Career in Cloud Computing or Cyber Security

Career in Cloud Computing or Cyber Security

Cloud Computing Vs Cyber Security

Once in a lifetime and sometimes more than once, we find ourselves at the crossroads of making an important career decision.

It is a common scenario in every individual’s life and undoubtedly one of the major turning points. If you are experiencing the same and can’t stop mulling on which path to choose—cloud computing or cybersecurity, then this blog is for you.

Although these two fields are difficult to compare for various reasons, it is essential to understand that each holds great importance in today’s market and they are witnessed to be high in demand.

Both are the domains different and distinctive from each other, they play separate yet very prominent roles in the industry and market. Deciding on one can be a difficult task because both share a commonality when it comes to a successful business.

The knowledge of one serves as a foundation for the other. But, to start a career in both isn’t feasible considering the requirements and constraints.

To get a thorough understanding of a career in cloud computing and career in cybersecurity, let us look into these two fields individually,

Cyber security vs Cloud computing as a career 

Before answering the question head on, it is essential to understand what it actually means to have a career in cyber security and cloud computing. Let us break it down into sub questions and start answering them individually.

Career in Cyber Security 

Coming to cyber security first, we have to take into consideration the prerequisites needed to make a successful career in this field. Cyber security is something that is and should be thought of as a hierarchy. As in, it is the parent which paves way to many domains. Once an individual understands the fundamentals of these sub components, they can say they have an elementary knowledge of Cybersecurity. 

The domains are Web App Security, IoT security, Network security etc. Before deciding to work on cyber security, one should have a deep understanding of technical domains like computer networking. Computer networking basically comprises working of switches, routers, subsets, IP and so on. Then, it is essential to know certain programming languages like python or java. 

The most important prerequisite here is knowing the working of Linux platform. These three sub fields form the groundwork for cyber security as a career option.

Let’s talk about Incentives, an important part of cyber security and a good source to make an income for beginners. Incentives are popularly called as Bug Bounty by cyber security analysts. Bug bounty refers to reporting a bug and correcting it by ethically hacking into the website and causing no harm to the website or user data. Usually, platforms like google or Facebook reward people for reporting bugs on their website. At first, it isn’t always a feasible option to rely on bug bounty as a salary as some bugs can be found within a week or might take months too. The best way to practice is by taking part in hackathons conducted by popular websites where the contestants are required to hack certain IP addresses within 24 hours. It should be noted that this field requires a lot of hard work and strong basics. 

Practising this art is essential, having said that, we cannot hack any website we wish as hacking is an illegal thing. There are certain websites like which helps hackers learn the art of hacking using ethical measures. Participate in hackathons as these events provide a lot of exposure for the hacker. One should learn the basics first and then practice ethical hacking. 

Jobs in Cybersecurity

Coming to the jobs in cybersecurity, in order to be considered for the role of cyber security analyst, it is important to have a certificate of OSCP (offensive security certified professional). This certificate lifts by many folds. Salary is something that is a subjective question, but having said that, general consensus is that cyber security analysts are paid 6LPA and above in their starting years. Scope of cyber security in India is rapidly increasing as everything is becoming online and data oriented, and with that comes the increasing possibility of cyber attacks.

Career in Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing refers to the field of computer science where specialists handle the data on the cloud. It’s a rapidly rising field with several job offers. It comprises database software made available to the general public via the Internet. 

Nowadays, almost all companies use Cloud Computing. Cloud computing engineers are responsible for the design, planning, maintenance and support of data on cloud. 

There are several subfields one can focus on like cloud developers. For example, one can wish to be associated with terms like Cloud Developer, SysOps engineer, DevOps engineer, Data engineer etc. Before starting a career in CC, one must be knowledgeable of major CC platforms like Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Now, this field again requires strong basics and understanding of certain data oriented programming languages like Python, Java. Certification in AWS, Azure can help one’s profile significantly in this field. One can learn these by taking up cloud computing training and getting AWS certifications from Amazon. 

