Brand Managers Guide 2022

Brand Managers Guide 2022

Brand Manager – Roles, Skills, Benefits and Career Scope in 2022

Brand managers are one of the essential job position holders in any brand house you look at. This is because of the key role they play in helping the company flourish and promote in specific places. But, becoming a brand manager is not that easy, after all. It is because the brand manager career path is not quite a smooth road to walk on. It has more challenges and subjects to master than the other certifications in the industry as along with concepts and knowledge. They also have to train in brand history, i.e. knowing everything about the brand they aspire to work for. The brand managers also maintain statistical data and content of the clients. Well, now it is simplified by computer and Smartphone applications like brand manager 360. 

Brand Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The brand manager duties are hard to be performed without proper knowledge about the company they work for and the agenda they need to support. They are as follows:

The protection of the brand: Brand managers serve as the guardians of honour for the brand they work for. They make sure that everything promised by their company and products that are delivered to customers matches up so that it can open up the customer base even further and help the brand to grow.

For instance, when allegations surfaced about Facebook selling user data, brand manager Facebook took a stance against this event and tried to defend the company. Not only did it help the company to gain its customer trust back, but, it also served as an instilment of trust of potential customers.

 • The inter-department chief:

They are not specific to any particular department within the brand organization. If they focus on only of the departments, the other departments would be sidelined, which could foster degradation in the quality of products and values of the company. They need to ensure that every department is functioning perfectly and every individual task assigned to each department is done promptly without any delay or lagging. They concentrate on the market image of the brand and to maintain this, they coordinate with the other departments like product development team, marketing assistance squad, financial support team and also the stakeholders of the company. This helps them in modulating the departments in order to open future market opportunities for the brand.

This inter-department relation theory can be best seen in the case of brand manager Google. They coordinate with various departments of Google starting from Google maps until the Search Engine technical team and ensure that everything is alive and kicking for customers to be satisfied. Even the most intricate departments of Google like the team which designs the logos for Google are coordinated with and provided work on a regular basis in order to keep up the working spirit and resist the development of fatigue in any member.

 • Marketing agency relationship and coordination maintenance:

They help in tying up links with the customers and market adversaries by coordinating with advertising industries with the help of the marketing team to draw the attention of potential customers. They do this as per the brand guidelines and follow the purpose of the company throughout in order to build a proper communication. 

The brightest example of this quality can be seen in the brand manager glassdoor. Glassdoor is online platforms that allows former and current employees of any company rate and discuss regarding the company online and leave a review behind to let people know about the internal happenings (not secrets) of the company. Maintaining a proper relation with these employees is very necessary as they are a potential resource to Glassdoor. Hence, their identity is anonymous to everyone on the internet, including the company personnel themselves.

 • Maintain customer faith:

Market trends help the brand to decide what is new in the market and what they should do in order to sustain it in the market. There are three outcomes of such a situation. 

The first outcome is that the brand can outdo the trend in the market and so, they launch a better product which draws more attention.

Second, they launch a product to give a neck to neck competition in order to let customer loyalty take its toll and decide which brand the king is of the market.

The third and one of the most saddening things that can happen is that the brand lags behind the competition in regards to the technology or features of the then released products. Companies do one of two things here. They either don’t participate in this market competition and invest this time to develop something better for the next competition, or they add other prominent features in other spheres rather than that particular feature in which they lag behind. Customers then priorities what is value for money to them, and they get what they want. 

All these statistics are determined by the brand manager, who is one of the key decision-makers in these cases. 

For instance, brand manager apple decides whether to release more cameras or more security in order to outdo the rival Smartphone companies which sell android phones. 

 • Key role in decision making:

They need to coordinate with the senior management teams in order to take path-breaking decisions which can change the face of the brand forever in the market. This is done by detailed analysis and considering feedbacks regarding the company in order to track brand activity. The campaigns of the brands are taken into consideration, and the success factors, as well as the failure factors, are taken into consideration. This can happen on a general basis as well as on a specific area scale. This helps in making valuable decisions regarding the product. After all, halting the release of a product in some areas might damage the financial condition of the company to some extent which is recoverable. But, if the reputation gets damaged due to its release, that would be a disaster.

