How to become a certified ITIL Expert in 2021

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How to become a certified ITIL Expert in 2021

How to Become a certified ITIL Expert in 2021


What is ITIL?

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is a set of best practices followed by organizations, and it aligns IT services with the needs and objectives of the organization.


Levels of ITIL Certification

There are five levels of ITIL certification. Namely: ITIL Foundation, ITIL Practitioner, ITIL Intermediate, ITIL Expert, ITIL Master


By becoming a certified ITIL expert you get many new and higher-paying opportunities. An ITIL Expert certification also gives you an edge over others.


In India, the average salary of ITIL expert is around 8 lakhs per annum and after doing an ITIL certification, you get a chance of augmenting your salary by 10-12 percent.


Nowadays even organizations prefer hiring individuals with a valid ITIL certificate as it is believed that the ITIL certified individuals are well-groomed for the IT industry.


ITIL Framework and ITIL Modules


Before understanding how to become an ITIL expert, let’s have a good understanding of the different ITIL modules:


The ITIL framework: If you are aiming for an ITIL certification then you must possess a clear understanding of the different life cycles of ITIL. Let’s check the different ITIL modules


  1. ITIL service strategy: Helps IT organizations to develop over the long term


It consists of:

  • Strategy Management
  • Service Portfolio Management
  • IT Financial Management
  • Demand Management
  • Business Relationship Management


Suggested resource – ITIL Service Strategy Certification Training


  1. ITIL Service Design: It orients around 4 Ps which stands for:


  1. People: This refers to the people, skills and competencies involved in the provision of IT services
  2. Products: This refers to the technology and management systems used in IT service delivery
  3. Processes: This refers to the processes, roles and activities involved in the provision of IT services
  4. Partners: This refers to the vendors, manufacturers and suppliers that are used to assist and support IT service provision


Key Processes of ITIL Service Design:


The key processes of ITIL service design are as follows.


  • Service Catalogue Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Availability Management
  • Information Security Management
  • Supplier Management


Suggested resource – ITIL Service Design Certification Training


ITIL Service Transition: This module ensures that changes to services and service management processes are carried out in a coordinated way. ITIL service transition consists of Change Management, Change Evaluation, Project Management, Application Development, Release and Deployment Management, Service Validation and Testing, Service Asset and Configuration Management, Knowledge Management

Service operation monitors that IT services are delivered effectively.

It consists of event management, incident management, problem management, request fulfillment, access management


Suggested resource – ITIL Service Transition Certification Training


ITIL Continual Service Improvement: This is also termed as CSI and refers to the method of executing opportunities to make IT processes and services better.


Suggested resource – ITIL Continual Service Improvement Certification Training



A Step by Step Guide to Become an ITIL Expert


  • To begin with, you must possess the ITIL v3 Foundation* certification or ITIL 4 Foundation certification
  • You should earn a minimum total of 17 credits from the ITIL Foundation and ITIL Intermediate modules. Remember, clearing the ITIL foundation exam gives you 2 credits. Then you can take up the ITIL lifecycle and capability classes. Clearing the ITIL lifecycle gives you 3 credits while clearing the capability gives you 4 credits
  • For more information, you can obtain knowledge from the ITIL Credit System page for obtaining more information.
  • You need to pass The Managing across the Lifecycle (MALC) exam to achieve a total of 22 credits, which is the minimum score required for the ITIL Expert certificate.


MALC exam consists of a multiple-choice question and around 70% is needed to pass. The exam is of 120 minutes duration.


Post completing all ITIL modules and after earning sufficient credits, you will be awarded the ITIL Expert certificate.


Hence in order to become an ITIL expert, you need to pass a total of 7 exams


Tips to clear ITIL exam (MALC exam) and get ITIL expert certification:


  • Self-study can be helpful
  • Practice the free sample papers
  • Consider taking guidance from an expert.
  • Enroll in an ITIL training institute to seek guidance and assistance

The ITIL Expert certification is aimed at those who have gained superior knowledge and comprehended the best practices.


While it may be a sound decision to acquire an ITIL expert certification to find new opportunities, getting an ITIL certification may not be a cakewalk.


An ITIL Expert certification needs dedication, sincere efforts, and a well-planned strategy to ace the exam. You may consider taking ITIL certification training from a reputed institute to help you in the preparation process and to aid you with the tips and techniques.


Hence you can consider becoming an ITIL expert to find new opportunities and to get a boost in your career with the ITIL expert level training offered by Sprintzeal.


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