List Of Traits An Effective Agile Scrum Master Must Possess

List of Skills Agile Scrum Master Must Possess

Agile methodology has gained tremendous popularity in recent times and so has the importance of an effective scrum master in organizations. Managing a team, facilitating, exchanging the information and keeping the process intact are some of the duties an agile scrum master performs.

However, it takes more than just qualifications and course certificates to be a great agile scrum master. Here’s our run-down of some of the most important traits an effective agile scrum master must possess, let’s get started!

Makes team development a priority

A great scrum master values his/her team and thrives for its overall development. Understanding the nuances of team management and the requirements of every member on a professional level is an important criterion that sets a good scrum master apart.

Has Ability to recognize a team conflict

As much as we deny, even on a professional level, conflicts are bound to happen. It is a scrum master’s duty to recognize a possible/brewing conflict at an early stage and act on it. Either by coming to a common conclusion or by imparting a necessary change, a scrum master must ensure that things don’t go out of control. Resolving conflict and preventing conflict is an art a scrum master should know.

Encourages leadership

One great quality of a leader is that he/she encourages leadership. A great scrum master sets an example for others and helps them gain leadership qualities for better development. He/she doesn’t restrict the team’s growth and always acts as a supporter.


The scrum master must possess good observational skills. By paying attention to the details and taking notes of even the minutest of details, one can avoid many problems. The same goes for a master managing a group of people.

Is empathetic and supportive

It is a myth that professionalism means no emotions. In reality, empathy is and has always been a key quality of a good leader. Every top-level employee who manages a set of individuals is empathetic towards the team’s needs. Ensuring the team feels supported and valued is what makes a scrum master a great leader.

A good coordinator and facilitator

Catering to the needs of clients, customers, and even team members is a quality scrum master exhibits. While scrum masters are born coordinators ensuring good presentation and hospitality at the conducted events, they are also expected to be good facilitators; especially, when it comes to the needs of the team members.

Well acquainted with problem-solving

Problem-solving is one of the most essential skills an agile scrum master can possess. Apart from recognizing the areas of the defect, situations of conflict and potential crisis, the ability to solve these issues is a must. A great ASM should be well acquainted with problem-solving strategies.

Brings change

Like the saying goes ‘change is the only constant’, agile scrum masters are people who are appreciative of change and look for opportunities to improve. With the changing world and evolvement of technology, incorporating disruptive changes becomes a must at the workplace. This is exactly what a scrum master focuses on.

Quick and tactful

Another characteristic of a good leader is tactfulness. On sensing an issue or a call for change, one should know to deal with the situation tactfully. It affects the overall progress of the team and even the business as well. By being able to make quick, well-informed decisions in a tactful way, the future of a company seems secure in the hands of such an individual.

A Respectful and professional guide

This is the best and certainly the most important quality an agile scrum master must possess. Being a great guide to the team makes any agile scrum master a leader. Gaining respect and having people look up to you is the criterion that qualifies one as an effective agile scrum master.

In conclusion, alongside having required qualifications and technical knowledge, the agile scrum master is required to have good leadership and interpersonal skills. Being a path setter to the team and ensuring their growth is the best way to make the most of the power an agile scrum master holds. The job of a scrum master is both challenging and rewarding which is exactly makes this position a reputed one in the industry. 



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