CISSP Certification – Top 25 Career Benefits in 2021

By Nitesh Baranwal

Last updated on Jul 2 2020

CISSP Certification – Top 25 Career Benefits in 2021

List of Top Career Benefits of Getting CISSP Certification in 2021


Before you plan to do any certification, you must do a considerable amount of research and try to find out what the certification has to offer and what impact will it have on your career. If you are one of those looking for a career in cybersecurity and consider CISSP as a step for your success, then you are on the right path.


What does CISSP mean?


CISSP stands for Certified Information System Security Professional is an award-winning certification in the information security field. Also known as (ISC)2 CISSP since it is developed by International Information Systems Security Certification consortium which is a non-profitable organization and is acclaimed globally.


CISSP is the first certification to meet the standards of the ISO/IEC 17024. It is also approved the US department of defense (DoD) in International Assurance Technical (IAT) and Managerial (IAM) categories and accredited by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI). A professional certified in CISSP deals with major security problems like mobile security, risk management, application development security, cloud computing, etc.


There are many reasons why CISSP is considered one of the most recognized and respectable certifications.


Below mentioned are how CISSP helps professionals build a career in cyber system security.


25 Reasons Why you Should Get CISSP Certified 


  1. Global Recognition


CISSP certified professionals are universally recognized and respected by most of the leading organizations in the Information security sector. CISSP security training reflects the amount of knowledge in relation to information security a person possesses. It is the most valuable certification in its domain.


  1. Popular amongst Information Security Aspirants


As per information received from (ISC)2, the CISSP online training has been taken by many thousand candidates and over 93 thousand candidates from about 149 countries have appeared for the CISSP exam. It has been rated as the most popular information security certification for over 25 years since it was first introduced in the year 1989.


3. CISSP Salary Benefits


CISSP is arguably the highest paying security certification as per the reports from Global Information Security and Workforce Study. A professional who earns a CISSP certified salary normally gets paid in the range of $78,000 to $120,000 and as per a survey by the Tech Republic, it stands at number four in the list of top 15 paying jobs.


  1. Oldest Certification Related to Information System Security


Since CISSP is the oldest certification in IT security, it is the most trusted and developed certification as it has been through almost three decades of improvement and enhancement.


5. Getting (ISC)2 Certified and Membership with CISSP


A CISSP professional gets an automatic entry and membership in the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2 and can heap benefits of all materials, value-added services, discounts and subscriptions along with the membership in their affiliated local interest group program.


6. Career Stability in Cybersecurity


Cybersecurity is one of the most stable professions in IT. As per a survey, about 80% of people do not change or had very little change in their employment status in the following year.


  1. High Success Factor

Organizations and companies that recruit security professionals look for a defined set of skills in a professional. CISSP requirements cover most of the skills which are critically important to ensure success in the security domain.


8. Priority for Certification Holders

CISSP is viewed as the most reliable indicator of competency when compared with other security system courses.


9. CISSP Future Scope

Security of information is a critical aspect itself in an organization and when you are certified as a CISSP professional there are possibilities for you to evolve into someone very big in an organization.


  1. High Information Security Budget

Organizations with increasing cyber attacks have raised the importance of information security and have increased the budget available in the security sector. Getting CISSP certified guarantees you a position in IT security spaces.


  1. High Recognition in Security Domain

CISSP certified security professionals along with their domain are recognized as more competent than the professional from other domains
in the IT sector.


  1. Higher Salary Hikes

As per the survey it has been found that CISSP Professionals receive salary hikes substantially more than professionals from other certifications or from other domains in the IT field.


  1. Expertise in Latest Technology Developments


CISSP professionals are skilled and trained to handle security flaws effectively and also to deal with big operations in the risk-prone environment due to an increase in the latest technological developments such as Social media, Cloud computing application, and BYOD.


  1. Benefitting from Various (ISC)2 Initiatives

CISSP Professionals benefit from their various initiatives by (ISC)2 such as Global Workforce informative Study, Global Chapter Program and
Scholarships for female security professionals who take care of their CISSP exam and certification cost.


  1. Less Competition


CISSP is considered the number one certification for most of the aspirants in the IT security domain and that’s what has set CISSP apart from its closest competitors.


  1. Skills to Succeed in Cybersecurity Field


CISSP certified professionals acquire skills that recruiters normally seek from any security system professional. These skills are very important to be successful in the information security domain.


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  1. Increasing need in the Emerging Economy

Organizations from emerging economies show a higher level of risk of Cyberattacks and cyber crimes as compared to organizations from developed nations. As a result, the market for CISSP certified individuals in emerging nations is on a rise and expected to boom even further in the future.


  1. CISSP’s More a Necessity than a Luxury


With the rise in cyber attack activities around the world, protecting the integrity of an organization or a nations confidential information is of the utmost priority. In such a situation highly qualified, trained security CISSP certified experts today are more a necessity than a luxury.


  1. Remedy for Cyber Attacks


CISSP certified professionals are trained for preparedness and remediation of vulnerable exploits that remain an important point of concern. They develop and dictate strategies in case of a security threat for all sizes of firms.


  1. Maximizing your Career Potential


As a skilled CISSP certified professional, you can maximize your career potential and reach newer heights in the field of Information system security by gaining experience and enhancing your skills. You can be an asset to the organization you are associated with.


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  1. Showcase your Competency and Potential

Positions acquired after earning the CISSP certification will give you the best platform to deliver your potential through your skilled work and knowledge you have gained while studying for the CISSP exam.


  1. Learn as you Earn


As information security is a very challenging job, you will get to learn a lot by facing different problems and trying to find a solution to rectify those problems.


  1. Having Vendor-Neutral Certification

CISSP is a vendor-neutral certification which means that any change in technology or its methodology at a person’s employer will not reduce its value.


  1. Training Materials Help Enhance Skillset


Training courses and materials required for the initial CISSP exam and recertification exam upon CISSP expiration are readily available so that the candidates are not left out on their own preparing for the exam.


  1. Effectively Evergreen Certification


The skills, knowledge, and concepts learned from the CISSP training program are invaluable and timeless no matter how many products and technologies change especially if one continues to meet the educational requirements to maintain the certification for the long term.


Final Thoughts: The final decision of getting a CISSP certification will depend upon your professional goals, personal preference, work experience, professional strengths, and industry. The above-mentioned reasons are only interesting for those who are thinking about a career in information security.


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