11 Most Common Misconceptions About SEO in 2022

Most Common SEO Misconceptions in 2022

We are well aware of the benefits of SEO and its importance in the digital marketing world. It plays a vital role in improving the online presence and visibility of websites and affects the success rate of several ventures. It is an integral part of every digital marketing campaign.

Here we are going to list out the 11 most common misconceptions about SEO in 2022,

1) SEO starts to show its effects overnight

Yes, this is the most common misconception about SEO. Despite being a progressive and effective concept, SEO techniques are not something that shows results overnight. It requires effort and constant dedication.

2) SEO is a one-time effort

Many people get this wrong. Following SEO practices for a certain period and then stopping once it starts to give good results is not a solution. In actuality, SEO is a continuous process that needs to be updated from time to time. The trends and techniques in SEO keep changing and to keep your website on the top you need to keep abreast of these changes.

3) SEO works on links

Yes, links are important and play a major role in helping your page get ranked. But today, there are several other factors that are taken into consideration by Google while ranking a page; like, content, tags, keywords, and security. Hence, having several links alone no longer guarantees a place on the top 10 of the Google searches. In point of actuality, having one authentic link from an authorized or reputed website on your page is better than purchasing several links of lesser quality. Because while ranking quality is valued over quantity.

4) Content marketing boosts the ranking

This can be true to some extent but content alone cannot get you to the top. SEO techniques still hold the same power and are important to get ranked on Google’s top list. Agreed, not posting effective content or irregularity in it can cause a drop in ranking, traffic, and revenue but it alone can’t hold the stage.

5) Better keywords = Top ranking

Sure, this was once a valid point but with SEO experiencing several changes and upgrades, this concept is no longer applicable. Stuffing your content with several high ranked or effective keywords will no longer help you if the quality of content is low. The point here is, to get to the top you don’t just have to use the right keywords but create high-quality content as well.

Optimized content with the right usage of keywords is now the key to getting to the top.

6) Guest blogging brings no results

This is one great misconception about SEO. Not many businesses are investing in guest blogging because they think it brings little to no traffic. But that’s not the truth. Guest blogging has proven to be one of the best techniques to drive authentic traffic to the sites and also attracts genuine readers due to the diversity of writers and collaborators.

7) Only ranking matters

This is probably the most dangerous misconception about SEO. All efforts, techniques, and tricks focus on ranking but do they really guarantee results? NO. You may get ranked on top and still witness no improvement in ROI. There could be several reasons behind this, like lack of content quality, audience engagement or even quality of the products or services you are providing.

8) SEO needs a professional

We’ve all been there. We’ve all believed that SEO requires a professional and is too difficult of a concept to understand for us normal audience. But, once you start exploring the tricks and techniques, you realize it is not that difficult after all. There are several courses available online at affordable prices that can help you excel at this magic concept called SEO.

9) Neglecting on-page SEO

This is a common misconception because there are several website owners who believe on-page SEO can be neglected as it doesn’t affect ranking. That is false. Without a strong foundation or interface, the website will not be considered a reliable source by Google. Having a mobile-friendly, secure and bug-free interface is a must.

10) Manipulative links

To artificially increase the visibility of the page, this is a common practice. But believing it’ll bring you great results at least for a short period of time is foolishness. Manipulating links will do harm more than good because once detected, it can lead to shutting down of the website.

11) Meta tags = Better ranking

This was applicable at one point in time, but not in 2018. In fact, it is known to be true that Google no longer considers meta tags to be a factor while ranking a page. Hence, working too hard on this is fruitless.

So, here we have dispelled some of the most common myths about SEO but the list goes on with increasing trends in SEO. However, the power of SEO is unmatched and it will always remain a blessing to digital marketers and users as well. To excel in this field, which is recorded to be one of the trending and high paying professions in the market today, get a certification course in digital marketing

With the increasing usage of internet and audience online, digital marketers are in high demand and getting certified from a recognized training provider like Sprintzeal will open doors to several job opportunities. 



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