Is ITIL a fit for your organization's culture?

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Last updated on Apr 14 2020

Is ITIL a fit for your organization's culture?

Is ITIL a fit for your organization's culture?

Structure and predictability are important requirements for any Organization

Even though the ITIL framework can assist you to build a service-driven and a customer-focused culture but the rigidity associated with the more formal ITIL processes can have some adverse effects associated with it

The structure of ITIL affects your organization's culture to a great extent. If you are doing it right, ITIL's benefits can include improved user satisfaction, increased service orientation for IT staff, standards for best practices, reduced costs, and a transparent delineation among organizational roles. There's no sure-fire recipe for implementing ITIL. Developing your people and organization in parallel is the key to reduce the resistance to the change.

The ITIL framework is time-consuming to implement, even when all the processes are aligned. But a scarcity of realistic goals, missing work instructions, unengaged process owners, or issues with time and staff management will all reduce your chances of success.

Another considerable barrier to a successful ITIL implementation is a lack of management commitment during and after implementation. Managers should adopt the processes to support the organization, including employees in deciding, and increase their awareness and understanding of the ITIL framework.

You don’t need to adopt ITIL to manage your IT services effectively and efficiently, but it can certainly help. Some organizations simply create their own set of processes for running IT, and this will work. But it’s hard to develop something original that matches the years of experience that have gone into the event of the ITIL best practice framework that has now been adopted by many thousands of organizations.

Of course, like any work efficiency framework, not everyone loves it. Critics of ITIL cite outdated practices and rancid ideas that aren’t living up to the fast pace that innovation requires today. Other criticism includes its boring approach – particularly in ITIL training and ITIL certification settings – that make it difficult to find out, including adopt. Convergence tools from BMC, Atlassian, and Asana, among others, are often useful to ITIL but also might not require a selected ITIL framework to supply equivalent efficiency benefits.

For ITIL to be effective it is imperative to understand the ITIL process and create an ITIL friendly culture. It is important to comprehend the 5 ITIL Modules

ITIL Service Strategy

The Service Strategy of ITIL Module helps by aptly designing, developing, and implementing IT Service Management processes. Targets are decided at this stage and strategies are planned.


Suggested resource – ITIL Service Strategy Certification Training


ITIL Service Design

The Service Design phase helps in designing and developing the services decided within the Service Strategy stage. It also assists in performing on IT Service Management processes to support the companies. This proves helpful for Business Leaders and IT professionals, as they get to find out and stay prepared to deal with customers’ issues and handle them within the absolute best manner.


Suggested resource – ITIL Service Design Certification Training


ITIL Service Transition

This transition stage helps not only in the Business Associates but, also the IT professionals to effectively manage the transition in business. This stage efficiently helps in shifting the transition from the development phase to the operational phase and handling the transition of services.


Suggested resource – ITIL Service Transition Certification Training


ITIL Service Operation

This phase provides guidance about the view of everyday business operations. It helps in achieving the goals of the IT department in terms of maintaining the items reliably, cost-effectively, smoothly, and efficiently. This stage works on assuring that the services are delivered to the purchasers in time upon the agreed levels with minimum interruptions.


Suggested resource – ITIL Service Operation Certification Training


ITIL Continual Service Improvement:

The CSI stage identifies processes that continually help the organizations to enhance their IT services. Continual assessment of the services always helps the businesses to research drawbacks and implement measures to enhance the IT services for achieving progress.


Suggested resource – ITIL Continual Service Improvement Certification Training


Steps to Create an ITIL Friendly Culture


Let’s look into the steps to create an ITIL friendly culture in your organization to have an effective ITIL process

  1. It is important to assess your organization’s culture before implementing the ITIL. Through this, you can understand the hurdles your organization may face before implementing the ITIL
  2. Proper training of the office staff is also required. They need to understand the ITIL framework to have a successful implementation. You can even insist on them taking up the official ITIL training to gain a better understanding of the processes.
  3. The benefits of ITIL should be highlighted to increase awareness.


The above steps help you to create an ITIL favorable atmosphere in your organization. There's no official cost for the ITIL Foundation examination as ITIL has left the examination administered to the ATO or Examination Institutes, unlike most other popular certification examination. Hence convince the employees to take up ITIL training to have an ideal ITIL culture.

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