DevOps Vs Agile Differences Explained

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Last updated on Feb 25 2020

DevOps Vs Agile Differences Explained

DevOps Vs Agile – Differences Explained

The terms Agile and DevOps are commonly heard in conjunction with each other but do they have the same meaning?

Can they be used interchangeably? The answer is no.

Here we bring to you the major differences between the two methods - DevOps vs agile.


Before we get into the DevOps vs agile analysis, let’s get a clear understanding of Agile and DevOps individually.


Agile Methodology


The agile approach for software development involves building the software incrementally on an iterative basis. It doesn’t deliver the product all at once and follows an iterative approach instead to finish the project. This is done with collaboration between cross-functional teams whilst promoting continuous improvement and learning. Agile aims to achieve effective planning and improvements whilst ensuring quick responses to the changes. It values interaction between teams and customers. The agile methodology doesn’t follow a strict plan and is open to variations and problematic changes. It attempts to quickly fix the issues and help the system get back on track.

Below are the most widely adopted agile methodologies,

  • Extreme Programming (XP),
  • Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)
  • Scrum methodology
  • Lean Development
  • Crystal methodology
  • Feature Driven Development (FDD)

Although each of these methodologies has its own significance and benefits, one thing that remains common among them is the goal to deliver software systems in an effective and efficient manner. The major challenge in Agile is that it demands high rates of productivity from the team members which is often difficult to achieve as the team is small in number.


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DevOps Methodology


DevOps can be defined as a culture; the software development method adopted by the top organizations to bridge the gap between areas of development and operations. It was introduced to resolve the issues that couldn’t be solved with previous approaches to software development like the waterfall approach and the Agile approach.


The DevOps approach involves five steps,

  1. Continuous Development
  2. Continuous Testing
  3. Continuous Integration
  4. Continuous Deployment
  5. Continuous Monitoring

In short, DevOps is about expanding the principles of Agile to areas like systems and operations. The major challenge with DevOps is that it requires a development team, testing team, and the operational team to work collaboratively and efficiently. Maintaining the streamlined work becomes complex in this case due to the involvement of a large number of people.

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DevOps Vs Agile - Major Differences


While DevOps focuses on promoting the faster deployment of products by enhancing areas like communication and collaboration, Agile focuses on making iterative and continuous improvements to a process. Below is the detailed analysis of DevOps vs Agile.



While DevOps focuses on end-to-end processes and improving collaboration between development and IT operations, Agile focuses more on the software and less on the documentation. It helps in the management of complex projects.


DevOps vs Agile - Implementation:

Agile has various frameworks that can be used for software development. Some of them are Scrum, Lean development and safety.

However, DevOps has no particular framework that can be applied to all the processes because DevOps is more about collaboration.


DevOps vs Agile - Target Areas:

The target areas of Agile are improvement and software development.

The target areas of DevOps are the end to end process, collaboration, and fast delivery.


DevOps vs Agile - Team Size:

In Agile, a smaller group of people are involved and the process is speed.

The team size in DevOps is large compared to Agile and involves many teams working together as stakeholders are involved.


DevOps vs Agile - Duration:

Agile is used in short-term projects which last for a few months or even just a week. It involves faster delivery and managed in ‘sprints’.

The long-term projects are adopted by DevOps as it focuses on reliability and continuous release of software on a daily basis.


DevOps vs Agile - Goal:

Agile aims to bridge the gap between development, testing and customer needs.

DevOps aims to bridge the gap between development, testing, and operations team.


DevOps vs Agile - Contribution:

Agile contributes to the betterment of quality and tailors the software to customer’s requirements. The best part of this methodology is the flexibility to perform changes at almost any point in the project.

DevOps makes major contributions like automation, bug removal, better efficiency, and quality.


DevOps vs Agile Training:

In the Agile approach, the entire team is trained at equal levels to ensure that each of the team members has a wide range of skill sets. Such training is essential for carrying out the project.

In a DevOps approach, the teams are trained based on their area of functionality like development and operations.



In an Agile approach, the feedback is provided by the customers. And, in the DevOps method, the feedback is given by the internal team.


DevOps vs Agile - Tools:

JIRA Agile, Kanboard, Axosoft OnTime scrum, Telerik TeamPulse, Planbox, and Lean Kit are some of the most widely used agile oriented project management tools.

Similarly, some of the popular open-source DevOps tools are, Jenkins, Chef, Ansible, and AWS.



Simplifying the whole concept for you, we can say that the difference between Agile and DevOps is this - Agile is more about processes and DevOps is about technical practices.

While it is believed that adopting the DevOps method in large organizations is a complex process, it is widely adopted by small businesses.

DevOps has witnessed steady growth and progress over the past years and is still progressing. While agile majorly focuses on developing software, DevOps focuses on developing, testing and implementation of the software too.  

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