Best Six Sigma Books in 2022

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Best Six Sigma Books in 2022

Top Six Sigma Books for Exam Preparation


Over the last few years, six sigma has become a household word for almost every business or organization. Six sigma has been popularized by Jack Welch and others. The United States government earlier used the six sigma concept to fight the war on terror, but it is widely used for businesses and organizations. It is essential to learn more about the term six sigma to grow your business dramatically. The best point to consider and mark is that the six sigma methodology has served a diverse customer base. If you are willing to gain the loyalty of your customers, then you need to prefer the use of six sigma tools in your workplace organization. The main objective of six sigma is to discover worthless things from the workplace organization and make the workforce motivated for better production. Make sure to read lean books to access more information in this field to increase the overall performance of your workplace organization.

Six sigma can be referred to as a philosophy, process, or tool depending on whom you ask. Sigma is a Greek letter that statisticians widely use to show variations in the process. In the six sigma concept, the standard for the variability is mainly reduced to almost 3.4 problems per million opportunities. Six sigma is considered the data-driven tool or methodology that helps improve the value and eliminate inefficiency from the workplace. It is the best way to deal with any cause of concern in your workplace, to keep your workplace healthy, and to keep the employees motivated.



Top Reasons to Implement Six Sigma


Though numerous reasons will allow you to prefer six sigma, one of the most significant advantages of six sigma is that it helps improve your workplace organization's quality and productivity level. It doesn't matter how small or large a workplace organization you are working in; it is always a good idea to prefer the six sigma tools to access better outcome. Six Sigma processes are widely popular worldwide as they offer a standard approach to solve problems in terms of a six sigma project. If you are willing to avail the benefits of the six sigma methodology, then a six sigma yellow or green project has to be undertaken.


It is no secret that six sigma can significantly help your workplace/organization's growth level. When you can avail the benefits of the six sigma methodology, then no one can stop your business or organization from leading a successful path with higher growth. Here are the other benefits of the six sigma methodology, which you can use for better results and overcoming challenges.



  • Cost reduction


The best reason to adapt the six sigma way in the workplace or the organization is that it helps to reduce costs in many possible ways. It is essential to know that six sigma helps to reduce operational costs. According to the sources, it was found that in almost every organization or company, operating costs and risk are significant factors. These important factors contribute to the low profits or even losses. Most risks cannot be removed, and operation costs are always omnipresent. In that case, the six sigma methodology can reduce the operational cost most effectively. The best thing about the six sigma methodology is that it helps to reduce an organization's exposures to risks and allows the organization to be more efficient and effective. This methodology ensures to make your workplace organization more effective at providing the product and service to the customer.


  • Enhance efficiency


It is essential to understand that the six sigma methodology helps improve the efficiency of your workplace organization. This is a great way to deal with the quality. We all know that it is essential to deliver only quality to the customer to maintain the continuity of the growth. The best thing about six sigma is that it helps to enhance overall efficiency and allows your workplace organization to increase the production level dramatically. Six Sigma methodology also includes improving the timeline in delivering the process output or enhancing the on-time delivery of the product or the service every time.


Suppose you are willing to improve the timeless. In that case, the concept of the six sigma methodology can be used to target the reduction of the number of machine setups or to set up hours in a manufacturing process. Therefore, it is highly recommended to quantify or define the aspects of the efficiency or timeless before undertaking the six sigma project.


  • Improve Accuracy and Controls


One of the most significant advantages of the six sigma methodology is that it helps to enhance accuracy and control. Six sigma projects mainly ensure accuracy by reducing the defects per million opportunities across the value stream in the entire process. Here the term opportunity explicitly determines the chance to commit an error. Defects per million opportunities are the probabilistic or the manufacturing process, which is considered for both actual defects and numbers in almost every opportunity.


Six sigma ensures to help measure baseline and target the process of accuracy in terms of DOMO and sigma level.


  • Improve Customer Service


It is crucial to satisfy the requirements of the customer. It doesn't matter what business you are doing. It is always important to enhance the customer service to access better outcome results. No workplace organization can grow by offering bad quality and poor service. If you are willing to access more profitable outcome results, you need to meet the expectations level of your customers. For that, you need to rely on the six sigma methodology. Six sigma helps identify the number of variations customers are experiencing and which is driving the riffs. Six sigma ensures to minimize all the possibilities that can disappoint your customers at any level. The best part of six sigma is that it is aimed at improving customer and vendor satisfaction.


  • Improve Regulatory Compliance


There is no hidden fact that improvement is essential for the organization to avail the benefits of six sigma. Generally, there are three aspects of regulatory compliance. The first one includes finance and audit, the second provides information technology, and the last is legal. Six Sigma methodology of the project can be undertaken in all these three aspects according to the kind of defects found.


In the case of the six sigma methodology, it can aim to improve the documents and auditory compliance along with all compilation processes of critical and non-critical documents.



Popular Six Sigma Certifications:

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification




List of Top Six Sigma Books


For those interested in history, it is essential to know that six sigma evolved from the year 1854 as the methodology, tools, and even the technique to access quality management. The lean concepts are mainly based on the production process in manufacturing units.



