Impact of AWS Certification On Cloud Computing Jobs

Impact of AWS Certification On Cloud Computing Jobs

Impact of AWS on cloud computing jobs 2020

Amazon web services (AWS) certifications are the hot and growing trend in the field of cloud computing. These courses are designed, compiled, and sold by Amazon worldwide.

There are many courses offered in the AWS series which provides detailed, accurate, and comprehensive experience and learning.

Anyone taking up this course has to dedicate a lot of time and put in a lot of effort towards it and if you do take this course up in all seriousness and get AWS certified, it proves to be advantageous to you in the aspects of employment and salary.

In the cloud computing sector, 54% of the cloud architects have at least an AWS certified employee.

So why do the various AWS certifications hold such a weightage in the cloud computing sector?

Benefits of Amazon Web Service Certification in Cloud Computing Career

•  Adding value to your resume

 9 out of 10 employers give more importance to a candidate carrying a certificate in the field of their expertise. It quickly grabs the attention of the hiring manager!

Having an AWS certificate indicates that you are updating your knowledge continually about cloud computing and are dedicated to your profession.

• Increased market appeal 

Having an AWS certification helps you get to higher-paid posts in an organization. If you attend an interview as a certification holder, you can negotiate and demand higher pay than the others.

47% of respondents to a survey agreed that they got a hike in their pay after being AWS certified.

• Better opportunities

Many companies have adopted AWS technology and many more companies are in line to adopt this technology which opens up many job roles in these companies. Demand for AWS professionals has increased by 400% over the past 5 years and will continue to increase in higher numbers which makes the job hunting for AWS certified candidates easier.

• Boosting your career

Many professionals in the cloud computing sector sing praises of AWS certification and are also of the idea that a formal education and degree does not hold a candle against an AWS course.

An AWS certificate attached to your resume is like honey which attracts the bees, that is, the employers. Having an AWS certification guarantees a long-lasting career too.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Certifications you must consider

AWS Solution Architect Certification

AWS Developer Associate Certification

AWS SysOps Associate Certification

• AWS is a preferred option

There are many cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Bluemix and so on but many organizations prefer AWS as it offers a protected and stable platform. The data fed in the Amazon data center is protected with several security layers. Regular reviews and audits are conducted to make sure the infrastructure of the data center is protected perfectly.

• Inexpensive and feasible

AWS courses are not expensive and can be bought easily from amazon.  It also does not require specialized training to start this course. Unlike other courses, you do not need to miss the office and attend the lectures. You can get trained online at any time and anywhere.

It is also a cheaper option for organizations and there are no minimum costs to purchase this cloud computing platform.

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The reason for AWS being so well known and most used cloud computing platform is because it had an early launch in the cloud computing market by 7 years and so it has set its mark in the market way before Microsoft’s azure and the other cloud computing course series. AWS is a leader in the cloud computing sector having the third share while Microsoft Azure has only an 18% share.

It is never too late to get AWS certified. All you need is a commitment to the course and you will surely be able to enjoy the perks of AWS certification.

If you are aspiring to make a career or enhance your current career in the field of cloud computing, you can take up our AWS Training and get certified. To know more about AWS courses, you can reach us at Click Here or directly chat with our course expert online.

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