List of Top Security Certifications

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List of Top Security Certifications

Top security certifications you should get

The increase in digitization lead to increase in the cybercrime rate. Everything has something positive and negative hidden in it. The emergence of digital technology proved to be a boon. But, at the same time crimes related to it grew. The cybercrime keeps on increasing year after year. The cyber threats are followed by cyber attacks and many small and big organizations are affected by it. This leads to huge loss of secrecy of information. The cyber criminals or unethical hackers get unauthorized access to the system and its information.

The organizations contain many confidential information and data relating to their employees, clients and even the stakeholders of the company. Cyber crime also paves way for cyber terrorism. The governments are also at the risk of losings their confidential data. If hackers are able to release the data, it could be a disaster. Similarly, people are making attempts to stop this cyber crime from growing further.


Cyber security 

Security is needed for the exterior of the organization. Likewise, computer system also requires security. It is the prominent reason cyber security is in action to keep cyber crimes at rest. This involves designing and implementing the security system in the computers and laptops to stop the hackers from getting any access to the particular system and its data. Similarly, it is very important for the organizations to implement security. Cyber security has various aspects and it takes in to account Information Technology, Information Systems, Information Security and many more. This provides great career opportunities. Many people have interest in computer science, IT and Mathematics and they search for job options in that domain.

The cyber security professionals work towards reducing the risk caused by the unethical hackers. Likewise, they have the responsibility of securing a system and its data so that it is not vulnerable to the threat of cyber crime. The securing of the system involves many processes and needs to be done with great care and patience. The knowledge about this field along with experience makes an individual competent enough to check the activities of the hackers. The professionals play a great role in keeping the government and its data safe and help for the national cause.


Security certification

With the knowledge about this field and immense interest, one needs a certificate from a reputed institution. After that, the certificate validates the fact that the professional can be trusted and is well trained and experienced. this gives a upper hand to the individual when applying for an interview as a result of which the interviewer is convinced by the talents and background of the candidate if he/she has a valid certificate of a well known certification course.

There are many certifications available for the interested individuals but to choose the right one is necessary. For the one’s who are new to this field can go for certain certifications which will help them learn in a better way as a result of which they can move up the ladder of success in a step by step manner. After that, almost all organizations are looking for reliable cyber security professionals to make their system safe and secure and this proves to be a great opportunity for individuals to show their talent and help the organizations as well as the nation combat cyber frauds and attacks.

Best security certifications for beginners

Here are some of the certifications listed which will help you to choose the right way to make the resume noticeable and to receive the right training from the starting of the career.

· Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Security Fundamentals

This MTA certification is the best certification for the beginners. The school as well as the college students can opt for this certification to know the basics about this course. In the same vein, the individuals who are in different professions and want to learn about this field to set there career in this field can also go for the MTA certification. This certification majorly focuses on letting the candidates know about the core principles of cyber security and its working.

The certification teaches the various knowledge relating to networks, data and processors. To get the certification, a candidate has to get through a single test which costs around $127. Microsoft suggests the candidates to get some prior knowledge about windows servers, firewalls and other basic security tools to help him/her learn better.


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· ISACA CSX Cyber Security Fundamentals Certificate 

In cyber security field however, ISACA is majorly known for CISA and CISM certifications which provide advanced training but ISACA has newly launched training for the beginners. With the brand name of ISACA and great tutors, this certification can create several opportunities for the new comers. The certification is of great help to those who want to change their career and excel in cyber security field.

The certification mainly covers five domains related to cyber security namely, data and network security, evolving technology security, principles of security architecture and the incident response. It is not very difficult to be eligible for the certification. One has to pass an examination with a fee of $150. The best thing about this certification is that one does not have to renew the certification year after year as the certification does not expire.


· CompTIA Security+ 

The Security+ certification is one of the best entry level certification and has great weightage in eyes of the employers. The certification covers the main topics relating to cyber security like the risk and vulnerability of the system, principles of management and other security information relating to the data and network of the system as well as the certification addresses the requirements of US Defence Department and is suitable for the individuals looking for a job with the Federal Government. The certification asks for some pre requisites like the candidates should have at least two years of experience in Network+ before applying for the Security+ examination.

The exam fee is $311 and is quite higher than the fees of other certifications but the cost is not more than the benefit it provides. The job options are vast and lead the candidates to job positions like security analysts, security administrator and many more.


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GIAC Information Security Fundamentals (GISF) 

The certification provides the knowledge of in depth techniques and make the candidates turn into great managers and cyber security analysts. The individuals learn how to tackle the problems and mitigate the risk. They also get the knowledge about disaster management and recovery process. The exam is same as Security+ exam with more challenges. The GIAC asks the candidate to showcase their knowledge and skills of problem solving along with hands on experience.

These requirements make sure that candidate is ready to take care of situations that arises in an organization due to cyber threats. The cost is higher than any other certification and the value it carries within itself justifies the price. The GIAC has its own way of conducting examinations and give the scope of two practice exams in the package of the certification exam. If interested, a candidate can go for the second level or the intermediate certification level after qualifying the beginner level certificate.


(ISC)2 Systems Security Certified Practitioner (CISSP) 

The (ISC)2 is associated with higher level certification courses. In addition, it introduced CISSP certification for the entry level candidates. This certification provides scope for technical jobs and gives the candidates job position of higher recognition. An individual has to qualify in a single examination which costs around $250 and considers the major domains in information security.

The certification requires the candidates to attend different webinars and read lots of books related to this topic. To clarify, it also suggests to have some work experience so that the candidates learn better and are competent enough to handle real life situations. Many study materials are available for the candidates to learn from and prepare for the examination in an efficient manner.


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These are a few best certifications to think of when someone is looking for a career in this field. However, a candidate has to put a lot of efforts. For example, there are a lot of guides and books. On the other hand, they are available in both online and offline training facilities. One can prepare the practice test to score better in the exam. Without hard work and determination, one can not get through any difficulty in life. This is the key to success and helps the person to show his/her true potential to the world. The knowledge of cyber security and the valuable certification together acts as a career paving tool for the interested candidates.

It is not difficult to achieve something if a person has determination. Working hard towards making a better future is necessary for every person. One needs to have faith in himself/herself and try to overcome the hurdles in life. The certifications mentioned above are the best ones to choose from. It helps an individual gain confidence enough to show his/her potential abilities. It gives the chance to the individuals to do something good for the nation and for own self.


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