Agile Principles Guide

By Niveditha P

Last updated on Mar 14 2022

Agile Principles Guide

12 Agile Project Management Principles Explained


As we know project management is all about using key skills, methods, and techniques. When working on a project, research, time taken and quality is important.

Project management contains strategies for making development better.  Among them is the agile management system. Let us learn in detail about it through this article.


What is Agile Management?


Agile management is meant to deliver the project around its life cycle by addressing it in an iterative format.

Agile software development is implemented in various management processes. To process a project and develop it, agile follows certain principles.

So what are the twelve agile project management principles? Let’s learn in detail.


List of 12 Agile Principles


As we know agile principles can be used for software development. So let’s list them one by one, and learn in detail about each.

  1. Satisfy customers through early and continuous delivery
  2. Welcome changing requirements even late in the project
  3. Deliver value frequently
  4. Break the silos of your project
  5. Build projects under Motivated individuals
  6. the most effective way of communication is face to face
  7. Working software is the primary measure of progress
  8. Maintain a sustainable working pace
  9. Continuous excellence enhances agility
  10. Simplicity is essential
  11. Self-organizing teams generate most organizing value
  12. Regularly reflect and adjust your way of work to boost effectiveness


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Agile Principles Explained in Detail


  1. Satisfy customers through early and continuous delivery

Customer satisfaction is the first main principle of the agile management system. The primary asset is to get to the customers and deliver the software product within the early period.

Among 12 agile principles, customer satisfaction stands first, because with emerging technology there is always demand for new changes. As demands are always set to break the record, even project delivery should be done on time. 


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  1. Welcome changes in requirements even late in the project

The second one from the agile principles tells us to adapt to the changes even at the last stages of a project. It is essential to be open to upgrades and changes throughout the project lifecycle.

Utilization of the agile process for adapting to changes will help turn them into an advantage to satisfy customer needs.


  1. Deliver value frequently

In the agile project management process, the third priority is given to the delivery of products. You might wonder, if customer satisfaction and on-time delivery are managed, then why is this one a priority?

Well, in delivery, there is always a goal to achieve. There would be many different things to analyze, but the project needs to be delivered on time to the stakeholders.

As we look at the marketing sector, there is a high competition. There is a principle for delivery to i.e. “Short Cycle Time to Market” that tells us frequent delivery of products and consistency in business is important.


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  1. Break the silos of your project

The agile process makes it interesting and easy, as it plans for project teams to have cross-functional conversations between different stakeholders about the project.

The above principle of agile process states that “Business professionals and project developers need to work together daily throughout the project”. Involving agile principles in software engineering will help in making a quality product.

The reason behind agile principles used for software development is to improve the performance and get familiar with the development changes. There would be higher performance quality to improvise any product through agile management.


  1. Build projects under-motivated individuals

The 5th lean-agile principle states that - working in collaboration and maintaining a good attitude towards the work environment can lead to building an effective project.

The fifth agile process motivates the team members to work by offering the best working environment and encouraging faster completion of projects.


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  1. the most effective way of communication is face to face


As the above-mentioned line states - “the most effective and efficient way to convey information and communicate is by a face to face conversation”.


Knowledge sharing and problem solving can be done in person through communication. Different ideas from different people can be gathered to make the project successful.


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  1. Working software is the primary measure of progress

When it comes to project management, it doesn’t matter how much time you have invested, the only thing that counts is on-time project completion.

So in the 7th agile working principle, it states that - no matter how much effort you put in or whatever the real-time errors you have fixed to complete a project, if it doesn’t meet customer needs, then it is not useful.


  1. Maintain a sustainable working pace

This principle is to be precise with the process, with promoting, and maintaining the development. Clients, developers, and users should maintain consistency.

Optimizing the work frequently to deliver will help keep a consistent market of the product. The team should adapt to the changes and work effectively, and maintain consistency.


  1. Continuous excellence enhances agility

The founders of Agile Manifesto 12 principles state that “enhancement of technical excellence and good design will improve the agility process”. When we look at it in terms of development it can be applied to every industry to make useful changes and maintain agility.


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  1. Simplicity is essential

Sometimes difficult problems have a simple solution, isn’t that right?  When things can be simple and easy, we must not complicate them. Now let’s understand the principle,

In this principle, they are telling us not to complicate things. A similar principle is the safe agile principle.  It tells us not to waste many hours and make things complex. Analyzing all parameters and making decisions accordingly is suggested. 

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  1. Self-organizing teams generate most organizing value

Teamwork is the core of any project. Being a team leader, efforts are needed to lead a team. Organizing and motivating the team to do better is a skill to be acquired.


  1. Regularly reflect and adjust your way of work to boost effectiveness

The 12th principle conveys that there should always be room for improvement.  The Agile methodology principle follows four major steps - Act, plan, check. This is needed for constant performance improvement. It says that continuous experiments lead to new effective changes.


Adjustment and behavior towards the team reflect on the work. Being effective and helping to boost the teams’ energy will favor the team environment. And this will encourage the team to do better work.




The agile principles and values from the above are very useful for the effective management of projects. Through the 12 agile principles, an effective project could be accomplished. With these best practices, understanding project management becomes easy. Learn about agile management and get PRINCE2 Agile certified

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