Technology Trends 2021

By Irfan Syed 

Last updated on Jun 26 2020

Technology Trends 2021

List of Top Technology Trends in 2021


The world of Information Technology is very dynamic and always remains in a state of constant flux. Now, as an IT professional it has become very essential to keep yourself updated with the ever-evolving latest technologies in software industry as well as the market trends.


The current technology trends are all about building a digital mesh, how artificial intelligence is driving everything that we do across many systems going into the future of IT industry. It’s about the digital world bringing the virtual world and the real world together into a new digital reality, and it’s about creating a mesh by connecting people, processes and other things together in new and interesting ways.


New technology trends are the convergence of all of this and are used for a Continuous Innovation process. Change is and will always remain constant in the universe. We keep developing by adapting ourselves to changes. The same thing applies to trending technology and modern technologies as well.


Current trends in technology make the world a better place to live. In this article on technology, we have provided some of those top trending IT technologies and latest technologies 2020 that will provide you and your company with a competitive advantage over others this year.


  1. Cloud Computing Technology Trends 2020


Data is enormous, streaming everywhere in our daily and business life, generated by us, surrounding us. Most of it remains unrefined and unused. Current attempts to refine data and remove values are failing at a high rate. More than half of Big Data projects fail and the reason is lack of technology skills and methods to get insights and advice of data.


Companies are not able to securely source and use data from multiple zones to drive actionable insights. 80% of big data is opaque and not machine-readable, which is known as Dark Data. The process of refining, accessing, and making meaning of all that data and learning from it continuously is known as cognitive scale. It is dedicated to make meaning from complex data and view contextual insights and learning into the fabric of your business and daily life. Accelerating value from the Big data for the cognitive cloud fabric, a next-generation intelligent cloud platform that can learn continuously from data and user interaction, deliver insights, solve problems, and improve over time.


The cognitive cloud is a new technology trend and one of the latest technologies in the software industry which makes sense of an increasingly interconnected and amazingly complex world. The result, imagine a business that is sourcing all available data, generating all possible actions and insights while learning continuously and it is called a cognitive business.


The cognitive scale has created a domain optimized cognitive cloud series that can transform your business. Cognitive Cloud adds a new collaborative dimension to human reasoning and decision making by sourcing all available data across different sources and security zones. It involves processing multi-structured documents, images, video, text, device, and dark data by generating contextual and personalized insights to multiple devices, browsers, and business intelligence systems and by learning continuously from all possible data with ever user interaction.


 Customers across industries are taking advantage of this upcoming technology 2020 to drive informed decisions, enhance the user experience, and deliver better business outcomes. The cognitive cloud is an extended ecosystem of the latest computer technology and due to this, we are able to deploy applications and solutions to the majority of firms using cloud computing.


Not just that, it is one of the next big things of the latest IT technology in the IT industry. Also, it can converse in natural language and help in decision making by understanding the complexities of Big Data. It is expected to generate revenue of 13.8 billion US dollars by the year 2020 alone, and hence big companies such as IBM, Google, Cisco, and Microsoft technologies list and are already investing in this next generation latest technology trend to keep up with the upcoming technology market.


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  1. Cyber Security Technology Trends 2021


The widespread use of the IT ecosystem, cybersecurity remains one of the major concerns for most companies and is one of the major current technology trends.


Many leading companies have increased their budget to deal with cyber threats along with responding to the recent technology and data privacy legislation. Leading organizations such as IBM, HackerOne, and FireEye are amongst the top 150 companies for cybersecurity. Now, if this section has popped up your interest in cybersecurity, you can go ahead and check out Sprintzeal’s cyber security training.


ESET has published its trend report for new technologies 2021 from the list of current technologies. The report has five main latest technology topics that have been unpacked by experts. The right opinion that the impact they will have in 2020.


The IT related topics include the use of machine learning specifically using creating fake videos. The issue of fake news disinformation on the voting system is very relevant in the run-up of US presidential elections, privacy and the implications that the existing and the forthcoming legislation will have on the businesses and individual, the challenge on smart cities and smart buildings to protect against cyber criminals taking control over many services and devices and lastly a detailed look at the need for cybersecurity in the digital transformation.


A new feature has been added by Google latest technology in its Chrome web browser where the user will be alerted if their logging credentials have been compromised in a security breach.


Cyber security is one of the emerging technologies 2021 and has been a hot topic for a while now. It is continuously evolving just like other new technologies 2021 but in parts because newer threats are different from each other.


