ITIL Framework and Certifications Guide 2022

ITIL Framework Introduction 

ITIL (an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library) certification course familiarizes candidates with the basic concepts, methods, and terminologies of IT industry services in its foundation level of training and goes more in-depth emphasizing the methods and advancement in techniques as the certification level increases.

It showcases a candidate’s competency and knowledge in the field of IT services focusing mainly on the ITIL incident management and business area. This certification course is widely adopted because of the multiple benefits if offers on implementation at workplaces. Today, there are millions of professionals who are ITIL certified and the number only seems to be growing with time.

Many certifications offer the course in five key levels and the candidates can choose the level of training based on their requirements and qualifications. Moreover, it’s a globally recognized framework that is accepted worldwide.

ITIL Framework History

ITIL was formed in the year 1980s. The aim was to improvise/understand the concept of usage of IT services and resources in order to achieve better results in business. This task of developing the ITIL framework was taken up by the CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency) and was widely adopted by several large firms in Europe in the 1980s. Within a short span of time, it grew popular in countries like the UK and was being used worldwide.

Later in 2001, the updated version of ITIL was released which contained revised and more concise information making it one of the most used approaches in the IT industry. The third edition was released in 2007 and was focused on the concepts of IT integration.  And, the latest edition of ITIL certification available is 2011.

Why Should you Consider Getting ITIL Certification?

With the increase in requirement for high quality, trusted and reliable IT services, ITIL has become a top choice for several organizations.

Here we have listed out major benefits of getting ITIL® certification,

• Contribution

With this skill set, you will be contributing immensely to the organization you work for. The knowledge you acquire from this certification course can be used to grow both as an individual and an employee since it boosts your career in all the right ways.

• High paying salary

Whether you are an experienced professional or a fresher if you are looking for a job that pays you handsomely then one sure way to get it is ITIL. Yes, getting certified increases the chances of landing you a high paying job immensely.

• Adaptability

One of the most important advantages of ITIL certification is adaptability. It keeps you current with the emerging trends and adds value to your work with the knowledge you gained. Many organizations appreciate employees who keep themselves abreast with the technology trends.

• Secured future 

Sure, certification cannot secure an individual’s future completely; there are several other factors that come into the picture but ITIL is a globally recognized and widely used method, it is safe to say that the value of this certification is not expected to diminish with time.

• Flexibility

Considering the fact that more than 10,000 organizations have adopted ITIL worldwide, it is no surprise that the growth for professionals with ITIL certification is booming. They are sure to have a myriad of job opportunities in the market making them a valuable asset to an organization.

• Builds trust

Being a customer-focused sector, ITIL can actually improve your relationship with the customer/client by building a strong foundation of trust. It helps you understand the concepts of service management deeply and ensures you apply it to improvise on your interaction with the customers.

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ITIL Certification Levels and Courses

As mentioned earlier, ITIL provides variations in the levels of training depending upon the qualification and complexity.  Here are the 5 levels of ITIL certification courses available,

• ITIL Foundation

The ITIL Foundation course enables the candidate to understand the basic concepts, terminologies, and methods related to ITIL. It basically gives an insight into the procedures and relations in-service support and delivery sectors. This acts as a prerequisite for the other levels of ITIL. You can take up the ITIL® V4 Foundation Training near you and get certified from AXELOS.

• ITIL Practitioner

This level of the course focuses majorly on applications of ITIL methods in various situations and scenarios. It teaches us to align business and information technology in order to increase efficiency and results.

• ITIL Intermediate Certifications

This level follows a modular structure. It provides a wide approach to IT service management. It is more detailed than the foundation level as it expands on various concepts of the framework. This course is further divided into two categories; Service capability and service lifecycle.

High Paying and In-demand ITIL Intermediate Level Certifications:

• ITIL Expert

This level, of course, aims for both the personal and professional development of an IT Professional. It is commonly adopted by the individuals aspiring to advance their careers in the IT Service Management Field. It takes the concepts of ITIL to a deeper level providing thorough knowledge to the candidates.

• ITIL Master

ITIL Master is the highest and final level of ITIL Certification courses and requires the candidates to have completed the above levels to apply for this one. It offers comprehensive knowledge of the concepts of ITIL along with the advanced techniques and methodologies in the area.

This is considered to be one of the most valued certificates in the industry.

Getting certified in one or many of these ITIL certification levels will exponentially enhance your career in multiple ways and help you grow as a professional with the vast knowledge you acquire. By doing thorough research on each of these levels and selecting the one that suits you the best, you can begin a new and enhanced phase of your career right away.

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