Six Sigma Certification Guide 2021 (UPDATED)

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Last updated on Sep 8 2021

Six Sigma Certification Guide 2021 (UPDATED)

Ultimate Six Sigma Certification Guide - Green, Yellow, and Black Belt


Six Sigma is an array of essential tools and approaches to process management. With businesses around the world, Six Sigma has become a global trend. Companies and individuals use Six sigma methodologies to boost the overall operating efficiencies. It helps in restoring the business processes and also stresses on the full productivity in all service characteristics and on reducing the process errors.

Six Sigma can be daunting to outsiders or individuals who just learn about it, but it doesn't have to be. It is a qualitative methodology that gives a unique view of processes and people to those who practice it.

Six Sigma uses dozens of tools and techniques and has its own terminology to define the ideas it uses to meaningfully improve quality by reducing defects. Even modern professionals can imbibe a practical knowledge about Six Sigma 's working methodology. The only requirement is to develop quality management literacy by getting to explore basics.


About Six Sigma Process


The most popular Six Sigma process is DMAIC. It is the process improvement method used for improving existing processes problems with unknown causes. DMAIC is an acronym majorly used for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.


There are three levels in Six Sigma, like Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and the Master Black Belt. One can select the most appropriate level for their career objectives.


Six Sigma Levels Explained


  • Yellow Belt certification - Yellow Belt certification is a significant way of sufficiently mastering the fundamentals of quality management. It's ideal for those who run small enhancement programs and those who endorse development programs in a restricted capacity.


  • Green Belt certification - For those who are part of a quality management team, this certification is appropriate. It is for people that help in gathering and reviewing data for project changes.


  • Black Belt certification - Black Belt is for team members who handle major changes. It also assists in project problem-solving. At this level, you gain a comprehensive understanding of all facets of Six Sigma.


  • Master Black Belt - Certification in the master black belt is where an individual develops the project strategy and matrices, and additionally serves as an organization's go-to person for quality improvement. This individual further trains the Green Belts and Black Belts.


Importance of Getting Six Sigma Certified


The certification of Lean Six Sigma encourages the managers to carefully develop procedures, reduce waste, and optimize value. It is intended for practices with an interest in process improvement business techniques. If this applies to you, and you want to utilize the Six Sigma methodologies to your workplace, you will definitely benefit from the certification.


Six sigma certification guide to getting the best Six Sigma certification:


Getting Lean Six Sigma certified is the method exhibiting the knowledge base of an individual. To obtain a Six Sigma certification, the candidate must meet the experience requirements, pass a written certification exam, and also demonstrate hands-on skills.

As part of a Six Sigma package, most of the different certification bodies offer training, which additionally includes training materials and written exam costs. The choice exams are properly administered at historic conferences and academic events by Pearson VUE, Prometric, or other certification bodies.

Six Sigma written tests are multiple-choice questions test.  The time and complexity increase as allocated at each qualification level. Where a written examination of the Yellow Belt may take 90 minutes, a Black Belt test can take up four hours. The certification practical testing involves the completion of the quality projects with the signed affidavits. For example, a Green Belt candidate might be required to complete one project, a Black Belt two projects, and a Master Black Belt maybe ten or more projects.


Value of an ASQ Certification


In today's global economy, if you don't get ahead as a company or as a specialist, or keep up with the industry's most recent innovations, you're losing ground to the competition. Quality is not just a competitive edge anymore; it is a business-critical differentiator that customers are seeking. ASQ certification allows you to stand out and exhibit your additional expertise, regulations, and industry standards.


The professional quality certification standard, ASQ certifications are peer-reviewed to ensure reliability and integrity; adhering to the ISO 17024 Standard. The standards have to be renewed by exhibiting a continued competency. An independent and established professional association awards the ASQ certification. The association is unaffiliated with any commercial entity and the certifications are recognized globally.


  • It is endorsed by over 125 organizations around the world.
  • More than 175,000 ASQ certifications have been issued worldwide.
  • ASQ has developed around 18 of its own certifications and has offered it in five languages.
  • In India, ASQ certification examinations are offered at eight testing locations and various locations in around 70 countries across the world.


ASQ certification exams are delivered by Prometric, test partner of ASQ. The exam scheduling instructions are available in the letter of eligibility, which is received after the application has been approved.


Six Sigma Certification Guide: Where to get Six Sigma training?


The Six Sigma Certification Council maintains the Six Sigma Body of Knowledge for all the belts and also accredits certification-administering organizations. A candidate can look out for the Six Sigma accredited directory for locating the certification bodies.

Various other organizations, like Sprintzeal that offer Six Sigma training programs can also be considered.

For every type of Six Sigma resources, such as training materials, project templates, blogs, dictionary, quality tools, and a job board, the candidate can visit the Sprintzeal website.


Get Six Sigma Training - Online, Live-online and Classroom and get certified

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification


Career Opportunities and Benefits of Six Sigma 


  1. Career advancement - The most common motivation for obtaining a certification represents progress in your profession. Receiving the credential provides employers the backing of having a specific skills collection. Competitions at work can be severe. By providing proof that you are sensitive and can apply to lean six sigma you can set yourself apart from the crowd.


  1. At par salaries - Certification of Six Sigma isn't easy to obtain, which is why Six Sigma certified professionals achieve much recognition and respect. The Six Sigma salary for professionals is in great packages. Globally, six sigma professionals are among the highest-paid professionals.


  1. Multiple Industry applicability - How regarded is a Six Sigma credential? Six Sigma strategies include banking, electronics, aerospace, IT, financial services, telecommunications, human resources, marketing, and much more. Getting a Six Sigma qualification will undoubtedly lead to better employment opportunities and career progression.


  1. Distinctive roles – A Six Sigma certified professional can become a Lean Six Sigma Consultant, a Reliability Engineer, a process development engineer or a structural engineer. Attaining a Six sigma opens up a myriad of professional possibilities. Learning Six Sigma methodologies for your work life can help to shape your future career.





Six Sigma is a series of fastidiously developed instruments and methods to help positively improve processes within the organization. To increase the overall operating performance, companies and individuals use six sigma methodologies.


A Six Sigma qualification remains an ideal way to develop the organization's skills as a leader. The Six Sigma exams are rigorous enough, and it cannot be assumed that any person who gets six sigma certified has completely developed a sophisticated skillset. They become capable to handle the project and of all the group improvements.


To get full details about six sigma training, chat with our course expert

We will help you find the certification that fits your career goals and you can also explore other popular certifications.  


Six Sigma Resources:


Lean six sigma green belt certification

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