Guide to Banner Advertising for Google Ad Sense and Other Ad Networks

Banner Advertising Guide for Beginners

For a long time, Advertisement marketing has been a top choice for most marketers and when done correctly, it can reap great benefits. To help you choose optimized ad banners that perform well and bring great sales, we have listed out some of the easy go-to tips you can use.

Wider Ads Over Taller Ones

As funny as it sounds, this trick is one of the most effective ways to choose an ad banner size. The wider ads tend to perform better compared to the taller ones. This is because the wider ads are easy to read and don’t require much concentration from the readers. Whereas, in narrower ads, there is a possibility of skipping lines re-reading a line struggling to keep up with the meaning.

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Pick Banners that Compliments your Web Pages

No matter how well you follow the specifications and tips while choosing the ad, it’ll all be for nothing if it doesn’t compliment your page well. Avoid picking the banners that give a distorted look or those which are too flashy and in contrast with the page theme. Alongside this, it is important to consider the product that you’re advertising. It’ll make the reader feel more inclined and connected with the ad they’re being shown.

About Size and Position of the Ad

Finding the right size and position for displaying your ad can have a significant effect on your sales. You’ll be offered a variety of layouts, sizes, and positions to pick from but knowing which has the potential to stand out from the rest is important. Here are some of the best-optimized sizes for banner ads,

Large rectangle (336x280)

With the dimensions of 336 pixels wide and 280 pixels tall, the Large rectangle is one of the most popular ad units on Ad Sense. This can either be used alone or as a multi-ad slot in conjunction with the 330x250.

Here is a sample preview of the banner ad,

Large Rectangle

Medium rectangle (300x250)

With the dimensions of 300 pixels wide and 250 pixels tall, the Medium rectangle is another ad size that is being used by almost every ad network. This is believed to bring higher CPM than other sizes as it is widely used.

While the large rectangle, 336x280, is rarely seen outside the Adsense, this one is found on almost every ad network and is proven to be the best choice.

Here is a sample of it,

Medium Rectangle


728x90 Leaderboard

With dimensions 728 pixels wide and 90 pixels tall, this one is preferred to be placed on the top of the page so that it grabs the reader’s attention as soon as the page loads. These tend to be the most expensive ads as they perform really well and bring a good amount of sales.


300x600 half page

The 300x600 has various names like the half page, monster unit, and film strip. With the dimensions of 300 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall, these bring great CPM and perform quite well. But, since these are not accepted by every ad network available out there, they are most commonly used in multi slots with banners of ad sizes.

Here is a sample,

half page


320x50 Mobile Banner

Listed as the top-performing mobile banner by Google Ad-sense, this one has dimensions of 320 pixels wide and 50 pixels tall. It is used in posting advertisements on smartphones and is sure to get you a good amount of impressions and clicks. Below is a sample image of it,

mobile banner

Context of the Display Ad

After deciding on the sizes and dimensions of your ads, the next thing to focus on is the context of your ad. Make sure your content is well-optimized, easy to read, easy to understand and has the ability to grab the attention because right content can bring a major lift to the ad campaign.

Call to Action for Banner Ad

Grabbing your audience’s attention is one thing and driving them to actually take a real-time action is another. There’s no successful marketing/advertising campaign without a strong CTA ( call to action ). Here we have listed some of the most common yet effective CTA’s of all time,

• Try it now

• Add to cart

• Online chatbots

• Offer is ending soon

• Subscriptions

• Read more

With proper usage of the information listed above and thorough research, the advertising campaign can be a huge hit. It will drive a great amount of traffic to your pages and sell the products or services you are offering. It’s imperative to understand the changing trends of advertisement marketing and strive to keep up with it for better benefits. For career-making courses from Sprintzeal, take a look at the wide range of courses and certifications we offer. 

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