How to Become a Cloud Architect - Career, Demand and Certifications

How to Become a Cloud Architect - Career, Demand and Certifications

How to Become a Successful Cloud Architect In 2022

Today's emerging world has been seeing a drastic change in terms of Jobs and advancement. One such type of job is Cloud Architect, very distinct from the regular architecture but quite popular. We can predict from the acronym itself that it deals with building various components to make up a cloud.

The cloud here means renting services from a provider who computes power, storage, and business applications. In mere terms, Cloud Architecture is an ample space from which one can get all the resources they need. Cloud Computing is an innovative trend where a cloud architect can ensure the company follows cost-effectiveness and avoids risks.

Cloud computing has boomed up every need, like the need for oxygen. It has imposed and imparted several segments that provide the burn down for sequential data access. The shelf of cloud architecture links itself with the varied conditions and close operations.

Who Is a Cloud Architect?

A Cloud Architect is a creator who breaks down complex business scenarios to find some great solutions to them in the cloud. Cloud Architects are considered to create the technical requirements of any project into designs and architecture, which will follow it up to making a final product by cloud professionals.

A cloud architect job in the cloud sector will build better parts and segments that benefit the organization or firms. The primary work focuses on the development of certain career events and implementing specific devices for betterment. The cloud architect's job is always there to help the organization in need of solving complex situations. It will take propelling conditions to form a neutral atmosphere.

With basically no rigorous course to do but only a desire to understand complex situations and handle them efficiently using cloud computing knowledge is needed. It would help if you correctly understood the cloud service providing markets and what they give back in return.

Cloud computing Companies provide a backup and recovery option for storage. They serve dedicated servers and networking solutions. Cloud computing analyzes data and helps in software development while securing data.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

There are several advantages of cloud computing: 

Management: If you have a business to run, cloud computing is the best option.

Cost-Effective: It is relatively cost-effective.

Migration: it's best for migrating data from one computer to another.

Reliability: If you have lost your data, it becomes pretty reliable for you to get a backup.

Portability: it is data-friendly and cloud computing can be used anywhere.

On-demand: You can use as many resources as you want, and there will be no scarcity.

Accessories: Cloud field is required to develop and wind up various disciplines related to flexibility and the equipment.

Job Description of a Cloud Architect

The job description of a Cloud Architect requires a piece of complete knowledge about mapping cloud adoption plans that involve application design and cloud management and its monitoring.

A cloud architect job description also involves keeping an eye on application architecture requirements and deploying them in a cloud computing environment.


Job Responsibilities of a Cloud Architect

The vital responsibility of a cloud architect is to design and implement various cloud computing solutions and give them a finishing touch. The Role of a cloud architect is to create and find a solution to complex problems and design the cloud infrastructure and application in advance and provide an essential cloud security architect.

The basic Cloud architect skills you will ever need are excellent communication skills and a proper understanding of operating systems, and computer programming languages like java, C++, networking, and security.

As a Cloud Architect, you should have complete knowledge about cloud computing. You should know about the fundamentals of data storage and AWS Service selection. With proper time management skills and an eager nature to learn something new and a strong mind, you can fit to be a cloud architect jobs.

About Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture is in high demand with various career options. With such vast exposure, you can become a Certified Cloud Architect within no time.


Cloud Architect Duties

The principal architectural duties of cloud computing is as follows:

 • Ensuring the best of cloud computing within the organization.

 • Discussing and analyzing the business problems and finding the solution through cloud computing.

 • Making the best out of cloud computing and ensuring that the correct rules and regulations are followed.

 • The primary task is to maintain security and privacy and also to have secure backups.

 • Estimating the cloud infrastructure costs and creating a sound budget.

 • Properly designing and implementing cloud infrastructure and architecture into getting a final product.

Educational Qualifications of a Cloud Architect must have some severe expertise in cloud architect links. They are granted the opportunity to meet and develop a better business bureau. Some employers also desire a master's degree, but that depends upon the organization. However, a strong knowledge of programming languages is highly needed.

Benefits of being a Cloud Architect

 • Global exposure

 • High salary

 • To gather a portion of proper understanding of the cloud computing

 • Learning new technical skills and terms

 • Gets good credibility in the market

Training and Certification for Cloud Architects

Apart from an essential degree, you can opt for Cloud architect certification certified training too. The AWS Certified Solution Architect training not only validates your technical skills but it makes you an expert with industry-recognized credentials and makes you choose a career path for cloud architect growth in your career.

 This AWS professional certification is meant for those experienced cloud administrators who are well adverse with value for money and strategies for the AWS cloud architect certification path.

Every day an AWS-certified solution architect needs to research and learn. There is no day even when you don't understand something new. This AWS training path not only enhances your career but also offers plenty of various opportunities to its architects and cloud computing professionals and helps them solve their business problems.

The professional's design AWS solution architect courseware as per the industry demands and requirements. The essential tools required for Cloud Architecture are a PC or a laptop to design and troubleshoot companies' infrastructures.

The Cloud Architect Certified training by AWS will prepare you all for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate exams, making you competent enough. This AWS solutions architect certification will help you identify the appropriate databases, networks, and storage while optimizing and computing the cost and looking after the security requirements.