Also, cyber crimes are not ending as cyber criminals keep trying to find ways to break through the toughest security measures. Therefore, cyber security will always remain a top emerging technology from the extensive list of emerging technologies, because it will keep evolving to provide defense against cyber criminals. It has already been predicted that the cyber security domain will have 3.5 million vacant technical jobs by the year 2021 which makes it a promising career path for interested candidates and one of the best technology to learn in IT industry 2021.


  1. Artificial Intelligence Technology Trends


In the year 2019, we focused a lot on algorithms and people understanding what AI is. But now we are past that and as we look to 2020, some of the new technology trends that we see are really about that pragmatic AI and the main focus on ethics, transparency, and removing bias in AI systems.


The latest trends in computer technology and new emerging technologies 2021 that is expected to be seen in 2020 and beyond will be specifically in how well, accurate and justified AI is, determining whether patients were unfairly targeted in a clinical trial or whether people were unjustly rejected for a home loan.


The whole area of how machine learning is applied and everybody’s life is going to be the next way of work where we will hear a lot of AI discussions on various technologies of the future.


About 3-4 years ago, we were sampling data and we were running old technology based statistical techniques. When compared to that, running large scale predictive analytics and automating business decisions, is really incredible.


It can bring a lot of choices and new innovations in technology, but controlling and aligning it with regulations and compliance, along with centralizing it, so that there are no silos, is expected to be the biggest trend. When balanced, it gives users a choice of innovation in new technology 2021.


It is also predicted that there will be a crossroads with machines making actual decisions instead of humans. The component of ethics will only evolve as we continue entrusting machines to make decisions for humans. There is so much unstructured information that is barely analyzed. Transforming big data our files into insights is going to be a he trend.


Artificial intelligence is one of the most revolutionizing technologies of this era and in latest technology 2021 it is going to boom even more which makes it one of the best technologies to learn in 2021.


However, for building and deploying solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, it remains an expensive affair for most businesses on their part. Around about way is to use it, there are providers of as a service platform.


Big brands like Google, Apple, and Microsoft are ahead of their game and at the forefront of this particular initiative digging deep into the potential of this upcoming technology by experimenting and finding out solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and other latest updates in technology to stay ahead of their competitors. You can do it too, take up Artificial Intelligence training offered by Sprintzeal.


  1. Project Management Latest Technology Trends 2021


The future trends of project management are increasingly getting connected across the organization and around connecting the business ideas and business executives and what exactly they are trying to deliver from projects.


The traditional approach to project management is beginning to frighten in this world of increasingly complex and uncertain project delivery environments. So it is believed that the future of project management is the one in which we can adapt and work around the changing needs of a business and that will self involve greater collaboration and greater involvement with the business and the business strategy from the perspective of project management. Some of the upcoming technologies in computer science and current technology trends have been listed below.


  • Using a Hybrid approach to project management by combining Agile with Waterfall approaches.
  • Introduction of tailored agile solutions from disciplined agile which is acquired by PMI in 2019.
  • Optimizing latest software technologies spend by choosing an integrated SaaS tool for all project needs.
  • Removing software clutter and switching to it one integrated software for improvement of project performance with recent technologies.
  • Using artificial intelligence and automation technology to improve project delivery at a reduced cost.
  • Devops becoming centralized for organization by close integration with project management tools.
  • Revolutionize MIS with 24x7, real time project dashboards for C-suite leaders.
  • Creating the Single version of truth and standardized reporting so apples can be compared with apples.
  • Taking a portfolio approach for optimizing project enterprise and not just individual projects.
  • Using Emotional Intelligence techniques for improving team rapport and work environment.
  • Hiring qualified project managers to improve project profitability thus leading to increase in use of certifications.
  • Encouraging continuous learning as a virtue amongst employees by refreshing and raising their skill levels to let them remain in competition.
  • Using team collaboration latest software technologies for reducing the dependency on emails and telephone calls.
  • Using innovative methods such as design thinking for project planning and management.
  • Using data and analytics to improve project related decision making.
  • Using strategic thinking for project selection to improve bottom line, linking strategy with project portfolio and other current trends in IT.
  • Adoption of predictive models related to project risk assessment for eliminating the factor of human bias.
  • Using knowledge management latest software technologies to shorten the curve.
  • In latest computer technology, privacy and GDPR are becoming the priority for project managers and project management tools.
  • Experimenting with remote working options for Global teams of deserving employees.


