Implementing 5S Methodology for Better Work Efficiency

By Syed Irfan

Last updated on Feb 8 2022

Implementing 5S Methodology for Better Work Efficiency

Keys and Tips to Implement 5S Methodology


Today, most organizations or businesses start their lean improvement with the implementation of you must be wondering what 5S is. 5S Methodology is the Japanese methodology widely used to minimize errors. It is considered the most effective method to avoid mistakes for better returns. It is essential to know that the 5S methodology is the most effective way for companies or businesses to get familiar with the improvement cycle by the involvement of the workers to organize and enhance the conditions of the workplace. In this article, you will explore more about the 5s lean.


Many manufacturers from all around the world prefer the implementation of 5S. According to the source, many manufacturers have implemented the strategy of 5S at their workplace organization to constantly improve or supplement the lean manufacturing process. The concept of 5S is to decrease waste while optimizing production through an orderly workplace. This process prefers visual cues to attain more consistent operational returns. There are five pillars of workplace organization that include, to an extent, looking for ways to decrease potential time wasted and determination of the process to use with returning items. Under this philosophy, parts and tools are present in different ways that make them accessible and easy to use.


Benefits of 5S Process Implementation

Now let's talk about the perks of the 5s lean manufacturing function to understand the concept better. Many people are still not well aware of the term and its benefits. Make sure to stick to this page to access all kinds of information related to the 5S process. It will help you to run your business most effectively. People widely accept this process to eliminate all types of errors. Here are the benefits which you can access by making use of the 5s methodology.


  • Enhance the level of productivity


It is no hidden fact that every organization or business strives for increased productivity. Productivity level matters the most, and almost every organization needs to increase productivity for better returns. Therefore, it is essential to understand the value of the increase in productivity. Overall increment of the productivity leads to a better return on the investment. As per global research by several consultancy firms in the United States, the effective implementation of the 5 S lean process ensures better improvement.

If you are willing to remove unnecessary items, you need to implement the lean principles 5s. This process helps in the removal of unnecessary items. Also, it helps to maximize an efficient workplace, which is enough to assist in the development and improvement of productivity level with extremely low wastage of time. You can access beneficial results in a short time. Less time spent searching for unnecessary items also defines more time spent working. Therefore, you can get more time to work for the better productivity of your organization for its growth.


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  • Safety


One of the most appreciable advantages of the 5S methodology is that it helps access an improved safety version. Therefore, it is essential to implement the 5S method to access improved safety versions. We all know that safety is the most helpful thing required in an organization. If you need improved safety, then you have the chance to make it by the implementation of the 5S methodology. It is essential to know that a clean workplace environment, especially in the manufacturing unit, can significantly reduce injuries sustained by the workers. Most of the time, unattended chemical spills also increase the risk factors of damage of the workers like it increases the chances of slips and falls as well.


Implementing it will help minimize any errors or injury risk factors. The best thing about this process is that it helps increase employees' morale at the reduced incidence of injury and conveys the concern for the safety of workers. In terms of safety, this implementation is of great help. We all know that workplace organizations should eliminate waste to highlight safety.


  • Reduction in Waste


The primary objective of 5’s methodology is to implement this methodology as it will help in a fair reduction in lost and damaged items in the workplace. We all know that it is vital to keep the workplace in a clean and organized form to increase the mood level of workers. A clear and planned workplace with proper labeling ensures flexibility to the workers to replace the damaged items in the designated places. In addition, this process minimizes the total number of misplaced and lost tools and equipment.


Before going further, it is essential to know that the appropriate management of the equipment helps minimize the damage generally caused to several parts of the product at the production process. It helps reduce the wastage of time. You don't need to stop your work just because of silly reasons. Implementing the standard 5S system ensures a significant reduction in the square footage of the required space for the operation's existence. This system also includes getting rid of the useless items from the workplace organization to free up the area that can use further in the most effective way.


  • Commitment


It is no hidden fact that achieving workers' commitment is one of the primary goals of implementing the 5S Methodology and manufacturing training. It is all possible because the workers are more responsible for using it on the ground. Therefore, the implementation of 5S mainly emphasizes workers' participation by streamlining their work and delivering input to change the productivity level dramatically.


By this implementation, you can get a commission for increased changes in production with the overall design of the workplace. It also ensures to carry out its maintenance task. The best thing about this implementation is that it helps to encourage the workers involved for the long-term workplace sustainability, which improves the commitment towards the workers—this improvement has to offer ancillary benefits of lower absenteeism.


The best goal of implementing the 5S system is to increase the morale of the workplace organization. You can quickly do it by making it routine to implement proper processes and discipline to avoid the backsliding of the system. In addition, this system includes preventing a dark, disorganized workplace.


Quality tools and techniques of the 5S system


5S is the first tool needed in any workplace organization, starting the continuous improvement culture. The implementation of 5S ensures to help in defining the first rules of elimination of waste to maintain its efficiency. If we talk about its popularity, then the 5S system was first popularized by Taiichi Ohno, the owner of the Toyota Production System, and Shigeo Shingo.


