other teams within the organization. Scrum is also responsible for organizing the planning sessions, team meetings, sprint retrospective, etc.


The responsibilities of a Scrum Master


Following are the major responsibilities, as a whole, there will a lot more;

  • Clearing obstacles
  • Establishing an effective atmosphere to work
  • Addressing team dynamics
  • To ensure proper working culture and efficient communication within the teams
  • Protecting the team from the distractions that are created from the other sources.


Advantages of CSM certification:


Here again, this is to name a few. There will be a ton more when put into work;

  • Expand: By staying relevant and marketable one will be able to expand their career opportunities by adapting the agile practices.
  • Demonstrate: Core Scrum knowledge could be demonstrated to peers and employees
  • Learn: One will be open to the opportunities to explore the Scrum community and gain more knowledge
  • Engage: At Scrum community one can be sure of continuous improvement in wealth and career aspects.


What is CSPO Certification?


Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) is a certification program designed and monitored by Scrum Alliance and has global recognition.  This is best suited and very beneficial for professionals who are closer to the development of products related to the business aspects. The course gives one the conceptualization or ideas for the deployment of a minimum viable product. Also, the course is useful to understand the aspects related to stakeholders' interest in the functionality of the product. And, this is one of the major roles that a CSPO certified professional plays in an organization, along with guiding the team members deployed under him for efficiency and perfection.

For continuous growth, one has to expertise in the relevant knowledge with interest in the area where one intends to. And, the certification is their best way to project for the organizational bodies for great offers in career. And, it will help one to handle a large amount of work efficiently as a Product Owner. 


The responsibilities of a Scrum Product Owner


Following are the major responsibilities, as a whole, there will a lot more;

  • Meets or exceeds the needs of end-users even if they are not fully aware of their needs.
  • Meets or exceeds the economic needs of the buyers.
  • Meets revenue and margin goals of the sponsors/company.
  • Define feature set and Collaborate with the development team to deliver a product that meets the needs of users, buyers, and sponsors.


Advantages of CSPO certification


Here again, this is to name a few. There will be a ton more when put into work;

  • This certification helps you understand how to deliver a product iteratively and incrementally using Scrum.
  • It helps you to understand how to manage stakeholder expectations by closely working with them and how to work with the Development team.
  • CSPO certification has a very well established recognition across the world so your resume will have additional weightage because of this certification.


Sprintzeal’s CSM Certification and CSPO Certification


Following for common for the above said certification programs, and also with most of the other programs.

  • A two-day training program in online, live online, and classroom modes of training. The applicants are free to choose according to their comfort.
  • High-quality training by accredited trainers and industry experts
  • Free 6 months access to online courseware’s
  • We meet the affordability factor in the industry at great extent
  • Free CSM exam vouchers from scrum alliance post-training


Suggested Resource

CSM Certified Scrum Master Certification Training

CSPO Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification Training


For more detailed info please visit the relevant course section on our website.

Note: If you precisely go through the blog it is not about which is best among CSM & CSPO. So, each of these certifications includes a designated path of its own based on one’s experience and background. Explore other courses for better career opportunities. 

If you are confused about which one to choose or where you stand, we have the right experts to help you out. Kindly drop in your interest with details at Click Here or chat with our course expert


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