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  1. IT Service Management Latest Technology Trends


Agility, efficiency, quality, collaboration, value, are the words used to describe what latest IT technology must deliver as the pace of digital disruption and transformation continues to accelerate. But the question on the mind of many IT leaders is where to focus their efforts today to achieve success tomorrow and beyond. The answer lies with some of the latest and upcoming technologies and technology trends 2021 provided in the IT technologies list given below.


  • AI will move beyond the hype – Some customers are doing AI and using experienced data that is trusted by AI pilots. They have been doing machine learning which analyzes the pattern of how people give feedbacks and actually been able to provide substantial improvements in in-service experience.
  • Digital Transformation – Digital transformation has been around for 10 years already. The measurement of the digital management process in latest computer technology is beneficial for continuous data so you can just see what small things you are doing.
  • Increase Cloud migration – People moving to the cloud is nothing new to organizations and always remain in trend and is therefore considered as latest technology in software industry.
  • Leap to enterprise Service Management – The thing about the majority of organizations is that they are moving into enterprise service management which is really beneficial and from the employee’s point of view, they also like it, where they have only one portal to request all their things.
  • The Proliferation of Self Service options – Self-service is moving along and things like chatbox and different kinds of a new channel for self-services are the increasing trend and a new technology in IT sector. Looking at the numbers or scores it definitely has a positive impact on employee experience.
  • Need for Mobility – It depends upon the organization and customers for the need for mobility to a trend which will a new technology in software.
  • Containerization of Microservices disrupting ITSM tool practices.
  • ITIL 4 debut – ITIL 4 has come out and people are moving to it which makes it amongst the latest trending technologies.
  • Customer-centric approach – How does the ITSM affect the customer is ultimately bringing money to the organization. It’s really powerful and one of the latest technology trends in information technology because its customer service application is published. Doing other internal innovations is good but looking for customer benefits is the most valuable and motivating for everyone working in the service management industry.
  • Employee experience moving to center stage – Focusing on the employee experience is important since a lot can go wrong in ITSM without the intervention of people. Making everybody productive and happy and making them able to use new technologies well is the next big trend.

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  1. Blockchain Technology Trends 2021


Blockchain is a list of blocks that contains pieces of data each of which has a specific time stand linked to the previous block and stored on separate computers. In other words, it is a distributed leisure that stores transactional records on many machines such as structure prevent semi alteration to a block without having altered other blocks which can be especially beneficial for fraud prevention purposes. It’s widely used in finance, healthcare and transactions. Some of the latest technology trends have been listed below.


  • Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) – It is the latest trend amongst new technology 2021 in blockchain presently associated with a number of enterprises and startups. It enables users to develop their own digitalized products by working with blockchain.
  • More visible Stablecoins – Stablecoins is the term used for each coin to stable its value to avoid the volatility of using bitcoin as an example of cryptocurrencies.
  • Blockchain networks and Interoperability – The ability to share data and other information across networks and blockchain systems is known as Blockchain Interoperability. It is one of the top technology trends 2021 that enables people to view and access data across different networks of blockchain.
  • Federated Blockchain – The term Federated blockchain refers to a basic blockchain model that is upgraded and makes it more suitable for any specific use cases. In this way, multiple authorities can control the pre-selected nodes of blockchain.
  • Blockchain solutions for Social Networking problems – Blockchain as the latest technology 2021 can ensure that all data published in social media remains untraceable and cannot be copied even after its deletion. Thus users will store data more securely and keep their ownership.
  • Blockchain Applications will be lead by Finance and Economy – The finance and banking industry doesn’t need to develop any radical transformation for using blockchain technology, unlike other traditional businesses. Finance institutions started to consider blockchain as a method for traditional banking operations after it was applied for cryptocurrency.
  • Combination of Blockchain with IoT – Multiple IoT based companies have started adopting blockchain as a business solution for their organization. It is expected that by 2020, 20% of IoT organizations will deploy blockchain services.
  • Blockchain with Artificial Intelligence – When a sufficient amount of applications such as Smart Computing power, Data protection, Creating diverse data sets, data monetization, etc. are applied in blockchain technology, the integration of Blockchain with AI will show a high level of improvements.
  • Integration with govt. Agencies – The blockchain technology implementation for increasing the effectiveness of data management will improve the functioning of government agencies. Since it is visible that national cryptocurrencies will appear in future technology ideas; involvement of the government is inevitable.
  • Blockchain experts will be high in Demand – Since blockchain is becoming a widespread and fast increasing technology, like many other new technologies 2021 it creates a market for many professionals to develop experience and skills in relation to blockchain technology.


