ServiceNow - What is it, Fundamentals And Features

ServiceNow - What is it, Fundamentals And Features

ServiceNow Guide for Beginners - A Brief Intro

Since the day ServiceNow has come into the digital platform, it is ever-present and is expanding growth among diverse industries internationally each year with all the benefits that ServiceNow offers. The companies provide solutions for users in IT business management (ITBM), IT operations management (ITOM), and IT service management (ITSM).

The core reason why it is popular is that ServiceNow is a cloud-based company that offers software as a SaaS for technical management to manage projects, IT teams, conversations, minimize errors, and more. It integrates with a variety of tools, applications, and plugins easily.

With ServiceNow, users have the power to define, and structure work patterns, automate workflows, connect enterprises, collaborate and replace traditional time-consuming complex processes.

Removing email and spreadsheets from the process to streamline the delivery of services.

Not only does the company allow the creation of smart solutions and engage customers, but it also adds growth to Industries and value acceleration.

ServiceNow reported revenue of approximately $4.5 billion in fiscal year 2021, highlighting its significant presence in the enterprise service management and digital workflow automation market.

Read the article to know more about what is ServiceNow and why companies should use it.



What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a software platform provider of IT service applications based on the cloud, that supports ITSM and automates business tasks for IT business management (ITBM).

It is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider of service management. Software as a service (SaaS) platform consists of several counts of modular applications.

ServiceNow creates a consistent workflow for enterprises, brings effective practices to control and conduct business data, IT systems, IT-enabled operations, services, and resources, and manages the end-to-end delivery of IT services to customers and for an enterprise organization.

This digital service creates a workflow and automates several processes that are approved by ITIL principles (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).

ServiceNow can be used to customize product requirements, and custom applications, set orchestration, implement infrastructure, cloud and virtualization lifecycle management, and more. Precisely, it also uses machine learning technology to ease work processes, generate reports on KPIs, or create dashboards to track performance, especially for big enterprises.


ServiceNow 1

History of ServiceNow

ServiceNow was founded in 2003 by Fred Luddy, David Loo, Don Goodliffe, and Bow Ruggery. It is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Fred Luddy mainly implemented a cloud-based workflow system.

- In 2005, the first ServiceNow limited-service catalog was created.

- In 2006, the company created its first cloud-based orchestration and expanded globally.

- It was named ServiceNow in 2006. The first office was in Silicon Valley in 2007.

- In 2011, with a wide selection of integrated IT service management tools and applications, it partnered with Accenture from various locations like Atlanta, Chicago, Frankfurt, London, New York, San Diego, and many more.

- In 2012, ServiceNow became a public company and launched its IPO with a worth of $210 Million valuation.

- In 2016, the company received FedRAMP certification through the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, for achieving product security expectations for products created on forms in the cloud.

- In 2017, ServiceNow acquired Telepathy, a UI/UX company to help transform its user interface and experience know-how for users.

- In October 2019, the CEO was Bill McDermott (the former CEO of SAP SE) the end of that year.

Currently, the CMO of ServiceNow is Michael Park with 25+ years of experience in P&L management, product, go-to-market, and marketing leadership.

Why Use ServiceNow?

ServiceNow products offer a service model using SaaS cloud computing software depending on customer requirements and support to help identify and resolve issues with self-service.

The fact that the largest companies in the world rely on ServiceNow as it also offers an app store of tool offerings from third parties. ServiceNow has global alliances to deliver solutions with companies such as Accenture, Cognizant, Deloitte, DXC, EY, Fujitsu, IBM, Infosys, KPMG, and Wipro.


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Who Uses ServiceNow and What Does it Do?

With the use of ServiceNow, the following sources utilize the services:

Employees: to request IT services

IT Support Staff: to manage service requests, incidents,s and problems

Administrators: to manage applications available to selected users, granting them roles and other access controls

Implementers: to deploy process applications and platform features that address an organization's business needs.

Developers:  to create new functionality with scripts or custom applications to standard configurations.


Key Features of ServiceNow

Let's take a closer look at what makes ServiceNow stand out. It's not just a tool; it's a whole platform that does a lot of things. ServiceNow products work together smoothly, and it follows best practices like ITIL to make managing services easier.

The ITSM ServiceNow part is especially important for organizing and improving services. Now, let's explore the key features that make ServiceNow so useful in managing work efficiently.

- Customizable settings

- Controlled approval process

- Confidentiality and integrity of data

- Better customer support and low maintenance costs

- Ease configurations

- Ease to track assets

- Enables instance-based learning implementation

- Improved operational tracking to track operations execute

- On demand IT Service Management

- Real time analysis and report

- Track activities through the activity dashboard


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Products of ServiceNow

ServiceNow allows users to automate, manage, and communicate their business requirements without complexities. The major products fall under five main categories: IT Service Automation Applications, IT Business Management, Project Portfolio Management, Shared Service Applications (for Facilities, Field Service, and HR), and ServiceNow Express, an ITSM for all sizes of enterprises.

Multiple reasons are there to choose ServiceNow products, and, several reasons could be,

- App Engine

- Automation Engine

- Customer Service Management

- Field Service Management

- Financial Services Management

- Governance, Risk, and Compliance

- HR Service Delivery

- Healthcare and Life Sciences Service Management

- Integration Hub

- IT Asset Management

- IT Service Management

- IT Operations Management

- Legal Service Delivery

- Operational Technology Management

- Order Management for Technology Providers and Telecommunications

- Procurement Service Management

- Public Sector Digital Services

- ServiceNow Vault

- Security Operations

- Telecommunications Service Management

- Telecommunications Service Operations Management

- Workplace Service Delivery


Major Benefits of ServiceNow

ServiceNow, a comprehensive platform and tool, offers significant benefits for organizations. With a range of products and ITSM ServiceNow capabilities, it streamlines workflows, integrates processes, and aligns IT services with business needs through the ITIL framework.

The user-friendly interface, automation features, and configurability contribute to increased efficiency and adaptability, making ServiceNow a key driver of organizational success.
The main benefits of ServiceNow could be,

- Hosted in the cloud platform without the need for costly hardware or the latest upgrading software

- Serves as a highly scalable solution

- Better Monitoring and control

- Reduced errors and operations transparency

- Improved service requests

- Optimization of workflow

- An active IT team and improves customer satisfaction

- Cost effectiveness and business continuity

- Adaptability and monitor the system's performance

- Brings innovation and accelerates digital advancement

- It serves as an on-demand IT Service Management

- Provides confidentiality and integrity of data

- Good functionality for customer support

- Smooth workflow for existing metrics and customizable

- Improved operational tracking and powerful reporting

- Proactive self-service for customers

- Enhance employee engagement and collaboration

- Greater productivity and accelerated speed

- Minimize response time


Wrap Up

ServiceNow services provide all-in-one solutions being the lead of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions in the past years and are expanding growth year-wise.

The ServiceNow applications offer expertise, training, and leadership experience for ServiceNow customers.

It provides a roadmap on the current state, investment, and location of your business. No wonder most of the companies in the world utilize ServiceNow because of its simple process, speed, tools, and features, on the activities, tasks, and processes that build day-to-day work life.

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What is ServiceNow?

A cloud-based platform that helps businesses automate workflows across various departments.

What are some fundamental concepts of ServiceNow?

CMDB, Incidents, Problems, Changes, Workflows, Roles & Permissions.

What are some key features of ServiceNow?

ITSM, ITOM, BPM, Security Operations, CSM.

What are the benefits of using ServiceNow?

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