Mumbai Dabbawalas- Harvard case study


Lean Books is one of the best six sigma books, and you can quickly get it. You can read this book to access more information. This book is an everyday genius mainly followed by an army of 5000 odd people. It delivers more than 2 lakh lunchboxes per day in around 603 square kilometers, even in the continuous weather change of Mumbai for about 125 years. The best thing to know about this book is that it explains the detailed case study as they have maintained their six sigma standard till recent times. However, they were not catering the service till the pandemic began, and now they are rethinking enhancing their business strategy for better results.


Now let's talk about the six sigma books. The list of six sigma books is given below, which is a varied selection of the lean six sigma resources mainly based on the concept, theory, implementation, problem-solving, valid for the students and professional. All the six sigma books deal with the core area of the lean six sigma concept and help prepare for the certification.


There are several lean manufacturing books available for the people. However, here we will explore more about the lean management book and six sigma certification books.



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Lean Six Sigma Service Excellence: A Guide to Green Belt Certification and Bottom Line Improvement by Gerald Taylor



The certified six sigma handbook has excellent ratings. This book is readily available on Kindle and Hardcover. One of the best things about the six sigma green belt book is that it is the best seller on lean six sigma and has top ratings by the readers. If we talk about the book's subtitles, then it suggests that it is more about the value and benefits of the focal areas of the green belt. Though this lean six sigma green belt book doesn't mention the lean six sigma in manufacturing, there is a shift to the service environment. Lean six sigma methodology or service excellence is explained in this book. The certified six sigma green belt handbook provides the significance of the lean six sigma in the field of nonmanufacturing as well.


You can read this lean startup book to increase your knowledge in this field and become a pro. Make sure to read this best six sigma book as it will help you get a proper explanation of the lean six sigma and its significant values.



The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook by Micheal L Jones, John Maxey, et al


This lean analytics book has a rating of 4.6/5. This book is also widely popular and widely read by readers. This book's primary objective is to explain everything about the lean six sigma methodology to the readers to avail the benefits further. You can find this book on Kindle and paperback as well. The best feature is that it is well organized with all topics and heading. The structure of this book and the organization of tools by purpose and usage are known for being the most comprehensive and results-oriented in the approach.


This is the best lean six sigma book, mainly explained through the summaries with examples of the seventy most crucial tools of the lean six sigma like control charts, Pareto charts, and others. People widely accept lean six sigma book to gain informative knowledge in the lean six sigma methodology. This book also helps to know which tools to use when and how to use the tools for maximum efficiency. If you are willing to access more information related to the DMAIC, this book provides the complete reference for the improvement cycle.


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The Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook (with CD) by T.M. Kubiak and Donald W. Benbow


The rating of this book is 4.6/5 stars. The American Society published the certified six sigma black belt handbook for quality, and it is rated high as well. Most people from all around the world prefer this book to access information related to lean six and many more. This book is a complete pack of information, and it is for students and professionals as well. You can quickly get this book on hardcover, and it also has a CD with around 180 issues as a supplement for all the chapters. The best feature of the lean six sigma book is that it gets updated regularly with different problems and complex concepts. Therefore, this book also gets updated along with the latest development, issues, case studies, and many more.


The central concept of the six sigma black belt book is to give proper training to the readers along with all essential information. There is no hidden fact that this book stands out for dealing with the change in management and QMS. This can be effectively used by the quality auditor and other professionals who are willing to bring more qualitative changes to their workplace. T.M. Kubiak and Donald W. Benbow wrote this book.



Statistics for Six Sigma Black Belts


If we talk about this book, it is written by Matthew A. Barsalou. This book is the perfect example of information. This book is considered one of the ideal companions for the six sigma black belt, who require a reference for the comprehensive list of the statistical process. You can rely on this book to get more information. Professional members can effectively use this book to enhance their workplace organization production level. This book is in an organized form. The best thing about this book is that it is classified as per the DMAIC phases in which they are typically used. It also helps the user find out the information they need quickly.


Many people from all around the globe prefer to read this book. However, you can also read this book for better results and opportunities.



The Six Sigma Way: How to Maximize the Impact of Your Change and Improvement Efforts


It is essential to know that this book was written by Peter S. Pande, Robert P. Neuman, and Roland Cavanagh. The six sigma handbook was published in the year 2000, and it was one of the definitive books on the concept of six sigma. This book is considered the first to explain the advantage of six sigma and its process. According to the latter features, this book has also been updated recently to reflect the entire concept. You can also check out the practical implementation guidelines along with case studies and insight for better practice.





However, we know that six sigma is a journey, and every workplace organization will experience transformation and excellence. Six Sigma methodology will help manage the development of empowering employees to determine and drive the ideas of improvement. Make sure to read the certified six sigma yellow belt handbook for better knowledge.


Let's talk about the other focal area of the six sigma methodology. It is to reduce the costs associated with inefficient and ineffective quality products and services. Most of the time, it was found that many companies prefer to ignore the value of their quality in their regular operations and the offering of the product. Therefore, it is also essential to outline the impact of ignorance and its effects on the bottom line of such companies. Consequently, you can prefer six sigma projects to eliminate or mitigate the costs.


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