This can be best observed in the case of brand manager Bacardi in many parts of the globe. When the BACARDI CARTA ORO© was launched in India in order to check the audience reaction, only a handful of people actually wanted to taste it. This was because it looked quite different from other rums in the market. It was golden yellow in colour and people preferred to buy the regular black and white rum they bought regularly. This led to the brand manager deciding that this loyalty of customers towards the specific product of the brand was better. Changing it could have disastrous effects on the sale of the brand. They called off the alcohol from the Indian market, and it is only available at specific high-end bars, and hence, it has not grown to popularity there.

Applying for Brand Manager Jobs

Here are some pre-requisites which help an aspiring brand manager to secure a job in his/her dream brand. The brand manager salary is determined by the experience, educational qualification, certifications and presentations of the candidate. However, the brand manager average salary for brand manager entry-level jobs is $88,000 annually.

 • Experience required to be a brand manager:

The brand manager experience is one of the crucial things required in order to acquire a job in any company. Experience can be counted through your work in any big brand as well as a blue-chip company. This is just a check on the marketing discipline of any candidate. This gives the candidate the upper hand over any competitors applying for the same job as more experience means less training by the company and any company would love to have someone who already knows the working mechanism rather than investing in someone who needs to be taught.

 • Brand manager education requirements:

Brand manager degree is a live proof of brand manager education. Acquiring a degree in brand management or any area similar to it helps the candidate in an interview. This also includes the degree for marketing as brand management is similar to marketing in some aspects. The astounding fact is the ratio of brand managers with and without a degree is 1:2. This means that if you possess a degree, you are sure to have a job as a brand manager in the current market scenario. 

 • Skills required to be a brand manager:

Skills are the most important traits in every individual’s job resume. Similarly, a brand manager resume is deemed empty without the relevant level of skills required for any job position. Here are some of the most appreciable and desirable skills in any brand manager CV. 

1) Research-oriented skills:

 • Strong data and situation analysis skills which would foster the development of valuable insights regarding developing a product.

 • Customer reading skills which help the individual to register the behaviour of customers towards a specific product. This helps in decoding the needs of the customer, which would further help in making changes in any product to help customers appreciate it.

2) Effective communication skills:

 • Display of great interpersonal skills is hard to resist factor for recruiters. This helps in achieving results in cross-department collaboration in order to develop the product more effectively. Proper communication helps in winning coordination between departments, and hence, this skill adds to the glory of the brand manager.

 • Being a leader and not a boss. Leadership qualities are rare, and a great leader is an asset. A leader is a person who takes up the sword to fight for the cause along with the team. Being a team player adds to the respective team members have towards their leader.

 • Keeping the meetings simple and straight. When involved in meetings, the brand manager should keep it short and moving. This helps in adding time to do other activities. This is because many brand companies believe that meetings are havoc and just waste fruitful working hours of many employees.  

 • Keep the communications clear and transparent. Do not rely on people to mould your decision. Be self-sufficient and take the steps that you feel are necessary for development. Be accountable to the changes that you make and convey it to all tiers of the organization, starting from the top to the bottom.

3) Management skills up to the mark:

 • Having a watchful eye is necessary for a brand manager. Minute and intricate details require attention to the core of the vision. This helps in figuring out weaknesses or strengths in the product/organization.

 • Thinking out of the box helps plan out solutions, deliver innovative ideas and imagine big.

 • The ability to manage a budget is also very important as taking charge of any product or promotion of the brand needs a witty utilization of capital. Overusing resources could leave the company in a trauma that the company can never recover from if the campaign or the product launch fails. Be prepared for the consequences of failure. This is because, like success, failure also needs to be tackled effectively. If financial resources are used properly, and some amount is left in the hands of the company, a counter-campaign can be launched in order to revive a dying campaign. If it is regarding product launch, this surplus in hand can be used to send more products to the place where it is performing well or to extend the marketing in that area to attract more potential customers. It always functions on a supply and demand mechanism. 

These brand manager functions are the most important features that should be possessed by candidates applying for the brand manager position in any company. The brand manager is one of the key people in an organization as they determine the way customers are going to perceive the brand. A great brand manager has the ability to convert a non-customer crowd into a customer base if he/she is provided with adequate resources. Passion and dedication are the fuels that should drive the brand manager further. A good brand manager knows where and investment is worth it even if it doesn’t yield any immediate results. 

Brand Manager Courses to Enhance your Career:

Brand manager certification is one of the most important things to acquire to prove your worth to the industry. The certificates are obtained by attending courses which would be fruitful in the long run. Many national and international organizations provide courses for a better grip over the subject of Brand Management. The certifications include graduation certificates for brand manager graduate jobs and other specialization or short term course certificates which deem eligible for any Brand management job including the job of brand manager assistant.