The 5S methodology is the most effective and easy to use method for achieving a better workplace organization. The best thing about this methodology is that it doesn't require technical analysis. We can quickly implement the 5 S system globally in almost all companies, from manufacturing plants to offices and small businesses to large organizations. It is very applicable. 5S is considered a perfect tool to determine the first improvement projects of an organization to remove waste. Though this system seems more like a housekeeping technique, it is an innovative management system. The concept of the 5S system helps people think lean, paving the way for the adoption of the 5 s lean principles in the workplace organization. It is necessary to have a better understanding of this field to increase the overall performance of an organization. Having better knowledge of the 5S methodology is also considered one of the foundations of the principles of the 5s six sigma, and it can be beneficial for every organization. It doesn't matter what type of organization you are in. The implementation of 5 s lean manufacturing is considered the ideal system.


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How to begin an implementation plan?


The most important thing that matters is implementing 5s lean six sigma or 5S Methodology. Therefore, it is highly recommended to proceed with the implementation process by following all essential rules and principles and the correct procedure. Here is the insightful information regarding the ways to improve the performance with the help of using 5 s lean six sigma. Make sure to follow all the steps to get better outcome results and increase your workplace organization's overall performance.


  • Step 1: determination


The first step includes the determination of your business. In this stage, you will have to determine how well your business or organization is doing. This process is vital as it helps gather all essential information to lead to better growth and performance. Make sure to consider specific questions before starting the actual implementation process of the 5S methodology. Instead, let's perform a test, and if you can answer all the questions with yes, you may find the use and benefits of 5S.


Do the people of your workplace organization face trouble in locating files or documents? It doesn't matter if the file is physical or digital. But if you cannot answer this question with yes, you need to consider the implementation of the 5S methodology. It will help you overcome the challenges and ensure a straightforward process to keep your documents or file safe and in an organized form.


Do you think that the files, the drawer, and the cabinet are all labeled, or do they contain anything unmarked that is very difficult to determine?


Do you think you have enough space in the workplace to keep the valuable things, or are you aware that useless items take up your workplace? In that case, the 5S system will help to free up space.


Does everyone know how to keep the workplace fully aware of their specific roles and responsibilities? If not, then you lack a 5S system in your organization.


  • Step 2: Broken Down


In this phase, five terms represent the five processes for the operation and excellence of the process, which includes the following:



This step is mainly used to separate the essential tools and materials from those which are no longer in need. This step includes removing everything that is not essential from the work area.



The second S in the 5S is for the store. This step plays an essential role in implementing the 5S system in an organization. This step helps to sort and organize all the necessary tools, equipment, files either in digital or physical format, accessible location, data material, and use. In addition, this helps to label all the storage with specific names accordingly to avoid hassle during working time.



These steps set a new standard for cleanliness. This step ensures to clean and remove all the trash and dirt from the workplace organization to keep the working environment neat and healthy.



This step includes encouraging the workforce to perform all the measures to maintain the workplace organization perfectly. Standardize processes establish a schedule and also set the expectations for adherence.



Sustain is working as the last S of5S system and creating 5S as part of the culture. This step includes building organizational commitment to make a habit of 5S in an organization.


  • Step 3: The Action


Step three is all about the action plan to for workforce development and organization growth. For this stage, you need to begin implementing the 5S system by offering full training to your organization or business staff to understand the system and its benefits. For these steps, you need to give time and effort to see better results in the end. You may need to follow up with a one-day session with the employees of your organization or with the team members to make sure that they are on the same ground with concern to 5S methodology.


During the first day session, you will have to explain all the first three 5S requirements. After that, you can automatically move to the other two 5S requirements.


  • Make sure to take a picture of the current status of your workplace organization and then sort to separate all the essential things from what is no longer needed for use.
  • Now it is essential to organize vital things like tools, information, data, files, and others to a place where it will be easy to find when in need. Then, you should be able to figure out anything in just a few seconds to avoid the wastage of time.
  • After that, you need to understand the concept of cleanliness. Keeping the workplace and environment clean is essential to maintain health and avoid injuries or damage. Make sure to label them to store in a well-organized form.
  • The following process includes preparing an action plan for things you cannot deal with that. In addition, this process comprises selling useless items and donating them for recycling.
  • Now take the picture with the steps mentioned earlier to see the drastic changes of your workplace organization.


  • Step 4: Standardize


When you are at the first one-day session, you need to take the third picture and compare it to the other two. You will find that something is missing. The missing is the standardization. It is vital to keep the standard of cleanliness even after a week or month. Make sure to follow all the steps to keep up with the standardization.


  • Step 5: Sustain


Two months later or more, make sure to check out how your 5s lean workplace looks and then schedule for another peer review. Again, it will help to maintain continuity.




It is crucial to understand 5s lean better to access better returns. Generally, 5S is a valued number of the lean tool kit. Mainly it stands for five individual s-words. Most organizations prefer a successful implementation of the 5 s methodology to eliminate unrequired wastage of resources, clean the space, and develop the process. The best thing about this process is that it also helps in reorganization and better discipline. Learning and implementing this methodology is all you need to help make it more efficient and relying on 6 s lean is not to be considered.


The concept of implementation of the 5S system helps to drive the companies to enhance effort while keeping the aim to eliminate waste and any errors from the workplace organization. So overall, we can say that it helps improve a company's bottom line. We can quickly do it by enhancing the product and service, which helps to lower the cost.


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