  1. Internet of Things (IoT) Latest Technology Trends 2021


IoT is one such computer latest technology 2021 that makes its way into the latest software technologies list of top 10 emerging technologies 2021 of every expert in various technology articles 2021. It is estimated that by the year 2020, around 75 billion connected devices are going to exist on this globe. Along with that, IoT is paving the way for edge computing. For enterprises to keep up with the latest trends in technology, they have to build their infrastructure upon edge-based design patterns. There are a few front runners in this particular market. We have AWS, Cisco, Microsoft, Dell, and HP, but there are other smaller businesses that are quickly acquiring the IoT platform and aren’t too far behind. Some of the latest and upcoming technologies and technology trends 2021 have been listed below.

  • Voice Assistants – IoT allows assistants to become a part of all connected devices, allowing them to travel from room to room.
  • Diversifying things which you wear – Your next wearable could be equipped to give your doctor instant access to life-saving statistics out of your health and fitness.
  • Smart wall Mirrors – A smart mirror could be able to display calendar, weather, and latest news technology similar to something that you see in a sci-fi movie.
  • Self Driving cars – Self-driving cars are a shared ambition among top automotive, tech, and ride-sharing companies.
  • The flying Taxi – Air travel is set to be transformed sooner than you think.
  • Data Processing with Edge Computing – Edge computing will bring computation and data storage closer to the location to improve response times and save bandwidth.
  • Flexible Displays – Flexible displays can be one of the most significant technological breakthroughs of the decade.
  • 5G: Obscuring Reality – 5G is the first generation of top technology cellular network designed with IoT applications in mind and will make a big difference.
  • Sensor Innovation – Billions of interconnected IoT devices with best technology sensors would allow remote data gathering and interaction at a scale.
  • Smart Home Markets gets more pragmatic – With the help of IoT smart home devices, it becomes easy to reduce energy and costs, all while saving time.



  1. Big Data Technology Trends 2021


The word Big data has been well known for quite a few years now as a top technology and a current IT trend. All the organizations and businesses today are moving beyond the traditional ways of data storage and processing, big data has become very popular.


With all these latest technologies such as Data analytics automation, augmented analytics, and data as a service, big data is here to change the game across industries. The best part is you can learn all about it online with the help of our finest experts of the latest technology in computer science and in house real-time projects.


As we are on the subject, let’s understand a little about dark data. Dark data is all that which is generated with big data but is untapped. The potential is unlimited and by the year 2020, about 93% of all the data is going to be categorized under this subset. Coming back to companies that are investing in big data include Netflix, Amazon, Starbucks, Spotify, and Adobe. Some of the latest technology trends have been listed below.


  • The emergence of Dark data and its migration to Cloud – An estimated 90% of unstructured data of any business goes unanalyzed. The unanalyzed data can be migrated to the cloud and process to unravel eye-opening insights which is really advanced technology in computer.
  • The dominance of open store – Open source tools like Hadoop, storm, and Jaspersoft have become central to the functioning of the Big data industry. These tools are particularly beneficial for us to suite pocket-friendly solutions for data storage and processing.
  • New Job trends and Roles in IT industry – Newer Roles such as data scientists, data engineers, and Chief Data Officers are emerging and companies are looking for competent professionals for latest new job in IT to make the most of the data available to them.
  • Cyber security threats – Technology Savvy criminals have developed sophisticated methods of data breaching. They are exploiting machine learning algorithms to detect vulnerabilities in security systems and bypass security software. As a result, traditional cyber security tools have become obsolete.
  • Evolution in the Internet of Things – By 2020 it was estimated that there will be over 10 billion IoT devices. Big data can store, process and analyze the colossal data generated from these devices to unveil valuable current trends in latest IT technology for informed decision making.


Final Thoughts


There is a disruption in the trending technologies in software industry with various changes going on in the software testing sector. If you want to stay relevant as a qualified professional, you should be focusing on these top technologies in 2021 along with other trending technologies 2021 and their areas.


This consolidated list of Technologies and technology trends 2021 has been prepared by experts on the basis of their experience in the industry after working on a lot of software’s with multiple organizations and attending various seminars. Keeping yourself updated with the trends of latest new technology 2021 will provide you a way to be a good contributor to your current organization as a professional and definitely it will do wonders to your progressive career.


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