All about ITIL 4 practices – Updates, Service Types and Benefits

All about ITIL 4 practices – Updates, Service Types and Benefits

What are the ITIL 4 practices?

ITIL 4 Practices - Introduction 

So, you are here for a career in IT service management? You want roles as an IT service provider, IT service relationship manager to attract stakeholders and customers. Quite ambitious you are, but you must know that it is not impossible as they gossip. And yes, it is difficult because you have to show your wizardry in the product, and services, outputs, and outcomes, keeping in mind the cost and risk with utility and warranty!

The ITIL has solved all the issues on service offerings, relationships through the IT service relationship model. The sole pedagogy force comes from its core of focusing on the value and progression with feedback.

Organization and people, information and technology, partners and suppliers, value stream, and processes they all rely on the service value system and its chain as a whole. Continual improvement and change control in service management is the purpose of ITIL 4.

And start appreciating your awareness and interest, and rest assured you are in the right trail. You must be known to the fact that the way IT understands business no other discipline does.

But you may be skeptical about its presence and efficiency in this digital world? Isn’t it? And this is so because you must know that DevOps and Agile are in continuous improvisation while the world revolves around its axis.

Verism that’s a new service management approach has dealt with the digital change very aptly and rejuvenates the ITIL as ever before. You can gain knowledge about ITIL service management by taking up ITIL v4 training. 

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ITIL Services and Its Types

The malleability of IT services in ITIL has a shared viewpoint giving customers a voice to represent their thoughts and make their requirements straight. Customer pays the service providers for owning their risks and correcting them. And this is how we create trust in our customers for preferring our services over a plethora of other service providers.

However, if you desire for core services or you aim to be in enabling service or you want to polish the existing system and want to be a part of enhancing services.

You don't need to be a consultant you may be an aspiring student or a business owner or a business student who is striving to make service management as a career or use ITIL services to enhance your productivity.

The ITIL4 foundation has taken all its practitioners and consultants a step ahead by invoking its users to adopt and understand the service management framework and its paradigm.

And why it should not transmute look around you what you see is cloud computing, IaaS, machine learning, blockchain so service management is also evolving and hence ITIL is implementing its principles in ITSM globally.

Explore ITIL Service Type Certifications:

ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition

ITIL 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support

ITIL 4 Specialist: High Velocity

ITIL 4 Strategist - Direct, Plan and Improve

ITIL 4 Specialist Drive Stake Holder Value

Tracing the roots of ITIL 4 practices

As ITIL has been in the big picture of ITSM for more than three decades. It is known for ITIL certification programs, training, and guidelines in shaping much of the ITSM that we see and use today. The prime challenge comes in the form of modern management problems and devising new technologies in the system, making effective governance, and managing the IT-enabled services thoroughly.

Today ITIL4 framework is widely acclaimed for its ITIL service value system the four-dimension model of organizations & people, ITIL 4 practices, information & technology, Partner & suppliers, Value streams & processes. It divides congruent focus to each dimension ensuring SVS to form an equilibrium.

ITIL concepts and ITIL 4 practices can be applied to all organizations and services regardless of their line of business and area of business. Earlier the ITIL V3 had 26 service lifecycle processes but now with new as well as improved ITIL V4, it has 34 ITIL 4 practices.

ITIL 4 Practices Updates

The ITIL Service Value System (SVS)

This functionality of ITIL V4 gives an advantage to the service provider and its customers by giving them the power to co-create through the use of products and services and its management. Thus it creates the ITIL service value chain with the best ITIL 4 practices through plan, engagement, design, and transition and delivery and support.

The ITIL 4 practices can integrate with other frameworks like Lean, Agile, DevOps, and Digital transformation. This multi facto model has connected all other components of the ITIL V4.

In a grid out of all the Governance and practices form the core and the guiding principles, a continual improvement form the crust of the matrix. It interconnects them and helps in delivering desired values in products and services.

ITIL Processes

Earlier it had 26 grouped processes across the paradigm touching the five important phases of the service lifecycle. Now, it comes with a sauté of 34 practices under three categories of general, service, technology. And includes the other 26 processes of the ITIL V3. This gives an opportunity of demands in adding value for customers and improve and improvise the existing one. It has an outcome that brings everyone under an umbrella.

7 Guiding ITIL Principles

As we have discussed earlier these guidelines are condensed in the core itself. And to give co-creation advantage to both consultants and business customers, stakeholders, and end-users. These principles focus on value and give equal weight to both the parties involved through an iterative feedback loop. This collaboration is visible to promote work and make ideation to practical use and automating the processes.

For instance think of the general management practices, they are useless without IT service management practices and technology. The best of ITIL we can presume from the current day situation of the pandemic. With this the all the pressure comes under governance that has power over directing and controlling the organization’s trajectory.

ITIL 4 practices and principles are futile without every other factor in the comprehension, planning the value chain, engaging, and designing. The transition is the crux for a situation like today.

All we have, all we do know is over compatible computer systems that necessarily are not capable for organizations. But due to ITIL’s adaptability, remote work is ushered and not remorse.

Companies worldwide are planning to take a strong step by giving access to employees to work from their comfort zones. Moreover, they are required to come to the office only when it is necessary!

This shows continual improvement into the unknown future. But with ITIL we have at least a cushion to fall on when struck with a setback.

Moreover businesses are quite aware as of now that it is not easy at all to make the transition all of a sudden. We need to have a prompt plan B ready always to recover and serve as insurance of recovery.

ITIL Dimensions

Ultimately it is all for 4 virtual and physical factors. These factors tend to support and give a holistic solution to issues and they are:

 • Organization & People

 • Information & Technology

 • Partners & Suppliers

 • Value Streams & Processes.

With them, small business and flourish, think of start-ups. Why do you think out of 100 start-ups only a margin of 5-11% tend to grow? And they not just grow but they grow meteorically? There are immense examples of start-ups who are a unicorn company now. They earn in billions and have restricted failures from their paradigm.

They have well planned each step. But before they launch themselves, they launch them in simulations as this is necessary to know and better predict the future of their products and services and their business as a whole.

An ITIL practitioner or a consultant makes their moves safe and secure with his practice and knowledge of the framework. Businesses have never stopped to thank the ITIL 4 practices that have enabled them to create along the journey.

It not only helps in managing customers’ expectations. But it also helps in procurement, management of budgets, comply legally, and manage their scaling.

The present image of ITIL is not restricted to IT or technology alone, it is a management practice now. Universities all over Europe and some in the USA have added the gist and practices in service management curriculum. In today’s world awareness is the key and only those survive who are prepared.

Internal Audit

The standard set by the ISO management system helps in categorizing and implementing the principles. Although the ISO is also borrowed principles in its revised doctrine of service management.

And it has by far become the metric or standard to assess the health of the organization's IT systems. With ITIL V4 organizations are Agile and certain to function effectively.


There are ample reasons that can validate an aspirant’s choice of coming into ITIL as well as before we commit to doing something we need to consider deeply all the consequences henceforth as well as it's implications.

However, experts and counseling gurus in IT have always advocated for ITIL certifications even if you do project management.

The knowledge and the understanding of the ITIL practices will not only shape your perception. But it will also make your motives and moves more customer-centric, which equals profit and recognition. Whereas, if you are an aspirant of ITSM, then it is wise for you to enter the sphere with an ITIL V4 certification. as all others are outmoded by now.

Above all, this gives you an earning potential that not only is a gravy train but also improves your job responsibilities.

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