Coming to the requirements in this field, it’s necessary to understand where and how data is stored, it’s also important to be aware of AWS, Azure. One should have a deep understanding of virtualisation, Operating systems, Linux, Windows, And how to secure data. 

Coming to salary, it is estimated that a beginner in this field makes an average of 6.66 LPA.

Career in Cloud Computing - Benefits and Job Scope

With several companies shifting to the cloud, the field of cloud computing seems to be on the rise. Considering the flow of data and the complexities that arise with managing it, cloud computing is viewed as a savior by companies struggling with data storage and handling issues. It offers computer solutions over the internet. To excel in this field, one needs to have a good command of concepts like database, networks, and software programming.

Cloud computing has three major categories— IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a service) and SaaS (Software as a Service). In order to have a successful career in cloud computing, an individual needs to have strong basics, good practical knowledge, and the ability to keep up with the latest technologies. Apart from this, individuals need certification in cloud computing-related course for better opportunities.

With diminishing local centers and a rise in usage of cloud platforms, we can be sure that cloud computing is not leaving its spot on the trending list anytime soon.

High-Paying and Popular Cloud Computing Certifications

AWS Solution Architect Certification

AWS SysOps Associate Certification Training

AWS Developer Associate Certification Training

Career in Cyber Security - Benefits and Career Scope

Cybersecurity deals with the protection of computer systems and data stored in it.

Knowledge gained in cloud computing will act as a driving force and an added advantage for those opting for a career in Cyber Security.

Security has become a major subject of cloud computing courses due to the growing concerns of organizations in terms of privacy threats, hacking, etc. Right from the storage system, network, and software to data itself, cybersecurity protects all of it from unwanted breach of privacy.

As an employee, you will be valued and respected for the work you do and companies tend to be very co-operative as you are someone who handles and takes care of their privacy concerns.

Work can be challenging sometimes but never boring as it requires upgrading of skills with time and keeping up with new technologies released in the market.

Alas, the future of cyber security looks promising with new opportunities coming up every year because every business values security and opts for a standard security option to avoid mishaps. 

Most Popular Cyber Security Certifications

CISSP® Certified Information Systems Security Professional

CISA® Certified Information Systems Auditor

COBIT® 5 Foundation

Which is better - Career in Cloud Computing or Cybersecurity?

If you are ready to explore the depths of data security while having a learner’s attitude throughout various levels in your career i.e. being open to keeping up with the advancements in the field, cybersecurity is the career for you. Getting a cyber security certification training helps as it offers the required knowledge and skills.

Here are 20 reasons why you should get the CISSP certification for a successful career in the field of cybersecurity. It is a great opportunity to start, build, or enhance your career as it offers knowledge and skills required by employers. 

Now, when it comes to comparing the two, it’s a highly subjective question as the amount of hard work and effort needed in both the domains are the same. Now, if you like hacking, explaining bugs and making the world more secure, then cyber security is well versed for you, if you’re looking for something more associated with data rather than its security, then Cloud computing is your field.

For someone who is good with programming languages, understands data center management, and holds a special interest in understanding cloud technologies and platforms, Cloud computing is a great choice.

The cloud computing field requires strong database skills and offers a myriad of career opportunities for those who master the skills. Considering the unmet need of employees with cloud computing skills in the market, taking up this as a career option would be a great choice that provides good income and stability. Taking up a cloud computing training and getting a certification can help kick start your career or even enhance the existing one.

However, there is the freedom to keep switching between these two fields throughout the career, provided the demand and interest allow.

All in all, it would be wise to take up a career that aligns with your talent and interest. After all, both these fields are capable of providing a future-proof career.  

For more cloud computing training and certification or cybersecurity training and certification related details, you can chat with our course expert and get instant help or you can email us your queries at Click Here and get detailed guides. To explore more courses offered by Sprintzeal, you can download the Sprintzeal App and start learning or visit our E-learning portal.



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