Get Digital Marketing Training to Enhance your Marketing Skills

Get Business Management Training to Enhance your Business Analysis Skills

Best recognized International courses for brand manager entry-level professions:

 • Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behavior® by the University of London and London Business School

This is a completely online course and has set the standards for being the best beginner-level course for beginners in the industry. Professor Nader Tavassoli of the esteemed London Business School is the one teaching this course and breaks stereotypes associated with branding and brand management. It redefines the motto of the organization and gives an insight on how to ensure customer satisfaction efficiently.

 • An Introduction to Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing® by Copenhagen Business School

Thomas Zoega Ramsey is the one who teaches aspirants every intricate tactic to study the customer needs and how to deliver on them effectively. The training helps in analysis of reports effectively in order to work out the planned changes on the product or the organization in order to generate profits. 

 • Career Brand Management Specialization® by The State University of New York

Dr Valeri Chukhlomin leads a group of four other instructors to take you through a journey of classified and selective Brand Managing training experience. This course is highly valued in the brand managing market, and many organizations trust this course as it is all out of personal experience and insight on the market. The course of study changes with changes in the market as well which would foster marking changes in the market and help the brand flourish.

Best City-specific Brand Managing Courses

 • Best Brand Manager Amsterdam Course

Luxury Brand Management MA (Amsterdam) by Northumbria University, NEWCASTLE 

This is one year long full-time course that helps you develop a creative approach towards luxury brand management. It helps you understand concepts like distribution, production and rate of consumption to help you develop a positive insight on the market readiness to accept your brand-driven products. 

 • Best Brand Manager Dubai Course

Global Executive Master of Luxury Management (GEMLux) by University of Wollongong, DUBAI

This certification gives in-depth insights into the service market of luxury goods. The course also takes students for study tours to the most iconic shopping capitals in order to help in teaching analysis and change-making procedures. Upon completion of this course, the candidate would receive certificates attested by two of the most renowned institutions in the world. The first one is the University of Wollongong, Dubai. The other is MIP Politecnico di Milano, Italy. This would help students refine their experience regarding luxury brands and branding experiences.

 • Best brand manager Glasgow course

Luxury Brand Management (MBA) by Glasgow Caledonian University

This program serves as a means to meet the growing demand for innovative brand managers in the global market. The course helps an individual to get launched into the market of brands and manage quality luxury brands to provide table-turning results. This is due to the growing competition in the market that many job opportunities are created, and brand managers get recruited. But, to survive in the market, every person needs to have knowledge about the market and also be ready to face the challenges that are brought forth by the market. This certificate is constructed by GCU, London in order to teach the ordinary things in an extraordinary way to aspirants.  

 • Best Brand Manager Edinburgh Course

MSc International Fashion Marketing by HERIOT WATT University, Edinburgh Business School

This program helps aspirants to get brand manager fashion jobs in the international market. Brand manager fashion is really common as it helps in managing the fashion-related advancements in the international market and international clothing brands like Gucci and Armani hire these professionals for brand management. Internationally recognized fashion designing businessman George Davies had crafted this course in order to help and inspire young aspirants to figure their way out in the fashion Brand Managing industry. This is a brand management master’s degree specializing in fashion. It teaches things like market logistics, internationally acclaimed marketing strategies, insight on developing a new product, fashion purchase and merchandise creation/ maintenance and advanced digital marketing.

The Best brand manager Bucuresti courses and the best brand manager Bristol courses are also provided by University of London and London Business School. Though Bucuresti is in Romania, many students fly to London every year in order to obtain the best possible brand managing education to be part of the market. 

Brand Manager vs Marketing Manager

Many people believe that Brand manager and marketing manager are the same designations. This is a completely wrong concept. The brand manager bio completely differs from the marketing manager's bio. 

While brand managers study the market and mark how the product of the company is performing in the market while, marketing managers take up the task of getting customers interested in buying the products of the company.

The educational qualifications required for both jobs are also different. 

Brand managers are paid slightly higher than marketing managers.

But, both these jobs are interconnected as the marketing managers work on the information provided through the analysis of reports by brand managers. Similarly, brand managers work on the sales figures and customer engagement reports provided by marketing managers.

Both the positions are crucial in any brand as they drive the organization forwards. The growth in the quality and perseverance of the commodities of the brand is fostered by meaningful collaboration and proper coordination of these two job positions. 

