Top Google Chrome Extensions for Online Marketers in 2022

Top Google Chrome Extensions for Online Marketers in 2022

It’s no secret that Google Chrome is the most popular and commonly used browser. To enhance the user experience and provide more benefits, it has extra features like extensions and tools. There are thousands of extensions available in the Google Chrome web store that help you do things more efficiently and contribute to your productivity. 

Users can install chrome extensions of their choice and use them when needed by using the right-click on a web page. A wide range of variety is available on the chrome extension store to meet customer needs.

Some google extensions are automated to perform tasks in the background. Others appear in the menu option. Here we are listing the 20 most popular Google Chrome extensions that are beneficial to online marketers, SEO professionals, and anyone working with the digital field,


Undoubtedly the most used extension on chrome, Ad-Block comes in handy during various situations. Annoying Ads can be everywhere and this extension is a one-stop solution for them all. It filters content for you and blocks unnecessary display of ads that pop up on your screen every now and then.

Basically, it is a time saver and strives to contribute to your productivity.

OneNote web clipper

There are times when we come across information that seems really important and interesting but later gets lost in the long list of bookmarks. With the OneNote web clipper, you can clip specific information and access it with ease from any device. Plus, it also provides options like edit and share. Such features make it a great choice for online marketers.

Last pass

The biggest, most hectic, and tedious task for online marketers, SEO analysts or digital marketers is “remembering email Ids and passwords”. Since publicity is majorly done online, these are the prerequisites to carry any marketing campaign or finish a task. To make things easy for you, the Last pass offers help. With this extension, you no longer need to worry about forgetting passwords or jumble around with reset passwords and OTPs. All you need to remember is the master password, using which you can log in to the Lass pass portal and the rest will be taken care of.

Used by over 10 million people, this is one of the best extensions to boost productivity. For marketers, keeping track of various schedules, tasks and files become burdensome which can, in turn, affect their efficiency at work. To combat this problem, one can use the extension as it helps manage various tasks and to-do lists with ease.


Our very own helpful grammar Nazi is undoubtedly a must-have extension. It automatically detects spelling errors, punctuations, word choices, and many other grammar-related errors. The premium package offers extended help with writing styles, verb forms and many more. It can be used to make sure your documents or any kind of content are error-free.


A treat for all the SEO analysts, digital marketing professionals and others, this one will help you a great deal with link strategies. It brings you advanced metrics and saves you a ton of time. Plus, it mainly focuses on providing SERPs analysis, link profile analysis, and site research.


Getting distracted by various things online is a common scenario in work life of a professional working in the digital field. This can lead to serious damage due to a lack of concentration and efficiency at work. The focus is an extension that focuses on helping you stay productive and avoid getting distracted.

One Tab

We all know that, more often than usual, the culprits of RAM decay are “multiple open tabs”. But considering the number of sites, one has to deal with in the digital marketing profession, using multiple tabs is inevitable. To help resolve this issue, One tab extension saves these multiple tabs as one single “lightweight” tab whilst keeping the information safe and intact.


Content marketing has become a crucial part of online marketing which requires proper research to be effective. While researching a topic, we often wish there was a way to underline the important part that can be referred to later. Liner fulfills this need. It acts as a highlighter using which we can save the best parts of an article we read and it also allows us to read the highlighted parts anytime from anywhere.



SEOquake is an extension that provides organic research data and insights on listings based on the search results. It saves you the pain of manual retrieving of data from pages you collect as results of SERPs. It gives all the analytical data in just one single click.

Check My Links

Broken links can break businesses. Yes, this applies to all the online businesses (sometimes, to offline businesses too, although in a different sense ). However, if the audience gets served with a broken link, you may instantly lose the audience and income as well. To help you be cautious about this issue, check my links extension ensures from time to time that none of the links provided by you are broken.

Link Clump

This simple extension works wonders. While researching something, we tend to go through various websites by opening several links using the ‘open in new tab’ option. This might seem to take forever and leaves us drained. But, with link clump, one can make things simple and easy. All you need to do is drag and select the links you wish to open and the rest will be taken care of. The best part is that it saves a lot of time.

One-click Extension Manager

This one helps you manage all the extensions on chrome efficiently without risking any of your data. Plus, it saves up a lot of RAM by collectively cleaning up/managing several extensions in one place.


With our hectic work schedules, we often fail to prioritize our tasks, let alone attend/complete them on time. With Handle, this problem can be eliminated. This extension handles your to-do lists and manages e-mails, messages, etc. quite efficiently. This saves you a great deal of time and effort.

Full Page Screen Capture

We often wish we could capture the information that is on our screen. This extension enables you to take a screenshot of the screen even if the area that needs to be captured exceeds in size when compared to the default window size.


Looking for some motivation while working? Look no further. Momentum provides just the right motivation you need with an exotic view of the splendors of mother nature. Plus, it also has a to-do list that can be used as a reminder. This can be saved as your default tab.

JSON Formatter

The sole purpose of this extension is to simplify the complicated API related information for you. If you are someone who often works with API’s, this one is for you. It converts complicated responses into readable information for you.


This extension provides unique information like the changes applied in sales and marketing processes. It helps in lead generation by keeping up with the technology changes and by analyzing millions of websites available online. This is one of the best extensions that benefit SEO professionals to a huge extent.


Social media marketing is a great way of publicizing your products and services. But, managing all the accounts and keeping track of the posts shared on each platform can get difficult at times. With the buffer, you can manage and even post information collectively to all your social media accounts from one place. Plus, it gives you statistics and performance information of the posts shared.

Save to Pocket

As marketers, we often come across a lot of information that may seem really important. We wish there was a way to save it for future reference and guess what? There is a way. With the ‘save to pocket’ extension, you can quickly save the posts and other forms of information you find interesting. It collects these posts and saves it for you to refer to whenever you need them.

Chrome web store extensions help in minimizing distractions and boosting productivity. Google offers some of the best chrome extensions in popular categories like productivity, security, marketing, and sales. In recent times, chrome extensions mobile versions have also become increasingly popular. Plenty of google chrome addons is free tools and easily accessible. Some of them have paid subscriptions too.

There are innumerable ways to conquer the digital world and reap benefits from it, of which, usage of these helpful extensions is one. Moreover, these tend to increase the growth of digital marketing and the job market related to it. With such growth, making a career in this field would be a great decision.

If these digital marketing techniques interest you, there are easy and quick ways to enter this field. The best way is to get certified by taking up a certification course. One of the most trusted institutes providing training in digital marketing is Sprintzeal as it has trained 10,000+ individuals around the world.  

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