ITIL strategist is someone who is skilled at understanding business plans. They know how IT influences a company's performance. Strategists are able to integrate technological services to the business model so that all value factors, such as profits and sales can be enhanced. An ITIL strategist takes care of planning project operations by adding IT tools to sales of a product and customer service. This boosts the customer base and improves reviews. One of the key goals in the minds of these employees is to deliver customer satisfaction. If IT tools cannot help with improving desk support, then the ITIL strategist needs to come up with a better plan.


ITIL v3 is an older program that focuses on IT tools and their uses. If a company is not able to make use of their IT services, then they need to enable the ITIL framework. This helps the business understand different aspects by which they can better use these tools. Firms that fully integrate ITIL guidelines perform much better. The v3 guide works by making use of certain manuals which stress more on usability and action.

Recently, Axelos made a clear shift from ITIL v3 to ITIL 4. ITIL 4 has a better idea of what it wants from the employees. The program wants workers to give more importance to the customers by building a service value system that benefits the clients. If a client does not get the right usage value from their product, then they should be able to take it up with the customer service or the desk support. ITIL 4 better equips this support service so that they can answer customer complaints well.


The ITIL 4 scheme is divided into different parts. In order to get to the final part, people have to pass each level. Every level awards certain credits, and people can use these credits to move on to the next level. The scheme begins with the foundation level, which introduces the aspirants to the ITIL rules. This is followed by a management professional that involves forming a better idea about ITIL services. After clearing this level, a person can finally try being an ITIL strategist by going through the planning tools and working with a business tactic. In the end, they can be called as experts in ITIL 4 by completing the Master level.

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The ITIL strategist certification is a part of the ITIL 4 program. It comes right after the professional management level. The course includes several tools that help people to become better planners. Once the employees are able to make good business tactics that involve IT, they can add profits to the business. Strategies are essential to improve efficiency because they allow project managers to set clear goals. Teams can better use their inputs as well. Strategists use their skills in the planning phase to map a course for the present and future of a product. They also make plans for the sales period. Once the product reviews are in, they make plans for client support and problem-solving.



The ITIL strategist course consists of two main modules. These two parts help to address different aspects of business planning with IT services. They also divide the work between teams. This makes it easier for the employees to work on the project.

1) Direct, Plan, and Improve

This part of the ITIL strategist makes the basic plan, which starts with helping the teams to state their goals. Once these goals are set, they are added to a clear plan. This plan is then discussed with the team members. Any ideas mentioned by the members are debated. The new goals are then added to the final draft. This is improved by adding necessary details to the working of the different processes and by employing the required IT tools wherever needed. The plan gives insight into the inputs to be used and the processes to be carried out. It also gives an idea about the different phases.

2) Digital and IT Strategy

This part requires teams to understand how to make their tasks easier since using IT tools can solve their efficiency problems. Therefore, they should seriously consider using them. Any tool applicable should be added to the plan after a proper risk control test has been done because IT strategies to provide the best results for the business.


Both parts of the ITIL strategist program have different syllabi. This helps the aspirants to know the difference between them so that they can then prepare for each of the modules separately. Each module has specific topics unique to them. It is important to understand these unique points.

1) The directing module starts with clearing the basic terms of the planning model, which are important to clear different methods and understand each concept. The module clears the differences between various terms, such as vision and mission, strategies, and tactics. The planning phase must understand the costs and risks of each step. The scope and aims of every step are important, as well. While making the plan, the ITIL strategist must comply with the policies. They should also assess their own decisions before moving on to the next phase.

2) The digital strategy module does not have a specific syllabus. However, it addresses how different firms are using IT tools, along with their business plans. It is a set of case studies that helps ITIL users understand the purpose of their job while equipping them with the skills to innovate their own solutions. These solutions make use of some IT tools to solve some business problems, which in turn make the business plan more efficient and easier to carry out for the project teams. This is clear as the product quality improves, and clients are satisfied. It sets every aspect that employers want their projects to cover.


Every part of the ITIL rules has some usage in business. This is why many firms are adding the framework to their models. An ITIL strategist also has a lot of value when it comes to business planning and strategy making.

1) Business Relationship Manager

These employees make it possible for businesses to work with IT tools easier. They plan various points of the project and use IT to make them efficient. They are able to manage different aspects of the business too. Each project requires them as a person to take care of different operations. They understand how sales can be boosted with IT applications.

2) Service Level Manager

A Service Manager is an ITIL strategist too. They focus on client satisfaction more than business profits. They help desk support to be more useful through IT services. Customers can get help from them regarding the firm's products. This greatly increases the value of the product. It also helps the company’s reputation.

3) IT Architect

IT Architects are the employees who make the ITIL rules possible. They work closely with business managers to understand their problems. Based on that, they offer various solutions to them. After proper tests and risk control, these solutions can be used in the projects. This improves the efficiency of the teams. The quality of the product also changes for the better.

4) Supplier Manager

Every business needs to understand the market better. However, without proper planning or strategy, this is not possible. An ITIL strategist can use their skills to supply the products to the market at the right time. The firm can then benefit from the demand and help their sales. Supplier managers are great assets to improve sales charts and profit values.


Interested people can take the exam through two modes. They can apply for training from registered services. These services provide proper tests at the end of the program. The aspirants can also take the test after studying on their own. They can book the exam when they are comfortable and prepared. The ITIL 4 comes in all major languages. Candidates can choose the language which is easiest for them. They should also go through the instructions and manuals before the test. These guides help the aspirants to understand the syllabus and pattern of the exam. Finally, if the person is interested in getting guidance under a trainer, they should verify that they are registered with Axelos.


MyITIL is a community program provided by Axelos. It helps certified employees to keep in contact with their peers. This greatly improves their networking skills. They can also get help from their seniors when they need guidance. To become a member, the employees have to pay a fee and follow the policies. Breach of contract will result in the cancellation of the membership. They also get access to all the practice guides and white papers.

ITIL framework is a great tool for any firm looking to better use their IT services. They can get their employees trained in the program to boost their sales and profits. Naturally, the methods have many applications in different job roles. ITIL strategists are highly demanded by firms looking for skilled managers. They understand market demand and relevance of IT tools in the business better than anybody else.

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