Some esteemed brands and the brand management styles followed by brand managers:

Giant business houses and renowned brands have many brand managers who help in propagating the idea of the brand. Brand managers, along with their assistants, help in propagating the ideas of a brand. The brand manager assistant job description is quite similar to the brand manager description. Their roles are almost the same as the assistant supporting the brand manager in achieving the pre-set goals.

 • Brand manager Amazon: 

Amazon is a very well known international company known to have stepped into almost every sphere of shopping and marketing. This means that the brand manager needs to be multi-talented and versatile in management. Supervising and seeing how AmazonBasics products are doing while inspecting the sales on the website or overlooking the cloud customers’ requirements is a very exhausting job and the task is quite lengthy and repetitive. The original or proper brand management helps in managing the company.

 • Brand manager ADIDAS:

ADIDAS is one of the best-known sports apparel manufacturing companies in the market. The brand manager at ADIDAS needs to be well-versed with the idea of fashion brand management. Accessories and clothes offered by ADIDAS are still dominating the sports market, which is a bright example of successful brand management.  

 • Brand manager Bayer:

Bayer is a giant in the pharmaceutical industry in the world. This German company was founded in the year 1863, and its value has not depleted to date. It has a very loyal customer base that trusts its medicines and chemicals since time immemorial. This reflects the sheer dedication of the brand managers. The face of the brand, Friedrich Bayer, was the very first human correspondent and the reputation it owns in today’s market is the result of traditional brand management. The legacy continued with current project managers effectively controlling the whereabouts of the brand.

 • Brand manager Gucci:

Brand managers at Gucci are bound to know luxury brand management to the depths. The brand managers need effective fashion management as well as brand management in order to get the company going.

 • Brand manager GSK:

GlaxoSmithKline, also known as GSK, is one of the most renowned multinational pharmaceutical companies. The brand managing of the company is very strong, and it has given a boost to its stock market prices as well. The company is a multi-millionaire empire, and brand manager gsk salary is $161,000 annually. When a company keeps it's brand managers happy, brand managers keep the company happy.

 • Brand manager Coca Cola:

There is no person in this world that wouldn’t like a cold can of Coca Cola in a hot summer afternoon. But, why are people so inclined to Coca Cola anyways. The brand manager food managing ability is the fact which makes coca-cola stand out from its competitors in the global market.

 • Brand manager Ferrero:

Ferrero is the most loved Italian chocolate making brand in the world. The brand managers’ of the company have made the chocolate stand out by embracing changes in the market and adapting to them.

 • Brand manager Estee lauder:

What better ways to procure brand manager beauty jobs if not in one of the best beauty product selling companies in the world? The cosmetics sale of the company tops the charts. All the credit goes to enthusiastic brand managers who’ve helped the company in capturing the market. The brand manager beauty products are not having quite a hard time in the market now. It is all smooth and sailing for them.

 • Brand manager Diageo:

The world’s finest spirit producer, which induces high spirits in people is one of the best examples of effective brand management. Brand managers of this company keep a check on each section of alcohol supplied worldwide and ensure that the sales of all the alcohol still continues the same way, uninterrupted by competition of potential competitors.  

 • Brand manager Essity:

Essity is one of the most dedicated brands to maintain hygiene and protect the health of people around the world. Its effective customer engagement is a result of appointing the best brand managers in the market. Their products are getting better day by day.

 • Brand manager DANONE:

DANONE is one of the best food companies around the world. DANONE’s brand manager FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) specialist. This expertise of brand manager in FMCG makes the company one of the leading food product companies. However, brand manager FMCG job description is not quite different from other brand managers. In this case, only the food replaces the products in other cases.

Brand manager automotive companies also move forward due to the promotion, safety checks and other technical changes made by the suggestions of their brand managers.


Brand Manager definition might not be the same for every company, but, brand manager goals remain the same for all the companies alike. This is because the primary aim of the business is growing. Brand managers can use online platforms strategically to promote the brand they work for and draw the attention of people towards the great quality products that their company is manufacturing. 

Brand Manager cover letter is one of the most important aspects if you are applying for the job as it contains your CV. Brand manager cv samples can be found on the internet to craft a great CV to impress the employers. Brand manager books are also available for preparing for interviews and exams.

To enhance your skills, getting a certification would be a great option. Chat with our course experts, and get the training that fits your career goals. 

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