Cloud Architect Certification Path In 2022

 The main objectives of Cloud Certification are to:-

- Provide unique solutions to the organization in terms of planning, implementing, and executing.

- Finding different solutions in regards to cloud computing to solve organizational problems.

- Understanding the AWS Network Technology in a much better way.

- Also, to be able to provide technical knowledge and expertise to showcase on a global platform.

Professional Cloud Architect Certification enables professionals to understand cloud architecture better and use it accordingly.  It gives the AWS Cloud Architect a platform to design and create objectives while securing and finding solutions to manage the organization.

The AWS Cloud Architect jobs deal with specific protocols and accessories that can benefit the furnishing factors. The firm will assign specific tasks as per the need to manage the functions cooperatively. Thus, the certificate can enhance the automation of knowledge to a greater extent and initiate higher facilities career paths for cloud architects.

The AWS Professional Cloud Architect exam will assess:

 •  Your practical approaches for the development of advanced cloud solution architecture.

 •  Your ability to manage cloud solution infrastructure.

 •  Your ability to keep the security and compliance of the organization.

 •  If you can analyze and optimize sound enough solutions to the business.

 •  Your ability to implement the right course of action.

 •  The critical status of the individual for identifying cloud insights.

 •  Higher significance of the cloud methods.

Courses for AWS Architect Certification

The courses include participating in live sessions conducted by the professionals. After every class, users will complete assessments, and you need to pass those to go further in the course of action. There will be live installations; experts will provide you with guided and practice books to help. Also, there will be 24*7 technical support to help you with your queries, and you can also acquire live class recordings if you have missed one.

To gain more knowledge, you can participate in Forums where live discussion happens and increase your knowledge. And after successful completion of your course and training, you may obtain your AWS Architect certification.

This AWS online training is wholly inclined to the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exams. And if you fail your exams once or twice, you are still eligible to write your exams in 5 days.

However, most of the candidates pass the exams in one go without failing.

In case of any course-related queries, one can call or chat via SMS with the customer care service and get their doubts cleared. After completing the necessary do's and don'ts, you are finally ready to take on the AWS certification exam. The candidates are needed to be well acquainted with the subjects and course patterns.

Like all the other exams, you will have to get yourself prepared by several mock tests and pre-tests. Although it is not mandatory, giving mock tests, and preparing well for the AWS exam beforehand isn't a bad option. To gain extra knowledge and retain your skills, AWS Certification Path is made for you.

Get training for AWS Solution Architect Certification from Industry Experts.

Certification for Cloud Architects 

Some popular certifications for cloud architects help aspirants build a successful career. Knowing about the best Certification for cloud architects will be helpful in case you are aspiring to become a google cloud architect. The AWS certification is a famous one but you can also get other certificates to develop your skills and knowledge.

Following is the list of Top Cloud certifications for cloud architects:

- Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

- Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

- Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert

- Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

- Google Certified Professional Data Engineer

- AWS Certified SysOps Associate Certification

- AWS Solutions Architect Certification

- AWS Certified Developer – Associate

- Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

- Certified Solution Architect Professional Certification

Out of all, the best certification courses which are available for cloud architects are:-

AWS Solution Architect Certification:

The AWS Solution Architect Certification enables you to design, plan, and implement AWS programs by utilizing cloud computing. This course and certification objectify the newest form of AWS exam. The AWS certification is fast becoming quite a popular certificate to be acquired by IT professionals. AWS training courses help you identify the correct AWS service based on data, computing, and security necessities.

AWS Developers Associate Certification:

AWS Developer Associate Certification Training is about setting up the right objectives and following them to make new concepts for the architects to develop. You need to understand how to create, use, and debug the cloud-based app using AWS.

This AWS associate certification trains you practically for successful development using AWS and helps you have expertise while rendering services.

AWS Sysops Associate Certification:

The AWS SysOps Associate course helps you to manage, improve and deploy systems on cloud platforms. This AWS certification provides you with complete knowledge to handle complex situations. This AWS certification is intended to make the professionals conducting operations and cloud management more adapted.

From managing, observing, analyzing, and deploying data management, networking, and security, the AWS SysOps Associate course gives it all. 

AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional Certification: 

AWS certification training is highly recommended for  AWS accredited solutions architects to get hands-on experience and expertise. You will have to know instances or illustrations for varied and advanced options for technical developments to upgrade your career, and you need to have this AWS solutions architect course.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Certification:

This DevOps Engineer certification helps to minimize the errors occurring due to inadequate facilities regarding communication. DevOps assists in authentication and authorization of various segments closely related to the operations plus approaches to the vital issues and risks.

The certification will impact the vast leads and paths for a better enhancement. Thus, experts have already laid the groundwork to build substantial benefits.


AWS Solution Architect Certification

AWS Developer Associate Certification

AWS SysOps Associate Certification

AWS Solution Architect


With the fast-growing industries, Cloud Computing and Architecture are quite emerging. New technological development across the world has been quite beneficial to the world. Cloud Computing is one such career option.

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